De La Salle 45, Monte Vista 35: Postgame notes

Now that deadline has passed and I’ve had a chance to collect my thoughts on this game, I thought I’d try to provide some extra thoughts that I didn’t get into my story.

First of all, can anybody imagine what these teams might have done on a dry evening? Goodness gracious.

That was a heckuva football game. And if you were there, you have to be salivating for a rematch come NCS playoff time.

For those in East County, let’s start with the box score (which took me nearly 10 minutes to type up):

De La Salle 45, Monte Vista 35
Monte Vista    7    8    6    14—    35
De La Salle    14    17    7    7—    45
MV — Wilkerson 1 run (Garcia kick)
DLS — Bouza 60 pass from Wayne (Biel kick)
DLS — Butler 7 run (Biel kick)
DLS — Safety, punt blocked out of end zone
DLS — Perio 5 run (Biel kick)
MV — Ertz 5 pass from Nottingham (Hemmingsen pass from Nottingham)
DLS — Bouza 32 pass from Wayne (Dosen pass from Wayne)
MV — Ertz 8 pass from Nottingham (pass fail)
DLS — Taylor 58 interception return (Biel kick)
MV — Hemmingsen 21 pass from Nottingham (Garcia kick)
DLS — Anderson 48 run (Biel kick)
MV — Hemmingsen 21 pass from Nottingham (Garcia kick)
Rushing: MV — Johnson 15-65, Wilkerson 8-26, Hemmingsen 2-5, Nottingham 7-(-12). Totals 32-84. DLS — Williams-Ward 3-99, Wayne 13-55, Anderson 2-49, Butler 8-28, Perio 1-5. Totals 27-236.
Passing: MV — Nottingham 28-46-2 311, Tuckness 1-1-0 28. Totals 29-47-2 339. DLS — Wayne 7-11-0 129, Perio 0-1-0 0. Totals 7-12-0 129.
Receiving: MV — Hemmingsen 9-121, Ertz 6-102, Tuckness 6-52, Johnson 4-40, Wenig 1-9, Brewster 1-6, Wilkerson 1-5, Brewseter 1-4. DLS — Bouza 3-100, Walter 2-8, Dosen 1-12, Perio 1-9.
Fumbles/lost: Monte Vista 1/0, De La Salle 2/0.
Records: Monte Vista 7-1, 4-1 EBAL; De La Salle 7-1, 5-0.

Now a few things to note:
–Let’s start with injuries: Spartans’ RB  Terron Williams-Ward who broke off three big first-half runs, did not return in the second half because he aggravated a hip-flexor he sustained against Amador Valley. Also, DLS starting cornerback Andrew White told me after the game that his injury is being considered a shoulder strain. It was not a dislocation.
–Monte Vista’s 35 points are the most any East Bay team has scored against DLS since the Pittsburg won the 1991 NCS 3A championship 35-27. The last East Bay team to score more than 30 against the Spartans was Ygnacio Valley in 1999. The Warriors lost that game 71-32. It was the most points DLS allowed at any point during its 151-game winning streak.
–No East Bay team has come that close to victory against De La Salle since Clayton Valley tied the Spartans 17-17 in 2004.
–De La Salle did not turn the ball over after doing so at least once in its previous five games.

OK, that’s all I got for now. I’m gonna take a breather.

We’ll do it all again next Thursday at San Ramon Valley.


  • William

    I noticed that MV outscored DLS in the second half. It looks like the game plan changed to the right formula when you have a good defense and a Great Offense (MV) against a Great Team. Control the ball, drive down field, score and wear down the defense. It keeps the ball away from their offense and allows you to control the game. Great Job MV, and congratulations to DLS.

  • Greg

    The second half was not as it might appear in the box score. DLS had quick touchdowns – most notably Taylor’s 58 yd interception TD return and Anderson’s 48 TD run. Watching from the sidelines fans were talking about getting a nice long scoring drive going to rest the defense and keep the ball out of MV’s hands. Then on the first play of the drive Anderson pops free for his TD. MV was also able to pull off an onsite kick early in the second half. Three situations that returned the DLS defense to the field very quickly. Add in MV offense that was very effective a moving the ball with short passes and the defense was in for a long second half.

  • AJ

    What if? it wasn’t a wet field, what if this was played two weeks ago, what if enless speculation about conditions, calls, and offensive/defensive plays had or had not been made, what if a meteor had knocked out coach Lad or he had another heart problem? Nobody, yes nobody will defeat DLS in the EBAL this year, nor will anyone defeat DLS in this years’ NCS playoffs. I’ll back that up with a $25 donation to Chase Bryson’s favorite charity. I’ll contact him after said incident and he can verify my donation. Div 1 play in SoCal’s leagues is superior to NorCal’s 90 % of the time. Face up fans from Northern California, there are more powerhouse teams from Southern California. And on top of that I went to school in Northern California and have no local interest in or attachment to teams in the area. In fact I now live out of state and still am amazed that DLS continues to kick Norcal butt.

  • Chris

    Its true that SoCal football is in general better than NorCal football, but that is partly because the school sizes is SoCal are so much bigger.

  • AJ

    There is evidence that school population presupposes a larger number of student atheletes. Take for instance Logan HS of Union City, they are fairly dominant, that also includes the resurgent Berkeley HS with their large student population. Then, how do you compete against the larger high schools from SoCal.The divisional concept is supposed to allievate this issue, but the now Div 1 teams from NorCal should be playing whom? Do we create another division for teams in SoCal that have super sized enrollments. DLS would be the only team that could compete well against the bigger schools. The BVAL solution of the previous years was not very good because DLS was always barring the way. I also don’t think that the EBAL solution is going to work either. The level of competition is better but the results will be the same. What does one do with a unique team such as DLS? They should represent someone, but who? It’s unfair to make a special situation just for them and also unfair to deny their representation in the NCS. The religious school league of several states is tried with various success, but it didn’t work out in the Bay area. Technically the religious schools don’t recruit, but in a way they do. Who wouldn’t want to play for DLS if they could? Montana’s son comes to mind but he plays for Oaks Christian now, another great program. I don’t have an idea how to solve this problem of DLS and it is unfair to the bay area schools to have such domination by one school. Well, maybe DLS will solve the problem by itself by losing a few to NorCal teams but I’m not too optimistic about that scenario either. I applaud Monte Vista High School for making a great effort against DLS, but after several years, will the EBAL teams still want DLS and play them over and over and over for NCS? Ask the directors of the BVAL. I am also certain that there are no coaches who would say before a game that they can’t compete with DLS. DLS is the benchmark, the team that you gauge your team against. Should you win, you are IT, you took them down, you made HS football history and all the glory that it bestows upon you.

  • chuck

    It seems fans of high school football continue to be concerned with DLS . I believe it is an honor to have DLS join the EBAL and provide a gauge for all of us to measure our programs. The student athletes from MVHS will always remember their epic battle that rainy night in Concord. The sportmenship and hand shakes after the game along with the memories of giving 100%. Two coaching staffs that prepared their student athletes and game plan perfectly. This event will be remembered because of our effort and because we played the best. The NCS playoffs are a possibility but the game last week is high school history.

  • AJ

    Chuck- Go to CalPreps and check out their proposal for a five division playoff for California based on school size. It mirrors some other states playoffs. DLS isn’t included in Div 1. That would allow Monte Vista to compete in a northern division bracket.