Bishop O’Dowd vs. San Leandro Live Blog!


OK, Guys. This one is over and I need to head back to the office to help some of our correspondents out in the field meet the deadline. Hope you enjoyed the live blog! Score right now is 33-7 San Leandro with 9:20 to go.  That’s it for me.

SL BALL 1-10-17 BOD: Let’s go to 2-6 since i missed first down. Roberson up to the 10 but a penalty on SL will bring it back 10 yards. It will be 2-10 from the 17 of BOD. Gardner quick pass to Roberson. HE DOES THE REST. GOES IN FOR A 17-yard TD TO PUT THIS GAME WAY OUT OF REACH. PAT GOOD. Score is 33-7 San Leandro with 9:20 to go!

SL BALL..1-10-33 BOD: Mario Brown did not play the last series for Bishop O’Dowd. I have to think he is done for the night with this game out of hand. Gardner goes deep to Simpson again. Simpson beats the defense again, but another overthrow by Gardner. 2-10 for SL. Gardner quick pass to Roberson. He squirts up the sideline for 9 yards. 3rd-1 for SL. Missed a couple plays but SL got the first down.


BOD BALL…1-10-44 BOD: Missed who carried the ball for BOD, but there was a fumble. Not sure who has it. Flags are down, too. Well, San Leandro recovers and there is offsetting penalties as the third quarter ends. San Leandro will keep the ball.

BOD BALL…1-10-20 BOD: Simpson up the middle for a 7 yard run. 2nd-3. BOD doesn’t have a comeback offense so I have to think this one is over….Simpson again. He gets a couple. Close to a first down. 3rd-1. Kevin Cooper, the new QB, goes outside and has a first down if it stands. Flags litter the field. Face Mask on SL so that gives BOD a first down.

SL to kickoff: Garcia’s kick out of the end zone.


SL BALL…1-10-45 BOD: Roberson gets 4 yards on the carry. 2nd-6 for SL. Roberson again on the carry. Clock at 2:22. Roberson gets about 6 yards. Close to the first…3rd-1. Timeout San Leandro with 1:38 to go in the third quarter. Gardner overthrows Lenny Jones so it will be 4th-1 for SL. Actually, Pass interference on BOD was called. First down SL.

SL BALL..1-10-45 SL: Morales with another carry. He is getting some touches tonight. He gets 5 yards. 2nd-5 for SL. Gardner tries Simpson deep again, but again overthrows him. Simpson was open again. They are going to hit that one time, I think. 3rd-5 for Pirates. Morales up the middle and fumbles. But SL recovers. Still short of the first down. Will be 4th and short. Oh, I lied. First down SL. Sorry!

BOD BALL…1-10-46 BOD: With Mario Brown out and QB Matt Balich out it is Che’rod Simpson getting the carry. Gets a couple. 2nd-8 for BOD. Timeout Dragons with 6:02 left in the third. This isn’t looking good for BOD. I can’t see Brown on the sidelines anymore. Not sure where he went. OH, NO WONDER I CAN’T SEE HIM. HE IS BACK IN THE GAME! Brown back in but Simpson gets the ball. Simpson gets 3 yards. 3rd-5 for BOD. Brown with the carry and he hobbles up the middle and is noticeably limping but stays in. 4th-1 and Simpson gets the ball and is stuffed short. Will be SL’s ball.

SL to kickoff: Suprise onside by San LEandro. Huge pile up and Bishop O’Dowd recovers.

SL BALL…1-10-43 SL: Roberson with the carry and he is drilled by Che’rod Simpson. A loss of quite a bit. 2nd-17 for SL. Gardner on the scramble up to the 46. It will be 3rd and 11 for SL. Gardner rollout to the left and throws back right to a wide open Lenny Jones, who takes it about 54 yards for the score. TOUCHDOWN, LENNY JONES. VERY NICE PLAY. PAT COMING… BOD player is down. The injuries are adding up. We got 6:56 to go in the third quarter. Battery life on my laptop says 1 hour, 20 minutes!! OH, My! It is Mario Brown that went down. He is limping off the field. That is a huge loss if he can’t return. Pirates go for two and it is good, making the score San Leandro 20, Bishop O’Dowd 7. Not sure BOD can comeback without Mario Brown.

SL BALL…1-10-38 SL: Timeout San Leandro. That could be costly for later. 10:38 to go in the third. Cory Howard on the run up the middle is buried by Chris Martin. A loss of 2 yards. 2nd-12 for SL. Gardner a quick pass to Owens and he runs for a nice gain. It will be 3rd-4 for SL. Morales with another carry and he gets the first down, barely.

SL BALL…1-10-26 SL: Roberson with the run. Not much. 2nd-10 for SL. Gardner finds Simpson on the slant. A first down for San LEandro. pickup of about 11.

BOD to Kickoff: Roberson fields the squib kick gets a little gain up to the San Leandro 25.

Back for second half: San LEandro will receive. O’Dowd quarterback Matt Balich was taken off the field at halftime in an ambulance. Hopefully, he will be OK. That’s a tough loss for BOD. 

OK, guys. I am shutting my laptop off so I can save the energy for the second half. I will be back in about 15 minutes for the second half! I have no outlet here.


SL BALL…1-Goal-9 BOD: 18 seconds left. Gardner throws it away as nobody was open. It will be 2nd-goal with 11 seconds to go in the half. Gardner quick pass to Roberson, who gets into the end zone, but it will be a hold on San Leandro with 3 seconds remaining. That negates the TD. Ball is back to the 25 of BOD with 3 seconds left. BOD calls timeout. Gardner up deep to Demetrius Owens into the corner of the end zone. Owens comes down with it but ruled out of bounds. That was a huge stop for BOD at the end of the half.

SL BALL..1-10-40 SL: WOW! Gardner backwards pass again to backup QB Demetrius Owens. Owens throws deep to Lenny Jones down to the BOD 9-yard line with 18 seconds left in the half! Timeout BOD. THAT WAS HUGE.

SL BALL 1-10-23 SL: Only 36 seconds left in the half. Roberson up the middle for a big gain to the 40 of San Leandro. Timeout San Leandro with 29 seconds to go.

BOD to Kickoff: Squib kick picked up by Simpson and he is drilled right away.

BOD BALL…1-10-34: Brown with a nice run up the left side to the 39 of BOD. 2nd-5. Brown on the sweep. but once again San Leandro shows nice containment. He got a couple. It will be 3rd-3 with 55 seconds to go. Another player down. This time from San Leandro. It is Eric Brown, a defensive tackle. He hobbles off with some help from his teammates. MARIO BROWN SWEEP LEFT AND BEATS EVERYONE. HE CAN FLY. GOES ALL THE WAY FOR A TOUCHDOWN. A 57-yard TD run, I believe. PAT coming with 39 seconds left in the half. THAT WAS HUGE FOR BOD. PAT is good and it is now 12-7 San Leandro with 39 seconds left before halftime. WE GOT A GAME.

BOD BALL…1-10-20 BOD: Simpson up the left side for a nice gain. Backup QB is Kevin Cooper, who is in for Balich at QB. 2nd-2 for BOD. Run up the middle for the first down at the 34 of BOD.

SL to Kickoff: Garcia’s kick goes out of the end zone for a touchback. 2:49 left in the half.

SL BALL…1-Goal-3 BOD: Roberson right up the middle.TOUCHDOWN PIRATES.Oh, wait. Flags are down. Personal foul on Dragons so the TD stands. Pirates go for two here. Gardner’s pass dropped by Simpson. With 2:49 left in the half it is San Leandro 12, Bishop O’Dowd 0.

SL BALL…1-10-31 BOD: 3:21 to go in the half. Timeout here as a BOD player is down. Can’t see who it is from where I am. Btw…If I don’t have one comment by halftime then I will think nobody is reading this and probably will stop the quick updates. So let me know if you are reading! Ouch, the player down for BOD is starting QB Matt Balich. It doesn’t look good. He is carted off the field. Back to play here. 3:21 left in the half. Gardner throws incomplete. 2-10 for SL. Roberson on the carry gets about 3 yards. It will be 3rd and 7. Gardner’s pass complete to Demetrious Owens on a slant near the goaline. It will be first and goal

BOD BALL…1-10-30 BOD: Deep pass by Balich is overthrown. 2-10. Balich chased outside and tries to throw it out of bounds but Brian Morales of San Leandro picks it off and runs it to the Dragons’ 31.

BOD BALL 1-10-20 BOD: A big gain for BOD and a first down. up to the 30.

SL to Kickoff: A decent return by Kevin Cooper. It will be 1-10 for BOD at its own 20

SL BALL…1-G-6 BOD: Roberson gets a couple yards. it will be 2nd-Goal from the 4. Roberson runs off the left side and gets into the end zone. TOUCHDOWN PIRATES. Pirates bobble the snap on the PAT and the holder gets tackled immediately. It is 6-0 SL with 3:51 left in the first half.

SL BALL…1-10-17 BOD: Roberson gets 2 yards on a run. It will be 2nd-8 with 5:25 to go in the first half. Gardner on playaction sprint out. Was pressured and hand to throw it out of bounds. 3rd-8 for SL. Botched snapped and Gardner handles it but is hit for a loss. It will be 4th down and the Field Goal unit comes on the field. Johnny Garcia will attempt a 28 yarder. Kick goes wide left but flags are down along with Garcia, the kicker. It is indeed roughing the kicker and it will be FIRST DOWN. THAT IS HUGE!

SL BALL…1-10-47 BOD: Gardner quick pass to Owens outside for a 9-yard gain. SL starting to roll here. 2nd-1. Garnder playaction to Lenny Jones for a huge gain. Another first down for SL up at the BOD 17.

SL BALL…1-10-15 SL: Roberson on the counter gets a huge game down the sideline. He busted a few tackles and picks up about 21 yards. 1-10 from the 26 of SL. Brian Morales with a rare carry up the middle. The big bruiser gets about 7 yards to bring up 2nd-3.  Cory Howard with the carry and showing some nice moves. A cutback into BOD territory and a first down.

BOD BALL…1-10-23 SL: Balich quick pass to Brown and he gets a nice gain. A flag in after the play is over and it is against BOD. A personal foul. That negates an 8-yard gain. It will be 2-17-30 of SL. Big gain, missed it. sorry. But it is 3-5 from the 15 for BOD. Simpson up the middle gets stuffed short. It will be about 4th-3 from the 14 of SL. BOD goes for it. Simpson up the middle and the ball comes out and San Leandro jumps on it.

1-10-40 SL: Simpson gets the carry up the middle for a short gain. 2nd-8 for BOD. Balich tries to hit Cooper on the slant but its incomplete. Flags down, though. Looked clean to me, but Pass interference was called. First down for BOD.

2-11-24 SL: Gardner playaction, goes deep to Simpson. He was open but pass just out of reach. 3-11 for San Leandro. Running play stopped short. 4th-16 for SL. Pirates will punt it away. A short kick and BOD will have good field position at San Leandro’s 40.

First Quarter —- SCORE AFTER FIRST: San Leandro 0, Bishop O’Dowd 0

1-10-25 SL: We got one second left in the quarter. It is San Leandro’s ball. Pirates give it to Roberson who is stuffed by Chris Martin.

1-10-45 BOD: Balich’s pass on the screen play goes incomplete, right through the intended receivers hands. 2-10 for BOD. First penalty on the day before the snap. False start on BOD. it will be 2nd-15 with 1:05 left in the first quarter. Mario Brown tries to get outside but good containment by San Leandro. Brown gets up to the 44 of BOD, where it will be 3rd-11. Brown up the middle and is short of the first down mark. BOD will have to punt.

1-10-42 SL: Roberson stopped for a short gain on the run. 2nd-9 for SL. Gardner quick pass to Simpson outside again. He nearly gets by the defender but Kevin Cooper drags him down. 3rd-5 for SL. Gardners pass goes right off Demetrius Owen’s hands and up in the air to BOD’s Quinton Mcquarter for an INT. BOD ball.

1-10-16 BOD: Simpson on the handoff. Gets a couple yards. 2nd-9 for BOD. QB Matt Balich overthrows his target. It will be 3rd-9 for BOD at their own 17. Balich is chased out of the pocket and throws it away. it will be 4th-9. BOD to punt with 2:56 left in the first quarter. No return on the punt. It will be 1st-10 for SL at its own 42.

1-10-26 BOD: Roberson takes the handoff and is stuffed for a 5-yard loss. 2nd-15 for SL. Gardner is sacked by safety Che’rod Simpson on the blitz. SL will have 3rd and very long. Gardner throws a backwards pass to Owens, who fires deep to Cory Howard, who had an easy TD but drops it. SL has to punt and Brown returns it to the 16 yard lind of BOD.

1-10-37 BOD: Gardner throws a backwards pass to Roberson which is dropped and ruled a fumble. Roberson jumps on it. 2-15 for SL now. Gardner goes deep to Simpson into the end zone, but Gardner over throws him. Simpson was open. 3rd-15 for SL. Gardner quick pass to Simpson, who makes a couple moves up to the 33 of BOD. It will be about 4th and 6. SL is going for it. Gardner gets up to the line and takes a timeout with 5:59 to go in the first quarter. Gardner hits Demetrius Owens on the out route for a 7-yard gain and another first down for SL.

1-10-40 SL: Morales picks up 5 yards on the run on first down. 2nd-5 for San Leandro. Roberson looks for running room but is stuffed. It will be 3-5 for SL. Gardner hits Simpson on a quick pass to Simpson, who makes a defender miss and goes down the sideline up to the BODs 37-yard line. First down SL.

1-10-26 SL: SL QB Travis Gardner goes deep to Dwaine Simpson, but overshoots him. It will be 2-10. Gardner on a rollout to Brian Morales is juggled and dropped. 3-10 for SL. Gardner finds George Roberson out of the backfield for a first down for the Pirates up to the 40 of SL

1-10-20 BOD: The kickoff goes into the end zone. Dragons ball at their own 20. Che’rod Simpson gets a couple yards on the carry. 2-8 for BOD. Mario Brown with the carry and slips a couple tackles up to the 27 yard line. It will be 3-3 for BOD. Simpson up the middle and stopped at the 28 short of the first down. 4th-2-28 BOD. Punt team comes on. The punt goes down to San Leandro’s 26 where it will be first and 10 Pirates.

Kickoff: We are just about set for kickoff. Remember, San Leandro is 7-1 in the last eight meetings against the Dragons. O’Dowd is looking to take control of the HAAL. The Dragons haven’t won a league title since 1999. Dragons won the toss and will receive.

OK, I am sitting here in the stands at Burrell Field just before the start of the Hayward Area Athletic League showdown between Bishop O’Dowd and San Leandro. Both teams enter this game undefeated in league, while the Dragons haven’t lost all season. The game will start in a few minutes. Keep hitting refresh for updates. They will come up the top of this post.

Records: San Leandro 3-3, 3-0 HAAL; Bishop O’Dowd 6-0, 3-0 HAAL


  • O’Dad

    I must come across as too serious on here. That was a light-hearted way to compliment Kyle. He always comes back with the real deal whenever we start talking smack, and thats how I meant it. Hope he knows that!..

  • Michael Bower

    I got what you were saying, O’Dad.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    haha I could tell you were joking.

    I was just playing referee in this debate….DLS has 5.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    BTW I do think the DLS numbers should be included in the EBAL because it shows the past strength of the teams currently in the league. It’s not like DLS would have gotten more or less players at D-I if it had been in the EBAL for the past 5 years too.

  • XTower

    Maybe those numbers will make people realize the EBAL has better athletes than it’s given credit for.

  • John Trotman

    Hey micheal, this is John Trotman jr, Offensive cordinator and qb Coach 2 San Leandro High.. I was wondering why you weren’t on our sideline Friday Night…. Anyway, Hope you get better soon man… that Live blog was kinda tight..
    Keep up the good work…


  • Farmer grad

    There’s another TE who also plays DE for BOD. Has made some big plays on both sides of the ball. On de, sl shut him down by going to the opposite side. Don’t remember him from last year. Saw him against the Farmers and San Lorenzo. Made a crazy play in the end zone.

  • billjohnson

    john trotman you guys gonna b ready 4 b-high in the 1st round?

  • Michael Bower

    Hey, JT. Yea, I wanted to be on the sideline but it was just too dangerous with my knee. There was no way I could get out of the way if a play came that way. But it is doing a lot better. Thanks for asking.

    Glad you enjoyed the live blog after the game was over. haha. I see the offense is starting to get going on all cylinders…

  • Btw…O’Dad. I knew you were joking too. Just heard from O’Dowd AD Mike Bowler that the Dragons are sold out for Saturday’s game with Castro Valley. Hope everyone has their tickets already. None will be sold at the door.

  • O’Dad

    Its all good Jimmy! Wow, sold out. Hope there’s scalpers there or I’m in trouble. Farmer Grad- that player is Malcombe Graham and he has been a real force for us this year…

  • Bowler said they would let reporters in so I’ll sell you my press pass for $5! Ha ha! I’m kidding!

  • John Trotman

    Is that who’d we’d be playin.. honestly we still hav Ten,Mt eden & Cv to deal wit.. Were are not good enough to look past anybody.. but that would be an intresting 1st rd game..

    Glad to hear your feeling better,your probably right about being on the sideline on 1 leg, that could get ugly,lol.. yeah the offense looked pretty good last week.. Still to many mistakes.. If we can get that cleaned up we could be a problem for anybody to stop..


  • Michael Bower


    You guys definitely have the weapons to put up a ton of points….If Gardner and Simpson can get in rhythm on that deep ball, then that could open up a ton.

  • Friday Night Lights

    John Trotman I’ve seen your team twice this year against SRV and BOD. You’ve got one of the better QBs that I’ve seen this year,good receivers, and a solid run game. How about no huddle to start a game? Give Gardner a wristband and call the plays on the fly.

  • billjohnson

    john trotman i know u can’t look past your next opponents so i will. i see u guys playin in da 1st round pulling away late 4 a victory pirates 35 b-high 14

  • John Trotman


    Thanks for the compliment, i agree, we have sum great skill guys.. we Actually have a No Huddle Package Or “2 min Offense” in but we’ve only used in a couple of games this season… Early in Games I tend to throw alot of different sets at defense’s to see how they’re gonna adjust, No huddle makes that difficult to do. Besides that” I’m a firm believer in “if it aint broke dont fix it..lol But it’s always an option..


  • John Trotman


    We would gladly take that.. I kno coach Zo @ B-high and He has those guys over there playin wit alot of hart and emotion…


  • John Trotman


    Yeah, Odowd’s corners could not stay wit simpson and safety was only 10-12 yds of the ball, we tried to go up top about 4 or 5 times in the first half and they were all incomplete.. i was sick, but we may have gotten that worked this week in practice… we shall see..


  • Michael Bower

    Yea, Simpson was open just about every time you guys went deep. Good luck tonight.

  • John Trotman