Friday Night Football Scores list — COMPLETE


  • College Park 47, Antioch 21 (F)
  • Kennedy-Richmond 46, Galileo 0 (F)
  • Elsie Allen 25, Richmond 12, (F)
  • Encinal 20, Monterey 14 (F)
  • Pittsburg 35, Berkeley 12 (F)
  • Freedom 30, West 21 (F)
  • Heritage 57, Dublin 0 (F)
  • Healdsburg 8, Acalanes 7 (F)
  • South S.F. 21, Alhambra 7, (F)
  • Campolindo 21, Skyline 0 (F)
  • Las Lomas 45, Rocklin 41 (F)
  • Clayton Valley 35, Irvington 14 (F)
  • Concord 26, Rio Linda 13 (F)
  • Mt. Diablo 56, Kennedy (Sac.) 12 (F)
  • El Cerrito 28, Lincoln-S.F. 13 (F)
  • Hercules 20, Mission San Jose 0 (F)
  • Pinole Valley 21, Oakland Tech 7 (F)
  • St. Elizabeth 22, Tomales 15 (F)
  • Castlemont 29, Windsor 19 (F)
  • Oakdale 55, McClymonds 0 (F)
  • Milpitas 50, Alameda 7 (F)
  • San Lorenzo 19, Moreau Catholic 10 (F)
  • Ygnacio Valley 14, Hayward 7, (F)
  • Monte Vista 55, Castro Valley 0 (F)
  • Bishop O’Dowd 35, San Rafael 10 (F)
  • Fremont 21, Mt. Eden 7, (F)
  • CSD 28, Potter Valley 19 (F)
  • Deer Valley 13, James Logan 12 (F)
  • Newark Memorial 34, Arroyo 14 (F)
  • Tennyson 20, American 19 (F)
  • Foothill 14, Miramonte 7 (F)
  • California 41, San Leandro 22 (F)
  • San Ramon Valley 40, Washington 28 (F)
  • Granada 24, Vintage-Napa 20 (F)
  • Amador Valley 52, Del Norte 14 (F)
  • Dougherty Valley 20, John Swett 13 (F)
  • mbower

    • MVAL Fan

      Damn Logan is 0-3! Is Newark going to be Logan’s first win of the season?!

    • EBAL FAN

      No surprises from EBAL land tonight…please, there was no doubt Cal would hammer Sl and that comes off the grizzlies possibly suffering a bounce from the Bellvue trip…had the not gone to washington last week, it would have been a 40 point game…Castro Valley — oh nice effort fellas. What was Del Norte thinking scheduling Amador???

      Miramonte — the Mats must be solid…3-0 coming in and pushing Foothill…great job Miramonte, that team is legit.

      SRV easy win, but really Washington, like the rest of the MVAL is pretty bad this year. I mean maybe the worst that league has ever been from top to bottom

    • EBAL FAN


      I told you all Mack would have their hands full in Billy Joe Gun Rack land….

      The team to watch this year may be College Park.. the team is looking very good thus far….

      Finally, the only league perhaps as bad as the MVAL is the OAL.. what the hell is going on out there….maybe it is a good idea they stay their own league. It would be embarrasing to see how bad they would get hammered in NCS this year…

    • Michael Bower

      I guess the backyard pick only works if you’re in the EBAL. haha

    • MVAL Fan

      Yeah, I agree with you EBAL Fan, the MVAL is not talented this year, pretty much every team has a losing record except Newark.

    • Dorothy Shuck

      It is 11:00 p.m. Why aren’t the final scores puiblished yet?

    • Dick

      who won the Las Lomas game???

    • Kyle Bonagura

      The Cal game could have been a 40-point game. The Grizzlies were up 41-7 going into the final quarter before the SL starters hammered the Cal backups.

      More on that later as tensions were very high between the two teams… too busy to go into it right now though.

    • The OAL isn’t as bad as you think this year. Sure, tonight wasn’t a good night with three teams getting shut out. But Fremont has turned its program around from a 1-9 team to a team that’s at least good enough to go outside the section and beat some times (I know it’s only Mt. Eden, but in years past…). And trust me when I saw Castlemont is a strong team. They should’ve beat Concord (I know, shoulda, coulda, woulda, but that was honestly one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen by a ref who is too experienced to make that mistake) and they had plenty of chances against Berkeley. Would they stack up against the EBAL teams? No! But they’re capable of playing with just about anyone else. Also, I haven’t seen Oakland yet, but I’m told it could be one of the best teams Oakland High has ever had — and that’s saying something considering they used to be the class of the OAL along with Skyline (second in Silver Bowl wins and appearances).

    • Dick

      Hey Dorothy….no one is paying any attention to us…..where are the final scores?

    • Folks,
      Our first job on Friday night is to get our work done for tomorrow’s paper. It’s not that we’re not paying attention, we’re just swamped.

      Here’s the link to our live football scoreboard


    • Lomas score is updated. They won 45-41.

    • XTower

      It’s OK Jimmy. The OAL has kinda stunk the last couple years. Everyone who follows it closely knows. 🙂

    • Kyle Bonagura

      Actually, now the scoreboard here is more up to date….

    • Kyle Bonagura

      All scores now final.

    • XTower

      Jeez, haven’t you guys finished the stats yet? It’s 11:30!! 🙂

    • The last few years — especially last year — was tough in the OAL and we definitely don’t have a team like a Skyline of old or Mack of the ‘Zo days. But this much is evident from watching three weeks of OAL play this year: it’s MUCH better than a year ago. Believe me on that one. Sure a Logan or Newark or a San Leandro or O’Dowd would probably win the OAL, but I think top to bottom, the OAL stacks up fairly well with the MVAL and HAAL. At the least, it’s lower level teams are better than the HAAL and MVAL’s lower level teams and you haven’t always been able to say that.

    • SR player

      The only reason that San Ramon didn’t crush Washington more is because our 5th string was in the whole 4th quarter

    • got2go

      Kyle – what happened at the Cal game?

    • eastbayscout

      sr player that doesn’t show much class for your teamates…

    • Maka

      Encinal still undefeated wapaaaaaa!

    • Steve Glock

      What happened to the high schools in the Sunday sports section? I have looked and looked and could not find them. Why is the Argus lacking in reporting high school sports? This is one of the reason I subscribe to the Argus because I enjoy reading about our high school students in athletics.

    • XTower

      Steve Glock,
      Well said. I don’t want to speak for the staff at Prep Corner, but I suggest you contact the sports editors at the Contra Costa Times (Mike Wood, specifically, along with Tom Barnidge) since they’re pretty much calling the shots from what I understand. Make sure they know that regionalizing high school sports coverage is a JOKE and journalism should focus on what happens LOCALLY.

      A small request. I know this is “Prep Corner,” but there is ZERO coverage of Laney football anywhere on Insidebayarea.com from what I’ve seen. Any chance you can provide the occasional update, or just c&p Strain’s stuff on here?
      Much appreciated.