Ygnacio Valley 36, College Park 13

No, that’s not a typo. Ygnacio Valley dominated after halftime, holding CP to just 36 yards after intermission and Patrone Wood II rushed for 182 yards on 35 carries.

The thing I found most interesting about today’s game was College Park’s inability to stay on the field on offense. Ygnacio Valley ran 74 offensive plays, College Park ran just 32. Sometimes football is really, really simple. If you don’t have the ball, you can’t score.

Tuli Taufoou rushed for 109 yards on seven carries for YV. Chase Danska led College Park with 99 yards on 12 carries.


  • What a surprise….The warriors have College Parks number….The Falcons’ finally ran out of gas…I thought College park would walk all over the Warriors, instead it was theother way around….This changes everything….

  • when kenny shrader only gets the ball six times your not going to win a game. ranked number seventeen in the state for rushing its a no brainer who should get the ball most of the time. oh ya i forgot he is number two in rushing in the east bay he should only get the ball three or for times.nott. big mistake on somebodys part you guess who. please reply i need some under standing. thank you.

  • i would think if you have the number 2 rusher in the east bay you might want to give him the ball more than three times per game. he is not injured and is in perfect health practiced hard all week something went wrong. the game would have been diferent if there wasnt some bad decision making on somebodys part you figure it out and please let me know

  • PHS04

    thats what being one dimensional gets you.. yv just had the much better defense

  • ospray

    so who is the #1 rusher?

  • BVAL

    Ygnacio Valley & Clayton Valley down graded and join the DVAL league. Coming from the BVAL…they kwow how to win. Patrone Woods is a beast. It was just another game for him.

  • BVAL

    Jimmy…What did Kenny do with his 6 carries??? Don’t blame the “coach”…The game was probably “a wrap” and he didn’t want to wrisk an injury in a loseing cause. And yeah….who was that #1 running back??? hmmmmm…
    What league did he play in last year????

  • cp1989

    Bval… What did Kenny do? Well lets see……… 1st play from scrimmage he runs 60 yds down the sideline for a td that was called back by penalty. Then he he gets 6 carries the remainder of the game. It is simple, when you don’t get the ball into the hands of your best player, odds are you won’t win the game.

    That #1 rusher you all want to know about is Patrone Wood. 35 carries a game will usually create a lot of stats. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bash Patrone statement. I coached the kid and love him to death, as well as his family. But you get the ball in Shrader’s hands 35 times and the scoreboard & stats will be off the charts.

    You say “don’t blame the coach”, who do you blame then? The game plan didn’t work and there were NO adjustments on either side of the ball. Then the coaches decide to throw blame to the kids for not wanting to compete. They tell other parents the loss was due to some players they decided to bench for being 5 minutes late. Last week when players showed up without uniform or as the bus was pulling out of the parking lot, there was no discipline taken. I guess this coaching staff figures they will only discipline players every other time a team rule is violated. Then they can turn around and blame those players for a loss because we all know a coaching staff should never take any blame for a poor game plan that didn’t work out.

  • mckayco

    I also see inconsistency,at best, with regard to the coaches disciplinary actions at/during the YV game. If the coaching staff has rules they expect players to follow, then their job is to enforce those rules and the consequences for not following the rules in a uniform and consistent manner. Otherwise, you have chaos. And that is what the CP fans witnessed at Saturday’s game.
    Blame the players? Are you kidding me? The Falcons have alot of talent on their team and dedicated players most of which both defense and offensively. They are the ones who show up and give 100% of their efforts on and off the field. If the coaches don’t utilize their players effectively and make adjustments when necessary, then I find the fault lies on their shoulders, not the players.
    Mistakes happen in every game on every team. The players are subject to the calls of the coaches who, in this case, fell far short of perfect.

  • 617lemon

    damn college park fans i can see u sweat’n! no league title may have 2 apply 4 ncs as an at-large. gonna b tough better hope washington beats logan.

  • billjohnson

    big game c.p vs. c.v. respect both teams but i like college park this week. gotta win and hope c.v can beat y.v.

  • PHS04

    Period point blank CP is a joke.. Their defense sucks, and there offense is one dimensional. Yards gained don’t amount up to victories if your defense is given up 30+ a game. thats why they pose a mediocre record. Come D1 playoffs i hope they shore up there defensive issues,.

  • cp1989

    If you feel CP is a joke, thats your right to that opinion. At least I have the confidence that College Park teaches THEIR students correct grammar use. I apologize that your English teach didn’t teach you the difference between THEIR & THERE. Not to nitpick, but “given” is past tense and would not be used following “is”. The correct grammar would be “if your defense is giving up 30+ a game” or if your defense has given up 30+ a game”.

    I will give up a few high school football wins for my son as long as I am confident he receives a proper education.

  • PHS04

    OMG!! I didn’t use to correct grammar. THAT’S like me nitpicking your punctuation usage. I honestly don’t care about grammar this is a message board, not like I’m going to go out and write a book. Though I do love it that your greatest comeback to CP’s averageness is to point out the fact that I did not use the correct and most commonly misused words in the English dictionary. That was some awesome awareness! You should go coach that to the defense for CP, they could use a wise guy like you.

  • mac

    haha the pitt guy is right though.. how does this team lose to newark and ygnacio “given” that both have down years? i think cp will be the 12 seed at large since they won’t win league and will get blown out. just like they have the last two ncs playoffs against dls and srv.
    hows that for one dimensional? i think they’re overrated. freedom smoked them too and how do you give up 47 to washington. defense wishes it had those grads back lol.. you cant always plan on outscoring somebody and winning.

  • ospray

    with the notable exception of cv and yv non of the dval backs would run stats “off the charts” in the bval. i don’t care how many times they carry the ball.
    they seem to do well in the dval but do not kid yourself. it is a more competitive league. period. and your not ready. trust me.
    btw. did any of the dval teams go post last year in their div? i was in ccc last year and don’t remember. i ask becase you folks boast a good game.
    note. there is alot errors throughout the forum. who cares. t focus on that is very petty.

  • ospray

    seems i’m guilty too (sp)

  • ospray

    good point bval

  • ospray

    good point PHS04

  • PHS04

    i just looked at Calpreps.com Power Ratings and they have CP as the 13th seed.. They better step it up and win league if they even want to make playoffs. Then again it won’t matter, they won’t go far anyway, not with that suspect defense…

  • scout

    CP will probably be in no matter what…they are …it will come down to probably deer valley, cp, foothill, cal, srv…and i think the ebal gets the nod due to strength of schedule…cp wins out they could get the nod over dv at 8-2 though…another deer valley loss would be huge for them…unless amador or granada pull some upsets there record appears too good to knock them and av and granada will not qualify (bc u have to have .500 record in league, or against like division opponents, or overall) so like i said they got to pull some upsets…berkeley, sl, ebal, dval winner, mval winner are already locks..then add mv and pitt or freedom

    this looks like the way it plays out unless amador or granada pull some upsets and get themselves qualified, but i dont see it happening…

    btw cp definately has a suspect defense but a great offense…looking at cal preps i wouldnt rip them for giving up those points to freedom and washington…freedom is undefeated and washington is avg over 35 a game (plus there 4 losses came against the #8,11,25,26 ranked teams according to cal preps in NCS all divisions included)

  • scout

    btw to start comparing only one game makes it tough..how does antioch whoop yv yet get whooped by cp…all about matchups

  • scout

    i stand corrected…if granada beats av and livermore they go to 5-5…so they would qualify, but not sure that will be enough to get them in…over a 7-3 cp or 7-3 dv…if av beats granada and pulls an upset over mv or foothill, then them at 5-5 might have a better case because they would have beat a playoff team…

  • dmo61cp08

    yes, CP went to post the past 2 years, but lost in blowout fashion to both DLS (2 years ago) and SRV (last year).
    I played on both of those teams, and when we were actually good was when our defense was solid and our offense was good enough. I agree that giving up 30+ and hoping to score 40+ isn’t the best strategy, but it is what CP has had to do when its defense has been suspect which in most recent years (except for the ’06 season when we were DFAL champs) has been the case.

  • answers

    DV would get it over CP. DV plays in a better league with only 1 team smaller than them (heritage)

    CP is a D-1 School playing in an all D-2 league.

  • scout

    i agree with similiar records DV 100% gets the nod…but all I said was if CP is 8-2 and DV is 7-3 then it could be very close…no doubt DV in a tougher league now, but have to admit eventhough CP in all D2 league it is actually stronger than the league they were in before…

    although one stat that could make difference is there 2 common opponents because that is weighted heavily in that room. CP and DV vs. Freedom was fairly comparable…but CP beat Wash by 20, DV by only 1…that could make the difference if CP has a game better record which is why I believe they get in over DV in that case…but probably irrelevant because both gonna get in. they are both looking at a 10-12 seed along with the MVAL winner…

  • NorCalFB

    College Park has 3 loses already so they best they can hope for is 7 & 3 But they have a very tough game this Friday night they need to worry about before playoffs

  • cp1989

    7-3 will get CP in, but that means beating CV this week. Losing this week and having a 6-4 record will not get them in the playoffs.

    Does anyone know the league tiebreaker for league champion? If CP beats CV & CV beats YV, we have a 3-way tie with each a victory over a different opponent.

  • answers

    i am assuming that in a tie like that, the overall best record would be the league champ. This is just my guess, and seems the most likely. If this is true it will be CV as the champ

  • bval fan

    think there was a blind draw before season started