Deer Valley vs. Berkeley – Live Blog

This is a Live blog of the North Coast Section Division I opening-round playoff game between No. 9 Deer Valley and No. 8 Berkeley.

No. 9 Deer Valley 24, No. 8 Berkeley 20  FINAL

  1 2 3 4 Score
No. 9 Deer Valley 14   3  7  0  24
No. 8 Berkeley  0  7  13  20



Final Thoughts: I just watched a video replay of the pass from Berkeley’s Anderson to Mooring and I don’t really know how the official made the juggling call. There was no way the offical could see around the receiver, but it looked like a clean catch on film.


Sorry. The blog cut out again. But Deer Valley picked up a first down and Berkeley is out of timeouts. This one is over! That was a huge juggling call and then a huge drop a couple plays before. This one done……….

BERK BALL 1-10-27own 3:26 to go: Galvin run up the left side and cuts back for a HUGE GAIN!! All the way into DV’s territory!! 1st-10-49 of DV…Galvin again and is stuffed…2nd-13-48own…TIMEOUT BERK with 2:36 to go….2nd-13-48own….Anderson throws it up deep to a wide open Norrise. He is so wide open a coverage is blown. The ball floats down and OFF HIS HANDS! WOW THAT WAS A TD FOR SURE!!! 4th-13-38….WOW DEEP BALL WAS CAUGHT DOWN SIDELINE BY MOORING BUT OFFICIAL SAYS HE JUGGLED IT AND IS RULED INCOMPLETE!! WOW THAT WAS A HUGE GAIN…. BALL BACK TO DV.

DV BALL 1st-10-25own 6:04 left: Anderson up the middle for a nice gain and moves the chains…1st-10-36own…Anderson again up the middle this time a short gain…2nd-9-37own…Run up the middle for a short gain. We are under 4:30 to go….3rd-4-42….Anderson to the left side blasted by Copeland short of the first down. What a hit…4th-1-44own…DV lines up to go for it but DELAY OF GAME CALLED!! WOW. 4th-6-39 now. DV Will line up to PUnt with 3:34 to go…Punt away….Berk ball

Berk kicks to DV: Anderson returns it to around the 25.

BERK BALL 1st-10-31 of DV 8:15 to go: Playaction and goes end zone on first play. It falls incomplete but roughing the QB is called and the momentum is changing!! That is a first down….1st-10-16 of DV…Galvin gets the carry and makes some serious jukes all the way to the 2-yard line!! 1st-G-2….Run up the middle to the 1 but flags go down….It is an illegal shift on Berkeley it will be 2nd-G-7….Galvin with the carry to the 2…3rd-G-2 with 7 minutes to go…Galvin up the gut for a gain of 1….HUGE PLAy HERE…4th-G-1….ANDERSON ON THE QB SNEAK AND IS JUST IN THE END ZONE!! TOUCHDOWN BERK!!! EXTRA POINT GOES WIDE LEFT AND IS NO GOOD!! WOW!! 24-20 DEER VALLEY WITH 6:11 TO GO!!!

DV BALL 1st-10-20own 8:55 left: Run left for a nice gain by Alexander…2nd-3-27…Run up the middle and a FUMBLE…I DIDN’T SEE WHO CARRIED IT BUT BERKELEY RECOVERS!!!

Berk kick to DV: Kick goes into the end zone. Touchback.

BERK BALL 1st-10-47own 11:00 left: Galvin makes a couple jukes and nearly breaks it but gets a first down. 1st-10-42 of DV….Galvin again finds some room for a good gain…2nd-5-37….Toss left to Bordenave will move the chains. 1st-10-30 DV….Run up the middle by Bordenave is stuffed pretty good…2nd-8-28 DV…Berkeley goes deep and connects…QB Anderson throws a perfect ball to Mooring in the corner of the end zone. TOUCHDOWN BERK!! 28 YARD TD PASS. KICK IS GOOD. Deer Valley 24, Berkeley 14 with 8:55 to go!!!

DV BALL 3rd-1-45own: Run up the middle gets stuffed. They are going to measure. It is really close. Here come the chains and it is just short. But one chain length. DV is going to go for it. 4th-1-46own….Whistles blow before the play and it is a false start on Deer Valley. That will bring on the punting unit….Punt gets away and Galvin makes a nice return up to Berk’s own 47 yard line. 11 minutes to go.

3rd Quarter—-DEER VALLEY 24, BERKELEY 7

DV BALL 1st-10-36own 58.9 seconds: Alexander with a nice run up the middle. 2nd-4-42….Alexander runs right and gets close to the first down…3rd-1-45own…..Thats the end of the third quarter.

BERK BALL: Sorry blog out again. But Berkeley is punting from its own 30 right now with 1:12 left in the third. Punt is away and bounces down to the 36 of Deer Valley.

DV BALL 1st-10-20own 7:35 left: QB Castillo forced out of the pocket and takes a coverage sack. This crowd is going nuts now. 2nd-14-16own….Run left to Alexander is stuffed….3rd-13-17own….Castillo goes doeep for Alexander and he makes a leaping catch all the way to the 43 of Berkeley to quiet the crowd. WOW! 1st-10-43 Berkeley…Collins with a run up the left side for a nice gain…2nd-3-35…Jackson up the middle to the 30 and a first down….1st-10-30berk…Jackson again up the middle for a short gain….2nd-7-27berk….A nice pass completed inside the 10 of Berkeley. This is a nice drive. A run up the middle and now it will be 2nd-G-5berk…False Start on Berkeley moves it back…2nd-G-10….CASTILLO’S PASS CAUGHT IN THE END ZONE FOR A TOUCHDOWN. EXTRA POINT IS GOOD AND A HUGE ANSWER BY DEER VALLEY. 24-7 DEER VALLEY WITH 2:40 LEFT IN THE THIRD.

Berk kickoff to DV: Kickoff bounces into the end zone. Berk trying to keep it away from the dangerous Alexander and they do this time.

DV BALL 1st-10-11own: Run right for a nice pickup. The DV line is getting a nice push. 2nd-4-17… Jackson with the carry and gets a first down…1st-10-24 own…Pass goes deep and it is broken up…2nd-10-24…Alexander with the carry and gets a nice gain to the 32….3rd-2-32own…Jackson with the carry and goes into the pile close to a first down. They will measure and it is a first down for DV. 1st-10-34own…Alexander with the carry for a yard…2nd-9-35…Run left and it will be third down…3rd-6-38….QB Cruz Castillo forced out of the pocket and has to throw it away…4th-6-38 … Flag down before the snap. False start on DV…4th-11-33 .. PUNT IS BLOCKED BY RICKEY GALVIN AND CAMERON FULLER SCOOPS IT UP AND GOES INTO THE END ZONE FOR A TD FOR BERKELEY. EXTRA POINT GOOD AND NOW WE HAVE A GAME. CROWD IS GOING NUTS…17-7 Deer Valley with 7:35 LEFT IN THE THIRD.

Berk to kickoff: DV’s Traysean Alexander returns the kick 78 yards for a TD but a holding call on Deer Valley brings it back.

SECOND QUARTER—-Deer Valley 17, Berkeley 0

SORRY BLOG WENT DOWN…We are at the half here….and it is 17-0 DV

BERK BALL 1st-10-37own with 1:49 to go in half: QB is sacked and timeout Berkeley with 1:34 to go…2nd-15-32 own…

DV BALL 1st-10-31own with 4:56 to go: Nice run up the middle. 2nd-4…Another run just short of the first down. 3rd-1-40 own with 4 minutes to go….Run up the middle again for a first down…1st-10-45own…Another run up the middle up to the 50…2nd-5-50…Sweep left for a couple but flags fly and this one will come back, holding on DV…2nd-14-41 own…QB scrambles and nearly sacked for a huge loss but gets to the outside and picks up some yards…3rd-12-43own…False start on DV will make it 3rd-17-37own with 2:13 to go….Screen goes for a 3-yard gain and DV will punt. Berk calls a timeout with 2 minutes to go….4th-15-39own…Punt downed at the 37 of Berk.

BERK BALL 1st-10-32own: Run up the middle is stuffed again. 2nd 8-34own. … A Berk player is down. That is Jamah Butler, one of the linemen….2nd-8-34own…A pass gets popped up in the air and Galvin hauls it in but is dropped for a loss….3rd-15-27own…A nice pass to Norrise but its just short of the first down. 4th-3-41own…The punt rolls out at the 31…

DV KICK TO BERK: Galvin a nice return to the 32.

DV BALL 1st-10-20 BERK: A run to hte right gets a yard. 2nd-9-19 with 8 minutes to go in the half….Busted play and the QB has to keep it and gets back to the line. 3rd-9-19 ..QB drops back and tries to scramble. He is tacked at the 14 and it is 4th-4-14 where DV will setup for a FG by No. 1 ….. Kick is up and right down the middle. THAT MAKES IT 17-0 DV with 6:42 LEFT IN THE HALF.

BERK 1st-10-44own: Galvin a nice run up to the 47 of Deer Valley. 2nd-1-47 of DV. A run up the left side and it will be a first down for Berkeley with 10:39 left in the half. 1st-10-39 of DV…..QB Anderson scrambles and is sacked for a huge loss…..2nd-26-46own….A run and now its 3rd.17 from 48 own…ANDERSON’S PASS IS PICKED OFF BY No. 3 of DV AND RETURNED TO BERK’S 20 YARD LINE.

BERK BALL 3rd-1-20own:  Missed a few plays but a personal foul penalty on Deer Valley gave Berkeley a first down.

FIRST QUARTER—Deer Valley 14, Berkeley 0

BERK BALL 1st-10-11own: A pair of Galvin runs don’t get much and the quarter ends. It will be about 3rd-6 for Berk at the 17

DV Kickoff to Berk: Kickoff returned to the 20 by Berkeley but a flag is down. Illegal block by Berkeley and it just keeps getting worse for the Yellowjackets.

DV BALL 1st-10-10BERK: Run up the middle is stuffed. 2nd-9-9…Pass floated up to No. 18 and he catches it in the end zone for a TD. TOUCHDOWN DV WITH 58.3 SECONDS LEFT IN THE FIRST QUARTER. SPECIAL TEAMS IS KILLING BERKELEY. KICK IS GOOD AND IT IS 14-0 DEER VALLEY.

Berk BALL 1st-10-25 own: A run gets stuffed for a short loss. 2nd-12-23 own…Bordenave up the middle for some good yards….3rd-6-29..playaction to Joseph Tomerlin for a big gain. Nice play. 1st-10-44own…Galvin up the middle for a few. 2nd-6-48…Galvin sweep left slips down as he gets into DV territory…3rd-2-48 of DV…Galvin tries the middle again and stuffed. It is 4th-2-48 and Berkeley is punting…. False start on Berkeley will back it up…4th-7-47own..THE SNAP IS HIGH AND OVER THE PUNTERS HEAD. HUGE PLAY. DV’S BALL AT BERKLEYS 10

BERK BALL 1st-10-49 of DV with 6:31: A pass over the middle is overthrown and it will be 2nd-10. Berkeley is coming out passing a bit more than usual….2nd-10-49 DV – Galvin gets stuffed for a loss and then an incomplete pass and Berkeley will punt it away.  DEER VALLEY’S #7 (sorry no roster right now) RETURNS THE PUNT 70 YARDS FOR A TOUCHDOWN DEER VALLEY! EXTRA POINT IS GOOD. 7-0 DV with 5:27 LEFT IN TH FIRST QUARTER

DV BALL 1st-10-11 own: Run up the middle for a few. 2nd-8-13…DV run up the left side….3rd-5 from 16….Pass goes incomplete and DV will have to punt it away with 6:43 left in the first quarter. The punt goes to about the 49 of DV where Berkeley will take over.

BERK BALL: OK, we got a bit of a late start here. Berkeley received the kickoff and has the ball at its own 23. A first play pass call was incomplete. Now just a run up to the 30-yard line, where it will be 3rd-5. Galvin up the left side for big yardage to the 42. 1st-10 Berk from own 42…QB Ian Anderson completes a pass to Morris Norrise to DV’s 48. 1st-and-10. Galvin gets the carry up to DV’s 44…2nd-6..Galvin gets the carry and is stuffed for a loss of 2. 3rd-8….Pass complete from QB Anderson to Norrise again. First down at DV’s 30. 1st-10-30 of DV..Galvin up the left side for a couple…2nd-6-26….Galvin sweep right and gets a couple. Flags go down and its a hold on Berkeley. 2nd-18-38…Pass goes incomplete…3rd-18-38 of DV..Pass deep but receiver falls down and the punting unit comes on…Punt away and a fair catch around the 12.


  • Matt

    hey Mike, what do you think Berkeley’s half time adjustments will be? sounds like their offense hasn’t gotten going and those special teams mistakes made them pay

  • Porque

    Mike, does it look like Berkeley is way out of their class with DV and the “bigger schools?” I know they didn’t look good last year in the first round. They were far outclassed and I’m afraid it looks like the same thing this year.

  • Matt

    I think Berkeley will come out stronger defensively in the second half. their game against James Logan earlier this year was close and JL has a high enrollment (almost 4000). Berkeley plays close with teams in their division like Logan this year and DV last year in the regular season because of their style of play. Against DLS in the playoffs.. well thats another story

  • Matt

    also against other D1 teams they’ve gotten blown out against Pittsburg 35-12 and shut out, so far, tonight

  • Michael Bower

    Sorry guys, I had to let Jimmy Durkin start his story for the newspaper since he is on a tight deadline tonight. But I think Berkeley just needs to calm down and realize there is still another half of football. The defense is playing fine. The offense needs to stick with the run and the special teams can’t afford to make anymore mistakes. I wouldn’t say Berk is way out of DV’s class. It was more of Berkeley just killing themselves and giving up huge special teams plays.

  • Matt

    cool thanks Mike. its all good; at least the blog didnt crash like it did last year for Cal/Logan right before the game ended lol

  • Michael Bower

    hahaha, don’t speak too soon!

  • Matt

    all right special teams picking it up

  • pitthighfan

    Congrats to DV, Freedom and Heritage….all BVAL wins! Way to go…

  • Michael Bower

    I should add that even with the video I couldn’t 100 percent see if it was a catch at the end for Berkeley.