As We See ‘Em, Week 0

Earlier in the week we unveiled the Prep Corner Division-by-Division football polls as something to look for every Monday. Today we introduce the How We See ‘Em feature, which is essentially a pick ’em challenge between the writers here at Prep Corner. Every Friday (and occasionally on Thursdays) we’ll give you our picks for all the games being played that include a team from our coverage area. Essentially all of Alameda County with a few Contra Costa teams mixed in.

Also, everyone is encouraged to make their own picks in the comments section!

in no particular order….

Game Bonagura Bower Durkin Waterhouse Consensus
Alhambra at Newark Memorial NM NM NM NM
Freedom at Amador Valley AV AV AV AV
Livermore at Campolindo Campo Campo Campo Campo
Richmond at Dougherty Valley DV DV DV DV
Emery at Justin Siena JS JS JS JS
Encinal at Alameda Encinal Encinal Encinal Encinal
Balboa-SF at Kennedy-Fre JFK JFK JFK JFK
Piedmont at Drake Piedmont Piedmont Piedmont Piedmont
DeAnza at Concord Concord Concord Concord Concord
Mission at El Cerrito EC EC EC EC
Salesian at CSD Salesian Salesian Salesian Salesian
Petaluma at Washington Washington Washington

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • As you can see, we’re all so original with our picks.

  • Middletown Fan

    what a shocker — hoose late with his picks again this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best game of the week is Richmond at Dougherty Valley… when does Middletown open their season?? It would be great to weekly updates on the Mustangs….

  • no more colts

    richmond and dougherty?
    dougherty is a joke, undersized and slow, i would actually rather watch newark or washington.

  • XTower

    When are we going to start the ex-staffers As We See ‘Em??

  • When you get your own blog XTower!!!! Ha ha…j/k. But didn’t you read??? We told people to fill in the comments with their own predictions. Join in with the comments.

  • XTower

    Aw forget that mess. I never got to do As We See ‘Em. I want one of those fancy grids with me, EBAL Fan, Kent and Silman.
    Hell, we could even get Deen in this if we can teach him how to use the internet. heh heh

    And while I’m at it, are you really picking Castlemont to win the OAL? I think that earthquake rattled your brain!

  • EBAL Fan

    Deen with a computer??? hahahahahahahahaha…..the key board would be broke within a week…

  • Send your picks to Bower and maybe he’ll hook you up. And just wait and see with Castle. Their defense should be pretty good.

  • XTower

    Wow, Castlemont with a good football for 3 straight years. Who da thunk it? I swear, if I ever see a Castlemont-Oakland Silver Bowl, I’ll know the end is near.

    I’m sure Amin Denny has a huge smile right about now. 🙂

  • I bet he does. The real proof that will show if Castlemont should be the favorite in the OAL will come Saturday when they travel to face ‘Zo and Berkeley. I’ll be there and it should be a good one.

  • billjohnson

    castlemont will win the oal!