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Be sure to join us at 4 p.m. here on the blog for our weekly high school football chat. We’ll cover everything you’d like to know about this week’s playoff games, and Chace will share tales from the Lost Coast after taking in a doubleheader last weekend.

We’ll embed the chat here on the blog, so this is the only page you need to visit.


  • In reviewing your live chat today, I can’t believe that nobody is willing to pick SRV to repeat their victory over MV on Friday Night. Granted, MV will be well-prepared but in case no one was watching last week, SRV destroyed a pretty good SL team. Also, in the last game between the two it is true that MV got hit with quite a few penalties but so did SRV. The bottom line is you have to execute to get the ball in the end zone in HS football. MV clearly did not. By the way, as a reader of the SRV Times, it is clearly apparent that the staff writers favor MV over SRV rather than being fair and objective on coverage for these two competitive Danville teams. It is time to be fair to SRV and the accomplishments of their athletes. BTW, be prepared, after a re-loading year next year, SRV will be a team to be seriously respected for years to come since they have a dynamite freshman class that many believe will give De La Salle a run for the money. Stay tuned…

  • Prep Fan

    The SRV freshman did beat DLS this year, but lost to Cal, MV and I believe Amador and finished in 4th place at 4-3 in EBAL play behind DLS, MV and Cal. Just like the frosh, the SRV varsity had a great preseason and beat the weak teams like Livermore and Granada fairly easily. But the MV win, as huge as it was, came on the heels of losing 3 in a row to Cal, Foothill and DLS. I don’t see the Times favoring MV over SRV at all. It is just that when MV has a better season it might appear that way. Last season it was all SRV all the time (excet for the one loss to MV), as they cruised to the NCS 3A championship.

  • Hawaii

    MY had 427 yards of offense last time, SR wont stop MV again and this time MV finds the endzone…… alot. MV 42- Sr 21

  • junior

    “they have a dynamite freshman class that many believe will give De La Salle a run for the money. Stay tuned…”

    yea, many SRV parents

  • John

    Yeah, if there Freshman class is that good half of them will be going to DeLa by the time they are seniors anyway!!