As We See’Em Halloween edition

Here is our  As We See ‘Em Halloween edition…..Bolded are some games to watch for….

Game Bonagura Bower Durkin Waterhouse Consensus
Mt. Eden vs Hayward Hayward Hayward Hayward  Hayward  
Tennyson at San Leandro SL SL SL  SL  
De Anza at Berkeley Berk Berk Berk  Berk  
Richmond at El Cerrito EC EC EC  EC  
Alameda at Pinole Valley   PV PV  PV  
St. Patrick/St. Vincent at Encinal Encinal (big) Encinal Encinal  Encinal  
Kennedy at Albany Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy  Kennedy  
St. Mary’s at John Swett St. Mary’s St. Mary’s St. Mary’s  St. Mary’s  
Heritage at Antioch Heritage Heritage Antioch  Heritage  
Deer Valley at Liberty DV DV DV  DV  
Freedom at Pittsburg Pittsburg Pittsburg Pittsburg  Pittsburg  
Acalanes at Alhambra Acalanes Alhambra Alhambra  Alhambra  
Campolindo at Las Lomas Las Lomas Las Lomas Las Lomas  Las Lomas  
Miramonte at Dublin Miramonte Miramonte Miramonte  Miramonte  
College Park at Clayton Valley CV CP CP  CV  
Ygnacio Valley at Mt. Diablo YV YV YV  YV  
Concord at Northgate Concord Concord Concord  Concord  
Granada at Amador Valley Granada AV Granada  AV  
Livermore at California Cal Cal Cal  CAl  
Monte Vista at De La Salle DLS DLS DLS  DLS  
San Ramon Valley at Foothill SRV SRV SRV  Foothill  
Washington at Logan Logan Washington Washington  Logan  
Newark Memorial at Irvington NM NM NM  Irvington  
Rincon Valley Christ. at CSD RVC RVC RVC  RVC  
Mission San Jose at Dougherty Valley DV DV DV  DV  
Berean Christian at Salesian Salesian Salesian Salesian  Salesian  
St. Elizabeth vs Harker StLiz St.Liz St. Liz  Harker  
Piedmont at Moreau Catholic Piedmont Piedmont Piedmont  Piedmont  
Arroyo at San Lorenzo Arroyo Arroyo San Lorenzo  Arroyo  
American vs Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy  Kennedy  
Skyline at Castlemont Castlemont Castlemont Castlemont  Castlemont  
Oakland Tech at Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont  Fremont  
Oakland at McClymonds Oakland Oakland Oakland  Oakland  

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • LJ

    Waterhouse what say you? Washington vs Logan


    St.Pats vs Encinal should be a good one.For St.Pats Meekins is a beast on both sides,and Encinal boasts a potent offense.Both teams fast.Biggest factor might be the rain which will hurt the Big E the most.St pats will pull this one out in the mud!

  • Donfan

    Okay…. amador has all theconfidence in the world right now, and you expect them to lose to granada. come on bonagura. you too durkin.

  • ManO’War

    Actually, Granada looks pretty darned good (mostly if they’re not forced to pass)….

  • Kyle Bonagura

    DonFan- You may be right, but Granada is definitely the more talented team. If they stick with Schoennagel and Atkinson on the ground, contain Stancil and pick their spots to pass Granada wins.

    If Granada can’t contain Stancil and relys heavily on the passing game, it will struggle.

    Technically, both teams still have a shot at the postseason, but whoever loses will be out.

  • ManO’War

    Kyle, do you agree, another key to that game may be whether (in the weather) the Amador team can mustre some offense in the air? Granada seems good against the run; I think Foothill beat them with passing?

  • Kyle Bonagura

    If Amador can move the ball through the air, it would be a bonus. It hasn’t been able to sustain much of a passing game all year, so develop one this late would shock me. Foothill did beat Granada with a good passing game, but the Falcons are a passing team so that doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

  • dnrapp

    SL played pick you score against Tennyson tonight. The final was 46-14. It could have been 70-0. Tennyson opened the game running some A-11 type sets. Carmona should be iceing his arm down rest of the night, he must have thrown the ball 50 times. Alot of the were not good throws. SL just pounded the ball down Tennyson’s throat all night. Gardner must have only thrown the ball 15 times. I was impressed by blog poster#72 Kemper of Ten. he was probally the only guy on Ten that would start on SL. He looked alot better than the big lineman from BOD against SL last week.

  • HAL


    And ya he’s a solid kid and plays with a lot of heart

  • DesCamp72

    Thank you guys i try to do my best for the team

  • famfirst1

    What about that hayward rout of mt.eden tonight I think they really made a statement tonight

  • DesCamp72

    i heard about tht Haywards lloking like a good team recently they may get in to the playoffs

  • Michael Bower

    Hayward is rolling. A scary team for sure if they get into the playoffs. And Desmond, roll down to The Argus if you want to be on the show. If not, it’s all good.

  • descamp72

    ima try and make it down there

  • famfirst1

    Yes they are indeed scary the defense is very solid with ashawndaus woods playing the way he did tonight and the offense is firing on all cylinders with jackson,gaines,and jones running at will

  • Agglomerator

    Monte Vista vs. DLS…

    I think MV has a legitimate chance to beat DLS. If MV had been the DLS opponent last week instead of AV, I believe DLS would have a loss right now. I’m sure Coach Lad will have them back on the top of their game, but MV is for real and will give them a run. We’ll see tomorrow.

  • Friday Night Lights

    I attended the SL v Tennyson game tonight expecting to see an exciting game with lots of passing as the top 2 QBS in the league were playing.Instead I was treated or tricked to a typical boring high school game.Some observations from this game:
    1. What happened to the SL passing game? I’ve seen them play against SRV and BOD where they passed the ball well.I’ve seen all the EBAL QBS and think Gardner is just as talented as they are. The receivers are solid Simpson and Jones are playmakers and Owens is a big target.It seems that in a league like the Haal this team should be throwing for 250+ yards a game.But instead they regress to the wing T and run the ball.Good QBS who throw well don’t come around often Gardner is a 3 year starter and they game plan like he’s a sophomore. That falls on the O.C. Trotman.
    2. Tennyson may be short on numbers and talent but they play hard. Thats a testament to their coaching staff. Wasn’t quite sure about the Piedmont A11 formations but guess when your outmanned you need to try different things.QB Carmona threw for some decent yardage but didn’nt seem to be very accurate, of course some of that may have been because of pressure from the SL defense. Defensive lineman #72 Camper is a solid player seemed like he was in on every tackle the SL O Line couldn’t handle him.
    3. After watching games from the EBAL,HAAL,and MVAL it has become apparent to me that no team from either the HAAL or MVAL will challenge the best teams from the EBAL until they start to develop some QBS and improve the coaching of the passing game.It seems like coaches in the HAAL and MVAL are content to just run the ball all game long.(Boring!) Thats great for league but will get you nowhere in the playoffs unless you’re DLS. Although I have no rooting interest for any particular high school it’s fun to watch an EBAL game.
    4.Best QB in the HAAL Gardner, it’s not even close. It would be interesting to see this offense with the SRV or Monte Vista system.

  • Michael Bower

    Friday Night Lights,

    I hope you aren’t serious about all of that. San Leandro had no need to throw the ball against Tennyson. The Pirates knew they would win the battle at the line so they just pounded it all game. There was no point throwing the football. You really thought they would throw it just so the top two QB’s in the HAAL can go at it for your entertainment?

    San Leandro mixes in the Wing-T offense at different points of the game. Why throw the football against a team you can simply run it against and win?

    On the other hand, Tennyson pulled out everything because that’s what teams that aren’t as talented do. It takes some trickery to try to even the playing field. Why do you think everyone tries it against DLS?

    Trust me, Gardner has thrown the football plenty this season and when the playoffs roll around it will be on his shoulders. Heck, it has been on his shoulders all season long.

    That has been a pass-happy offense all year. I don’t understand how you can write what you did after one game of running the ball, especially after it was a blowout win. Why throw it? You do what works to win the game. They aren’t there to run an offense for your entertainment.

    As Herman Edwards says, “You play to win the game!”

    And running the ball won them the game.

  • Friday Night Lights

    Michael Bower I guess you didn’t read observation #3. SL plays in D1 for the playoffs and competes against the EBAL teams. Developing a proficient passing game requires repetetion in practice and implementation at game speed against other teams.The EBAL teams are good at it because they work hard at it.They don’t approach games with the attitude that we’re just going to run the ball because thats all we need to do to win.That’s why they are successful.Your comment of “Why throw the football against a team you can run it against and win?” is precisly the attitude that prevents teams from the HAAL and MVAL from competing against the EBAL schools.You can’t just flick a switch and expect the QB and receivers to be on the same page. If that’s what will be expected of the SL passing game in the playoffs they could be in for a rude awakening. When I attend high school games I enjoy seeing the ball put in the air. I don’t expect the coaches to throw the ball just for my entertainment but it does make for a fun game. I know you spend most of your time on the sidelines, not in the stands. Many fans would like to see the ball put in the air more.I know you’re the HAAL writer so I understand where you’re coming from. AS for your comment of ” You do what works to win the game” Tennyson had no chance of winning that game SL’s game plan didn’t matter. Just some observations from a long time high school football fan. Good Luck to SL in the upcoming D1 playoffs.

  • eastbayscout

    well i agree you got to be able to mix the run and pass, but it does help when MV has gone from Kyle Wright to McCallister to Nottingham…and SRV has gone from Keller to Louks to Southwick…All QB’s with very good size and strength, not everyone even has athletes this big and tall. Each team needs to play to their strengths. You say MVAL and HAAL can’t compete with top EBAL schools because they do not develop a passing game. Well then I say EBAl schools will never beat DLS because they do not run the ball effectively enough. To me the best offenses are ones that are as equally dangerous running and throwing. If you can finish a game with similiar yards running and throwing on similiar attempts you are very tough to stop.

    But again remember Gardner from SL and Carmona from Tennyson along with Ross from Washington are among the bay leaders so to say the whole league can’t throw is inaccurate.

    When was the last time DLS or Pittsburgh sported a top QB??? When SL was beating up on the EBAL 5-6 years ago they ran the same offense they do now. You remember a stretch run of about 5-6 years where they dominated everyone D1 except DLS. Where was the EBAL then? I would say they couldn’t compete because they don’t play physical. So pick your poison physical, speed, a combination of both. Each team has their own strengths and they should play to them.

    But again the BEST OFFENSE’S are ones that do both and do not tell me the EBAL tams are all good at both. Which is why MV is the top EBAL team because they are hands down the best running and passing team in the league.

    Prime example being able to only do one will soon or later burn you…Pats in the Super Bowl, no running game finally caught up to them.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Scout- Lot of good points. However, I have to pull you back in on a couple…

    Mike MacGillivray (05, 06, 07) was a very talented passer for DLS. (Third team All East bay last year)
    Before him — Kevin Lopina (03, 04) is now the starter at Washington State.
    Before him — Matt Guitterez (99, 00, 01) is in the NFL.

    I’d say that only ranks behind SRV and MV over the past 8 years or so.

    Monte Vista is not hands down the best running team in the EBAL, Cal’s running game is better. Even the MV guys would attest to that. And it’s passing game is not that much better (if at all) than SRV’s. Now they definitely have the best combination, which is why its the best team.

  • EBAL Fan

    Eastbayscout, san leandro (or pitt or logan) vs. the EBAL is a topic which has been discussed numerous times here on Prep Corner.

    Here’s the lowdown, as I have been watching, first-hand, these games for the last 20 years. In the past, the EBAL teams would get into NCS, then get knocked off, usually pretty bad by either San Leandro, James Logan or Pittsburg.

    The reason: they didn’t have the size, nor the team speed that those schools did. Every once in a while, they would play those teams close, but everything needed to go right.

    In the last five years, the kids in the Valley (EBAL), but it through personal training, or whatever, have gotten every bit as big and as fast as those schools, thus negating those advantages. Now the games come down to execution, coaching, and most importantly discipline.

    Those are three traditionally strong areas for the EBAL teams. Anyone who has seen games over the years would have to agree.

    In addition, the EBAL teams play a much, much tougher schedule and are more battle tested when they get into NCS. Beating up on the Mission, American’s, Tennyson and Mt. Eden’s of the world, do nothing to get you ready for the postseason.

    Does this mean the EBAL teams will always win those matchups? Not at all, but it does mean, the days of the lopsided games are long gone.

    That’s my two cents, which isn’t worth a darn any more.

  • MV_Fan

    Bonagura? Maybe you can make an argument that Cal has a better running game than MV (although they do run the ball almost twice as much). But how can you argue that SRVs passing game is better than MV’s? Look up Nottingham’s passing stats versus Southwick. They are better ACROSS THE BOARD. Nottingham and MV have a statistically, flat-out, uncontestably better passing game than San Ramon. The point cannot even be argued. If you really think you can, check the stats posted on this very sit.

  • EBAL Fan

    No one with the nuts to pick Monte Vista…OK, I will — Monte Vista by 6 tonight.

  • Falcon Flyer

    No one is giving Freedom a shot over Pittsburg either! I say Freedom and Monte Vista in glorious victories tonight! There will be lots of tricks from these guys tonight and, oh, what a treat it’ll be for the fans at these games tonight! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

  • Michael Bower

    Good idea, EBAL Fan. Take Monte Vista so you look smart if you’re right and who cares if you’re wrong.

  • eastbayscout


    check my statement didnt say MV has best running game…said they had they best combination of running and passing…

    yes lopina and guitterez were solid QB’s, but they really did not throw for tops in leagues in yards, because they were runners too…they did when they had to, but not consistently…so what i was saying was they won those games because of guys like MJD, DJ WIlliams, Callen, oh yeah and a great OL. AND the BALANCE between RUn and Pass.

  • Farmer grad


    Think a come back is finally in store for Hayward. Like I said in an earlier blog…the talent has been there and now the coaching is catching up. They’ll finish strong.

  • Bay Area Watcher

    I’m picking MV, Freedom and Campo 🙂

  • period

    Two weeks ago DLS played Foothill. The coaches worked the boy’s incredibly hard that week at practice. It seemed harder and longer than any week of the year. They were totally dialed into the game plan and ended up with a landslide victory, 63-7.

    Last week, the coaches (it appeared) stepped off the gas a little. The team went out, played generally flat and came away with a disappointing 20 point victory.

    This week it seemed as if they were back to long, hard practices.

    This year’s DLS team is very young. I think they are starting over 12 kids junior or younger.For all of them, this is their first year on varsity. Not that they would ever admit looking ahead, but maybe the coaching staff recognizes the difficulty in getting a young team to “dial-up” week after week, especially knowing that the last three games are going to be the toughest.

    I think that DLS will be VERY amped up tonight and will come with a whole lot more intensity than last week. Basically, tonight begins the second half of the season. Tonight will define who DLS is…DLS 35-10.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    MV_Fan: I absolutely think MV is a better passing team than SRV. I think MV is probably the second best passing team in NorCal behind Gilroy, but they aren’t THAT much better than SRV — give your cross-town rivals a little credit. … A point to remember is that when playing MV, teams have to scheme for a strong running game and a strong passing game, so that balance definitely helps Monte Vista on both fronts. SRV faces defenses that have been dropping 7 guys into coverage and they still throw the ball 30 times a game. (Similar scenario with Cal and its run game).

    Scout: “Which is why MV is the top EBAL team because they are hands down the best running and passing team in the league.” That reads like you think MV is the best running team in the league…. Guitterez threw for over 5,000 yards and 60 touchdowns at DLS. He was definitely not a running QB, neither was MacGillivray.

  • eastbayscout

    yes guitterez threw for a lot of yeards…but even on those teams, he was not the guy everyone geared to stop which made him so successful…from the beginning my point has been balance is what creates the best offenses…MJD, DJ, Callen and OL carried that team for years hands down…guitterez was a great high school QB, but when no team can afford to drop into a cover 2 or drop more backers because they will run down your throat it makes it much easier. my point is guitterez was not the focal point of any gameplan, it was stop the run and force them to throw and take your chances.

    Again my argument is not whether DLS could throw or not…what I was arguing was that a balance is best and you play to your strengths. passing is not the answer, just as all running is not…the ability to do both is what sets you apart….If I was to categorize DLS and SL football over the past 15 years, I would say “Dominated the L.O.S” This is where the EBAL is catching up as they are getting bigger lineman. They always had the athletes, just never the size. Just as the MVAL decades ago was the class of northern california as they would physically beat up teams. It appears as if they just don’t have those guys anymore. Talent shifts and moves around based on demographics. To say EBAL is way ahead of MVAL and HAAL because of their ability to throw is ridiculous. Why not looks to the stat of how many EBAL players are playing D1 college and in the pros. That might be a better indication. Bottom line is you got to play with what you got and run offenses and defenses that fit your personnel. If you have limited speed and height at WR and small QB’s, then you become a running team.

    Hey look to MV no further…a 6’4 TE that is fast enough to play WR and physical enough to beat up LB’s could help any offense. How many of those are around? Put one of those on every team in northern California and see teams throw for more yards. But they don’t so you got to use what you got, that is the sign of a good program and good coaching.

  • eastbayscout

    And yes I agree with you Kyle, MV has a slight edge in the passing game. Just as you say I would point to the ability to run the ball more effectively as the difference maker. both of great coaching, great QB’s and good WR’s. But I believe MV has a better OL, which creates a better run game, which enables their pass game to be more effective. You are right teams routinely drop 7 guys into coverage against SRV and force them to beat you by the run. Can’t really afford to do that against MV. Plus that TE again is a real X factor. SRV has good WR’s but nobody in his class.

  • dnrapp

    I am going to have to agree with Fri Night Lights on most of his statements. It was almost a given that SL was going to win. They probally could have ran the ball on every down and won the game, but the coaching staff should have used the game to work on things they will need for the playoffs. However if you are up 25-0 it would be bad sportsmanship to work on your passing game by throwing the ball all the time. You do know that outside the Cal game, in which SL was down all game, Gardner has thrown the ball over 20 times in a game only once. Even though OC Trotman calls the plays, and some of his play calling has been questionable, we all know that Coach Bowers is all about one on one we are better than you smash mouth football and he sets up the game plan.

  • Friday Night Lights

    Eastbayscout you also seem to have missed the point. The ability to throw the ball effectively is huge in high school football. I never stated that being pass happy leads to success on the field. You need to have a strong running game to open up the passing game. How many players are playing D1 or in the pros is irrelevant. Most high school teams are comprised of kids who will never play at the next level.The majority of the teams in the HAAL and MVAL are run oriented teams who are easy to defend because they are not a threat to throw the football with any consistency. Case in point Bishop O Dowd a team with a few D1 prospects that struggles when they play a good defense. My point is at this point in time the EBAL is far ahead of the HAAL and MVAL in developing offenses that can throw the ball well. If HAAL and MVAL want to make any type of run in the playoffs they will need to develop a competent passing attack. If you put 2 evenly matched teams against each other the team that throws the football better will win the majority of the time.

  • EBAL Fan

    Mr. Bower, you are right, that is a no lose pick!!!!!!!

  • HAAL Fan

    I do in fact believe an adequate passing game is necessary to beat an EBAL team. The one advantage that the HAAL and MVAL schools have not been able to use properly is their ability to use the playaction pass and straight dropback pass to compliment their running styles. When one of these coaches can finally figure it out, they’ll have an adequate shot.

  • Michael Bower

    OK, before you start shouting out facts, make sure they are correct. Gardner has thrown the ball 20 or more times on four different occasions this year. And he threw 19 times against SRV.

    San Leandro has done plenty of throwing and you practice on stuff in practice not in the games. You really think having San Leandro’s receivers run circles around Tennyson is going to help? You really think Tennyson’s defense compares to an EBAL defense that sees passing every single week?

    You really think having Gardner drop back (getting all day to look around because the o-line dominates Tennyson) and making throws is going to help San Leandro all of a sudden become this awesome throwing team?

    Then why doesn’t San Leandro just go schedule a bunch of cupcakes and practice throwing all season long during the games (since they know they are going to win anyway) that way they will be able to “beat an EBAL team.”

    There are plenty of reasons why the EBAL is far ahead of the HAAL and MVAL teams. Is a passing offense one of them? Probably. But don’t try to say HAAL and MVAL teams will magically beat EBAL teams by practicing throwing all season. There is much more to it than that.

    Coach Brad Bowers is one of the better coaches in the area. I think he knows what he is doing. He did guide the 2005 squad to the NCS title game and give DLS its toughest title game in a long long time. He knows what it takes. I wouldn’t question him and what he does at San Leandro at all.

    That’s my two cents, anyway.

  • DesCamp72

    San Leandro is in trouble because there offensive line is not tht strong at all if they have to play a team in the playoffs with a big physical dline tht can pass rush then thy are goin to have a long offensive night if they cant get roberson and howard going

  • DesCamp72

    because our little DLine tht could sacked Gardner 5 or six times and I got two

  • dnrapp

    First I did say over 20 passes a game for Gardner. I know he has 2 games with 20, 1 with 19 and 2 with 17 attempts.

    And DesCamp72 is right Gardner had no time to throw last night. Camper put more pressure on Gardner and had more tackles than the “DI recruits” on BOD did last week.

    And I was not dissing Bowers. He does a great job having SL at the top of the HAAL every year. All I was saying is that he is a run first coach. He is quick to give up on the passing game at the first sign of a struggle. In the HAAL you can get away with doing that and still be a winning program. Unless you have great players like Dixon and Cordier, to advance in the D1 playoffs you need to be a better balanced team. Like Fri night lights said SL has the top QB(Gardner) the top WR(Simpson) and the top TE(Jones) and one of the top WR (Owens)in the HAAL all Sr’s and yet the coaches seem to treat them as if they were Sophs. SL’s pasing game is plain vanilla compared to most of the top teams in the Bay Area.

  • SLFbFan

    Bower you seem to be really upset about FridayNightLights and Dnrapp’s opinions on the San Leandro offensive game plan last night. I also have to agree with them. I am a SL fan and have been for a long time. You seem to be focusing on the fact that they came out last night and ran the ball against an inferior team just because thats all they needed to do to win the game. I’m sure thats the mentality of the SRV and MV coaches when they play Livermore and Granada. The point they are making that you don’t seem to grasp is that they have talented players at the skill positons who aren’t running their passing plays at game speed against an opponent. Practicing plays against your scout team comes nowhere close to running it against an opponent who is playing their best players.Dnrapps comment about SL being a run first program is correct it was never more obvious than when they played California this season. Cal scores first. SL drives the length of the field first and goal from the 8 yard line. 4 straight runs into the line get 3 yards with Cal stopping us on 4th down. Changed the momentum of the game back to Cal. The comments of neither FridayNightLights or Dnrapp were about turning SL into an awesome throwing team it’s about getting ready for the playoffs and fine tuning your offense and defenseYou can’t expect to go very far in the D1 playoffs without a good passing game..They also never said anything about SL’s preseason schedule or Coach Bowers ability to lead the team. FNL never said practicing throwing all year would magically make an Haal or Mval team beat an Ebal team maybe you should go back and reread his post. The fact of the matter is SL has good skill players that aren’t used properly. I know that you are the Haal writer and have close ties to the teams and their coaches but as an SL football fan I have to agree with their comments. I’ve attended every game this year and know that since they have entered league play they have become a run first team. Isn’t going to a high school football game supposed to be entertaining? If you enjoy watching 3 yard running plays all game that’s great I too enjoy seeing the ball put in the air.

  • ManO’War

    Hey Kyle, so Foothill kicker misses first PAT ever, and the game was affected, wouldn’t you say? See-saw at end, wow. Was 34-14 Foothill, until SRV monster comeback to lead 35-34, but only for Foothill to come from behind again to win….

  • Michael Bower

    Na, I am not upset at all. Everyone has their opinion, I was just stating mine. San Leandro is a run-first team. Who didn’t know that and what is the problem with that? But don’t say the Pirates don’t throw the ball enough, because that simply isn’t true this season.

    Btw…California played Livermore tonight…The offense threw the ball 14 times. Guess they didn’t get enough practice in, either?

  • Kyle Bonagura

    MOW-One heckuva game, that’s for sure. Langford has been good all year, and even the kick he missed wasn’t that bad. He struck it well, just went wide. More tomorrow, I’m tired…

  • ExCoach65

    I don’t agree with the SL fans at all. I was at the SL-Tennyson game hoping to see some fireworks too. Tennyson tried to do some things that kept the game interesting. Tennyson’s A-11 sets confused SL at first. SL jumped offside the first time then had to call a timeout the next to clean up the confusion. Tennyson converted a fake punt and a double pass that went for big plays. Tennyson’s only hope was to pass. You would think that passing would open up the run but not against SL. Carmona threw the ball a lot but I think the size & talent disadvantage played a role in their game plan.

    Tennyson played with a lot of heart & seemed to believe they could win. I thought they would after the score was 19-0 at half, but they kept playing & closed it to a 2 TD game. I watched SL play O’Dowd and I’m guessing that they didn’t pass as much because Tennyson had their corners up and took away those quick passes that SL was completing against O’Dowd. I think it was smart for SL’s coaches to run the ball. You shouldn’t force something that may not be there. Tennyson was pressuring Gardner when SL went to the pass. I did think that SL should have tried more Go routes against Tennyson’s small DBs. All in all The best team won.

  • SLFbFan

    Bower There is no problem with that, we know that but when you throw the ball as well as we did in the non league games against quality opponents and then get into league play and basically become a run first offense it makes you wonder what the plan is for the offense. We could have worked on the passing game and then went to the run as the game progressed.ExCoach65 good point on the go routes you shouldn’t force something that the other team is taking away but you should use passing plays to attack the weak spots. The middle of the field was wide open quick slants were open all night.

  • Dboy925

    So Falcon Flyer…How bout those Falcons…LMAO. U seemed bothered that no one would give them the nod over Pitt. Now ask yourself, did they really deserve to get the nod over Pitt???

  • mvalman

    descamp if you are that same kid that was talking about how good Tennyson was last year you need to stop. You are not good at all. This makes two years in a row you get on here and hype yourself up to get smashed on. I remember you. Your not good so just stop it already

  • famfirst1

    Yea I kinda just caught onto that camper is a solid player I heard about a play he made against arroyo but its arroyo so nothing to be too savvy of…and tennyson has been a real disappointment going 3-0 for no reason they were really hyped up this year