Prep Corner Live! Friday Night at 11:25

OK, we are ditching the Halloween costumes and free candy in order to bring you the latest football happenings around the East Bay Friday night. We have a ton of HUGE games to talk about so make sure you catch the show right here beginning at 11:25 p.m. Friday. As always, we take phone calls and read/answer comments on the air. Make sure to tune in! Feel free to bring us some candy. We will be at The Argus in Fremont!


  • DesCamp72

    Ill b watching tomorrow guys

  • dnrapp

    here are some early score from the big ganes tonight. 31-15 DLS over MV at Half, 27-14 Foothill over SRV 3Qtr, 28-7 Pitt over Freedom at half

  • PHS04

    Pitt 42 – Freedom 14 (F)

  • sideline

    45 – 35 DLS over MV with 3:00 left in 4th. A couple of costly turnovers for the Mustangs but lots of big plays. Pretty good showing for both teams!

  • ManO’War

    Foothill 40 – SRV 35 (F)

  • Wow CN kicked Rancho’s behind in D2 action 42-7. Rancho did a lot of self destructing. Two Int runbacks and a 90 yard kick off return in favor of Cardinal Newman was not good for Rancho’s momentum. It was a lot of self destruction, although Newman is the real deal and most in the North Bay say this team is better than the 2006 team that took Oaks Christian to overtime in the 2006 D3 State championship. We will see if they win out. They will probably be matched up against St. Bonaventure (Only one loss to LB Poly 12-7 this year). Should be a good one if things go as planned. Besides D1, the East Bay is inferior to the Redwood Empire Teams in the NCS. D2 (Cardinal Newman), D3 (Novato), D4 (Ferndale, Middletown, Justin), & D5 (St. Vincent). Enough Said. GET SOME!

  • junior

    DLS was too physical for MV tonight. Passing first teams take on that passive personality it seems.

    MV is to be credited for playing hard and not quitting. Nottingham is the real deal and Hemmingsen played great, but DLS was too strong up front.

    I still believe Cal high (if their defense can play above their heads) can give DLS the best game in the EBAL. They can pound DLS defense running wise, keep the ball away from Wayne and The Green Machine, and stay closer longer than any of the other teams.

  • ManO’War

    Junior, agreed on Cal High – running game is essential & maybe only way vs. DLS. They need to trust Leroy to get 7 yards on a 3rd aqnd even 4th down if they need to.

  • junior

    your right Man O War- DLS can be beat between the tackles- coach must trust Green and keep pounding all night long.

    Will be fun to watch