Kennedy-Encinal game preview

Encinal High football coach Joe Tenorio knows all too well about taking teams lightly in the North Coast Section playoffs.

As a No. 3 seed in last year’s 2A field, he watched his Jets fall to No. 7 Campolindo 28-8 in the East Bay semifinals.

“We took Campo for granted,” Tenorio said.

This year, the Jets are trying to prove their perfect regular-season record (10-0) was no fluke as they host No. 9 Kennedy-Fremont in the Division III quarterfinals tonight at 7.

“Kennedy is here and is for real,” Tenorio said. “They’re better than six or seven teams we’ve played this year.”

Tenorio has a point. The top-seeded Jets, who had a first-round bye because only 15 teams showed up for the NCS seeding and at-large meeting in the 16-team field, plays in what is considered a not-so-strong Bay Shore Athletic League.

The league’s second-place team, Piedmont, got bounced in the first round of the Division III playoffs with a 35-13 loss to Fortuna. The third-place team, St. Patrick-St. Vincent, was eliminated in the first round of the Division IV playoffs by Justin-Siena 34-19.

The Jets blew through the BSAL, led by an offense that averaged 343.8 yards and 42.6 points per game. They also boasted the best defense, yielding 150.3 yards and 8.8 points per game.

Offensively, they’re balanced. Quarterback Jonathan Brown has thrown for 960 yards with 19 touchdowns and only four interceptions. His top target has been Xavier Milton, who has 26 catches for 594 yards and 12 TDs.


On the ground, Dominique Sashington rumbled his way for 659 yards and eight touchdowns. He averaged 7.9 yards per carry.

“Thing of it is, they got a potent offense,” Kennedy coach Pete Michaletos. “The key is to keep the ball away from them. Ball control will be an important part of the game.”

And that starts with Kennedy’s bread and butter — the ground game.

The Titans (6-5) boast two of the Mission Valley Athletic League’s top running backs in Jerrell Walker (1,104 yards) and Dane Dismuke (1,070).

And the player who gets overlooked most of the time is quarterback Trevor Damewood. He’s mobile and can pass at times, but it’s his leadership that is key.

“The guy keeps it all together,” Michaletos said. “He does a great job with that. He’s a field general, a smart football person. A lot of times he gets into the discussion about play calling. He’s got that leadership quality you’ve got to have.”

A week ago, the Titans claimed their first NCS win in school history with a 34-9 victory over No. 8 El Cerrito. The Titans blew the game open with a 20-point fourth quarter — two touchdowns by Dismuke and one by Damewood.

“Emotions are high,” Michaletos said. “Everyone is excited. This is something that hasn’t happened before. The community deserves it. Sometimes Kennedy gets pushed into a corner.”


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  • JimGP20

    Like I said before…. no class. Not from the announcer, and not from you guys. I will be reading these columns with interest in the next weeks to see how you guys react when the Jets get grounded.

  • guru-black

    jimgp20 i’ve been telling all week u didnt have the man power. wat on film made u think u had a chance? not walker i hope cause he looked like he didnt even want b out there the way he was runnin.

  • If they lose to a better team, are out played and out coached I will tip my hat to the winners and say good job. Not whine and make excuses about hurt players bad calls and the weather being to cold.

  • JimGP20

    Yeah the Benny Hill music was approprite, huh? You have a grown man making fun of kids playing a game. Very mature. Also, if any of you think that coach Micheletos isn’t a class act, then you have no idea what class is.

  • JimGP20

    Novato jet fan…. you have selective reading. I gave all the credit to the Jets.

  • guru-black

    jimgp20 u keep reading will keep playin. tell coach michaletos loved his defensive game plan. also who is your offensive coordinator?

  • guru-black

    jimgp20 where’s dizzy?

  • JimGP20

    I don’t know who dizzy is. Sorry.

  • JimGP20 just because a coach has been at one place for 40 years does not make him a class act. The game has changed 20 years ago the fighting on the field the trash talking was put up with not anymore…. There is a new breed of coaches young that demand respect from the kids on and off the field coaches like the Jets coach who played there and came back to give back like the Novato coach who played at Novato came back to run the program to mold young men. In the process they have developed winning programs just a little food for thought

  • guru-black

    jimgp20 y did u play man 2 man?

  • guru-black

    jimgp20 football is a young mans game.

  • guru-black

    jimgp20 i’ll give u credit for showing up after that massacre but dizzy u got no guts.

  • JimGP20

    Novato Fan…. If you want to know anything about Coach Mike (which you obviously don’t), ask the various other coaches around in the NCS who he mentored. There are numerous ones to ask. He is a well respected coach who deserves the respect he gets. You are looking at the game tonight with blue colored glasses on. There was unsportsmanlike play going on, on both sides of the line of scrimmage. At one point, there were 2 Encinal players wrestling with Damewood, while the official stood there looking and did nothing. Your team is just as culpable for the game getting out of hand as anyone.

  • guru-black

    damewood was tryin to carry out his option fake that’s y he got hit nothing dirty about that. coach mike game plan was horrible and u know it jimgp20 dont lie.

  • guru-black

    jimgp20 you know coach mike was out coached tonight.

  • JimGP20 I think the game film should be sent to the CIF/NCS offices let them review it and make the determination. I was coached not to fight back because it is always the second hit by the second guys that gets caught so if it was the Jets it still comes down to the coaches not taking care of business. O by the way I learned that from the coaches at Encinal where I played and for the one time I did get flagged for unsportsman like conduct I got the privlege of running after the game..

  • Guru,Jimgp20 have a good night time for me to hit the sack 2 more big games tomorrow I will be at the Novato games you can get updates @http://ncsnbl.com/index.html

  • JimGP20

    Guru… get a grip. I never said Coach Mike wasn’t outcoached.

    Novato jet… I too hope that the game film is sent to the NCS. I think it will prove you wrong.

  • guru-black

    jimgp20 good nite my friend & i’ll always remember the titans! 56-8

  • guru-black

    titandad where those the corners ur talkin about? i hope not. jfk titan#55 & dizzy wat happen to the defense 56 points?

  • hsfootballfan

    Novato fan…what games are you attending today? MC or will you be at the Novato game?

  • I will be at the Novato game until 3 I need to be at a suprise party for my dad in Hayward by 4. If I can I will pull off the free way and check the BOD score on my way there

  • what about you hsfootballfan ?

  • hsfootballfan

    I have to work, so I was hoping someone from the network would be at the MC game so I can get updates..Not enough MC fans on the network…Not enough MCAL fans on the network 🙁

  • true I will ask my daughter if see has any friends going to the game Iknow 2 of her friend attend MC

  • hsfootballfan

    Maybe, if they go, they can text you and then you forward it…may not have enough time to register on the network.

  • Bishop O Dowd Fri 09/12 Thompson Field (Alameda, CA) Alameda (CA) 3-7 -10.7 7-4 14.3 Alameda Contra Costa II North I Won, 48-0

    Bishop O Dowd Sat 09/20 Home Kennedy (Fremont, CA) 6-6 7 3-7 -5.4 Mission Valley III North II Won, 35-14
    Fri 11/28 Home Kennedy (Fremont, CA)

    Encinal 11/28/2008 III Playoffs 6-6 7 3-7 -5.4 Mission Valley III North II Won, 56-8

    Encinal Fri 09/05 Thompson Field Encinal(Alameda, CA) Alameda (CA) 3-7 -10.7 7-4 14.3 Alameda Contra Costa II North I Won, 38-10

    Above are the two teams that BOD and Encinal have played in common given the margin of victory and the time of season the games where played if the two meet I would say atleast on paper Encinal would be the favorite

  • hsfootballfan

    Maybe the Encinal fans can shout out the score, you know they will be scouting the game!!

  • hsfootballfan that is what I was thinking

  • Buzz Lightbeer

    I’ll be at the Novato game, but can check in with my buddy whose son in on the MC frosh team – they’ll be there.

    who should I text?

  • TitanAlumni

    First of all, I would like to tip my hat to the Encinal Jets. They played a great game. They have one of the most potent offenses I have seen this year. They whipped our butts on both sides of the field. However, that being said, there are some things that I have read on here that I feel need to be responded to.

    In response to Coach Mike and his lack of controlling his team, that is completely wrong. I played for the man and have remained close to him over the years. One thing that he has instilled in all of his players during his 44 year career is that you respect game and the opponent that you are facing. NovatoFan wants to make comments about the his lack of leadership and that just being he has been somewhere for so long that doesn’t make him a class act. Thats ridiculous. Let me ask you this, why is it that a majority of his players still come back and see him when they get the chance and why is it that they all see him as a secondary father figure in their lives. He is one of the most respected coaches in Northern California. Why don’t you ask Coach Sira at Amador or Coach Swift at Newark or the De Anza College, to name a few, about what kind of class act Coach Mike is? If you had been at the game, you might have known that Coach Mike pulled his team to the sideline after the ejections and told his team, coaches included, that if there was anymore trash talking going, he would yank whoever it was off the field and throw them off the team.

    Also in response to NovatoFan, the offensive coordinator has been coaching the game for about 50 years and has coached with some of the greatest coaches in the history of the game. He has forgotten more football than you will ever know. Unless you are related to Bill Walsh or anyone close to his level, I think you better keep quiet.

    With regards to the sportsmanship on the field. NovatoFan, if I remember right, you said you weren’t at the game. You said you talked to one of the officials, right? (sarcasm) If so, you have no business commenting on the conduct on the field, because you weren’t there to see it. The sportsmanship was bad on both sides. It was happening during the entire game. The officials allowed it to get out of hand. Damewood got ejected because he earlier he had been clearly hit with a cheap shot after a play had already ended and the official stood there and did nothing. Then, he was getting pounded and thrown into the ground by two defenders, again after the play had ended, what a classy move by undefeated team. Cheap shots and plays like that can take away from the season they are having. Damewood lost his temper, just like most kids would have done in that situation. I think that we as adults need to realize that these players are just kids and sometimes it is sometimes hard for them to control their emotions, especially if and when they feel they are being cheap shotted.

    With regards to the NCS reviewing the film, I hope that NCS Commissioner Gil Lemmon personally looks at it and sees that the officials lost control of the game early on. I am not saying that why the Titans lost the game. I never believe that poor officials will cause a team to lose. But I do think that the head official in the game is too old to be calling an NCS playoff game. He had no clue what he was doing out there. I believe that once the film is reviewed, the suspension will hold up and Encinal will be playing next week with one less man. Sorry that way it goes. If JFK had won, they would be preparing to play without Damewood and not praying that the NCS reversed its policy.

    Guru-black, I have been a A’s fan for as long as I can remember and I think it is going to be weird when they move out to Fremont. But Oakland has no one to blame but themselves for the team leaving. The team gave them plenty of time to come up with a stadium plan and the city said no. So if you want to blame anymore for what the owners are doing, blame the city.

    That being said, I wish the jets the best of luck next week, against either O’Dowd or Marin Catholic. I think that O’Dowd will beat Marin Catholic then beat Encinal. I think that O’Dowd hits too hard for the Jets and as good as their QB is, he will have a tough time getting passes off.

  • guru-black

    titanalumni o’dowd hits to hard? r u kidding me! just came from there game #46 martin was on his back all game. ask walker or damewood they’ll tell u who hits to hard.

  • O’Dad

    Martin was on his back the whole game, huh? About 15-18 tackles with some big hits. This shi*s over as of now- mediocre wanna be s tryin to make a name for themselves by puttin Chris down with lies. Bring it on , baby. All of you. I can arrange a little one on one time on the field. If you happen to do well, I’ll have him give you some tickets to one of his games in a couple years.

  • Joey

    BOD and JFK fans your season is over, deal with it. =)

  • norcalfootball

    Just wanted to comment on the sportmanship issues…it is DEFINITELY an “official” problem. Today in Novato a Fortuna player grabbed, an would not let go, of a face mask and continued to hold on after the play ended. The Novato player was tugging and finally had to grab his hand and punch his arm to make him let go. No call by the refs.


    i Coaches a freshmen team for kenndey high school 05 06.we won a championship. we had david ross (wahsington QB as of now) jon fullbright (a Rb and Db) that was a outstanding player plays for milpitas now who is just GREAT! we had bobby Glove (Fb LB) bets i ever seen and never gave up. RObert Lucas a mian recvier for a freshmen team that was on recvier to catch balls frm trevor damewood but lucas had good hieght good speed but has not played since. Saia Vaka a tongan line backer who could make tackels being his size. Filipo mati soman bull dozer WHO CAN LAY SOME 1 OUT AND NOT FEEL BAD BOUT IT! Nickolas Edwards was not a big factor on field but made people better played a back up at pretty much everything on offense besides O-Line startd at reciver couple games though good hieght and could make plays on Defense. all these players were not on the enciel team cuz grades or left the school. netx year if all the players work hard they could go all way to NCS if we had freshmen team we had 05 06 playin against encniel it be bad cause those best kids i ever coached!!!! They get thier head stright play thier senior year they could be best team kenndey ever had!