Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • john

    Yeah that game was pathetic!! On a more important note here are the matchups for the GLamour boys in D1 playoffs and some food for thought:

    DLS vs. DV
    QB Wayne vs. Castillo
    Analyst: two effiecient QB’s running there respective offense very well.
    Projection: Wayne just make sure he doesn’t fumble too many snaps. Castillo needs to shock the world!!
    Advantage: Wayne

    MV vs. SRV
    QB Nottingham vs. Southwick
    Analyst: two premiere QB’s playing with footballs sure to be flying.
    Projection: Can anyone slow down Southwick. Will Coach Bergman help out his junior QB with some runs or will he throw him to the WOLVES again!!
    Advantage: Southwick however chance of a lifetime for Nottingham to be the KING of his own turf.

    Foothill vs. Freedom
    QB Mannion vs. Rodriguez
    Analyst: two excellent QB’s just a notch below the Danville Duo.
    Projection: Who will throw into coverage and come away with the picks will have a tough game.
    Advantage: Even, Mannion a little edge with his arm Rodriguez can make it happen with both throwing and running.

    Pittsburgh vs. Cal
    QB’s Lewis vs. Stompro
    Analyst: two good Qb’s with stats equal to some of the top tier just much less passing opportunities.
    Projection: Who will manage the game better or who will win the game is the question. Both teams run the ball first and play defense.
    Advantage: Even, will one of these QB’s step up and move to the next level?
    Should be some exciting football this weekend.

  • Hawaii

    Good post,
    DLS wins
    MV wins
    Pitt Cal Toss up, turnover’s decide
    Foothill-Freedom Game decided by Foothill’s ability to stop Freedom’s qb fron running for key first downs. They have faced plenty of good arms in EBAL this year


    Tough one picking DLS!!!

    MV wins, Cal wins…last years win at Pitt set the tone for the future…..

    Foothill wins as Sweeney will bring them ready..

    That being said, would not be shocked in the least if Freedom, Pitt and SRV all won…great games..

    Happy T-Day all, signing off from Palm Springs!!!!!!

  • young sav

    did san leandro play newark last night in basketball


    One more thing…Jimmy, Hoose, Mike and Kyle, thanks for continuing to fight the battle for what is right in prep sports coverage. The old war horses appreciate the effort in keeping alive everything we fought for….I know it’s not easy and more frustrating than ever before, but keep the faith.

  • Steve R. Waterhouse

    NCS Foundation Game from Tuesday night:

    Newark Memorial 70, San Leandro 58

    San Leandro 13 15 7 23—-58
    Newark 19 16 18 17-—70

    San Leandro _ Davis 2 0-0 4, Thompson 0 3-6 3, Owens 2 1-4 5, Avnas 3 1-2 7, Gaines 2 0-0 2, Young 5 0-0 11, Cunningham 6 11-15 26. Totals 20 15-32 58.

    Newark _ Clark 0 8-10 8, Norris 4 0-0 11, Sankey 5 3-6 13, Kobori 4 1-2 9, Byrd 1 2-2 4, Randle 1 2-2 4, McCall 3 5-6 12, Ezeofor 3 2-7 8. Totals 21 23-35 70.