• HAAL

    A Tennyson Defensive Linemen Number 72 I think saved thm on 4 and 1 at the 1yd line he did a fanstatic job along with Max Carmona

  • XTower

    Go Frank Summers!!

    I can’t stick around, but I wanted to bring up a topic for y’all.
    Essentially I’m wondering when/if we’ll see De La Salle schedule teams like Oak Grove, Granite Bay or someone other than Serra from the WCAL to determine what team really is the best one from Northern California or if it’s too risky for the Spartans, who can get to the state bowl game every year based on its reputation provided they don’t lose to anyone from the area.
    We’ve sort of developed a system similar to college football where we’re seeing teams avoid other good teams in order to keep their unblemished record intact so they have a shot at the bowl games.

    OK, that’s all I’ve got. In my best Linda Richmond voice, “I’ll give you a topic. The Cold War was neither cold nor a war. Discuss.”

  • Gitrdone

    MV vs. DLS next friday. What do you guys think?

  • Coach

    Anyone see the Antioch/Freedom score? Freedom holds on 21-14. Any predictions about next week Pitt vs Freedom? Is Freedom overrated?

  • samb

    I read today in your article, Kyle, about the helmet that will not be transferred to the Cal for beating San Ramon…did SR bring the helmet tonight and present it to the Grizzlies?

  • samb

    not should be NOW in previous comment

  • Bob

    I knew Bellarmine was overrated! The whole South Bay is overrated, especially the WCAL

  • UC Fan #11

    If QB Matt Balich’s injury is serious, what do you think of BOD’s chances in the D-III playoffs?

  • Newark Fan

    Why does Newark suck so much this year, they were pretty good last year. They only lost a few key players from last year…

  • Big Dog

    Why is Bishop O’ so overated? They have played no-one, yet many had them favored agianst San Leandro. When you schedule a cup-cake preseason, this is what happens when you finally play a good team in league.

    share your thoughts.

  • Big Dog

    In reply to the last comment. Novato will wipe the floor with O’down in D3 playoffs.

    BTW great show guys.

    Hope that player returns soon for O’Dowd.

  • Big Dog

    Who do you guys like in NCS D2 playoffs?

    Las Lomas, Cardinal Newman, Rancho Cotate, or Campolindo? Any others?

  • mrs.p

    Hey guys,
    The Concord vs Clayton wasvery exciting tons of alumni in the endzone! It seem like the entire class of 90. It was a great homecoming!

  • dnrapp

    where do you think SL will be seeded in D1 playoffs? also College Park could take away another at large spot if they win their league.

  • Big Dog

    D IV is sick. It normally has the closest championship games. Ferndale, St.Pats, Middletown. You got to love the small schools.

    Dont talk too much smack about the little guys.

  • HAAL

    Wat R Tennyson Chances against BOD

  • Big Dog

    My Norcal top 6 for the State Bowl Game
    Monte Vista
    Oak Grove
    Granite Bay

    Grant is hoping VC wins the open and DLS wins NCS. DLS then would play in the open game and Grant or Granite Bay would have a shot to play in the D1 State Game.


  • Big Dog

    the show is bitchen. Tell the Serra guy that the EBAL is the top league in the bay. NOT THE WCAL.

  • DesCamp72

    Ill come down friday we play Thursday nite

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Granite Bay won 41-13 tonight against Rocklin
    Grant beat Kennedy-? 61-0

  • Big Dog

    FYI – Grant has beat Last year’s Idaho State Champ and Last year’s Utah State Champ this year in the preaseason, so they are a team to be recogned with.

    BTW – I saw that Richmond got their first win tonight. Good for those guys.

  • The Voice

    The winner of the North Coast Section should get a state berth. Monte Vista, DLS and Pittsburg all have legitimate shots to the California State Championships. All three have HUGE games upcoming. Holloween Monte Vista goes head to head with De La Salle and Pittsburg takes on the upstart Freedom Falcons.
    With Bellarmine getting upset by Serra, that sealed their fate and the Bells are out of it. That shifts all the leverage to the North Coast. From this point if the any of the three North Coast contenders win out there is no way they could be denied a state invite.
    Depending how the brackets are set, two of the three teams will be in the NCS championship game.

    If Monte Vista runs the table, they would have beat De La Salle during the regular season and either DLS or Pittsburg in the Championship.

    If DLS runs the table, they would have beat an undefeated Monte Vista team and either Monte Vista or Pittsburg in the Championship.

    If Pittsburg runs the table, they would have beat an undefeated Freedom team and depending on the brackets, they would have beat either DLS or Monte Vista in the Championship.

    These is still alot of football to be played and anything can happen. But these three teams hold their own destiny.

  • XTower

    Boo to you for not discussing my comment. 🙂
    And by the way, note the time on this. Now THAT is dedication!!!

  • XTower

    Also, no team is out of it since you have to win the section title to even be eligible. And I still say it’s not fair to “assume” DLS is better than the best team from Sac just because it’s DLS.
    Take the CCS, SJS, NCS and Northern Section champs, seed them 1-4 and make them play each other to determine the NorCal reps for the bowl games. Do the same thing down south with LA, Southern Section, SD and Central. And reinstitute the TransBay Bowl so SF and Oakland still have something to play for.
    Bam, instant state playoff system!

  • famfirst1

    Damn where that cv fan at..probly at home crying him self to sleep. How foolish are you to plan hayward for a homecoming game. Like I said before a strong offense loaded with bryan jones#3 and dominique jackson#4 and the defense led by ashawndaus woods#1. 20-47 the only team gettin obliterated out here is CV cv fan so I think its that time to just give up and look forward to next year

  • Yo XTower, blame Bower for that one. He was the “producer” during that time and he didn’t read your comment. And I’m with you on that NorCal title game thing. That’d be cool. Same deal with the TransBay Bowl. It sucks that the one year they do it has to be a year when Mack is dominant and just obliterated the SF team. If they had done it last year or this year, it’d be a lot more evenly matched.

  • Eddie

    Don’t count Freedom out versus Pittsburg! The tight score versus Antioch was due to injuries on the offensive line that kept key players out for the week – their running game never got going. Expect these players back next week for the battle versus Pittsburg. This team can play a shoot-out style game (example versus College Park) or strict defensive battles (example versus Deer Valley). They are very adaptive and I suspect they could play with Monte Vista or De La Salle if it came down to it. Next week will tell us more and I suspect Freedom will finally get on the radar with a victory. If Monte Vista can also beat DLS next Friday, then we’ll have A LOT to talk about!!

  • junior

    Just watched the replay from last night- you did a GREAT job. You are getting better each week, hope you can continue to do the show.

  • travelinman

    Just back from the Deer Valley vs Pitt game and Pitt had a difficult time beating Deer Valley they were behind most of the game and had to score twice late in the game to knock of a scrappy Wolverine team. final score 28-21 Pittsburg

  • HAAL Scoop

    Week 7 results
    San Leandro 40-13 over O’Dowd
    Hayward 47-20 over Castro Valley
    Tennyson 28-21 over Arroyo
    Mt.Eden upsets San Lorenzo

    The Scoop
    Now that San Leandro are the champs. The real question will be who else will make it to the playoffs in D2? I believe that the winner of the Hayward-Arroyo game will make it to the playoffs and Hayward wins that one easily. Arroyo’s loss to Tennyson doesn’t make sense from looking at the box score. How did they rush for all of those yards and get shut out in the 2nd half? Also, Mt.Eden??? Mt.Eden beats San Lorenzo??? Mt.Eden beats Castro Valley?? I guess they call it parity. as for San Lorenzo, at 3-4 with games against O’Dowd,CV & Arroyo they won’t make the playoffs unless they win out. My final guess is that SL, O’Dowd,& Hayward make the playoffs. Just like every year.

  • MV_FAN

    Hey, where is that JT guy? guess he can’t come on here and talk up SRV after they finally played someone respectable and lost.

  • Prep Fan

    I think JT just looked at the remaining schedule and went into hiding. 6-0 looked great on paper.

  • PHS04

    Hate to say I told him so. How bout them grizzlies, JT?

  • XTower

    No worries. I know it’s a topic for next week especially.

    Also, I just want to say that it’s really cool to see so many people on here commenting. It makes for a great forum. The more people get involved, the more the Prep Corner staff can do to keep us informed.
    Props to everyone!

  • famfirst1

    Do any of you guys have any ideas who will make all league offense and defense in the HAAL?

  • Michael Bower

    The coaches come together and vote on the all-league teams, so we have nothing to do with that. Obviously, I can probably come close on the offensive side of the ball as to which players will make the team. The defense is a little tougher since we don’t do defensive stats and I only see teams about 3-4 times a season at the most. That’s why we come together and do a vote for our all-east bay teams. Then we can discuss what we have seen out of certain players.

  • Michael Bower

    My bad, Xtower. I meant to get that out there and then another comment came in and somehow I completely skipped yours. Next time..

  • famfirst1

    Well can you throw a few names out there of players you’ve seen play this season from the HAAL?

  • Michael Bower

    Check back on Monday. I will do my choices for HAAL first team for ya.

  • DesCamp72

    not to hype myself i should be on First Team All-HAAL Defense and possibly an ALL-East Bay Second Or Third Team since i do lead the league in sacks

  • DesCamp72

    not to hype myself i should be on First Team All-HAAL Defense and possibly an ALL-East Bay Second Or Third Team since i do lead the league in sacks and SAN LORENZO HAYWARD CASTRO VALLEY AND ARROYO HAVE TO DOUBLE TEAM ME EVERY PLAY OF THE GAME AND I STILL HAVE OVER 60 TACKLES

  • Michael Bower

    haha, I agree with you, Desmond.

  • famfirst1

    Might as well put an all eastbay team up there too michael while ur at it hahaha but as far as the haal I think ashawndaus woods has to be a lock he’s been playing lights out in almost every game he has 75 tackles this season and doesn’t seem like he’s slowing down no Time soon

  • HAAL Fan

    Lead the league in humility as well I see.

  • Michael Bower

    Ha, I won’t be doing an All-East Bay team, too. No way I could do that by myself. But, yes, Ashawndaus Woods has played some stellar D this year.