• Matt

    Biggest game of the decade, MV vs DLS and no chat?

  • Prep Fan

    MV played a good game, but DLS is just too quick and too deep for them. MV first stopped DLS and then drew first blood on a long clock eating drive. Then DLS promptly scored on the next play from scrimmage to tie the score. They held MV on the next series and then blocked the punt for a safety. MV kept battling back, but DLS always had an answer. I believe it was 31-21 at halftime. DLS always seemed to be up by 10 or 17. MV was down 10 and driving, but DLS picked off a sideline pass and ran it back for a TD to go again up by 17. It was 45-28 midway through the 4th quarter and MV scored to make it close. But, I don’t think the DLS fans were ever really worried after the quick answer to that first sustained drive by MV. A good game though, and DLS resorted to some trickery with some laterals and fake punts and field goals. If DLS hadn’t had the interception return in the 3rd quarter, MV may have had a chance, but that one pretty much iced it.

  • yianni

    I agree,DLS was very quick and deep. MV is a very good team but one dimensional.MV quarterback is a junior—wow! He”ll either go to USC or Miami? DLS also has some very good junior running backs. Butler did not have good game. Was he injured?

  • junior

    Butler has been hurt most of season. the draw play he ran in the second half where he came up short of the first down showed just how much his knee and ankle injuries have slowed him. he would have broken that play for a big gainer before those injuries.

  • Mike

    I was at the game and the one thing that DLS does is capitalize on mistakes MV had all the momentum when they got that onside kick they were down 31-21 with 1:11 to go in the 3rd and Nottingham made a mental mistake with a pass he should have thrown away for the DLS interception for a touchdown. MV came back and scored with over 10 minutes left in the game then made another mistake with another onside kick when DLS had 10 guys at the line it gave them the ball at their 48 and they scored again 45-28. I think MV should have kicked deep and tried to stop them. Anyways it was a great game and hopefully they will be meeting again in the playoffs…

  • To Man of War- FORGET Grant. They are the Mcclymonds of SACRAMENTO-LOT’S OF TALK. In Dela’s 2006 state bid against Canyon they had several key injuries going in and several injuries at half. Canyon played De La style ball, which they did all year, beating Poly in the playoffs. They are coached well-coach been there over 25 years and they have a DeLa attitude. Still it was anyone’s ballgame in the early 4th. That DeLa team hammered Serra, Elder of Cincinati,Ohio, Palma and Mission Viejo. I would call that playing teams ranked high and out of area. They were 13-0 entering the first state playoff. The Sac Bee articles were bitchin’ about Grant not getting their shot, however they were playing in a lower division and no comp. DeLa would have hammered them by 4 tds in a playoff. That deLa team beat 8 ranked opponents, including a highly regared Monte Vista team with a big time QB who’s at SC. The bottom line, DeLa is playing the best out of NorCal, line up and sign up like Bakersfield, Nevada Union and the rest in the past and take your medicine. Believe me, they are ducking no-one. I know your know your stuff by your posts, Holy De La Salle has the key to the city and heavan.