EBAL recap

Once DLS plays tonight, the non-league schedule is over for all the EBAL teams meaning league is ready to start and all the questions surrounding who is better than who will be answered.

Aside from Livermore, it has been a near-perfect non-league campaign for the league. With Livermore out of the equation, EBAL teams have gone 18-2 so far.

Amador– Del Norte is a good D-III school and I thought the game had potential to be close because of that long bus trip up there, but the Dons took care of business — easily. I think the Dons will drop their next two (Cal then SRV) before picking moving to 3-3 with a win against Livermore on Oct. 17. Playoffs are probably out of the question as Amador will likely being playing the spoiler role.

Cal- Couple interesting notes from the Cal game. Cal went up 27-7 early in the third and kicked an onside kick, but did not recover. After going up 41-7 by the end of the third, Cal pulled its starters. San Leandro did not and the Pirates starters sheddred the Cal 2nd and 3rd stringers to make the final score 41-22. The last TD came on the Cal first team (but most of the yards on that drive came against the backups), which was subbed back into the game when it was obvious SL wasn’t going to put its backups in for mop up time. Cal took exception to SL throwing the ball deep on its backups and subbed its starting O back in with less than a minute to go. They needed four plays to get the ball to the SL goal like, running the hurry up, before letting the clock expire. The SL coaches were pissed after the game.

I did not get a chance to talk with SL coach Brad Bowers after the game because I had a 1015 deadline to meet and he was still talking to his team in the endzone by the time I had to leave to get back to the office … so I didn’t get a chance to ask him about any of that.

I’d like to hear some opinions from people who were there about how that played out because there was definitely some tension on the field when the game was over. I can understand SL wanting to keep its starters in because they need to get better, I can understand Cal wanting to play with subs because the game was over at that point and I can understand how both teams might have a gripe with each other for the way it played out …

Foothill – After the dominant win against Novato, the Falcons haven’t been as impressive the past two weeks, but solid nonetheless. I’m really excited for next week’s Monte Vista-Foothill game, definitely the game of the week in the league. If there is one thing I’d say Foothill has to improve upon, its the running game. Brian Babb had a good game with 123 yards on 12 carries, but through three games, Foothill is averaging 3.9 yards a carry as a team. Mannion is a very good passer, but teams will be able to focus on that even more if the running game doesn’t progress. Schedule makers weren’t kind either, Foothill has MV, Cal, DLS to open league play.

Granada – Of all the teams in the league, I think Granada is still the biggest unknown (and I saw them play). The Mats beat up on Kennedy in week 1, which was expected. But Stallworth and Vintage are teams no one really knows about (around here at least) and its hard to gauge where Granada is compared to other area teams. They blew a 17-0 before coming back to win 24-20 … second week in a row witha  last minute touchdown.

Livermore – It’s going to be a long year for Livermore. Hopefully they’ll make some games competitive.

Monte Vista – A case could be made that Monte Vista is playing better than anyone in the league (including De La Salle). Brett Nottingham went 11-for-11 for 208 yards and 4 TDs. He is now 45-for-61 for 776 yards, 9 TD and 1 INT. 73.8 comp. He’s in a very similar posistion to the one Joe Southwick was in at SRV last year, when he replaced a D-I player at QB on a team dominated by seniors and experienced immediate success … Three defensive TDs in the 55-0 win …  Tom Hemmingsen had another good game with 2 Tds (1 int, 1 rec) … no carries in this one for Dave Wilkerson. Anyone know if he played?

San Ramon – Got the revenge they wanted against Washington for that 35-35 tie last year … Simliar scoring summary to the Cal-SL game. SRV up 20-9 at the half … big third quarter puts the game out of reach …. Washington makes it look closer than it was with a big fourth. Southwick’s numbers so far: 54-85 811 yards, 10 TD, 1 INT 63.5%.

DLS vs Bosco tonight on ESPNU.

League play should be a lot of fun.

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • Monte Vista 63

    Wilkerson played but he wore #11 in honor of a teammate that’s out for the season. He didn’t get any carries, because we were trying to give the less experienced starter Greg Johnson a lot of reps. EBAL play is gunna be crazy this year, from week 1 on.

  • dnrapp

    I thought Cal tried the onsides kick after they scoresd to make it 34-7. That would be a good reason for SL to be pissed. Then up 41-14 with a min left putting your first team D back in once SL got inside the 20 and putting the first team O in for the last drive shows a lack of sportsmanship.

    I was under the impression that the non league games are used to get your team ready for league. Last night was the first game that SL lined up in 3 and 4 wides and threw the ball. I see nothing wrong with having your first team getting live gametime experiance running a new O even if it is against the 2nd team of an opponent.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    I’m pretty sure it was it was 27-7 … not positive though.

    Couple trains of thought on this subject.

    On one hand, SL could be upset by the onside kick. But Cal’s counter point could be they didn’t think the game was over because how good SL is and the Pirates had the potential to come back …

    As to SL leaving its starters in running a new offense, that’s fine. But at the same time, that sends the message that they want to keep playing with their starters even though the game was over. Cal made the attempt at sportsmanship by putting the backups in. But once San Leandro didn’t concede I think that makes it fair game for Cal to put its starters in too and “practice” the hurry up ).

    I can see both sides on this and ultimately it’s not that big a deal. But it’s an interesting side note and a good topic for discussion.

  • The Quarterback

    I’ve been thouroughly impressed with the play of the EBAL in the non-conference thus far. We all knew De La Salle, with their No. 3 national ranking, would live up to its billing, however, I didn’t think it would start the year with two close games, especially going into tonight’s nationally televised contest with East Coast power Don Bosco. If they aren’t careful, the Spartans could get upended in the conference. Somehow, DLS reminds me of USC. Should beat everyone they play, but could go fall to an inferior opponent in conference just once. Cal, after it’s remarkable 2007 campaign, has picked up where they left off even after the loss to Bellevue. Give credit where credit is due. Cal is good, very good. If they keep rolling, that Nov. 14 matchup against DLS could mean the title. Let’s not forget about Monte Vista, San Ramon, and Foothill. All those teams are 3-0 going into EBAL play. Is there a better non-conference record of teams combined than the EBAL? 18-2 Bonagura said. And one of those losses at the hands of Washington’s best. Nonetheless, next Friday night, where ever you watch a game, you can bet it will be worth the price of the ticket. The EBAL has the area’s best teams, best coaches, and the best players.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    The non-league record is 18-5. Lots of good matchups every week.

    Week 4
    Amador v Cal
    DLS Granada
    Foothill MV
    Livermore SRV

    Week 5
    Amador v SRV
    Cal Foothill
    DLS Livermore
    Granada MV

    Week 6
    Amador v Livermore
    Cal Monte Vista
    DLS Foothill
    Granada SRV

    Week 7
    Amador DLS
    Cal San Ramon
    MV Livermore
    Foothill Granada

    Week 8
    Amador Granada
    Cal Livermore
    DLS MV
    Foothill SRV

    Week 9
    Amador MV
    Cal Granada
    Foothill Livermore

    Week 10
    Amador Foothill
    Cal DLS
    Granada Livermore
    Monte Vista SRV

  • dnrapp

    SL did have their 2nd team D in for the 4th qtr

  • Prep Fan

    It was definitely 27-7 when they attempted the onside kick. At least Cal decided not to punch it in from the 1 with 20 seconds left in the game and just let the clock run out.

  • got2go

    I’m ok with Cal doing the onsides kick and the hurry up in the last minute when the game is won. I just hope they feel the same way when DLS does it to them on Nov. 14. Fair is fair and they will have no room to complain.

  • got2go

    Or worse yet, when Monte Vista does it to them.

  • yo

    spartans LOST 23-21. vulnerability finally got them

  • Prep Fan

    They didn’t get the onside kick, and gave SL great field position. Then, once they got down to the 1 yard line, they allowed the clock to expire rather than tacking on a meaningless score. I’m not sure what this has to do with either DLS or MV, but didn’t MV just run up a 55-0 score on someone last night? Cal called off the dogs when up 41-7 after 3 quarters. It was really not that big of a deal. I’m sue the SL coach didn’t lose any sleep over it.

  • MV 06

    MV didn’t really run up the score on CV, they had 3 defensive touchdowns in the first half, the starting O scored on the only drive they were in during the second half and the 2nd team took it from there.

  • john

    got2go i can’t wait to here what you have to say when Cal beats MV. Overrated? i dont think so

  • Greg

    Wow the EBAL just got more interesting.

    DeLaSalle 66 yards rushing. That must be a record low for the last 20 years.

    Seems like DeLaSalle thinks they are a EBAL team like SRV or MV and needs to put up the big points through the air.

    DeLaSalle may never lose to an EBAl team however on this weekend chock one up for Danville. Seems if nothing else they are in the head of the mighty DeLaSalle.

    If DeLaSalle was going to chuck the ball in the air why didn’t they renew the scholarship for Montana’s son. Wasn’t he the throwing quarterback?

  • XTower

    “renew the scholarship …” HA!
    That might be even more hysterical than calling Piedmont a “Bay Area power.”

  • epcthree

    I’d wait a little while before I’d start predicting the demise of De La Salle. They played three games against some of the toughest competition around. Yes, the lost to Don Bosco, but that was a game they could have won; just like the first two games were games they could have lost.

    Frankly, until an EBAL team beats them, they are still the team to beat. That said, it certainly looks like this may be a season where that just might happen, as it seems like they may be vulnerable. Personally, I think that for DLS to have to fight for wins would be the best thing for the league; I’d hate it if DLS just came in and rolled over everyone.

    I’m looking forward to some great games this season!


    I will take DLS against the field this year in league, plain and simple. How about just a couple years back when they tied Clayton Valley — how bad does that get — than hammered their way to another NCS title. Please give me a break if you think they lose in the EBAL this year….

    Their day is coming, it’s just not going to be this year. Traditionally, DLS is a team which has always gotten better and better as the season wore on…

  • Greg


    Don’t go too far out on a limb. Afterall an EBAl team hasn’t been within 20-25 points of DeLaSalle over the last 15-20 years.

    Maybe you should change your name to EBAL “fair weather” FAN!