De La Salle vs. Don Bosco Prep-Ramsey (NJ): Live blog

Postgame wrap: Well, it just wasn’t De La Salle’s night. Don Bosco is a ridiculously talented team and I think anyone who has seen the Spartans play multiple times this year will agree that this was the best DLS has looked so far. I’ve got to give all kinds of props to Bosco kicker Patrick Murray, who couldn’t have been too comfortable coming out to try that last-minute FG. It was just a great high school football game with two absolute heavyweights. In the big picture, I think Bellarmine will jump into the No. 1 spot in Division I but I think DLS is still a heavy favorite to reach a bowl game, be it the Open Division or Division I game. I’ll be back Monday with more thoughts and musings. Until then, the final score from Concord is Don Bosco Prep-Ramsey (NJ) 23, De La Salle 21.

DLS gets the ball with 8 seconds left and BRett Knief picks it off. Ballgame. Bosco wins.

Bosco drive: 3:24 left in the game. Ball on the DLS 49. Knief on the carry and he’s taken down on the 47. 2nd and 8. Romain the carry up the middle and he’s down to the 43. 3rd and 2. Bosco is in 4 down territory for sure. Knief goes right and he’s got the first down. Ball on the 35. 1st and 10. Romain sweeps left and he’s dragged down on the 31. 2nd and 6. Knief goes right into the middle of the line and gets a few. Ball on the 28. 3rd and 3. Pass over the middle from Knief to Finzese. First down on the 21. Less than a minute to go. Romain heads up the middle and he’s down to the 8. Bosco is sitting pretty. Knief keeps it and goes right down to the 3. Timeout Bosco with 28 seconds left. Romain takes an inside handoff and goes down to the 2. Timeout Bosco. 13 seconds left. Murray hits a 19-yard field goal and BOsco takes the lead with 10 seconds left. DOn Bosco 23, DLS 21.

DLS drive: DLS takes over on its own 7. Dive on first down to Joe Durant brings up second down. Ball on the 10. The snap eludes Wayne and he falls on it on the 1. Oh my. That was close. 3rd and long on the 1. DLS calls its final timeout because a safety would be huge here. 6:42 left in the game. Wayne drops back and finds Jackson Bouza up the seam. 32-yard gain. What a play call! Ball on the 33 and the Spartans have a fresh set of downs. Toss sweep for Kylan Butler to the left and he breaks off nine yards down to the 42. 2nd and 1. Wayne up the middle and he’s into Bosco territory. Ball on the Bosco 49, 1st and 10. Wayne heads right this time and he’s up to the Bosco 45. 2nd and 6. Wayne’s breathing awfully hard while taking the play call. Jailbreak and Wayne is sacked deep in the backfield. John Templeton on the sack. Ball spotted on the DLS 49. 3rd and 12 upcoming. Wayne is sacked again, this time by Steele Divitto. Ball on the 35 and DLS will punt. Short, high kick and Bosco will start on the DLS 49. 

Bosco drive: After a punt by Aliano, the Ironmen start on the DLS 48. 9:31 left in the game. Bubble screen from Knief to Burrell gets Bosco to the 47. Gain of 1. 2nd and 9. Knief on the keeper and he gets a few more. Ball on the 44. 3rd and a short 6. Knief on the keeper and he’s stopped by Chris Lawrence. Big play by Lawrence from behind. Brings up 4th down and Bosco lines up to punt. Punt down to the DLS 5. 7:45 left.

DLS drive: Murray’s kick is a touchback and now DLS needs to hang onto the ball for a while. The defense has to be a bit winded. 1st and 10 on the 20. Wayne scrambles right and chucks the ball away. He cleared the tackle box, no grounding on the play. 2nd and 10 from the 20. Dive handoff to Ward and he gets 5. 3rd and 5 on the 25. Wayne tries to go right and is sacked by Bryan Murphy. Great pursuit by the linebacker. DLS will punt.

Touchdown summary: Bosco’s offense is doing whatever it wants. Great play call by their coaching staff to pull a Tebow and throw the jump pass. Bad time to miss a PAT though. Still anyone’s game, though Bosco has the momentum.

Bosco drive, cont: We resume action with Don Bosco Prep facing 2nd and goal on the DLS 5. Romain has 120 yards. Bosco outgained DLS 113-20 in the third quarter. Bosco goes conventional, handing off to Romain out of the I-Formation, and he gets a few. 3rd and goal from the 3. Romain left and he’s nailed by Kevin O’Connell. No gain. 4th down and goal from the 3 upcoming. DLS calls timeout because this is a fairly important play coming up. Knief pulls a Tim Tebow! He jumps, tosses over the defense, and hits Ryan Cobb for a 3-yard touchdown catch. And then Patrick Murray helps the Spartans out, clanking the PAT off the left upright. De La Salle 21, Bosco 20. 10:55 left.

Bosco drive: After a high punt by Dominic Aliano, Bosco takes over on the DLS 44. Ironmen trail by 7. Knief on the QB draw gets maybe a yard. We’ll say the ball is on the 43. 2nd and 9. Romain up the middle and he gets to the DLS 38. 3rd and 4 upcoming. It’s Romain heading left and he’s got plenty for a first down. Kevin O’Connell saved a touchdown with a horse-collar tackle. 1st and 10 ono the 29. Knief up the middle and he gets a good chunk of yardage to the 23. Holding on Bosco (Bosco’s first penalty I believe) and the ball is back to the 35. 1st and 16. Romain goes left again and Bosco has found something on the left side of the line. Wishom on the stop on the 22. 2nd and 3. Knief with another QB draw right up the gut for a first down. Ball on the 10, 1st and goal. Timeout De La Salle. 28 seconds left in the quarter. Romain goes up the middle for a gain of five. 2nd and goal from the 5. End of the third quarter. END OF THREE QUARTERS: DE LA SALLE 21, DON BOSCO PREP 14.

DLS drive: 5:54 left. TV Timeout. Run up the middle by Ward gets a few. 2nd and 8 from the 12. Wayne to Bouza on the quick slant and that’s a DLS first down to the 23. Spartans go option right and Butler takes the pitch for a limited loss. 2nd and 12 from the 21. Wayne buys as much time as he can but eventually gets sacked by three Ironmen. Ball back to the 19 and it’ll be 3rd and 14. Wayne goes downfield but the ball is well defensed by Don Bosco. Pass intended for Dosen. 4th and 14 and DLS will punt with momentum squarely in Bosco’s corner.

Bosco drive: Bosco take over on the 39 and they try a double pass. The ball ends up back in Knief’s hands and he gets racked by Andrew White. Loss of about 5. 2nd and 15. Romain tries to cut outside and is takent down on the 43. 3rd and about 13. Knief goes for the seam pattern and can’t connect. 4th down and Bosco will punt.  Murray’s punt goes out around the 10.

DLS drive: Murray’s kick lands in Butler’s hands at the 1. He takes it back to the 27 and that’s where the Spartans take over. Dive to Butler nets a few. Ball on the 29. 2nd and 8. Wayne to Dosen along the right sideline. Ball on the 35. 3rd and 2. Option left and Wayne pitches to Terron Ward, who cuts inside a defender and gets the first down. 1st and 10 on the 39. Wayne fumbles the snap and Paul Canevari comes up with it for Bosco.Big shift here with 7:15 left.

Touchdown summary: That’s exactly what Bosco needed. A dominant drive to get back in this thing. And for your information, the raffle winner is holding ticket No. 612760. And no, I didn’t sample the munchies here at DLS. Got a burrito down the street before the game.

Bosco drive: Here we go in the second half. DLS up 21-7. No one in the house wearing red shoes (boo-ya Mr Besbol), far as I can tell. Biel’s kick taken on the 1 by Romain and he’s up to the 21. 1st and 10. Dillon Romain up the middle and he’s down to the 29. 2nd and 2. Romain up the middle again and he’s hit hard by Blake Reynaud. He got the first though. 1st and 10 from the 31. Knief on the keeper and he trips on his own lineman it looked like. Ball on the 36. 2nd and 5. Playaction screen from Knief to Romaine picks up another first down. Blair Wishom on the tackle. Ball on the Bosco 48, 1st and 10. Romain runs, gets a first down and coughs it up. Wishom goes for the scoop and misses and Bosco gets it back. Mental error there by the Spartans. 1st and 10 for Bosco on the DLS 36. Knief on the keeper to the 33. 2nd down. Romain ahead and he brings up 3rd and 1 from the 27. Knief goes playaction and finds T.J. Franzese. Franzese cuts upfield and scores! Murray’s PAT is good and just like that, Bosco is back in this thing. 8 plays, 79 yards on the drive. De La Salle 21, Don Bosco Prep 14.

No word yet on the 50/50 winner. Gonna have to wait on that one. Second half about to begin. Bosco to receive.

HALFTIME REPORT: Alrighty. Stats for ya. Blake Wayne is 7-16 for 135 yards passing and has rushed 10 times for 36 yards. Jackson Bouza has 3 catches for 64 yards and in total, DLS has 69 rushing yards and 135 passing. For Don Bosco, DIllon Romain has 56 yards on 10 carries and the Ironmen have a total of 89 yards (75 rushing). And, for those interested, Golden State Warriors first round draft pick Anthony Randolph is in the house! Thanks Chace for the info.

Well, I’m going to take a brief break and then be back with some stats for you, courtesy of Chace Bryson. See you in a few.

HALFTIME: De La Salle 21, Don Bosco Prep 7

Bosco drive: Biel’s kick heads into the end zone. 17 seconds left and the ball on the 20. Romain picks up about 6 on the carry and tha’ts the half.

Touchdown summary: That’s a back breaker. Teams absolutely HATE when that happens and DLS is in control right now.

DLS drive: First and 10 on the Bosco 40. Wayne rolls left and the pass is dropped by Jackson Bouza. Good play, just dropped. 2nd and 10. Wayne goes deep left again and this time Bouza has it. Down to the 20. 1st down. 34 seconds left. Bosco burns a timeout to get its act together on defense. Reminder, the 50/50 raffle is on! Back to the action. 1st down on the Bosco 20. Quick fade to the left corner of the end zone is intended for Perio but falls incomplete. I have a feeling we may see Garrett Biel on this drive. 2nd and 10 on the 20. 28 seconds left. Wayne goes option right and pitches to Ward, who runs out of bounds on the 11. 3rd and 1 with 22 seconds left. Wayne throws left and Perio spins to the outside for a touchdown. Nice play by the Spartans. Biel adds the PAT and with 17 seconds left in the half, DLS leads 21-7. De La Salle 21, Bosco 7.

Bosco drive: Bosco takes over on their own 33. Knief keeps it and heads right. Good gain and he’s down to the 43. We’ll get a measurement to see if its a first down. It is indeed a first down. 1st and 10 from the Bosco 43. 1:34 left in the half. Knief goes deep for Trace McDermott but it’s incomplete, thrown too far for McDermott. 2nd and 10 from the 43. Romain takes it up the middle to the 47. Pass goes right but Khyri Knowles is there for a nice breakup. Good play by Knowles. Bosco will punt to Perio. He takes it on the 9 and bursts upfield, all the way down to the Bosco 40. DLS takes over with 43 seconds left.

DLS ball: Ball on the DLS 44, 2:46 left.  Wayne looks for Dosen but it’s incomplete. 2nd down. Ball on the left hashmark. Wayne on the option keeper picks up a few down to the 48. 3rd and 6. Wayne chucks it long up the left sideline for Dosen but can’t connect. 4th down and the Spartans will punt. Aliano punts and it’s a short kick. Down on the Bosco 29. 1:56 left.

Bosco drive: Biel kicks deep for a touchback. 1st and 10 on the 20. 4:07 left in the half. Knief in the shotgun throws a screen right for Trace McDermott. Down to the 25. 2nd and 5. Romain goes left on the handoff.4 yards and its 3rd and 1. Knief keeps off left tackle and gets a first down. Ball on the 34. 1st and 10. Knief goes long and the ball is tipped to a diving Noah Perio. Big turnover right there and a heck of a catch by Perio. Khyri Knowles deflected the pass in coverage. DLS ball.

Touchdown summary: The Spartans’ special teams are really making a difference tonight. Ward has been a game-changer on returns and that’s set DLS up with good field position all night long.

DLS drive: Spartans take over on the Bosco 46. 6:34 left in the half and we’ve got a TV timeout. Spartans break the huddle in a split-back formation. Wayne rolls right and tries to hit Bouza on a skinny post. Bouza can’t come up with the low pass though. 2nd and 10 from the Bosco 46. Split backs again. It’s Wayne on the keeper over right guard and he’s got a first down. 1st and 10 on the 35. Option left and Wayne keeps again. Down to the 31. 2nd and 6. Wayne is taking a fair amount of punishment tonight but it’s the most I’ve seen DLS run the veer in a while. Wayne drops back and fires left and finds Noah Perio for a big gain. Ball on the 15. 1st and 10. Pitch right to Kylan Butler and he gets a couple before Vetterlein brings him down. 2nd and 5 on the 10. DLS timeout. That’s the Spartans 2nd timeout of the half. We resume play with 2nd down from the Bosco 10. Wayne keeps right and gets a few yards. 3rd and 3 from the 8. Option left and it’s Kylan Butler taking it all the way in from eight yards away. Biel on for the PAT and he’s good. De La Salle 14, Don Bosco 7, 4:07 left in half.

Bosco drive: 1st and 10 from the 18. Chris Burrell sweeps left and gets down to the 21. 2nd and 7. Knief up the seam and he had a man but the ball is jarred loose by Noah Perio. Nice defensive play. 3rd and 7. DLS needs a stop here for momentum’s sake. Playaction and Knief gets LEVELED by Kevin O’Connell, who came untouched through the A Gap. Wow, big hit. Ward and Butler back for the punt. Another good kick and Ward heads up the left sideline. Good return.

De La Salle drive: Butler and Ward deep for the kickoff. It’ll be Ward from the 7. He hits the wedge and breaks free. Murray the kicker chases him down but not until Ward reaches the Bosco 17-yard line. 1st and 10. Butler fumbles the exchange from Wayne and Nick Vetterlein recovers for Bosco.

Touchdown summary: Bosco did exactly what it was supposed to with the short field. Romain looked good on the drive too, slashing well. Anyone’s game. 8:23 left in the half.

Bosco drive: 1st down from the 23. Romain sweeps right and again runs into a blocker. He would have scored had he read the block right. Perio brings him down on the 13. 1st and 10 Bosco. Knief in the shotgun. He keeps it and hurdles over the line for a few yards. Ball on the 8, second down. Knief heads up the middle and is down on the 5. DLS fans wanted the apparent fumble but he was down before he coughed it up. 3rd down on the 5. Romain goes off left tackle and is down on the 1-yard line. 1st and goal from inside the 1. Romain goes over right guard and Bosco is on the board. Patrick Murray nails the PAT and we’re tied. Five plays, 23 yards on the drive. De La Salle 7, Don Bosco Prep 7.

DLS drive: Wayne goes left on the option and puts his dancing shoes on, cutting past a defender for a few extra yards. 2nd down. False start on DLS will back them up 5 yards. Ball back to the 22. 2nd and 8. Play of the day made by Dave George, who cut the feedback out of the ref’s microphone. Clutch. Back to the action. Wayne heads right and actually had Ward open over the middle. His pass is errant though (he was on a dead run and throwing across his body) and that’ll bring up 3rd and 8 from the 22. Wayne goes deep and he’s picked by Chris Brady (no, not Brother Chris). Brady returns it to the DLS 23 and Bosco takes over.

Bosco drive, cont.: We resume with Bosco facing 4th down from its own 40. Back deep to take the punt are Kylan Butler and Terron Williams-Ward. Good punt by Bosco’s punter and Butler flirted with danger by picking it up. He returns to the 20 and that’s where the Spartans will take over.

Stat check: De La Salle 106 total yards, Don Bosco 32. Thanks Chace.

End of one quarter: De La Salle 7, Don Bosco Prep 0.

Bosco drive: Biel’s kick taken on the 7-yard line. Bosco’s returner gets lit up like a Christmas tree by Victor Jackson though and the Ironmen take over. Brett Knief finds Chris Burrell on the right side and Bosco has 2nd and 4 on the 25. Romain goes right up the middle and finds plenty of daylight. He’s down to the 35. 1st and 10 Bosco. Romain on the inside handoff out of the shotgun and he gets about five yards. 2nd down on the 40. Burrell goes in motion left and Knief fires for him in the left flat. Incomplete pass though (Noah Perio thought it was a loose ball) and its 3rd down. Knief on the keeper and DLS shuts it down. Dillon Wynn on the stop. 4th down. The DLS front four came to play tonight. End of the first quarter.

Touchdown summary: That was a methodical drive. Bosco had several opportunities to shut DLS down and the Spartans managed to get it done. There’s something to this theory that DLS just simply comes to play in these big games. They look more focused than the past two weeks.

DLS drive, continued: Chace Bryson checks in from the sideline to let me know that Blake Wayne just got a bloody nose plugged. Think these kids aren’t laying it all out there? Sheesh. That stuff is reserved for wrestlers! Alright, 2nd and 10 from the 32. Toss sweep left to Tyler Anderson. He makes it to the second level but gets his bell rung by a Bosco linebacker. 3rd down and 7 from the 29. Quick slant from Wayne to Bouza, who spins out of a tackle and heads right. He’s finally brought down at the Bosco 8-yard line and it’s 1st and goal. Wayne keeper and Bosco is all over it. Loss of a yard. Option left and Wayne cuts inside the left tackle and gets down to the 1. Nice option read there by Wayne. Big play here. Duant and Butler flank Wayne in the shotgun. Wayne took it up the middle and got hit from both sides and from the front. No score. The Spartans will go for it here with just over 2 minutes left in the quarter. Wayne heads left and looks dead in the water but pitches to Terron Williams-Ward who goes untouched into the end zone. Garrett Biel in to attempt the PAT and his aim is true (yeah Elvis Costello). De La Salle 7, Don Bosco Prep 0, 1:59 left in 1st quarter.

DLS drive: Spartans start with 7:42 on the clock. Quick screen from Wayne to Terron Ward in the slot but Bosco was all over it. Ward loses a few on the play. 2nd and 12. Wayne scrambles and finds Jackson Bouza for a first down. There’s a flag on the field but the referee waves it off. Wayne is making things happen in the backfield but on first read, Bosco’s DBs are really covering well. DLS now on the Bosco 49. DLS lines up trips right on 1st and 10. QB draw by Blake Wayne and he gets maybe a yard. 2nd down. It’s Butler around left end and that brings up 3rd and 7. Wayne in the shotgun. Wayne sits in the pocket and Noah Perio sits down right in the middle of the Bosco zone. Wayne throws a laser to him and it’s 1st and 10 from the Bosco 37. Playaction pass and Wayne tries for Michael Dosen in the end zone. Pass is a bit overthrown though and it’s 2nd and 10. Dosen had inside position but Wayne sailed it a little. Timeout DLS.

Bosco drive: Knief is the QB to start things off. Inside handoff out of the shotgun to Romain and he’s got nothing. Wrapped up in the backfield. Bosco stays in the shotgun for second down. It’s a QB draw and Knief is met at the line by a host of DLS defenders. We’ll call it 3rd and 9. Blake Reynaud with the tackle on that one. Romain on an inside handoff and he runs into his own blocker downfield. That cost the Ironmen a first down. Bosco is forced to punt. Butler and Ward back to take the punt. Punt downed on the DLS 29 and we’ll have our first TV timeout of the night. 7:42 left in the quarter, 0-0.

De La Salle drive: Back deep for the opening kickoff are Kylan Butler and Terron Williams-Ward. Patrick Murray is the kicker for the Ironmen. The kick is a touchback and we’re underway. First play is a counter run with Kylan Butler. It doesn’t go very far and brings up second and long. Butler and Ward start behind Wayne at QB. Wayne scrambles right, doubles back left, and finds Ward up the right sideline. Big gainer for 19 yards and the Spartans have the ball on Bosco’s 49, 1st and 10. DLS goes to the split-back veer and the give is to Joe Durant up the middle. 2nd down from the 44. Butler comes off for second down and in comes Tyler Anderson. Quick hitter from Wayne gets knocked down at the line and that brings up third and about 7. Wayne moves the pocket right and then gets surrounded by Ironmen. He gets back to the line of scrimmage but no further. 4th down. Knief, the Bosco QB, is back to return the punt.  He takes it on the 10 and returns to the 15. 9:33 left in the 1st.

7:35 p.m.: Captains for tonight’s contest: De La Salle – Blake Wayne, Kylan Butler, Kevin O’Connell. Don Bosco Prep – Nicholas Vetterlein, Stephen Pedhoretsky, Dillon Romain, Brett Knief, Matthew Strizak. Bosco calls the toss and DLS wins. The Spartans will receive to start the game. Lets do this thing. 

7:25 pm: The De La Salle band is on the field and we’ve just finished the national anthem. We’re about ready for kickoff.

7:17 p.m.: The zebras are on the field and now joining us are the Bosco coaches here on top of the box. De La Salle is on the field and we’re awaiting Bosco any second now. The Ironmen, they’re called. What a cool nickname.

7:15 p.m.: As a reminder for those who weren’t with us last week, I’ll put the most updated posts at the top of the window. All you have to do is hit refresh for the latest info. We’ve got about 17 minutes to game time. It’s a beautiful night here in Concord. It’s actually ridiculously hot in the press box, so I’m happy I scored a folding chair in the outdoor air. I see my colleague from CalHiSports.com, Mark Tennis, down on the field along with a host of other reporters. This is the place to be for high school football reporters tonight,  for sure.

Well, I’ve got the best seat in the house tonight boys and girls. I’m live from Owen Owens Field at De La Salle High School and I’m perched atop the press box next to Contra Costa County Fire Battalion Chief Dave George, the voice of the Spartans. The DLS band is on the field and getting ready to crank out the national anthem and let me tell you, this place is packed. Don Bosco has traveled well, with fans almost completely filling the bleachers along the oleanders that separate the field from Treat Blvd. Strap yourselves in everyone, this is going to be fun.


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    S. Waters, that was my understanding. I’m not sure what’s up with that because Dave Ryan and the ESPN guys are here and working.

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    The game is on ESPNU and unless you have satellite you cannot get the game. Comcast and AT&T do not carry this channel so contact them an request that they add it to their package offerings.

    Signed — DirecTV customer.

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    Based on special team play and Don Bosco’s lack of ability to pass the ball this game is going to be a route.

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    Is there overtime in High School football or do they have ties?

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    John, overtime has to be agreed upon before the game. If I had to guess, I’d say this one would go to OT since it’s on national TV.

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    Please keep the updates coming, am hanging refreshing every minute, hanging on every word. – DLS alum in Seattle.

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    It certainly looks like the kicking game will make a difference… either Bosco’s good punting to keep DLS in poor field position, DLS’s poor punting to continously give Bosco good field position or the Bosco missed PAT.

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    IT’s coming down to the Field goal try!!

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    Bosco better hope it doesn’t come down to the Field Goal try!!

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    Way to go, I’m sure one of the greatest coaches in high school sports history is going to cry about this blog at home tonight. Listen, he was disappointed in his team’s sloppy performance. I’ve heard him totally lay into his teams for victories in which they didn’t perform to the high standard they set for themselves regardless of the outcome. Understand who you’re talking about.

  • bill gunn

    i do and de la salle coach is an arrogant crybaby. don bosco prep appeared to a very hard nosed,tough team that ran the ball down de la salles throat in the second half… that what i’am talking about.

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    it appears you are very passionate about high school football…you need to get a life buddy.

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    Meh the coach is okay. I think alot of coaches would love to coach football at an all male school where the enrollment is near 3,000 though

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    sorry, guess its barely 2000, but still, 2000 kids to choose from. Some schools dont even have 2000 and more than half represent a female population

  • The enrollment is 1000. 300 hundred Spartans-get it.

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    yeah, there definitely isn’t 3,000 kids enrolled at dls…theres around 1,000. pretty average for a high school if you ask me.

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  • Man, so whats up with De La? I saw them at a passing league tourney earlier this summer. They seem to have some prety decent athletes par for a good De La team. Tall lean linemen. RBs with speed & talent. I know they’re turning the ball over a lot & that kills any team. Is it that they don’t have a stud QB(readign veer &throwing) & a stud WR(they have one every good year)would that make the difference?

  • bill gunn

    Coach, don’t bury dls yet?? Bosco is BRUTAL,believe me as i went to that school years ago,know the present coach,system and the the nature of their very physical, no-nonsense approach.. you should have their seen THEIR 2003 team. 8 all state players and # 2 in the country.

  • cash flow

    Jersey football still not on the Levels of Ohio and Texas where High School football is a religion and Florida….Seen Bosco Prep lose to a St.Xavier team who didn’t even make it out of the Greater Catholic League in Cincy and Lost in Region 4 Finals of the Ohio Playoffs

  • bill gunn


  • Not burying DLS at all. I’m Northern Cali baby. De La is out there representing us. I look up to that program & their coaches base a lot of what we do off them. Have teams closed the gap on them off season wise?

  • bill gunn

    Can only speak about Bosco but last night,according to pals at the dls game,Bosco knocked their heads off with a high pressure,frenzied,brutal attack that dls,in no way could cope with. Also,two or three dropped passes ,wide open,with ALL bosco starters playing,i.e. two starting offensive lineman were injured,score would have been much worse for dls. Another point, dls coach,”our defense was o.k”.???? ‘If our offense clicked the score would have been closer””They gave us problems”…… they sure did.