NCS Division-by-Division Poll


Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (4) 1-0 40 1
2. California 1-0 36 2
3. Monte Vista 1-0 32 3
4. Foothill 1-0 28 7
5. San Ramon Valley 1-0 24 4
6. Pittsburg 1-0 19 5
7. San Leandro 0-1 16 6
8. Newark 2-0 10 NR
9. Berkeley 1-0 6 9
10. Freedom 2-0 4 NR

Others receiving votes: James Logan (0-1) 3, Deer Valley (1-0) 2 .


Team Record Points Last week
1t. Rancho Cotate (2) 1-0 18 2
1t. Las Lomas (2) 1-1 18 1
3t. Pinole Valley 1-0 7 4
3t. Casa Grande 1-0 7 5
3t. Ygnacio Valley 1-0 7 3
Others receiving votes: Campolindo (1-0) 3.
Team Record Points Last week
1. Cardinal Newman (4) 1-0 20 1
2. Bishop O’Dowd 1-0 16 3
3t. Encinal 2-0 10 4
3t. Novato 0-2 10 2
5. Del Norte 1-0 2 5

Others receiving votes: Piedmont (0-2) 1, Healdsburg (2-0) 1

Team Record Points Last week
1. Ferndale (4) 2-0 20 1
2. St. Patrick-St. Vincent 1-1 16 2
3. Middletown 1-0 12 5
4. Justin-Siena 2-0 8 4
5. Salesian 1-1 4 3
Others receiving votes: none.


Team Record Points Last week
1. St. Vincent (4) 1-0 20 2
2. Tomales 0-1 16 4
3. St. Elizabeth 0-1 13 1
4. South Fork 2-0 9 3
5. Hoopa Valley 1-1 4 5
Others receiving votes: none.


  • Kyle Bonagura

    I demand to know who is voting for Piedmont.

  • It’s Hoose. I told him he needs to stop drinking that Smirnoff Ice before he votes.

  • Michael Bower

    Ha, yea. I don’t know what Hoose is thinking.

  • Kyle,
    Just noticed one of our Other Local Blogs is called Buzz Box. Is that yours, since you are the Buzzer? Buuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

  • Kyle Bonagura

    hahaha, I never noticed that. It should be….

  • There is some great Tony Romo-Jessica Simpson knowledge on there. ha ha.

  • Steve R. Waterhouse

    I threw Piedmont a bone. You forgot, it lost to mighty Hancock. That A-11 offense will come through at some point. This is the last chance. Lose here, It’s no more votes from me!

  • CV fan #25

    The A-11 is a joke what a cartoon.

  • billjohnson

    how does pinole valley look this year? haven’t heard much about them this off-season.


    hey, there should be more love for Middletown after the Mustangs hammered Salesian!!! Someone should have given them a No. 1 vote!!

  • EBAL, I need to see a little more from your Mustangs first. That win was impressive, but everybody knows that Ferndale and SPSV are the class of D-IV.

    Bill, Pinole squeaked out a win in its opener, 24-14 over Hogan, a team that went 0-10 last year. Indications are that Hogan is fairly decent this year, so not sure what we can gather from that yet. They definitely have some playmakers in Delton Edwards Jr. (4 catches, 91 yards) and RB Tyrell Smallwood is solid as well. They play OAL teams the next two weeks (Mack and Tech) so I’m guessing I’ll know a bit more about them after that.

  • MV Money

    Hey guys, wondering how you think Pitt-MV will play out this week..

    Thanks and fired up for the game

  • HS Fan

    MV Money,

    If MV lines are as good as advertised I would think MV would ba a slight favorite ( the better lines win 85% of HS football games). Have heard a lot of exciting things about Pitts speed and skill players not a lot about their lines yet. Should be a barnburner and would bet it comes down to special teams and execution in the red zone. This seems like a huge game with Pittsburg out to prove themselves and gets some respect. Pittsburg has the intangibles there and hope the game is as good as advertised!!

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Monte Vista’s line is as good as advertised, at least on O. They’ve got all 5 starters back from a year ago I think they are all seniors (1 might be a soph).

    Dave Wilkerson is an absolute beast carrying the ball, him and Johnson provide a great 1-2 punch. Throw in a couple talented receivers, a very talented junior QB and Stanford-bound Zach Ertz, one of the more athletic TEs you’ll ever see at the HS level, this may be the most balanced offense in the East Bay.

    I haven’t seen Pitt so I can’t really comment, (although speed seems to be the buzzword) … maybe PHS04 can fill us in on the strength’s of his Pirates.

  • PHS04

    Pitt return’s 4 of their 5 from the O-line a year ago, the other saw some spot duty. The inexperience lies in the D-line, kind of an unknown but they controlled the line against SHC. Emeka Williams is a D-1 prospect, The corners are coverede by Avery Patterson and Tracy Clark, Patterson has that full ride to Oregon, but I honestly believe that Tracy is a better cover corner and all around athlete, just a junior though.
    Bryce flowers was said to be probably the best RB not named Desarte Yarnway at the Nike camp, and it showed at SHC. 205 all purpose yards. They have a RB by committee at Pitt. Solid receivers but i haven’t really seen them pass much. QB Joe Lewis took a year off last season to focus on baseball. He was on Varsity as a soph. They run the spread, and are pretty balanced as well. Every year Pittsburg is a speed team. The QB is more of a Pocket Passer though. I would call them a very physical and fast team.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    I meant to say might have a been a jr** in comment #14

  • Kyle Bonagura

    I have a feeling Monte Vista’s Brett Nottingham will be the best QB Pitt faces all year (Ryan Rodriguez from Freedom is good too, but edge Nottingham). So this should be a good test for the Pitt secondary.

  • PHS04

    I hope so. SHC’s passing game was so Pitiful i believe Pitt’s db’s must have dropped about 5 would be int’s.

  • MV Money

    Great, thanks for the information…I look forward to a great game between two of the great programs in the area. Great matchup of coaches around. MV’s coach might be the best offensive mind in NorCal….

  • CV fan #25

    I’m hoping Dash Oliver can comeback for the playoffs but if he can’t then he should just wait until track season where he will have a chance to reach state.

  • Should be a good one up at Pitt tomorrow. I’m heading out to Stockton to catch St. mary’s and Bellarmine and then Pittsburg and MV tomorrow night.

    Who you guys got tomorrow?

  • dnrapp

    Playoffs, CV Fan? CV would have to beat both SL and BOD to win the HAAL. I don’t see that happening. I also don’t see the NCS taking 2 D1 teams from the HAAL, they might not take any if BOD wins the HAAL. 12 spots in D1, at least 5 from the EBAL, 2-3 from Bay Valley, 2 from MVAL(Wash and NM), 1 from ACC (Berkeley) and 1 from HAAL(the winner) That loss to Freedom last week may come back to and be the difference for you in the end.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Will- I’m staying local with Granada and Stallworth, then up to Seattle Saturday morning to see your alma mater.

  • Steve R. Waterhouse

    Will, I’ll be at the Logan-Foothill game.

  • eastbayscout

    just curious what the bval, accl, mval stats are? how about how all the leagues matchup against each other, or are we waiting for more games to be played until we start that. also if we are going to post the division by division poll should it not include the top 12 teams for division 1, since that is how many the playoffs include this year. also division 2 and 3 should follow same pattern for their playoff teams as well..just a thought.

  • Michael Bower


    The reason we don’t do the poll based on how many teams are in the playoffs is because we don’t want it to turn into which teams we think will be in the playoffs.

    Our poll is about who we think are the best teams. Basically, we don’t want to confuse people into thinking it is a poll of who we think will get in. I don’t know if that makes sense, this is an early post for me.

    I will talk to the guys and see about doing the poll the way you suggested, though. We will see…

  • eastbayscout

    good point

  • Eastbayscout,
    About the other stats, eventually we’d like to get them all up, but doing a league’s stats is A LOT of work. If we can get one staff writer each working on a league’s stats, then we can probably get everything up here.