• thetruth

    yes de la salle is a great program

    however they are not the only school in the east bay. I am getting sick and tired of everything from the CC times being about de la salle.

    Of course you will have a great team every year when you recruit the best talent from the entire bay area every year.

  • MV Money


    I agree somewhat with your opinion, except for the recruting thing. I don’t believe for second the Spartans recruit for one simple reason — they don’t have to. The kids line up to play for Lad and honestly, it’s hard to blame them. Great school, great coaches, great program — what’s not to like if you’re a player. What is frustrating, is to see the newspaper fall all over itself to appease DLS — Do keep one thing in mind – that’s the not the school or the players fault, but rather the it falls to the people at the paper.

    Good luck DLS this week — carry the NorCal banner well. I know we will have no problem finding stuff to read on the game.