East Bay Football Super Poll

Week 3 of the poll is here. Let us know what you think.

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (11) 1-0 165 1
2. California 1-0 149 t2
3. San Ramon Valley 1-0 135 t2
4. Monte Vista 1-0 130 6
5. Pittsburg 1-0 123 5
6. Foothill 1-0 114 8
7. Las Lomas 1-1 92 4
8. Freedom 2-0 79 10
9. Newark Memorial 2-0 61 14
10. San Leandro 0-1 60 7
11. Berkeley 1-0 52 t11
12. Bishop O’Dowd 1-0 51 15
13. Ygnacio Valley 1-0 41 13
14. Encinal 2-0 28 NR
15. James Logan 0-1 19 9

Others receiving votes: College Park (0-1), 12, Pinole Valley (1-0), 4, Campolindo (2-0), 3, Deer Valley (1-0), 1, Granada (1-0) 1.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • HS Fan


    Did you guys all graduate from Las Lomas or what. Didn’t you hear they lost by 20 points at home. Freedom, O’dowd, Encinal, and Berkeley should be ahead of them right now. At least until LL beats a couple league opponents by 40. Also it does seem like many of the EBAL teams are close but you should give Footbhill and Monte VIsta the nod over SRV based on strength of non league schedule alone. Foothill and MV take on all challenges while I cant remember the last time SRV had a really tough non league schedule. Have they lost a non league game the last 10 years. Move them down and tell them to challenge their program. SRV has had way too much success to play the schedule they do. Even perennial loser Cal ( at lease perennial loser until last few years ) is playing a difficult non league schedule trying to challenge their kids.

  • PHS04

    and the way Logan got beat should drop them out of the polls.. they weren’t even competitive

  • HS Fan,
    You’re speaking to the choir about SRV with the people on this blog (but we’re only 4 of the 11 voters). SRV is No. 5 on my poll after seeing what Foothill and Monte Vista did against high level opponents. That being said, I believe Las Lomas is pretty appropriately ranked at No. 7. O’Dowd blew out an Alameda team that isn’t that good this year, same for Encinal in what they’ve done to Alameda and El Cerrito. Berkeley’s win was a solid one, but take away a couple of Castlemont’s five turnovers and Berkeley probably loses and you’d be seeing the Knights in this poll. As for Freedom, I’m not yet on them. I’ll see Castro Valley play Berkeley this week so that’ll tell me how good Castro Valley is and give me a better gauge of Freedom. So essentially, I don’t see any of those teams being worthy of moving ahead of Las Lomas…yet. You have to give Lomas some credit for beating a WCAL opponent on the road.

    Oh…last thing, I can assure you none of us went to Las Lomas. Ask Bower how he pronounces it (Las LO-moss).

  • HS Fan


    Yeah I can see where you would give a few cudos for LL for their non league schedule. However didn’t Freedom crush Amador Valley from the mighty EBAL. Don’t be afraid to give a team credit for what they are doing this year and not living in the past. DLS is probably the only team you can get away with that with.

  • HS Fan,
    Right now, there’s not enough info about Amador Valley to know how good they are. Based on Kyle’s assessment of that game, Amador is undersized on the line and lacking playmakers. Looking at their schedule, they should be, at best, a 4-6 team and the sixth best in the EBAL. I’m not going to automatically give loads of credit for beating them. If Freedom keeps winning, they’ll move up. But neither of their two wins is more impressive than Las Lomas’ one win.

  • Michael Bower

    Ha, Las Lo-Moss.

  • Hey guys, good stuff.

    Who will be covering Pitt vs. MV this weekend? I am covering it for my end but will be late due to my other job. Should be a good one. Maybe I can meet up with you guys on the sideline.

  • HS Fan


    Yeah that powerful WCAL team that LL beat lost this week 62-13 and will have a hard time winning a couple of games this year. You should move Pittsburg above SRV based on non league schedule as well, can’t forget them.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Will- Chace Bryson will be covering the MV-Pitt game.

  • HS Fan,
    Mitty got blasted, but that Gilroy team is VERY good! I’d know, I spent a year working at a newspaper chain in Gilroy when the current squad was lighting people up at the JV level. Their QB Jamie Jensen threw for over 4,000 yards last year. Still I’ll give you that that is a bad loss. We’ll obviously know a lot more about SRV, Pitt, Monte Vista and San Leandro after this weekend so I wouldn’t worry too much about how things look now. But while you’re on the subject of bashing SRV’s nonleague schedule, answer me this….why is Pitt scheduling Fremont-Oakland, a 1-9 team from last year?

  • Btw…I do agree and have agreed all year that SRV is ranked too high. I have them at 5.

  • PHS04

    I’d be scheduling a school that kind of caliber too after the first 4 weeks of the season you are playing potential contenders. Kind of if those first 4 weeks don’t work out right you can build some confidence within your team by beating on a lowly opponent. Sad but true.. Another thing I believe that game is in a week that a lot of teams are taking off because of the different start dates for the area schools.. Nice try at pointing out Pittsburg’s scheduling flaw, but they still scheduled 4 competitive opponent to begin the season.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    PHS- He was just playing Devils Advocate. It was HS Fan’s opinion that SRV doesn’t play a hard non-league schedule. When in reality, the three non-league opponents SRV scheduled all made the playoffs last year.

    So the counter point was that Pitt schedule an easy game too. I agree with the reasoning for putting one patsy on the schedule, which Pitt obviously did.

  • PHS, Kyle’s right. That’s what I was doing. Pitt plays a tough schedule, but that one game is definitely enough to sway the strength of schedule toward SRV so nobody can use Pitt’s schedule to argue against SRV.

  • PHS04

    Well right now that Fremont(Oakland) team is havin a decent 1-0 campaign

  • PHS, c’mon. A 13-7 win over a Division V team. Yes, that’s a Division V team that won the Class B title last year, but still. St. Liz fields less than 20 players most seasons, which is about right for a school of its size.

  • PHS04

    haha i know just something t talk about lol

  • Alright. I didn’t think you were serious!


    Las Lomas at No. 7 — still too high (we all know why, just don’t want the Nazi’s censoring me again) SRV too high as well, but they will fall… Great game with MV and Pitt this weekend. two great programs going at it early… kudos to both for having the nads to schedule each other rather than play D-5 teams…. both are top five teams to be sure.

    Great job fella’s and keep fighting the fight!!

  • UC FB

    Logan is ranked too low in the polls. They should at least be in the top 10 considering how well they did last year.

  • UC FB, the poll’s based on this year. If last year mattered, Freedom wouldn’t be so high. Before teams have played games, their past performance has some weight because there’s not much else to go on, but an uncompetitive game against Monte Vista is going to drop you. They’ll likely need to keep it closer this week against Foothill if they want to stay in the poll at all.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    The Colts lost 20 starters off that team. There is some talent to work with, but at this point I think even top-15 might be a stretch based on the first game — a 45-13 loss (they scored on the games final play, too)

  • Kyle Bonagura

    beat me to it…

  • PHS04

    U guys should have seen them at that PITT scrimmage. They looked pitiful, don’t be surprised if Foothill beats them by 40, They have talent, but it doesn’t translate enough into making them a competitive team.. not early on in the season at least.

  • no huddle

    Hey, where’s the new monday East Bay Poll? Maybe It’s too early. Here goes two (under the radar teams) that I think can win they’re League Titles. Irvington and Arroyo. Irvington plays Clayton Valley(who should be ranked in the top 15…they only had a total of 3 points scored against them in 3 games). Arroyo plays against Newark Memorial. If Irvington and Arroyo win they should be in the driver seat. Ofcourse, Arroyo would still have to contend with O’Dowd and Irvington probably would go down to wire against Logan. Hmm, why don’t you guys start an Under the Radar Poll?

  • It’s coming in the next hour or so No Huddle. As for those under the radar teams, Arroyo winning the league title and those team being in the driver’s seat with wins this week? a) Arroyo beating Newark Memorial or Irvington beating Clayton Valley does nothing in their quests for a league title. Those are non-league games and don’t count toward winning a league title. b) Arroyo has more to contend with than O’Dowd, they also have San Leandro and possibly Castro Valley, Tennyson, Hayward, etc… Same for Irvington with Newark Memorial and Washington.

  • DFAL suprise team

    Look out for Miramonte this year. Coming off a disappointing season last year that was plagued with injuries, the whole team is playing hungry. They have one of the best O-lines anywhere with returning seniors Benvenue, Purdy, Pensky, and Rivin, and have one of the most exciting players in the Bay Area in James King. Also, 235 lb. sophomore FB John Coupin complements speedy senior Robert Mendoza in the backfield. So far, they’re 3-0 beating Antioch (better than what the score shows), San Marin, and Skyline. Look for them to rise back towards the top of the DFAL this year.

  • ken

    miramonte almost beat foothill! wow! they are highly underated! miramonte 7 foothill 14! the matadors shut out foothill 7 to 0 the entire first half. lets not forget that foothill destroyed novato the previous week! miramonte is coming for that leauge title…watch out las lomas their gonna throw some blows to whoevere gets in their way!