Who’s No. 1?

I know, my colleagues know, and I bet most of you have a pretty good idea who the No. 1 team will be in our preseason football poll. It will be printed in our Sept. 4 special Prep Football Preview Section that will appear in all of our East Bay papers. However, just like we started during last year’s basketball season, our loyal Prep Corner readers will get a sneak preview. While the voting for our preseason poll is complete, nothing builds up excitement like a little anticipation so I’m going to make you wait around until Tuesday, Sept. 2. Then throughout the season, make sure to check out Prep Corner every Monday night when I will post the poll for you to get a sneak preview and leave your comments. Speaking of comments, let’s get them rolling? The No. 1 spot is pretty obvious, but who do you think will be No. 2, or 3 or 4 or 15? Speaking of which, we have dropped this year’s poll from 20 teams back down to 15. That’s what we do for other sports and that’s what we always did before the merger of ANG and the Contra Costa Times and it’s been decided we should return to that. Let’s start the discussion.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • O’Dad

    I’ll give it a shot with a top 10- 1.DeLaSalle 2. Monte Vista 3. California 4. Bishop O’Dowd 5. Pittsburg 6. San Leandro 7. Foothill 8. Berkeley 9. Encinal 10. San Ramon Valley Others….Ygnacio Valley, Las Lomas, McClymonds, Castlemont, Pinole Valley, Castro Valley, Campolindo, Washington, James Logan, Salesian, St Pat, and I’m sure I’m missing a few.

  • Michael Bower

    I got a feeling O’Dad isn’t gonna like where we placed Bishop O’Dowd…Not to worry, though. O’Dowd will climb the rankings throughout the season. I don’t expect them to be challenged until league play.

  • O’Dad

    It’s all good Mike. This is the year we have to prove it on the field, as it should be. I believe we will…

  • Michael Bower

    Yes, I am looking forward to watching this year’s O’Dowd squad. The Dragons have a scary roster. If they can put it all together, this could be the year for a deep run in NCS.


    O’Dowd?? Really? Good luck and if they prove it on the field, big congrats….California in front of MV — trust me.

    I still you all should run a 4A and 3A,and 2A poll. Come on, fellas have a top five in each. Give some of the smaller schools a chance to earn a No. 1 ranking…It wouldn’t take that much effort and it would make for a more even balanced poll…of course, the drones at the CC Times I am guessing would never go for it…


    The more I think about it, running a poll is wrong. It puts to much pressure on the kids to be succesful. We need to be more understanding and sensative to these children. I think you should stop running football stories and focus more on cross country.

    Peace Kyle

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Are you sure you don’t want Ultimate Frisbee features?