• coachljs

    What’s is the single season passing yardage record? Follow up would be for each league if you know or could find out. Thank you

  • john mccurdy

    Please know the next time the CC times does such a bad job covering HS sports I will cancel my subscription.

  • Coach

    bye nnobody stopping you

  • John McCurdy

    There was not a single box score outside of the OAL games. For a local paper I think that is unacceptable. I appreciate the coverage we do get and I love the forums but please dedicate a page or two on Saturday to the local write ups and box scores

  • Ben Enos

    John, I completely agree with you. I’m assuming you live in East Contra Costa, where our deadline is 10:15 to get copy in on Friday nights. I was at Freedom/Deer Valley and I’ll tell you my game didn’t end until 10:16. Personally, I was just happy to get the story in for everyone to read. It is normally our policy to run all those boxes back (they do exist, they ran in Central County) on Sunday mornings but it appears this weekend it didn’t happen. I’ll post those boxes for everyone to see here on the blog.

  • Ben Enos

    John, apparently something happened here on Friday (nuclear or not, I don’t know) and none of the boxes ran in either East or Central County. I wish I had a good answer for it, but I really don’t. Sorry.