NCS Division-by-Division Poll


Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (4) 2-1 40 1
2. California 2-1 36 2
3. Monte Vista 3-0 32 3
4. Pittsburg 2-1 28 4
t5. Foothill 3-0 22 t5
t5. San Ramon Valley 3-0 22 t5
7. Freedom 4-0 16 9
8. Newark Memorial 3-1 8 10
9t. Berkeley 2-1 5 8
9t. San Leandro 0-3 5 7

Others receiving votes: Granada (3-0) 3, Deer Valley (3-0) 2, College Park (2-1) 1 .


Team Record Points Last week
1. Las Lomas (3) 3-1 19 1
2. Rancho Cotate (1) 3-0 17 2
3. Campolindo 4-0 9 4
4. Clayton Valley 4-0 8 NR
5. Casa Grande 2-0-1 5 3
Others receiving votes: Ukiah (3-0) 2.
Team Record Points Last week
1. Cardinal Newman (4) 3-0 20 1
2. Bishop O’Dowd 3-0 15 2
3. Encinal 3-0 9 3
4. Novato 2-2 8 4
5. Healdsburg 4-0 5 5

Others receiving votes: Marin Catholic (2-1) 2

Team Record Points Last week
1. Ferndale (4) 4-0 20 1
2. St. Patrick-St. Vincent 2-1 13 2
3. Middletown 2-1 10 3
4. Justin-Siena 3-1 11 4
5t. Salesian 2-1 3 5
5t. Dougherty Valley 4-0 3 NR
Others receiving votes: None.


Team Record Points Last week
1. St. Vincent (4) 3-0 20 1
2. St. Elizabeth 2-1 16 2
3. South Fork 2-2 9 4
4. St. Bernard 3-1 8 NR
5t. Tomales 1-2 3 3
5t. Rincon Valley Christian 2-0 3 NR
Others receiving votes: California School for the Deaf (1-2) 1.


  • Bay Area watcher

    I’m surprised Miramonte doesn’t even receive votes from you guys. They’re 3-1 with their only loss a close one to Foothill!

  • Gitrdone

    I’m surprised you guys voted Cal above MV??

  • got2go

    How is San Leandro still in the top 10? If they go 0-10 and play all good teams, do they still stay ranked? If you are a good team, you should still beat a team that is better than you SOME of the time. DLS may be better than MV, but if they played 10 times MV would probably win 3 or 4 times. At some point San Leandro needs to step up and beat some of these teams to remain ranked.

  • got2go

    Granada, Deer Valley and College Park should all be ahead of San Leandro.

  • Why does it surprise you that Cal is ahead? Cal blasted San Leandro, blasted Las Lomas (despite playing sloppy by many accounts) and barely lost to Washington’s top team. The four of us who do this poll, I believe, all have Cal ahead of Monte Vista in the other poll and I think the argument for Cal staying No. 2 after its loss to Bellevue is very similar to the argument for DLS staying No. 1 after its loss to Bosco — narrow loss to a high level opponent. And when you figure that Cal had to travel to Seattle to suffer their loss and DLS lost while hosting a team from New Jersey, it adds to that argument. But, of course, it’ll all get sorted out eventually when these teams play each other.

  • Michael Bower

    I would bet my house and everything I own that MV would not beat DLS 3 or 4 times in 10 tries.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Gitrdone- I’ve seen both teams (Cal twice and will see MV for the 2nd time on Friday). It is still way too early argue hard for either side.

    Cal blasted two good teams and had a close game with a West Coast power. Monte Vista blasted two winless teams and beat a very good Pittsburg team. I think if they switched schedules MV would be 2-1 and Cal would be 3-0.

    As of now, Monte Vista has one key win, Cal has two. Monte Vista has 0 losses, Cal has 1. There just hasn’t been enough football played to really separate those two teams yet.

    I’ve been voting Cal 2, Monte Vista 3 since the very first poll and I don’t see a reason to change that until there is an obvious reason to.

    Bay Area watcher- I’d have Miramonte 6th and you’re probably right, Miramonte gave Foothill a much better game than Novato did and probably will sneak in. Although, it would have been hard to move them in this week when the five teams I had last week all won. I’ll definitely be keeping closer tabs on Miramonte from now on….I moved them into my East Bay Poll at No. 15 this week.

  • Bay Area watcher

    Kyle, the Mats could have helped their case a little by playing a tougher non-league schedule. But I’d say they’re just as good as Campo (which also played a weak non-league schedule) after seeing both teams play this year. That rivalry game should be a good one. Either team could challenge LL for the DFAL title, though I wouldn’t bet MY house on it.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    They probably could have, but in the past none of the DFAL teams had to really do any really scheduling because of the old 9-game DFAL schedule. So maybe they weren’t sure what the best route was? Just speculation? I actually liked how the did it though, a good mix of good, average and bad teams.

    Of the four games they’ve played, the 7-point loss at Foothill on a late TD impresses me the most. After a mediocre year in 2007, it just will take a little time to get back on the map. Beating LaLo would certainly do that, but we’ll have to wait awhile for that one.


    Jimmy, by your argument, cal should be ranked ahead of de la salle…..

    Kyle, is there was a year MV might beat dls three times out of ten, it would be this year. MV has got to be better than serra and there’s no scare factor left for MV, Foothill or Cal in playing DLS — I would be surprised is someone beat them in the EBAL, but I think this year, I wouldn’t be shocked.

    As for Granada, hey they got their chance this week to get some respect.

  • You Know

    Its good to see that whoever is votig has a pretty good idea about what is what in hs football around here. Except Pitt, Encinal and Middletown are ranked to high.

  • billjohnson

    has cardinal newman petition up to d-2?

  • Bay Area watcher

    On the DFAL scheduling note, I have to say I’m impressed LL’s non-league schedule. Mitty, Cal, two teams from the SFL (best league in Sac) and keeping the Battle of the Creek rivalry with Northgate – well done.

  • EBAL Fan, yeah I guess in a way my argument states that but those aren’t the only factors in deciding between Cal and DLS (I was only arguing Cal for No. 2 so that’s the only arguments I presented). Since DLS’s other two opponents are better (not significantly better, but still better) than Cal’s other two opponents, DLS has the edge. But I’ll tell you, if Cal had beaten Bellevue, I surely would’ve bumped Cal up to No. 1 after this DLS loss.

  • Bill,
    Nope, Newman’s in Division III. There is no petitioning up allowed.

    Speaking of Newman, sounds like a hell of a game last Friday against Palma. Newman won 34-33 in what could amount to the Division III NorCal title game, which, come to think of it, would be pretty awesome. Have the top two NorCal and top two SoCal teams in each division meet a week before the state bowls to determine the berth. I know they won’t want to add another game or lengthen the season, but that would be sweet.

  • gymbo

    Until someone from the Bay Area knocks off DLS, they should and will remain #1. Until Cal went to Bellview, WA I don’t know of another Bay Area team with the stones to take on someone outside of the area.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Gymbo- I don’t know if it’s really about “having the stones” to go outside the area. Travel for an entire football team outside of the area is very expensive and in most cases it makes sense to stay local. I doubt Cal would have made the trip up North if it weren’t for MaxPreps coming to Cal with the proposal to go up there and play at Qwest Field.

    From a historical perspective, De La Salle is the only area team that needed to travel outside the area to find teams of its caliber. Therefore, it was has been the only team to travel on a consistent basis.

  • XTower

    What’s considered “outside the area?”
    Mack and Skyline went to L.A. to play Dorsey and Crenshaw. Tech played at Antelope Valley when it had Andre Crenshaw. Skyline used to play St. Francis on an annual basis and still plays Palma. I’m pretty sure the Titans went to Clovis West and Valencia on one occasion, too, when Beam was there, not to mention Franklin-Stockton. Mack played at Valley Christian when Kyle Reed was the QB.

    Here’s the thing I’ve noticed more than anything. SoCal has these made-for-TV games where teams like Hart play Los Al or LB Poly plays Birmingham. Mater Dei played Carson on ESPNU earlier this year. NorCal doesn’t have games on Comcast Bay Area like that. Shoot, I’m not even in the state and I watched the Edison-Servite game this weekend, although those are two O.C. schools, but you get my drift.