Cal vs Washington

Updates from tonight’s game between No. 6 California and No. 11 Washington at Tak Fudenna Stadium will being around 7 p.m.

Not a good showing attendance-wise yet (I’m assuming that’s because everyone stayed home to follow this blog!). Hopefully it packs in a little more before kick.

– We’ve got an interesting note from El Cerrito. Something went wrong with the Kennedy bus trip over and they are just now arriving at EC. (7 p.m.).

– I just spoke with Cal High Athletic Director Fred Albano and “as far as he knows” <— direct quote Cal High will be playing At Serra-San Mateo next year.

Here we go…….

Cal High to receive, the opening kickoff goes out of bounds. Cal takes over at the 35. First play whistled dead, back Cal up 5 yards.

First pass complete to Zwarg for a gain of 20. First down at the 50. Green on the carry, gain of 7. Another big gain from Green, ball down to the 33. Deep to Zwarg down the right side, incomplete. The contact goes uncalled. Green for about 6 to the right side to bring up 3rd down. Pitch to the right side gets the first….. flag on the play, back them up to the 37. 3rd and about 13. Nick Zwarg with a great catch, picks up the first down to the 14 yard line. Washington is getting pushed around on the lines. Reggie Davis 14 yard run to the right side TOUCHDOWN CAL. 7-0 after the PAT from Ernie Collins.

Cal 7, Washington 0. 9:41 left in the first quarter.

Rahsaan Vaughn takes the kickoff 30 yards to the 30 yard line. First and 10 Huskies. Ross completes his first pass for a gain of 13. Completion goes for minus-1. Cal has Reggie Davis matched up on Vaughn, Vaughn pulls in the first catch for a big first down to the Cal 43. Ross scrambles and pulls in a pass for another WHS first down. Ross hit as he throws, incomplete. Anothony King up the middle for a 15 yard gain and another first down for Washington. The Huskies are moving the ball with ease here in the first quarter. Another handoff goes up the middle, but was stuffed. Reggie Davis makes a big play, intercepting a pass in the corner intended for Vaughn. Vaughn 1, Davis 1. 

Cal ball: 6:37 left in the first quarter.

Stompro to Zwarg for a 25-yard gain. When I was blogging from Bellevue, it was a lot of Stompro to Zwarg. Looks like we’re going to see a lot more of that. Gio Javier with a big gain, takes the Grizzlies to the 41 of Washington. Green with a gain of about 30, put Vaughn stripped the ball and recovered it at the 10…

Washington ball: 5:27, first quarter.

First play goes for 2 yards. Pass of about 5 to Richard brings up 3rd for Washington. Daniel Whitaker swats a pass at the line, four down Vaughn back to punt. Sarmenta returns it to the 47 of WHS.

Cal ball: 3:52 left first quarter.

Green picks up 5 on first down. Green four about 5 more. First down. Green up the put with that 3 back formation Cal likes to use. Draw to Davis gets four more. Javier picks up the short gain for the first down. Cal moves to the shotgun, with Davis in teh abckfield. Fumble on the play Washington got it back again. The only way Washington wil stay in this game is if Cal keeps making mistakes. The Grizzlies have been moving the ball at will…

Washington ball: :52 secconds left in the first quarter.

Short run, then a quick pass to Vaughn for about 2. end of the quarter.

Cal 7, Washington 0. End of first

Quads left. Quick pass to Vaughn, his blockers get taken out, loss on the play of about 7. Good punt by Vaughn goes to the 21 yard line. Flag on the play, they will re punt. The punt plus a block in the back brings it back to the Cal 30.

Cal swing pass to Zwarg goes for big yardage. Green another big gain Cal first down at the WHS 30. Short gain by Green to the 27. Make sure to check this link http://www.ibabuzz.com/prepcorner/2008/11/21/friday-night-scoreboard-4/ for scores throughout the night. Word from Oakley is that 12 seed Logan is up 6-0 over 5 seed Freedom…. Sarmenta from Stompro for another first down. Up the middle to Green puts the Grizzlies at the WHS 5 yardline. Vaugh is now lying down on the ground, we’ll try to figure out what happened with that. TOUCHDOWN Cal. Green on a pitch to the left side.

Cal 14, Washington 0. 8:39 left, 2nd quarter.

Washington ball: 8:31, 2nd quarter.

Vaughn is back in the game. Richards with another catch, 2nd and short. Big gain for King gets WHS to its 42 yardline.  First down on an run by Ross after 2 plays…. Word from El Cerrito is that the Kennedy game has just started. We’ll be getting updates as that progresses. Ross sacked on first down for a loss of 2. Almost picked off, falls incomplete bringing up 3rd and 12. Gain of about 6 to Vaughn. The Huskies will go for it. Quick slant to Vaughn picks up the first down. Washington down to the 31 yardline. King on the carry, picks up 2. False start back WHS up 5. 2nd and 13, incomplete pass, intended for Vaughn. Sure touchdown pass dropped by Vaughn, looked like he wasn’t ready for the contact that was coming from two sides. Ross sacked for a big loss on fourth down.

Freedom has taken a 7-6 in the 2nd quarter out in Oakley. Kennedy leads El Cerrito 7-0.

Cal ball 2:41left in the half.

Green on the draw. Short gain. 10 yard pass to Zwarg for a gain of 10 down the the WHS 48. Carry by Green goes for 7 yards. Incomplete pass intended for Zwarg. 1:43 left in the half. Stompro scrambles and picks up about 20. Ball at the 24. Time out Cal. 1:30 left, ball at the 25. Green to the left side, first down ball to the 12 yardline. Green goes for 12 yards. TOUCHDOWN Cal.

21-0 Cal. :35 left in the half.

Scores are updated, check it out.

Pass to Vaughn goes for about 5 yards. 29 seconds Pass to Richard gives WHS a first down. They got 66 yards to go and 23 seconds to work with. Washington gets the ball to the 50. Vaughn moves to QB to throw a hail mary, but it gets picked off.

HALFTIME: California 21, Washington 0

Stat update:

CAL: Green 17 carries 137 yards. Stompro 5-for-7, 92 yards. Zwarg 4 catches 78 yards.

WASH: King 6 carries, 32 yards, Ross 15-for-23 109 yards, Vaughn 6 catches 47  yards, Richard 7 yards 49 yards.

Halftime thoughts: Pretty much how I expected it to go. Cal has just too much size for Washington on the lines. I’m predicting Washington tries to get tricky from here on out…

Bishop O’Dowd linebacker Chris Martin just stopped by the press box. Wow, that kid is big. In case you were wondering, he lists his top 4 potential college suitors as Notre Dame, USC, Colorado and Stanford. *must be rough* He is friends with Rahsaan Vaughn and sitting with Pittsburg corner Avery Patterson, who came down to see who the Pirates will be playing in the next round.


Washington takes over at its 20. Vaughn on the reception for a gain of 5. Short gain by King brings up 3rd and about 4. Incomplete, good pass rush…. Vaughn punts about 50 yards in the air. Back em up more.

Cal ball at its 19.

Javier with a gain of 9 on first down. Zwarg beats the corner bad, but the pass from Stompro is too deep. Third and short. Green picks up the first with a short. Stompro runs 69 yards for a touchdown, wow he made the whole Washington secondary look slow. PAT is good and its 28-0 Cal.

Cal 28, Washington 0, 9:22 left 3rd Q.

Another touchback by Collins. Washington takes over at its 20. RIchard with a catch on first down — he is probably having the best game for Washington so far. Ross tries to scramble, but he got nowhere. Pass broken up by Brandon Jones. Vaughn back to punt …. Cal will take over at its own 43.

Cal ball, 7:48 left third Q.

First play deep pass to Zwarg down the left side… TOUCHDOWN 57 yards. He was wide open.

Cal 35, Washington 0, 7:38 left 3rd Q.

Washington ball: After another touchback, Washington will take over at the 20. Gain of about 4 yards. King is down, trainers are out there … Two incompletions bring up 4th down and another fourth down. Washington fakes the punt, Vaughns pass completed to Pinera to get the ball to the 44. Short gain on first down, no gain on second down. Ross scrambles on third down for about 5. Fourth down (again) … no fake punt, Washington will just go for it….. They get it on a pass to Jeremy Richard. Washington is building a little momentum and is in the hurry up. Quick pass to Vaugn, Davis with a tackle at the LOS. Ross sacked for about a 7 yard loss, he then tries to get rid of it.. obviously grounding call. Incomplete pass, almost intercepted. Vaugn punts… Sarmenta calls for the fair catch, he gets hit. Interference will back them up to punt again. Fourth and about 45. Punt. Fair catch.

Cal ball: 2:27 left in the 2nd, ball at the WHS 40.

Freshman Jerrell Dunn gets his first carry for about 4 yards. Green with a gain of about 50. (47 officially) A hold will be called on Zwarg, Cal will have the ball at the WHS 21. Green on a draw, goes 21 yards for another Cal TD. We’ve got Green for 202 yards on 20 carries. Kick no good.

Cal 41, Washington 0, 1:11 left 3rd Q.

Wash ball at its 30. Richard with another catch, pass from Ross lofted in the air, looked like a sure interception, but the player dropped it and Vaughn was able to come down with it. End of the 3rd.


Washington will take over at the Cal 48 with a 1st and 10. It’s all about pride at this point for WHS. Two short gains bring up third down and about 6. Long pass goes incompleteand Washington faces another fourth down. Ross keeps it and he goes out of bounds after picking up the first down. Ross tripped up in teh backfield, 4th and 9. Ross on a shovel to King, he fumbles and Cal wil take over.

Cal ball: 8:14 left, ball on their own 33.

Cal has empited its bench …. Pass complete for a first down. Cal to the 43. Dante Muniz gets a couple carries as cal tries to wind down the clock. Cal punts for the first time tonight and its down at the 5 yardline.

Washington is facing fouth down after a pair of incompletions, both of which were almost intercepted. Washington to punt.

Cal will take over at its 39 yard line. I’m sure we’ll see some runs as the game winds down. They are rotating in the ball carriers.

Game over.

Final score: Cal 41, Washington 0.

Cal will travel to No. 3 Pittsburg next week for a rematch of last year’s first round game. This win marks the first time in school history that Cal has won playoff games in consecutive years.


No. 6 California 41, No. 11 Washington 0

California 7 14 20 0—41

Washington 0 0 0 0—0
C — Davis 14 run (Collins kick)

C — Green 6 run (Collins kick)

C — Green 8 run (Collins kick)

C — Stompro 69 run (Collins kick)

C — Zwarg 57 pass from Stompro (Collins kick)

C — Green 21 run (kick failed)


Rushing: C — Green 20-217, Davis 3-32, Javier 2-11, Zwarg 1-27, Stompro 2-76, Dunn 1-3, Muniz 2-4, Panos 1-1, Bianchietti 1-1. Totals 36-372. W — King 12-96, Ross 8-8, Jones-Donelson 1-(-1). Totals 21-103.
Passing: C — Stompro 6-9-0 149, Kaehler 2-3-0 20. Totals 8-12-0 169. W — Ross 23-32-1 147, Vaughn 1-2-1 20. Totals 24-33-2 167.

Receiving: C — Zwarg 5-135, Sarmenta 1-14, Adkins 1-11, Tonneson 1-9. Totals 8-169. W — Richard 10-66, Vaughn 9-68, Lousi 1-14, Pinheiro 2-19. Totals 24-167.

Fumbles/lost: Cal 2/2, Washington 1/1.

Records: Cal 7-4, Washington 6-5.

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • Frosh Coach

    Does anyone know the score of the Mirramonte game?

  • Tom in Santa Rosa

    Casa Grande 14, Concord 0 after one quarter

  • grizzfan

    I just spoke with Cal High Athletic Director Fred Albano and “as far as he knows” <— direct quote Cal High will be playing At Serra-San Mateo next year.

    Kyle what does this mean…does this mean cal will play them next year

  • Porque

    Any info on the DV/Berkeley game?

  • Matt

    DV up 14-0 late first quarter
    its on the other blog


  • Kyle Bonagura

    Grizz fan – That is mine understanding.

  • samb

    How’s the crowd now did the grizzly den travel well

  • GrizzFan

    Thanks for blogging. I am 3 time zones away but wanted to know what the Gata-Guys are doing!

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Decent, but nothing too spectacular. Traffic must have hurt?

  • ManO’War

    R we stuck at 35 secs left in the half?

  • The Mezz

    I couldn’t make it to the game tonight, so I love being able to follow it online! My first time following this blog. Go Grizzlies!
    Thanks Kyle!

  • Lucia Gilbertson

    Hi Kyle,
    This is really exciting for me watching you write about Cal’s game from a stadium I used to spend a lot of time at when Coach G was at Logan. Wish I could be there, but I am packing to go to Denver tomorrow morning. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. I am very proud of you. Have fun, Wriggly boy.
    Mrs. G

  • Kyle Bonagura

    It was a bunch of garbage plays, just waited to see if they were going to score.

  • Tom in Santa Rosa

    Halftime (or near halftime) Scores

    Redwood 7 – Heritage 7
    Fortuna 28 – Peidmont 7
    Casa Grande 24 – Concord 6
    Miramonte 21 – Del Norte 6

  • Porque

    Well Kyle, do you think Washinton can mount any offense tonight or is the Cal defense way bigger and tougher? I know their line is substantial and it looks like Green can’t be stopped.

  • Alviso

    Cal’s defense is superb.

    Should be, considering that they held De La Salle to it’s lowest scoring game this year (yes, I know Don Bosco Prep’s defense held them to the same score).

    Cal usually does have a better defense than they do offense.

  • Porque

    I don’t know Alviso, I was super impressed with their line and Green’s running power in the first half vs DLS. He just couldn’t be stopped in the first drive. I know adjustments were made by the DLS D for the second half and look what happened to their running game.

  • Alviso

    Oh I’m not saying that the offense isn’t good.

    But from what I’ve seen in past and present, defense has always been better.

  • Tom in Santa Rosa

    Heritage and Redwood still tied 7-7 at the end of the third.

  • Barr

    Nice job, Kyle. Keep up the good work. Go Grizzlies. Have a good Thanksgiving.

  • Frosh Coach

    Anymore updates on the Miramonte score?

  • Tom in Santa Rosa

    Casa Grande 31 – Concord 6, 5 minutes left in the 3rd.

  • Bill Pence


    Super job on the reporting! I am so proud of your accomplishments as a reporter! Keep up the great work!

    Mr. Pence
    Go Grizzlies!

  • Tom in Santa Rosa

    Heritage 14 – Redwood 7 / 5 Minutes left in the 4th

    Casa Grande 31 – Concord 12 / Start of the 4th

    Fortuna 28 – Piedmont 13 / 9 Minutes left in the 4th

  • Frosh Coach

    Any updates on the Miramonte game?

  • MChurch

    I just got home and turned on my computer…it’s 41-0!!I love reading how it happened. Thanks Kyle. I also love seeing the Mezz and Lucia from Aruba blogging. Only one blog from Samb tonight?
    Go Grizzlies!

  • Tom in Santa Rosa

    Final from Petaluma

    Casa Grande 38 – Concord 12

  • SalesianChieftan50

    Sorry, but does anybody know the score on the Middletown vs Clearlake game?

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Middletown won 34-7

  • SalesianChieftan50


  • JimGP20

    I love that Cal blasted Washington. Ken Wittmer is a poor excuse for a coach, and it’s great seeing someone run the score up on him since that’s what he likes to do to others. You reap what you sow, Ken.

  • EBAL Fan

    Nice call on Cal PHS —

  • PHS04

    cant be right all the time

  • jj

    Hey Kyle, have you heard anything about the all EBAL team yet?

  • Kyle Bonagura

    The All EBAL team won’t be released until after the NCS title game.

  • JJ


  • a&f#1fa

    what happened to that gaucho defense? offense?

  • eastbayscout

    Great game by Cal…they beat Wasington up at the line of scrimmage no doubt, washington had a few opportunites early on to keep game close but did not capitalize. cal a very physical team, they wore the huskies down…the superior depth really showed…

    JIMJP20…the staff has no problem with how cal played the game. they did not run the score up, but rather played for 4 quarters. the huskies try to model themselves after how the ebal plays for 4 quarters…the MVAL which i am guessing u are from continue to whine and complain when getting blown out…Washington said nothing when Logan whooped them last year 35-6 and through a half back option when up 28 points in the 4th quarter. hey coach the players to play hard and never back down…this is not pee-wee football when you are concerned for the other teams feelings…play good hard football for 4 quarters that is all we should expect from teams. especially doing it without starters in the game.

  • JimGP20

    Eastbayscout… When Washington played Kennedy, they were up 28-12 with less than a minute remaining in the game. They had the ball deep in Kennedy territory, and instead of taking a knee and running out the clock, they decided to try for another score, and succeeded, making the final, 35-12. Try to spin it which ever way you want, but that is running up the score. It is no wonder why Wittmer isn’t respected by any of the other teams in the MVAL.

  • eastbayscout

    Actually, Washington and Logan have a very good relationship between the teams. You might be right about the other teams in the MVAL, but Washington has always been the hated school among Fremont so nothing new there.

    There was bad blood between washington and Kennedy over the Ross thing, which has probably carried over on to this year. I guess that is expected when a player, Kennedy told his Freshman year would never play QB and was going to be a TE/CB. Now Ross is the #4 passer in the bay area and starting OLB at Washington, I would have some resentment too.

    But stop stirring the pot when nothing there. MVAL is trying to come together as a league, in order to grow more stronger. Evident my Swift getting Logan into the playoffs, eventhough he knew he probably wouldn’t get in. A very class thing to do. Everyone in the leagues was very excited to get 3 teams in again, not has good as showing as would have liked. (4 last year)…but with the whole league in D1 gonna be tougher transition for a few years since they are way under enrollment in comparision to other D1 teams. Only a few teams are even close in enrollment to other MVAL teams not including logan..

    But good for Kennedy in getting to the 2nd round, I hope they win again. Instead of squabling with teams in your league, worry about D3 opponents, because that is what Kennedy is and should be focused on. they have had a very good season.

  • JimGP20

    Eastbayscout…. Yes there was bad blood about the Ross situation, but it was Tommy Ross, not David. Tommy was a great receiver for Kennedy in 2005, but transferred in his senior year to Washington, but was ruled ineligible due to faulty paperwork. I am unaware of David Ross ever playing for the Titans even on JV.

  • I must give credit to Alex Celaya, the washington center. He held off the 6’4” 314lb #65 who was head up on him most of the game.The film is on cal highs web sight.Great year for the huskies.Also lets not forget there a very young team.

  • young sav

    somebodys team got thy shyt quaked tonite