As We See’Em Halloween edition

Here is our  As We See ‘Em Halloween edition…..Bolded are some games to watch for….

Game Bonagura Bower Durkin Waterhouse Consensus
Mt. Eden vs Hayward Hayward Hayward Hayward  Hayward  
Tennyson at San Leandro SL SL SL  SL  
De Anza at Berkeley Berk Berk Berk  Berk  
Richmond at El Cerrito EC EC EC  EC  
Alameda at Pinole Valley   PV PV  PV  
St. Patrick/St. Vincent at Encinal Encinal (big) Encinal Encinal  Encinal  
Kennedy at Albany Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy  Kennedy  
St. Mary’s at John Swett St. Mary’s St. Mary’s St. Mary’s  St. Mary’s  
Heritage at Antioch Heritage Heritage Antioch  Heritage  
Deer Valley at Liberty DV DV DV  DV  
Freedom at Pittsburg Pittsburg Pittsburg Pittsburg  Pittsburg  
Acalanes at Alhambra Acalanes Alhambra Alhambra  Alhambra  
Campolindo at Las Lomas Las Lomas Las Lomas Las Lomas  Las Lomas  
Miramonte at Dublin Miramonte Miramonte Miramonte  Miramonte  
College Park at Clayton Valley CV CP CP  CV  
Ygnacio Valley at Mt. Diablo YV YV YV  YV  
Concord at Northgate Concord Concord Concord  Concord  
Granada at Amador Valley Granada AV Granada  AV  
Livermore at California Cal Cal Cal  CAl  
Monte Vista at De La Salle DLS DLS DLS  DLS  
San Ramon Valley at Foothill SRV SRV SRV  Foothill  
Washington at Logan Logan Washington Washington  Logan  
Newark Memorial at Irvington NM NM NM  Irvington  
Rincon Valley Christ. at CSD RVC RVC RVC  RVC  
Mission San Jose at Dougherty Valley DV DV DV  DV  
Berean Christian at Salesian Salesian Salesian Salesian  Salesian  
St. Elizabeth vs Harker StLiz St.Liz St. Liz  Harker  
Piedmont at Moreau Catholic Piedmont Piedmont Piedmont  Piedmont  
Arroyo at San Lorenzo Arroyo Arroyo San Lorenzo  Arroyo  
American vs Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy  Kennedy  
Skyline at Castlemont Castlemont Castlemont Castlemont  Castlemont  
Oakland Tech at Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont  Fremont  
Oakland at McClymonds Oakland Oakland Oakland  Oakland  

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • descamp72

    mvalman who’s your team and I kno we are struggling but I’m havin a great senior year myself ask some of these guys on here and none of the teams in the mval have the oline to stop me plus WE DONT HAVE ANY ATHLETES TO RUN WITH HAYWARD OR SAN LEANDRO

  • eastbayscout

    descamp you got great spirit…but ripping your team for not having athletes and hailing yourself as the greatest just is not gonna get a lot of love on this site…when you get to college and the pros you can be more selfish, but I would try being a little more humble and a team player in high school because college recruiters could care less about how great you THINK you are. no doubt you are probably a really good player but hyping yourself up on the blog when your team keeps losing just isn’t gonna do it….and btw i think you have Defensive Lineman Syndrome “they all get double teamed on every play” just like WR’s “are always open”

  • descamp72

    I wasn’t rippin my teammates they are the greatest group to be around I was jus sayin we don’t have the div 1 type athletes tht some of the teams in the HAAL has and if u think I got tht syndrome u should come see me play

  • Trotman

    SL Fan,Dnrapp & Friday Night Lights,

    Preciate The input, being a Cordinator the past 5 yrs i learned it’s part of the job to be criticized, in that time i think i’ve heard it all.. in most case’s coaching is a no win situation.. If your succesfull you’ve got great athletes’ if you not ur a horrible coach.. The game Plan falls on me fist of all.. My goall for our offense this season is to be balanced, and if you look at our yardage totals we are accomplishing that goal.. dont have exact #’s but something like 1400 passing to 1300 rushing.. We also want to be physical and pound tams at times which can not be done by throwing the ball. The oline had a horible game and i wanted to see them over come that and blow some ppl off the ball in the 2nd half… The real concern for us goin into playoff time is not how many times were passing, but can we do away with the dumb penalty’s and costly turnovers..

  • SLFbFan

    Bower great comeback about Cal Highs beatdown of Livermore. Btw I didn’t include Cal in my statement of SRV and MV coaches game planning against Livermore and Granada. Anyone who is following high school football this year knows Cal High is all about pounding the ball with Leroy Green and play action passing. We experienced it and got beat. Check the stats for SRV and MV games against Livermore I’m sure Southwick and Nottingham only threw 14 times. If you want to call people out about shouting out facts make sure you got yours correct too dude.

  • Donfan

    Bonagura: dont doubt amador!!!!! ever!!!!! unless they are playing monte vista.. even i have the common sense to see what to come.
    never doubt: amador 6th man…. ever

  • ExCoach65

    Coach Trotman,

    You don’t owe these ignorant SL bloggers anything. You called a good game. You don’t pass the ball for the sake of entertainment. You exploited the mismatches that were available to you & won the game. Tennyson is an unconventional team that can cause you problems if you don’t make the right adjustments. Your running game was the answer and you called on it to win the game.

    The SL bloggers on this site don’t know football. Just some parents or kids on this site who like to criticize without having played beyond high school or flag football. Armchair qurterbacks who just speak with no real knowledge of the game and just second guess at every opportunity.

    You ignorant SL bloggers try applauding your staff for their turnaround and dominance of the league. They have done a great job. And while you’re at it try acknowledging that all of you don’t know crap about football, Xs & Os, defensive schemes or the necessary adjustments to counter each defensive scheme. I SLAP all of you with the “Dummy” tag. You know nothing.

  • PirateFan

    Coach Trotman keep up the good work with the SL offense.Good high school coaches are hard to keep. Its a thankless job that takes a lot of time with little or no pay. SL is lucky to have you.

    ExCoach65: FridayNightLights, Dnrapp, and SLFbFan had opininons about the game just as you and Michael Bower did. Just because they like to see the ball thrown more doesn’t make them ignorant or Dummies.There are different ways to attack defenses. Whether or not they no crap about football is not known. Resorting to name calling is classic.

  • smoke-a-lot

    SOUZINI wat happen’d? st.pats got there a** whopped on friday. jimmy watched your guys show friday night. would like to know wat coach blanton was saying about encinal joining the bsal? it was funny 2 c meekins flashing his gang signs at encinal players before the game. thats y his mom sends him 2 private school.

  • Michael Bower

    What did I say that wasn’t factually correct?

  • descamp72

    micheal does a gret job coverin football in this area he works really hard

  • Smoke-a-lot, Coach Blanton was under the impression that Encinal had asked its way into the BSAL (which I told him wasn’t correct) and feels its a team that is probably too good for that league, given the size difference of those schools (1068 to 682). He thinks they should be in a league with other Div. III schools and that there should be a league of Div. IV schools, like SPSV, Salesian, Swett, St. Mary’s, Justin-Siena. What he’s interested to see is if Encinal is a team that just had a good collection of talent the last two years and falls off a bit or if they become a team that continually competes as well as they are now. If the latter is the case, they shouldn’t belong in the BSAL.

  • smoke-a-lot

    jimmy ask coach blanton why he doesnt seem to mind playin albany which is bigger than encinal or jfk richmond which is similar to ehs.

  • lb050nit

    Tell Blanton he’s tripping. We barely have 1000 students.

    Encinal almost lost its entire sports curriculum because of the lack of support. Encinal doesn’t need respected programs like St. Pats hating on them. Jet football doesnt even get to take in 100% revenues from its own gate and snack bar.

    Tell Blanton instead of hating on Encinal he should be proud of his team for the amount of effort and fight they had. He should look forward to playing Encinal. he should be trying to build a rivarly. Its funny because St. Pats beat Encinal just 2 years ago. They beat em up good too. Encinal gets a win and now they are not welcome. I hope Encinal scores 80 pts on them next year. Maybe he’ll shut his mouth.

  • lb050nit

    ST. Pats and its sister school Salesian looking for cupcake schools to bully they why Smoke-A-Lot. Why don’t they play eachother. They are trying to create deals.

  • lb050nit

    St. Pat’s has more athletes on their team than Encinal does. As a matter of fact every team in the BSAL including Swett outnumbered encinal on the depth chart. Tell Blanton to expect a big game next season too.