As We See’Em — Playoffs Week 2

Here we go….

NCS Division-I

Game Bonagura Bower Durkin Waterhouse Consensus
7 SRV at 2 Monte Vista MV  SRV MV MV  
8 Deer Valley at 1 DLS DLS  DLS DLS DLS  
6 Cal at 3 Pittsburg Cal  Cal Pitt Cal  
5 Freedom at 4 Foothill Foothill  Foothill Foothill Foothill  

NCS Division-II

Game Bonagura Bower Durkin Waterhouse Consensus
8 Heritage at 1 Cardinal Newman Newman  Newman Newman Newmann  
7 Casa Grande at 2 Clayton Valley CV  CV CV CV  
12 Ygnacio Valley at 4 Campolindo Campo  Campo Campo Campo  
6 Las Lomas at 3 Rancho Cotate RC  RC Cotate RC  

NCS Division-III

Game Bonagura Bower Durkin Waterhouse Consensus
9 Kennedy at 1 Encinal Encinal Encinal  Encinal Encinal  
7 Healdsburg at 2 Miramonte Miramonte Miramonte  Miramonte Miramonte  
5 Marin Catholic at 4 O’Dowd MC BOD  O’Dowd O’Dowd  
11 Fortuna at 3 Novato Novato  Novato Novato Novato  

NCS Division-IV

Game Bonagura Bower Durkin Waterhouse Consensus
3 Salesian at 2 Middletown Middy  Middy Middy Middy  
4 Justin-Siena at 1 Ferndale Ferndale  Ferndale Ferndale Justin-Siena  

NCS Division-V

Game Bonagura Bower Durkin Waterhouse Consensus
4 South Fork at 1 St. Vincent St. V  St. V St. V St. V  
2 St. Elizabeth at 3 Tomales St. Liz  Tomales St. Liz Tomales  

Silver Bowl

Game Bonagura Bower Durkin Waterhouse Consensus
2 Fremont vs 1 Castlemont Castlemont  Castlemont Castlemont Fremont  

Agree? Disagree? Let us know!

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • Michael Bower

    I can’t believe I am the only one to take SRV, especially after a 26-7 win by the Wolves in the first meeting. I couldn’t pick against Southwick. He is 5-0 in big-stage games…

  • Kyle Bonagura

    All three of the Division-I games (other than the one featuring Deer Valley) are coin flips…

  • PHS04

    I guess Durkin is the brains of the operation. haha

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Says the guy who picked San Leandro and Washington haha

  • PHS04

    those were prayers

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Didn’t want a rematch with Cal?

  • Michael Bower

    Cal has just been playing great. That was the toughest pick for me to make, though.

  • PHS04

    A rematch with Cal is perfect, I mean from a game stand point, this game will define their season, not another thumping of a school like berkeley

  • SalesianChieftan50

    On the way to middletown now.. I beg to differ with the predictions because I think it’s going to be a very close game.. Like I said before, we were missing all of our starting DB’s that week, and we moved up a new sophomore QB who has been starting for a while and has been throwing very well, so we’ll just see what happens this time around

  • The picks look good. I only have a couple of changes. I like:

    Pitt over Cal in D1
    Casa for an upset win @ Clayton in D2
    MC over BOD in D3
    D4 looks good.
    D5 looks good.

    We will see soon enough. Are you guys on the air tonight? Whats the phone #?

  • Good luck Chieftan. Middletown is tough though. It should be a battle. Watchout for their deep WR threat Galusha.

  • pittthighfan

    With SL,Logan and Washington in Div1 out of the picture, I guess ( no pun intended,guys!) the BANG reporters making predictions on this board, have nothing else to bet on but on EBAL teams, with the exception of Durkin (he’s the brave one! and most likely the winner!). There’s been a lot of ruffled feathers by the tough chatter in the Pitt-Cal blog fights both in Norcalpreps and CCTimes which lately had focused on issues THAT HAVE NO BEARING ON THE GAMES. Imagine, NCP now has 51 chatter exchanges w/c indicates the really hot interest on tomorrow’s games. So, expect Pitt to be really, really hot tomorrow night. This will be settled tomorrow night. Many predict a close fight but the score, in my opinion, won’t be that close. I’m not wavering on my Pitt 35 vs Cal 14 prediction….a statement will be made. See you tomorrow; good luck with parking if you come to the games.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    I was going to pick Pitt, but after watching Cal last week against Washington I got swayed back to Cal.

    Pittfan- I definitely wouldn’t be surprise if Pitt won, but I would be shocked if the Pirates won by 21. De La Salle and Bellevue are both better teams than Pitt and both those teams only could beat Cal by 7. What reasoning to you have for that big a spread considering Cal is coming off a 41-0 win and and 7-point loss to DLS?

    I won’t be out there, but I gotta say, Pitt High is my favorite venue in the area.

  • Hawaii

    Pitt has played one tough opponet and lost, will see what happens? They are good no doubt but if you keep it close or have a lead, you are good shape because Pitt usually wears down late.

  • Hawaii

    As for SR-MV, SR didnt stop MV last time, MV stopped themselves, this time they won’t and another 427 yards of offense will lead to 42 points. MV 42 – SR 21

  • Hawaii

    Foothill Freedom, just for fun because neither is big enough up front to run their normal packages next week against DLS. Foothill can outcoach EBAl teams that are bigger than them, See wins versus CAl and SR as proof. But against DLS; Cal, SR and MV match up better with their size and experience on their lines.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Hawaii, Freedom is good and Pitt dominated them. And they beat Sacred Heart Cathedral and Burbank-Sac out of NCS, two good teams as well.

    I also think the SRV defense is playing too well right now to give up 42 points. I still think MV will pull it out, but I think it will be close.

  • Hawaii


    You are a sharp guy,no doubt. But SR gave up 427 yards to MV last time, That’s a lot for HS Football. MV finds the endzone this time. Southwick is very, very good! but MV wins this one, by three scores.

  • pittthighfan

    Just as a longtime gamewatcher for Pitt, I know Cal fought tough games with Bellevue and DLS this year, but Cal’s resiliency in the Bellevue game seemed about shorthanded—the comeback was either a bit too late or not too convincing. Pitt’s resiliency is battle-tested to WIN THE GAME AT THE END. Pitt always comeback with a win except they ran out of time in the MV game. And, with DLS, it’s no secret that Pitt this year will MATCH CLOSELY with DLS strength–maybe because the DLS team this year is NOT THAT SPECTACULAR. I’ve watched the Cal-Washington game TV highlights, Leroy Green and Reggie Davis are good runners and receivers but the touted tough OLines wouldn’t match up with the PITT D. Don’t get me wrong, the PITT D are not HUGE as they are projected except for a couple of 300 pounders, BUT ITS THEIR STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING that makes them strong. The shutdown corners are stellar speed runners and Cal receivers WOULD BE LUCKY TO EVEN BE ABLE TO CATCH THE PASS.
    I have no ax to grind about Washington and props to their league game, but the stronger BVAL teams, Freedom, DV, Heritage and Antioch ( other than Pitt) would win over them had they met, so that cannot be a good measure for Cal to even dominate Pitt.
    That’s my personal perspective as a fan; I do respect your predictions but if Calpreps can be a more objective mathematical measure, they do pick Pitt over Cal, don’t they? Well, in the next 26 hrs or se we will know.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Hawaii – It’s a lot for HS football, but Monte Vista also had less yards against SRV than any of its other games all year. Including the tough D’s of DLS, Pitt and Cal.

    Pittfan- I haven’t seen Pitt so most of what you’re saying I’ll just take your word for it, but the on thing I’ll sharply disagree with is what you said about the Cal O-line not matching up with the Pitt D. The Cal O-Line is very, very good and is about as well conditioned a unit as the area has. Lucky to catch a pass? Come’on man thats a stretch!

    I definitely agree about Washington not being that great a team, but its better than Heritage and Anitoch (DV only beat Wash by 1 point).

    As for the Calpreps stuff, I love Calpres. Might be my favorite website, but even its saying Pitt by 5, not by 21. And also, its only right about 75% of the time with its picks, so those numbers mean it’ll get one of the four games wrong in D-I.

    It has DLS, Foothill, MV and Pitt.

    Thanks for chimin in guys, out to Monte Vista now!

  • Dboy925

    Jus curious to know wat game u were watching wen this Pitt team wore down toward the end of the game? It couldent have been against Sacred Heart, Monte Vista, Burbank, or Deer Valley. So wat game was it that this Pitt team got tired and wore down. The Cal oline is very good, but i think the Pitt D as a whole will matchup just fine, if not better. I guess there nothing left to do, but wait for what is easily the most anticipated match up this week.

  • Pitt01

    comin from pitt im a big supporter of the program..even coached there 5 of the last 7 years..reading these blogs that pitt people have been leaving has been sad..not all of them..but the 1’s puttin other teams down is a joke..i will say that this pitt team is very different from the past few teams in the sense that the kids really r buying into doin the right things where in the past that wasnt the case..the games are settled on the field and i believe this team wants 2 prove the doubters wrong..pitt 28 cal 21

  • luvsportsmed09

    There’s no way Pittsburg is going to beat Cal!
    I find it kind of comical. oh and by the way we have some recovered players to go against your “HUGE” PITT D! we dont need to talk up our team to convince others we’ll win 🙂

  • SalesianChieftan50

    We’re going to the championship!! On thebus home right now, final score Salesian 22-21! Hell of a game

  • E

    congrats salesian. i would venture to say you guys wont be driving up to watch the Ferndale game tomorrow haha


    Pitt01….nothing but respect for your team, coaches and alumni…a top-notch program across the board!!!


    SRV BEATS MV!!! At the end of the day, the Silver Spoon got caught in the throats of the Mustangs yet again. Congrats to the Wolves who play with a chip on the shoulder against MV and it’s paying off. Bergie and Babs need to get out of Prima Donna High!

  • E

    any updates on games/more info on the MV SR game

  • Chieftan – Congrats on the huge win. Your boys never gave up and put together a great drive at the end when it counted to get the game winning field goal. To go on a 2hr road trip and beat a team like Middletown who has made the playoffs 10 out of the last 12 years winning 3 NCS championships is huge. A couple of years ago people were saying, “well they (salesian) should win this division, they have Javid Best”. Those same people are saying, “this is a great, well coached, complete TEAM”. Your team has certainly won this fan’s respect. Congrats Again.

  • Prep Fan

    The Pirates should win tonight. They are undefeated in their league, and playing at home against a 4th place team that has 4 losses. A loss to Cal would be a huge statement that the EBAL is a better league than the BVAL, and Pitt would not want to face that happening on their home turf 2 years in a row. Especially after losing to Monte Vista at home earlier this season. No, Pitt really needs this in order to validate their season. They need to show they can beat a mid level EBAL team at home before even trying to think they could take on DLS.

  • PHS04

    i told you guys Durkin was the brains of this operation, and i know, so how much did Green rush for tonight??

  • Kyle Bonagura

    haha you were right. I have no problem admitting that. He only went for 45 yards on 15 carries.

    Congrats to Pitt!

    Pittsburg 17, California 9
    California 0 2 7 0 – 9
    Pittsburg 7 7 0 3 – 17

    P – Dargan 21 run (Villagrana kick)
    P – Dargan 6 run (Villagrana kick)
    C – Safety, Clark kneeled in end zone
    C – Zwarg 42 pass from Stompro (Collins kick)
    P – Villagrana 42 FG
    Individual statistics
    Rushing: C – Green 15-45, Stompro 2-17, Javier 3-11, Goetting 1-2. Totals 21-75. P – Dargan 15-116, Flowers 14-47, Jiles 1-20, Palega 3-11, Patterson 2-1, Wiles 1-1, Lewis 2-(-2). Totals 38-194.
    Passing: C – Stompro 10-28-2 139, Kaehler 1-1-0 9. Totals 11-29-2 148. P – Lewis 14-20-1 107.
    Receiving: C – Zwarg 7-104, Green 3-35, Sarmenta 1-9. P – Jiles 4-45, Adan 3-22, Sims 2-24, Flowers 2-9, Young 2-6, Dargan 1-1.
    Fumbles/lost: California 2/1, Pittsburg 0/0.
    Records: California 7-5, Pittsburg 10-1.

  • PHS04

    lol how do you kneel in the endzone on your own after a pick for a safety

  • Dboy925

    luvsportsmed09 Says:
    November 28th, 2008 at 7:33 pm
    There’s no way Pittsburg is going to beat Cal!
    I find it kind of comical. oh and by the way we have some recovered players to go against your “HUGE” PITT D! we dont need to talk up our team to convince others we’ll win

    HOW STUPID DO YOU REALLY FEEL. I dont wanna here how Pitt barely won, the fact of the matter is you said Cal wouldent dominate and they were far from that. As for those recovered players, well, they must have done pretty close to nothing. Green 15 carries for 45 yards. So much for that amazing run game that Pitt couldent stop. You know wat luvsportsmed09 i am putting your posting restriction. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO POST UNTIL CAL WINS ANOTHER FOOTBALL GAME!!! You still find this game COMICAL!!! Defence wins championships and Ooooo do those Pirates Play “D”

  • Got2go

    Pitt defense was very impressive tonight. They keyed on Green and only gave up 1 big play through the air. The db’s were beaten on more than one occasion though and they’ll get torched by SRV if they don’t adjust.

  • Dboy925

    I agree with you completely Got2go. Even though those amazing Pitt DB’s shouldent be gettin beat at all, they do need to make some adjustments. I think there gunna focus in extremely well this week and have a great game against SRV. With no real run game evident they know that the ball is goin to be in the air.

  • Got2go

    The safeties weren’t helping out the corner’s much tonight. If they play 1 on 1 against SRV it won’t be pretty.

  • PHS04

    i sure liked the hit Dargan put on Stompro.. MVP of the game hands down…

  • coachdawgg

    chieftian 50 who are your coaches and what are they like?

  • Good Luck Salesian and My St Liz Mustangs, we may be small.But we make BIG NOISE!!!!!!