Bishop O’Dowd Football Coach Paul Perenon

This interview with Bishop O’Dowd football coach Paul Perenon was done Oct. 8.


  • XTower

    What was Ingram’s record at Washington?

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Sweeney is at 192 wins….

  • Does Sweeney only get credit for a half of each of Foothill’s wins this year though since he’s co-coach?

  • O’Dad

    Congratulations to coach P on a great coaching career, and upon closing in on this milestone. He is a tough, no-nonsense, honest coach. He holds his kids accountable in the classroom and on the field. My son loves playing for him, even though they sometimes butt heads. Coach accepts no excuses and he is a consistent voice of honor in my kid’s development both on and off the field…

  • Michael Bower

    Well put, O’Dad. Good question with, Sweeney. Do you count those wins or not?

  • HAAL Fan

    I played for Coach Ingram and thought he would for sure be at or over 200 wins. Coach Brennan should be right near there as well. I wonder about the records for those two. Especially considering Ingram coached at Washington since Bill Walsh left decades ago and just recently retired.


    If you guys really think it’s co-coaches at Foothill, you are a million miles off.

    As for Ingram, I would have thought he would be over 200 as well, but, there were a lot of .500 seasons there and that really slows down getting to 200.

  • Michael Bower

    We all know, EBAL fan. We will have to get Hoose on Ingram’s number of wins.

  • It was a joke EBAL FAN. You know that.

  • Coach Poop still behind Shag and Lad- all out of the old CAL in the old days. Still a nice milestone for him, steady and poised- used to QB at St,. Mary’s in the early 1970’s, was a good student of the game then too.

  • HAAL Fan

    Any news on Ingram’s record guys? Just really curious.

  • eastbayscout

    Not sure of record, but he got is 200th win early in the 98 season…They won another 7-8 games I believe that year… and about a 5-6 game average the next 4 years until he retired. So I guess he ended up with about approximately 225-230 wins…but remember he did coach when there was really no playoff system in place, so much less opportunity for more wins as coaches do now.

  • HAAL Fan

    Thank you Eastbayscout. We used to joke with the old man saying he would have 300 wins if it wasn’t for that American Revolution mess. Any info on Brennan as well?