NCS Division-I playoff picture

Ok, what I decided to do is project out the next two weeks for the most likely scenario.

There are mathematically 18 teams alive for 12 spots:

Amador Valley, Antioch, Berkeley, Cal, College Park, De La Salle, Deer Valley, Foothill, Freedom, Granada, Irvington, James Logan, Monte Vista, Newark Memorial, Pittsburg, San Leandro, San Ramon Valley, Washington.

Here are what I’ve projected as those teams final records (No sense doing the “If it ended today game”):

De La Salle (9-1), Monte Vista (9-1), Pittsburg (9-1), Freedom (9-1), Berkeley (9-1), Foothill (8-2), Deer Valley (7-3), Newark Memorial (7-3), San Leandro (7-3), California (6-4), College Park (6-4), San Ramon Valley (6-4), Washington (6-4), James Logan (5-5), Amador Valley (4-6), Antioch (4-6), Granada (4-6), Irvington (4-6)

From the NCS website, here is the minimum qualifying criteria:

To be accepted as a participant in the NCS/Les Schwab Tires Football Championships, a team shall have compiled an overall record of at least an equal number of wins and losses; or an overall record of at least an equal number of wins and losses against teams in its own division; or at least an equal number of wins and losses in its own league.
Exception: league champions shall gain automatic entry.
a. “Teams in its own division” is defined as any team (note exception b and c below) whose grades 9-12 enrollment fall within the school’s NCS Football Division or has petitioned to a higher division.
b. Games against teams outside of the United States will not be counted in determining the “winning record within a division”.
c. When a team’s petition is approved to play in a division of greater enrollment, that division for which the team is approved shall be its division for the respective year.

If it plays out how I project, the qualifying teams would be widdled down to 15:

De La Salle (9-1), Monte Vista (9-1), Pittsburg (9-1), Freedom (9-1), Berkeley (9-1), Foothill (8-2), Deer Valley (7-3), Newark Memorial (7-3), San Leandro (7-3), California (6-4), College Park (6-4), San Ramon Valley (6-4), Washington (6-4), James Logan (5-5), Irvington (4-6)*

*Irvington would be .500 against Division-I teams

Next we assign leagues champions — which takes five spots from the 12 and gives each of those teams home field, unless playing a higher seeded league champion:
De La Salle (EBAL), Pittsburg (BVAL), Berkeley (ACCAL), San Leandro (HAAL), Washington (MVAL).

Seven spots for these ten teams:
Monte Vista (9-1), Freedom (9-1), Foothill (8-2), Deer Valley (7-3), Newark Memorial (7-3), California (6-4), College Park (6-4), San Ramon Valley (6-4), James Logan (5-5), Irvington (4-6)*

First order of business is to eliminate Irvington, so we have 9 for 7 spots.

Monte Vista, Freedom, Foothill, Deer Valley, Cal and San Ramon all should be in without much discussion, leaving 3 teams for 1 spot:

Newark Memorial (7-3), College Park (6-4) and James Logan (5-5).

Logan beat Newark.
Newark beat College Park.
College Park beat MVAL champion Washington.

The committee is definitely going to have a tough call here. I think Logan is the best team, but even though it beat Newark, that 5-5 record doesn’t look good in front of a committee. A 7-3 record for Newark does and despite the head-to-head loss, my guess would be that Newark will get the nod based on its win against CP and its 4-game over .500 record.


1. De La Salle — obvious
2. Monte Vista — 1 loss to DLS
3. Pittsburg — 1 loss to MV
4. Foothill — 2 losses, (DLS, MV)
5. Freedom — Big loss to Pitt drops them from 4
6. Berkeley — 9-1 record too gaudy to fall behind a 4 loss team.
7. Cal — Losses to DLS, MV, Foothill, Bellevue – can’t remember a better 4-loss team
8. San Ramon Valley — Will likely enter playoffs on a 4-game losing streak.
9. Deer Valley — Beat Sacred Heart Cathedral, which beat Valley Christian, which beat San Leandro. This team has no bad losses (Pitt, Freedom, Rodriguez)
10. San Leandro — Rematch with Cal likely, this time the Pirates will get them at home.
11. Washington — Intriguing matchup road game against Berkeley, remember Rahsaan Vaughn lead the Huskies to a win over No. 2 seeded Newark last year in the 3A playoffs– that team was better than this Berkeley team.
12. Newark Memorial — Lucky to be in. Can’t move the ball.


First round:

9 Deer Valley at 8 SRV — Winner at 1 De La Salle

12 Newark at 5 Freedom — Winner at 4 Foothill

11 Washington at 6 Berkeley — Winner at 3 Pittsburg

7 Cal at 10 San Leandro (league champ) — Winner at 2 Monte Vista (Unless SL)

Assuming the seeds play out, then we’d have:

SRV/DLS vs Freedom/Foothill

Berkeley/Pittsburg vs Cal/Monte VIsta.

Keeping the dream alive:

For the six teams still mathematically alive, that I don’t have making the playoffs, this is what you should be rooting for:

Antioch — Have Pittsburg and Freedom left and need to win at least one to even qualify. Two wins probably gets them in … not going to happen.

Amador — Same boat as Antioch, they have Monte Vista and Foothill left. They need one win to qualify, which would give them some ammo to go up against Newark/Logan/College Park with. So root for Amador to win (obviously) and root against Newark/Logan/College Park.

College Park — CP has two relatively easy games left (Mt. D, Northgate). CP is in trouble because of its head-to-head loss to Newark, so it will be rooting for Mission San Jose to pull a miracle or (more likley) for Kennedy to beat Newark in Week 10. I have to say, that game is key and could go either way. If Newark loses to Kennedy it’ll get really interesting.

Granada — First order of business: beat Cal. If that happens, they have a good shot — the loss to Amador really, really hurts.

Logan — Root against Newark and hope the committee gives them the nod anyways based on their head-to-head win.

Irvington — Pray.

I’m sure this should spark a lot of talk, let me hear what you guys think!!


Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • ManO’War

    All this who is better from league to league, come on 3 writers up past 11, go back to the facts on W-L, the best indicator of strength, really. EBAL 18 wins non-league, 6 losses – was it Livermore 3 losses (winless team), 1 Amador loss to Freedom, 1 loss by Cal in WA state, and 1 loss by DLS to Bosco? What else do you need to know? So, Kyle is correct, if Granada ends up 5-5 due to EBAL losses, who can claim they aren’t as good as Logan/Newark/CP with lesser opponent records? Strength of schedule ought to count, obviously-and league strength can be measured more objectively to figure that out.

  • The One who knows

    Freedom is the real deal. The Falcons will advance in playoffs and could threaten to get to the title game. They are the best team seeds 5 thru 12. It’s too bad the Falcons didn’t see a team like Pitt on their preseason schedule that’s what cost them.

    If the Falcons can quickly put the loss behind them, Could build some serious momentum. The Heritage Patriots are in major touble now that Falcons are forced into making a statement to the NCS. This weeks game could be ugly.

    Ryan Rodriguez is special and is the best combination of run and pass in the NCS. Cameron Gupton, Cody Peebles and Roman Runner deadly weapons and should be a huge headache for any D coordinator to stop.

    There is still alot of football to be played and the seeds can shift. Watch out for Freedom.

  • The One who knows

    Hey Sunshine don’t sweat it. There is nothing wrong with your philosophy. You should want a college scholorship for your son and it should be first on your agenda. Last I checked scholorships are offered based on performance. If a player is offered a free ride he is earning it first in the classroom and then on the field. I’m certain that the Jackets are a better team with Sunshine’s son than without.

    Also lighten up on coach Galli who has done a fine job at Pitt. He’s in the playoffs every year and Pittsburg’s football program has never been in a better state. Pirates Stadium is the best in the area and Pitt has a state of the art training facility which is in the process of being renovated. Galli is a master motivator and innovator. Through great fund-raising and donations Galli has provided all the best for his program.

    Although there have been a few local teams that have beaten him, DLS have been his main thorn. Without them he would have been an NCS champ several times over. The reality is DLS does exhist.This year Pitt can beat DLS. They just have to beleive. This could be the year the Pirates turn the corner on the Spartans. The Pirates are not on a current six game winning streak because of their good looks, they can play.

    As far as the DLS recruiting talk well, it is just that talk.The DLS football camp is one of the biggest in the state with over 300 kids participating. 80-90% of those kids have dreams of playing for the Spartans and will apply. There is registration paperwork at camp for the parents. The kids apply like all the others and if they meet the criteria they can be accepted. DLS has something good going alot of kids want to be part of it.

  • The One who knows

    BOTTOM LINE BERKELEY COULD NOT CARRY PITTSBURG’S JOCK-STRAP. Last I saw the Jackets Pittsburg was running all over them on KTVU ch.2. You really don’t want any part of the Pirates right now. They are even better than the team that tossed you by 3 TDs in September. Your team can come into Pirates Stadium if you want but, the results will be the same if not worse. Period!

  • AJ

    Steve R. Waterhouse- I like your idea of a super league. I’ve proposed it several times. I figure that the top teams in the east bay , say 8 teams could join a league in which the bottom three would be kicked out each year to keep the league fresh.

  • Jack C.


    You are entitled to your opinion, but why do you post negative things about Berkeley? Maybe, you should give Coach Carter some tips.

  • T&T

    So who do you think Washington go against in the playoffs?

  • eastbayscout

    I agree…I still can not believe NCS has not woken up and created a Super League like CCS and others. DLS is a private school and with past history obviously in…Berkeley, Logan, Deer Valley should automatically be in based on enrollment. I mean they double other Division 1 teams enrollment, hardly an even playing field. I still do not know why we allow such a large difference in enrollment sizes for divison 1. In my opinion ALL private schools that issue scholarships should be placed in the upper division unless they do not rank high enough each year to qualify then they can be moved down. Yes I like the idea of top 5 teams qualify and then the winner and runner up of division 1 section must move up each year to the super league if they then do not qualify as a top team then they can be sent back down the following year. In my opinion it makes the open division very competitve with only the very best trying to take DLS out each year. Then the Div 1 is still very cometitive (obviously don’t need 12 teams anymore though, drop it to 8 or even 6 that way it is still not diluted from having all quality teams)

    No doubt CCS has the best playoff model. The private schools are up against each other every year making it very competitive and top teams always. Without having an private school in NCS that competes with DLS I think the open division would be the best thing for our section thus allowing more opportunities for other teams to reach a state playoff game.

    I still believe there should be a completely separate playoff format for Public and Private schools to even the playing field. They can be in same league but for playoffs purposes they have their own playoff format. Again I will say it again and DLS supporters can argue all you want. If DLS was in the san jose catholic league with all those private schools they would have been beaten many more times over the years. DLS has the best coaching in bay area but when you can pull athletes without any regard to boundaries as they do in Southern Calif it just isn’t the same. If you can honestly tell me it isn’t advantage then I feel sorry for you. Think about if DLS had to pull only from their concord area…All those Richmond, Pittsburgh, DAnville, San Ramon, Pleasanton players back at own schools…DLS would have a very tough time winning an NCS title, even with how great their coaching is. Why do you think just about every state and national ranked team is a private school?

  • eastbayscout

    Here is my divison 1 playoff picture…

    #1 DLS
    #2 MV
    #3 Pitt
    These are in stone, even if MV drops one of last games in my opinion.
    #4 Foothill – more quality wins than freedom and berkeley, everyone has a bad game as they did against DLS, and freedom and berkely v pitt…but quality wins puts them in ahead of them.
    #5 Freedom – comparable loss…but more quality wins..only thing I could see berkeley getting nod is bc divison winner and beat logan by comparable score as well…but in my opinion strength of schedule wins out.
    #6 Berkeley – divison winner and likely 2-3 games better than next teams, can’t diss them that much.
    #7 Cal – beat SL and SRV so this is a no brainer
    #8 SRV – beat SL so get higher spot but really irrelvant since they will play each other, and SL still gets home game no matter what bc divison winner.
    #9 SL
    #10 Deer Valley – beat SHP, Wash, Logan…but losing to Pitt and Freeom keeps them down here.
    #11 Washington – Could be higher but lost to DV and SRV so can’t put them above those teams even if league winner.
    #12 Logan – I believe even if antioch qualifies they wouldn’t get in. I think foothill and cal beat AV and granada so they won’t qualify otherwise i believe EBAL gets this last spot. Newark probably finishes 7-3 and beat CP which knock CP out of playoff picture, plus how bad they are playing of late can’t help. Logan beat Newark fairly handly so I think you got to give the better team the nod. Played foothill, DV, Berkeley, Washington down to the wire (ALL playoff teams), MV only blow out but 1st game of year and 2nd seed so no shame there. Newark lost convinvingly to wash, logan, and milpitas. Can’t put the 3rd place finisher in MVAL in playoffs no matter what.

  • ManO’War

    With injuries mounting, Freedom and other teams, how important is that seedings/playoffs bye in the first round? More time to heal, and prepare, but question, can a week with no game hurt how sharp they could be in next game?

  • ManO’War

    By the way, what is scoop on Thursday game – DLS at SRV, is that on TV? Southwick vs. DLS defense: can’t miss that one!

  • junior

    hey eastbayscout
    dls now giving “scholarships” to Australian basketball players, South African golfers, Kenyan distance runners, Japanese baseball players, and Russian tennis players.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Jack- I haven’t said anything negative about Berkeley. I think Coach Carter is doing a good job turning the program around. All I’m saying is it’s premature to mention Berkeley with the area’s top teams when Berkeley hasn’t won a playoff game in over a decade and doesn’t have any impressive wins so far this year.

    Scout-I don’t think SL can be ahead of DV in a seeding situation. SL’s only D-1 wins will be against Castro Valley and Mt. Eden (which are a combined 3-13 right now). Their rallying cry will be the O’Dowd win but it doesn’t stack up against DV’s wins: Deer Valley will come in with wins against Washington (League champ) and Logan (will be at the meeting), plus important wins against SHC and Campo (likely Heritage and you can even throw Antioch/Liberty in there bc they are D-1. Now if DV drops one of its last two then we have something to talk about.

    As for Logan getting in. No doubt its the better team and I think they should be in, but I don’t know if the committee will be able to see past the records.

  • AJ what constitutes recruiting to you/DLS?
    If looking for the best players in the area, inviting them to camps, and giving them scholarships to come DLS doesn’t constitute recruiting then I don’t know what does…..
    Is there anything more a school can do to recruit a player? I think not considering this is EXACTLY WHAT COLLEGES DO TO RECRUIT PLAYERS. There is no difference between DLS and say USC. Please prove me wrong

  • EBAL Fan

    While I would love to see De La Salle get beat by someone locally, I will be the first to say, there is no way they recruit. Be serious, they don’t need to. The program speaks for itself and can you blame them for taking the athletes which come their way? No school in the area would turn down the players in the same circumstance. Those who think they recruit are out of it….success breeds quality athletes — other schools are catching up, but the Spartans are still alone on top of the mountain.

  • EBAL Fan

    EBAL Player — they are no different than anyone else locally who has summer camps. I see kids from all over attend football camps at the other EBAL schools. If it was so obvious they recruit, as you state, then NCS, even as weak as they are, would have dropped the hammer. Stop whining and start working harder if you want to play with DLS. The coaches in the EBAL make no excuses for losing to De La Salle, but rather use it as incentive to drive their programs.

  • eastbayscout

    i agree i do not think they recruit really ANYMORE. They have a name and if my kid were good enough I would absolutely take a scholarship, but I think before they got to be DLS they probably did a little bit. Attending the pop warner games in the area and such. But really that is not my real issue…

    My issue is that they can pull from anywhere they want and they can offer those kids scholarships. That is what I believe is unfair. No other high school in NCS can compete against that. SoCal and SJ have same type of teams, but the difference is there are more of those private schools to compete against. O’Dowd and Newman are the only other decent private schools in NCS. But they does not even compare to all the other private schools down south and in sj area. this is where DLS has been able to become DLS. They have unbelievable coaching and have had some great teams, BUT I do not believe there recognition on the national level would be anywhere near where it is today without this advantage. i love that dls is in our area, bc people all over the nation say oh u live where that DLS team is from. but at the same time for public schools to consistently compete against that is absurd.

  • eastbayscout


    I agree DV and SL could flip flop, just giving the edge to SL because they won their league and DV is gonna finish in 3rd place. but they could sneak ahead of them. although probably irrelevant, play cal or play srv, you want the defensive team or offensive team take your pick. i guess at least the #10 team gets to avoid dls in 2nd round, so DV would probably gladly take the 10 seed anyways probably an overall better seed. I think think they would matchup better against CAL in a very physical defensive game. but those two could go either way.

  • eastbayscout


    I think that #12 seed will come down to coaches rating…and in my opinion most teams will probably throw logan up there higher if they play it legit, but because a better team some of those teams may put newark up their bc an easier win. it is gonna be very hard to distinguish the three, i definately could see them just saying ok we will take newark because they have the better record. i just don’t see any scenario of cp getting in though, bc of the loss to newark and now at best 6-4. logan would prob like to see cp drop another to take them right out of the argument so it is just them vs. newark. newark still got one tough one left in kennedy though, newark barely beat irvington and kennedy beat irvington.

  • EBAL Fan

    EB scout — why is it that they only continually dominate in football? They are among the elite in basketball, baseball, soccer, etc., but you can only pencil them into the title in football every year. It’s the coaching, plain and simple. As for attending Pop Warner games, or other junior events, every program has people who do that for their schools, usually unofficially.

    You’ve got the SRV T-Birds in Danville, the San Ramon Bears in San Ramon and PJFL in Pleasanton. I am out on those fields every Saturday and people are always talking to the 7th and 8th grade kids about going to Amador or Foothill. Even the kids from San Ramon who play in Pleasanton are approached about the Pleasanton schools. It’s not any representative from the schools mind you, but rather parents.

    I was even approached by people from other schools outside the EBAL about some of the players I coach this year. Crazy stuff.

    It’s the same with AAU basketball or junior baseball, soccer and lacrosse.

    Everyone does it, it’s just that De La Salle has the most attractive program to entice kids.

  • 617lemon

    b-high barely beat logan 13-9. #6 seed to high. there hope’n 4 washington besides that i dont see them beating anyone else.

  • dnrapp


    yes the SRV/DLS game is going to be on TV. It is the game of the week on Comcast SportsNet California.

  • Donfan

    amador for ncs bid! they have gotten screwed past couple years. they have been strong second half.. they beat montevista or foothill u throw them in

  • The One who knows

    You guys are splitting hairs by saying which league is better EBAL BVAL. This team played that team better than this team did. You guys kill me. At the end of the day this is a three team race 2 EBAL (DLS & MV) and 1 BVAL(Pitt) team. These teams are clearly the best in the North Coast and outside of Freedom will cutting down the nets next month. Which one it’s hard to say still early. DLS still has SRV and Cal to play. Monte Vista has SRV next Week. Pitt has Liberty who ambushed them three years ago and then travel to Antioch. Antioch deliberately soaked their field during the rain to try to slow down the Pirastes and lost in OT after blowing a two touchdown lead.

    I told you all what would happen in the Freedom-Pitt game. Total Destruction. I said Pitt by at least two TDs and they doubled that. The Falcons ran into an orange and black buzzsaw and never had a chance. As the Pirates announcer says. ” The Leagues Finest Venue”. It truly was with the band, the crowd and then the rain the place was on fire! Also in a move of total disrespect the Falcons had to be told move off the field as the Marching Band Seniors were announced.

    Freedom then had the audacity to warm up while the band was playing repeatedly punting footballs thruogh their formations. The Pitt players and coaches noticed it. Although nothing was said, it fired up Pirates and they took it out on the Falcons. Without a few penalties Pitt could have scored 60 and resembled Usain Bolt coasting through the tape. Sportmanship then provailed as the Pirates let off the gas midway through the third quarter.

    To all the Freedom fans continue to support your team, you have a good one. Also, a word of advice, don’t stir up your opponent in their house right before a big game

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Donfan- If Amador wins either of its next two games, it will probably get in. I don’t see it happening with Monte Vista and Foothill being the teams its up against, but I won’t count your Dons out just yet!

  • jacketfan

    do a little research about b-high
    and its tradition in ncs play (go to the nsc web site) then look at b-high’s 1st rd. draw the last decade, dala dala dala. why?

  • Kyle Bonagura

    I did do the research. I looked at every single NCS bracket on the NCS website, none of them have Berkeley winning a game.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    And in case you wanted to know, last year was the first time Berkeley played DLS in NCS in the past decade.

  • PHS04

    Hey I was bein a little snoopy today and was looking at my older bro’s newspaper clippings for ’92 and ’93. Found out something interesting.. There one upon a time was a league that included DLS, MV, PITT, BERKELEY, PINOLE VALLEY,ANTIOCH and LIBERTY. I wouldnt call it a super league but i heard it was very competitive.. i think MV and LIBERTY were the worse schools..

    I wish the teams traveleled now like they did back then.. When i was like 8 or 9 i went to a game where PITT played Cardinal Newman.. what happened to the playoff scenarios like that??

  • Donfan

    kyle: as we know. the foothill amador games are always close. no matter what. they could pull it out. lets hope. go dons or go home

  • ManO’War

    If we’re looking ahead, let’s hope the news media covers all these last rivalry games with LOTS of coverage here, pre- and post-game, in the papers, blogs, and Prep Corner Live!’s, complete with match-ups to watch for, critiques of offense/defense/special teams/coaching, summaries, box scores, everything -make those boys work, they’re having too much fun I heard.

  • Ryan Dubrow

    SRV is getting the shaft here. They are better than the record they have posted. Southwick is good, yes…But weapons like TRIMBLE gruendl and peterson around him on offense make him even better. The defense has a weak cast but has two strong players in the Returning Linebacker Goodman and the safety. I feel they can pul out monte vista and give DE LA a run for their money

  • EBAL Fan

    Well Ryan, SRV has everything right in front of them…two straight losses, with two even tougher games left….two more losses and they are fifth place in the EBAL and way down in that shaft….BUT, play well tonight, then beat MV and they lifeline will be there for them climb out of the hole they have dug.

  • PirateFan

    SRV should have an additional loss to San Leandro. Trimble fumbled on their last drive with SL recovering but the officials didn’t call it.If the correct call had been made SRV would’nt even be in the D1 playoff discussion.

  • PirateFan

    Assuming that they lose to DLS and MV of course.

  • I understand coach Lad IS undoubtedly the best coach in the area, and i also agree that success breeds quality athletes. BUT the difference between DLS and all the other east bay teams is when other schools recruit who does it? PARENTS
    But when DLS does it who is it?STAFF OF DLS FOOTBALL
    Thats how it is, and i guess if you don’t consider it recruiting then we have different definitions of it but it’s clear as air to me. and i don’t even want to get into the scholarship thing …… but DLS says if you prove they recruit they’ll pay u…… well wheres the checkbook cuz i just did

  • EBAL Fan

    OK Ebalplayer, let me see, because you say they recruit, then it must be true? Where is your proof, other than, yo I said it so it must be true?

    Document it, then ask for the checkbook. The coaches do not go out and recruit – they know people would love nothing more than to bust them for that, so why take the chance?

    They have better players plain and simple, that lineup to get to the school. Their receivers can catch the ball, which is a lot more than I can so for San Ramon Valley.

  • EBAL Fan


    Where’s the San Ramon patter now? Trimble — he couldn’t stay on his feet last night with no one around him….and the receivers? Pathetic.

  • Joey

    DLS prolly would had scored more but they put in there 5th string.

  • NorCalFB

    EBAL Should Ask DLS to play as a Independent in Football Unless NCS lets all EBAL teams have Open enrollment or No Boundaries like DLS has, until then it will always be unfair to ALL EBAL teams.

    Imagine Monte Vista, SRV, Foothill & Cal merging to make up ONE Team, wow that would be a pretty good team.

    Watching K. Butler for DLS last night brought back memories of him his Midget year of youth football playing for Deer Valley where he lived and thinking to myself, WOW Deer Valley is sure getting a stud Football player !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EBAL Fan

    Nah NorCal, leave like it is…let the Spartans stay in as is…you will see DLS lose in EBAL play within the next two seasons. So much of the issue is the aura of DLS — have the kids play freshman and JV against them, then when they get to Varsity, some of the luster is gone and they will get after.

    Is Greg Papa the worst high school football announcer of all time (I know how many have there been). Pawlawski is by far better. Papa calling SRV’s field “astro-turf” was classic. Guess his brain is dead from all those Raiders games.

  • ok heres an example for all of u DLS preachers.
    so a couple of years ago i was playing PJFL in pleasanton wen the season starts and 2 of the players on my team (going to amador, foothill, mv, ect. the next years) were supposedly being looked at and scouted by DLS on my team got injured and then didnt get into DLS when they applied there instead of getting scholarships.


    San Ramon Valley just beat Monte Vista 26-7. Shakes up the playoff race for sure.