Carmel cancels game against Stallworth

Well, the wild road show that is Stallworth Academy, formerly Hancock Christian, is on hold this week. Carmel has decided to cancel its game with the first-year program. In a way I don’t blame them because, based on what the coach said, there was some deception going around about what kind of a team it is.

I know some have said on here that those players have the right to play and I agree. My main objection is to a coach going out and selling his team as a first-year team trying to build a program when they’ve got some legitimate Division I talent out there. And, if you believe what the coaches said in the Monterey Herald story, the Stallworth coaches haven’t been very accomodating. It appears these games were scheduled because Stallworth called down there after learning of Wilson Prep canceling its program, so Stallworth was trying to help these teams fill their schedule. My guess is these coaches thought they’d be playing a team similar to Wilson Prep. That’s definitely not the case. It looks like Greenfield also will not play them, however Monterey — Encinal’s opponent this week — has said they will play them.

I recently spoke with Piedmont coach Kurt Bryan, whose team lost to Stallworth 61-34 in the school’s first game. He said he had spoken with the Carmel coach and had encouraged him to go ahead and play the game. He told him that if you scheme right, there were a beatable team (Piedmont did hang with Stallworth for the first half and was tied 27-27). Obviously, Carmel — which never signed a contract with Stallworth — chose to go the other way. This just keeps getting more and more interesting.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Its too bad that Carmel did cancel. I hope that Carmel isn;t looking for followers. Noble is old school. He would love to take on a team like Stallworth and whoop them. Go get em’ coach Noble.

  • alwaysa don

    Wonder if Acalanes will follow Carmel’s lead? The Stallworth program sure has alot of questions about it. Are they really CIF compliant?

  • I would hope Acalanes — and few other teams — don’t follow Carmel’s lead. I won’t fully condemn Carmel for doing what they’ve done, but if we get a string of every team on Stallworth’s schedule backing out of games, I think that’s as bad as what Stallworth has done. What does it teach your players if, just because a team is better than what you thought, you decide not to play them? Do you back down every time there’s a great obstacle — in sports and in life? A coach once told my team as we were getting set to play San Leandro during the Marviel Underwood, Jarrod Page, Dennis Dixon heyday, that we were like a truck with no brakes going downhill into a fire. He said there’s no way around it, but let’s see how you react. We lost 67-0, but we played our 48 minutes of football. Obviously, Stallworth isn’t on the level of those San Leandro teams. But still, I think you teach your team a better lesson by playing the game and if that doesn’t serve as one heck of a motivating factor, I don’t know what will.


    There’s some interesting questions here not being asked…..did Carmel and these other schools take the game because they though Stallworth was a gimme game and they would pad their records with a win?

    It would be kind of ironic if that’s the reason the schools originally took the game…

    And Jimmy, holy &%$#, get off your soapbox…what’s next, we all going to hold hands and sing together???

  • No soapbox here. Just saying that high school sports are supposed to teach kids a thing or two and I don’t think canceling a game does.

    I don’t necessarily think school took this game as a gimme win, but many of these are smaller schools and we’re looking for a competitive game, not a butt-whooping from a potential powerhouse.


    I disagree….I think some of them thought they were taking a game to pad their record, then saw they were going to get hammered and put their tails between their legs, and ran away….Kind of funny actually….

    Potential powerhouse?? Really, Granada is what, the 6th or 7th best team in the league and they beat Stallworth — wouldn’t use Powerhouse and Stallworth in the same sentance except for “Stallworth is not a powerhouse.”

  • You could be right. Who knows? You’d have to ask those coaches.

    Also, I said potential. Not that they were, but maybe could be developing into one. At the large school level, of course they aren’t, but small school wise they might have a chance to be one. You’ve argued as much as anyone about how good Granada is. And the 6th or 7th best team from NorCal’s best league (and one of the best in the state) should obviously be better than even the best small school.

  • Allan

    20 players is what Stallworth Academy brings. A powerhouse, please. A few good Children being denied whatever opportunity for success in these short years we call High School are all they are. Let the kids play.

  • alwaysa don

    The whole thing smells the program is not cif regulated the coaches and school are in hiding and are the kids even legally eligible? No paperwork has ever been filed according to the reporters so why would anyone play this team?? There are plenty of schools to fill the holes left if everyone walks from Stallworth.


    Jimmy, I see your point on the potential, but this program will be disbanded before they get to that point..

    The saddest point is these kids are being exploited for the good of the coach and their respective parents, who are buying the snake oil (that’s an old phrase for the youth of today) the coach is selling.