NCS Division-by-Division Poll

Our NCS Division-by-Division poll through Week 7. Enjoy.


Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (4) 6-1 40 1
2. Monte Vista 7-0 36 2
3. Pittsburg 6-1 32 3
4. Foothill 5-2 25 5
5. California 4-3 23 7
6. San Ramon Valley 6-1 21 4
7. Freedom 7-0 19 6
8t. Berkeley 6-1 10 8
8t. San Leandro 4-3 10 9
10. Deer Valley 4-3 3 10

Others receiving votes: Washington (4-4) 1.


Team Record Points Last week
1. Cardinal Newman (4) 7-0 20 1
2. Las Lomas 6-1 15 2
3. Rancho Cotate 7-0 13 3
4. Ukiah 6-1 5 4
5. Clayton Valley 7-0 4 NR
Others receiving votes: Campolindo (6-1) 2.
Team Record Points Last week
1. Novato (4) 6-2 20 1
2. Bishop O’Dowd 6-1 13 2
3. Encinal 7-0 12 3
4. Marin Catholic 5-2 10 4
5. Miramonte 5-2 4 5

Others receiving votes: none.

Team Record Points Last week
1. Ferndale (4) 7-0 20 1
2. St. Patrick-St.Vincent 6-1 16 2
3. Middletown 6-1 12 3
4. Justin-Siena 4-4 6 4
5. Fort Bragg 6-1 4 5
Others receiving votes: Dougherty Valley (5-2) 2.


Team Record Points Last week
1. St. Vincent (4) 7-0 20 1
2. South Fork 5-3 14 2
3. St. Elizabeth 4-3 11 3
4. Tomales 4-2 7 4
5. Anderson Valley 5-0 5 NR
Others receiving votes: St. Bernard (4-3) 3.


  • PHS04

    Will tomorrow be the last night of NCS D1 undefeateds??? Are MV and Freedom goin down??

  • Michael Bower

    Yes, they both will go down.

  • Prep Fan

    Sure enough, both went down, Freedom going down a lot harder than MV. The top 5 spots in the D1 poll should stay the same. I see MV staying in the #2 spot with the head to head win over Pitt as well as the nice showing vs. DLS tonight. Foothill stays ahead of Cal for #4 & 5 as they also beat them head to head and both won tonight. I’m not sure how far SRV and Freedom will drop, but both of their stock dropped big time tonight. Freedom was crucified by Pitt and SRV has now lost 2 in a row and faces DLS and MV in the final 2 weeks. Deer Valley, Berkeley and SL all had big wins tonight, but against inferior opponents. Is it possible, the polls stay the same in D1 next week, or does Berkeley jump ahead of Freedom and/or SRV?

  • Trick or Treat tonite- De La Salle is in the driver’s seat- 10 sounds like a close game-but Monte Vista was ranked 3 in NorCal behind De La and Bellarmine and had the top passing attack in the NCS. De La was up 31-15 at half, went up 38-15, then 38-21, 38-28, then 45-28, final 45-35. Look out playoffs!

  • dnrapp

    the last NCS D1 playoff spot might come down to Newark by default. If I read the NCS rules right you have to be at least .500 either over all, in league or against D1 teams.
    The most logical contenders are:

    College Park 4-4 with games against Mt Diablo and Northgate.

    Antioch 4-4 with games against Deer Valley and Pittsburg.

    Amador Valley 4-4 with games against Monte Vista and Foohill.

    Irvington 4-4 with games against Washington and Logan

    Logan 3-5 with games against Kennedy and Irvington

    Newark 5-3 with games against Mission SJ and Kennedy

    Right now Newark is qualifies, CP should win 1 of their games to qualify. It is going to be hard for Antioch and AV to win 1 of their games to qualify. It might come down to the Logan/Irvington for either of them to qualify.

    Newark has the head to head win over CP and Irvington.

  • Michael Bower

    Yea, but Logan has the head-to-head over Newark.

  • dnrapp

    an addition to my last post. Logan whould already qualify due to locking up at least a .500 record in league(3-1 with 2 games left)

  • dnrapp

    but would NCS pick a 4-6 Logan over a 7-3 Newark?

  • Michael Bower

    If Amador gets one win, we don’t need to even worry about who gets the No. 12 spot. But if not…

    Logan should finish 5-5. Logan will finish ahead of Newark in league and I think that will give them the edge.

  • dnrapp

    true, if AV or Antioch finish at 5-5 both should be ahead of Newark

  • TACR8R

    I know the big schools are the most exciting to watch, but where do I go to talk about the small schools? Particularly Division IV. I know that varsity sports is the big topic, but someone needs to start talking about this freshman TB at Salesian. I just watched him put up 160 and 2 score againt Barean Christian. He also plays FS.

  • lb050nit

    Hey Kyle,
    BOD had another close call against a struggling team. Castro Valley brought the wood to BOD. BOD Threw a double pass to win (although the 1st pass was illegal because it was thrown forward).

  • dnrapp

    Lb050nit, The first pass was legal. It was the second forward pass that would have been ilegal.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    LB- Looking more and more like Encinal is the class of D-3 from the East Bay. Congrats to the Jets!

  • O’Dad

    Yea, they really brought the wood to us. CV had 43 yards rushing for the game. Roughly 45 more passing. Mario had 225 on the ground alone. We turned it over 5 times in the first half and CV scored 14 of their 17 off of that…But I do understand that the comparative score’s thing is selectively applied on here. I never do this cause comparative scores is for the most part ridiculous, but, since you insist, and the only comparison we have to go on is- week 1, Encinal 38, Alameda 10. Week 2- BOD 48, Alameda 0.

  • fair catch kick

    lb050nit, guess the only way to talk up Encinal is to talk story about other teams …

    Yep, BOD had a rough go in Saturday’s rain storm, with both teams working their fumble drill skills, and it took the full 48 minutes to decide the game. CV gave them nothing and played a tough until the end of the game. As O’Dad mentions if you look at the stats BOD’s biggest struggle was holding onto the ball (most of the problems occurred during the heaviest rain!).

    BTW the fourth down play late in the 4th quarter to setup the go ahead TD sure looked like a perfectly good play. Good stuff given the weather, you got to love prep football.