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  • norcalfb

    Clayton Valley shut out College Park tonight (who has been averaging 39 points a game) 19 to 0 and is now 8 & 0
    ( Clayton has only allowed 47 points in 8 games with 4 shut outs)

  • junior

    DLS plays the best in the country- they havent lost in NOR CAL since 1991!!!!

  • smoke-a-lot

    grant vs. de la salle it’s gotta happen

  • DesCamp72

    hey wat do u guys think about us and Mt eden

  • How many teams does DLS have to beat for idiots not to say they are ducking teams. Socal said this crap in the past, so then they beat LBP twice Mater D 3 times, etc, etc. Haters

  • DesCamp72

    we will be ok guys

  • junior

    good job guys! thanks!

  • OK Boys – Drive Fast, Take Chances

  • XTower

    Who have they played from NorCal though? A bunch of teams from the old BVAL, Skyline a few times, Serra, St. Mary’s of Stockton way back in the day. Tell them to branch out of the East Bay more often, that’s all I’m saying.

  • XTower

    Hey Big Mouth err Dog,
    Tell me where in my post or call I said DLS was “ducking” teams. They’re freakin’ De La Salle for crying out loud!
    All I’m saying is it’s a waste of time for them to play Loyola or La Costa Canyon or even Serra when they can play teams like Oak Grove, Grant and Granite Bay.
    They want to play someone like Don Bosco or Bellevue, fine. The Spartans rep NorCal when they do that and it benefits the area. But until they play the top NorCal teams as well with their other non-league games, we’re just going to have this bogus system where a bunch of CIF people sit in a room and pick teams for bowl games based on how they look on paper. And no other team from NorCal will even have a chance to make the Open Division game because of the Holy Spartans.
    Maybe Grant should have been there two years ago when DLS lost to Canyon. Everybody wants to know how the OAL stacks up with NCS. Well, I want to know how the rest of NorCal stacks up with the Spartans.

    Boom, outta here. You (beeping) idiot!

  • Steve R. Waterhouse

    Big Dogg!!! It’s a joke.

  • junior

    What gives you ANY indication Grant or anyone else in NORCAL would dive DLS a run for their money? Are you telling me Loyola, MD, Mission Viejo, Poly etc. are on par with Grant or Bellarmine or Granite Bay? You need to watch more Cali football. Grant is nowhere in the league with those teams. What Grant needs to do is play some EBAL teams first- start with SRV, Foothill, MV, Cal to prove they can hang a little bit. Then they can maybe prove to DLS they are worthy. My hunch is they wont fair any better than .500 vs these teams and my point is the NCS is the best football in norcal- DLS hasnt lost since 1991. DLS needs stiffer tests than Grant.

  • CJF

    One of the things not mentioned in this discussion is that many teams do not want to schedule DLS. Historically, they’ve been asked to leave leagues because of the disheartening trouncings they have inflicted on area teams. That being said, the success of that program has been a model that other programs have used to improve their own programs and HS football throughout NC is getting better all the time.
    DLS is still better but the margin is decreasing all the time.

  • bnmaurauder

    The Campolindo LL game wouldnt even have been close if they hadnt made two key mistakes on special teams. 1. not kicking a punt out of bounds instead kicking it straight to the punt returner with 4 minutes left, and trying to recover an onside when it should have gone out of bounds. The score should have been 28-10 and i dont know why Los Lomas should even be ranked above campo for play offs campo will win league and have a win over los lomas. Yes Los lomas didnt have diante jackson but campolindo lost their best receiver and a starting d-lineman wasnt playing either.

  • XTower

    What gives you any indication Grant COULDN’T hang? They haven’t played.

    Stop living in the past. What DLS did in the early part of this decade against Poly, Mater Dei, Mission Viejo etc. is completely irrelevant. Those DLS teams were stacked. The team that beat Poly had, what, 4 guys now in the pros (Gutierrez, MJD, Landri and Demetrius Williams)? This team beat Monte Vista by 10, so why couldn’t Grant play with them?
    I’d rather see it and find out one way or the other than just assume.

  • junior

    If you want to say 21 losses in 30 years, 16 consecutive NCS title, beating SOCal’s best every year,is living in the past… so be it.

    4 SJS titles in 16 years is good- Mike Alberghini does a great job. But the program isnt that much better than Jesuit, Elk Grove. Carmazzi ain’t knocking on DLS’ door.

    I’d love for Grant to play DLS and join the LONG list of teams who believed DLS was “on the decline, not for real, overrated, living in the past, etc”

    Here is your challenege: DLS has open dates next year- I’m betting Grant doesn’t go ANYWHERE near a phone call to Eidson to schedule a game. Grant knows what you can’t understand- they are not in the DLS level yet.

  • XTower

    Hey Junior,
    Take off the Silver and Green glasses for a second, get your nose out of Lad’s butt and read what I am actually posting.
    DLS lost to Clovis West two years in a row. They lost to Mission Viejo two years in a row. They lost to Canyon, so I’m not sure where this belief that they beat “SoCal’s best every year” is coming from. Grant beat Valley Christian two straight years, including in ’05 when VC was 12-1. Serra beat VC and lost to DLS by a point, so what’s to say Grant isn’t on DLS’s level this year?
    Would DLS beat Grant? Probably … no, likely. Would DLS beat Granite Bay or Elk Grove? Likely. (Jesuit sucks now, so don’t even compare it to Sac’s beat programs.) Would I like to see it happen on the field? Absolutely, then we’d know for sure DLS is the best team in NorCal instead of assuming.
    Is Alabama better than Texas Tech or Penn State? Maybe, but you’ll never know until they play on the field. That’s all I’m saying, not that DLS is “on the decline, not for real, overrated … etc” as you are implying.

    By the way, it’s not my “challenge” to schedule games for Grant. I don’t work for the school. And besides, Eidson isn’t the AD anymore, you moron.

  • XTower

    My fault, Serra lost to VC 23-21. But it pounded SHC, which beat VC.
    Whatever. My point is made.

  • junior

    After begging, whinning and complaining that DLS should play Grant you say:

    “Would DLS beat Grant? Probably … no, likely.”

    Why in the world should they play a team that even an uninformed person like you admits wouldn’t have a chance to win?

    No, DLS shouldn’t waste their time playing Grant. Grant needs to play some EBAL teams or San Leandro or Pitt and prove they are worthy. The WCAL teams pose a much better challenge for DLS at this time. Maybe someday Grant, after scheduling some solid DI nor cal schools, will prove worthy of the DLS Green Machine.

    By the way, you are a complete dumb ass if you don’t think Eidson is still the one person who decides who DLS plays in non-league games. Lopoz might do the details, but Eidson is THE key person in those decisions.