East Bay Football Poll – Revised

Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (10) 2-1 150 1
2. Monte Vista 3-0 134 2
3. California 2-1 131 3
4. San Ramon Valley 3-0 118 4
5. Pittsburg 2-1 113 5
6. Foothill 3-0 96 6
7. Las Lomas 3-1 88 7
8. Freedom 3-0 84 8
9. Bishop O’Dowd 3-0 61 10
10. Encinal 3-0 56 12
t-11. Berkeley 2-1 30 11
t-11. College Park 2-1 30 13
t-11. Newark Memorial 2-1 30 14
14. Deer Valley 3-0 29 15
15. San Leandro 0-3 16 10

Others receiving votes: Miramonte (3-1) 10, Campolindo (4-0) 6, Granada (3-0) 6, Concord (3-0-1) 5, Castlemont (1-1-1) 2.

Note- One more ballot came in a little late. -KB


  • playa4real

    Coach Ford- the difference between your staff at encinal and the one at foothill is that i doubt any foothill coaches would ever come here and point out the what they judge to be the weaknesses of encinal like you just did about foothill. that and about 200 more wins. encinal would be fly on the elephant that is foothiil. that game would make no sense for foothill to sked. they’d beat you guys by three touchdowns minimun next year.

  • ManO’War

    Sorry to hear about Logan kicker Diego Hernandez being out, he’s very good, feel sorry for him sitting out the season. Also makes it harder for mostly-young Logan team. Punter has to double…. Some facts for PHS04 and Coach Ford: guaranteed, Foothill is much faster than you think (though yes smaller than MV); Foothill games with Logan and Miramonte were not what it is capable of doing (though Novato was), but good play by both – watch Logan tough it out and Miramonte power through. Tough schedules should count in rankings, sure – consider what an average Div I team would likely do vs. a ‘very good’ Div III team on college level…. SRV Southwick is good enough to light a fire under anybody – go Boise! Cal and MV games with DLS particularly are high-interest games.

  • PHS04

    should CAL drop for the close game with Amador or should Freedom move up for their performance???
    remember in week 1 Freedom took it to Amador 28-3

  • For me Cal will drop … to 3. I’ve had them at No. 2 all along and I’ll say the case is now strong enough for me to make Monte Vista No. 2. I get the inclination you’re asking if Freedom should be ahead of Cal though and that’s a no. Cal still pulled out the win and Freedom doesn’t have a win on its resume as impressive as Cal beating Las Lomas and San Leandro.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Cal will probably remain at No. 3 in the poll. Like Jimmy, I’ve had them at No. 2 and didn’t think there was enough of a reason to drop them to until now.

    I’ll probably end up going 1. DLS 2. MV 3. Cal, 4. Pitt, 5. SRV, 6. Foothill, 7. Freedom. The only change would be the MV-Cal switch.

  • O’Dad

    EBAL Fan, will you really bet me your house that O’Dowd would’nt beat Foothill on their best day? Fact is, on O’Dowds BEST day, they would blow them out. On their worst day, probably get blown out. And on a normal day, it would be a very tight game. But I forgot, according to you, we can’t even play with Logan and Newark. You obviously know your high school football even though this EBAL smugness gets tiresome, along with the BOD bashing. So let me tell you straight up-with the proper motivation, some of these teams you claim BOD cant play with, would actually get completely embarrassed by O’Dowd cause the talent superiority would be overwhelming, requiring more than “great coaching” to rescue them.


    I think you have to go….

    1. de la
    2. mv
    3. freedom
    4. pitt
    5. cal
    6. srv
    7. foothill

    and that is from an ebal fanatic


    O’Dad, O’yes, I would bet my o’house o’dowd would not beat o’foothill…..o’geez man, Monte Vista is a great team this year and foothill just put 31 on the board against them…please, I have had a ton of respect for the HAAL over the years, and this is not a year they are worth a o’darn.

  • O’Dad

    I am not talking about the HAAL. I’m talking about O’Dowd. See, this is where you and I disagree: You are proclaiming Monte Vista a “great team”. They are very good. Zach and Wilkerson especially. Foothill plays them tough, so therefore they must also be great. My point is, all these teams are comprised of 16-17 year old kids. Some days they are going to play very hard and very well. Other days, not as well as they can. I take offense when you consistently say my team just cant play with other teams, period. Especially teams such as Logan or Newark who I know BOD would blow out even on a so-so day.

  • O’Boy

    well then there’s only one way to solve this. have o’dowd schedule some more “competition” when their contracts with DIII schools run out. i know this year they had that obligation, but if o’dowd so chooses/wants to prove it can beat a logan or newark then why not allow that opportunity that normally wouldnt happen because they’re DI. yes they do beat several DII and DI teams in HAAL play, but should go beyond that to play upper division teams in pre season. im not saying go schedule foothill but encinal, some DFAL teams, heritage etc would be intriguing. just my thoughts about it

  • O’Boy

    doesn’t really matter if the dragons can get past the first round of the playoffs come NCS but a chance at a DI team could be a great game. for example, this year miramonte played foothill close, and campolindo will play deer valley. whats not to like about that, both matches are competitive.

  • O’Dad

    I have no problem with that. Actually I would like to see us play a WCAL team, an OAL team, or EBAL team. I get worked up over the absurdity of someone saying we couldn’t beat logan or Newark. Logan is a great program that happens to be down this year. I picked them to beat Newark, but I also picked Milpitas and CP to beat them. Newark is only 2 years removed from an 0-10 season, and were over-rated last year. Way over-rated this year.

  • hsfan

    good point. in retrospect cp should have beat them. but with cp’s defense against newark’s defense the cougars clearly won out that game.

    also a bishop o’dowd vs archbishop riordan or even archbishop mitty would look really good towards B.o.d (and reppin the north coast section haha) and i have no doubt they’d come up on top over amador, granada or any OAL team this year

  • # 21 pvhs

    the pinole valley spartans deserve to be on there. they beat a ranked oakland tech and held there D1 prospect hb 2 130 yrds and their D1 prospect reciever #5 2 basically nothing. Put em on there. more 2 cum