Live blog: De La Salle vs. Deer Valley

Well, a couple thoughts. First of all, the state Division I title game picture got a bit of a shake-up tonight with Oak Grove losing to Valley Christian. I think the main question is now will Grant run the table and be awarded a spot it lost out on two years ago? Now that the WCAL teams are knocking each other off in the CCS Open Division, it could open the door for a team like Bellarmine to re-emerge as well.

As far as the NCS goes, the East Bay acquitted itself quite well today. Miramonte, Clayton Valley, and Salesian all beat teams from the north. Now, if Novato holds up its end of the bargain, it will set up a big time matchup in Novato next week between the Hornets and Matadors. Also, Clayton Valley gets to host either Rancho Cotate or Las Lomas. Either way, that’ll be a good one. And, in Division IV, a possible final between Salesian and Ferndale looms. I was there a couple years ago when Salesian won its first ever NCS football title at Ferndale’s expense. Something tells me Ferndale will be looking to get revenge.

That’s all from here tonight. Hope you enjoyed it. I’ll be at the Pittsburg-California game covering for print. We’ll have a live blog from the Foothill-Freedom game anchored by Michael Bower on Prep Corner. I’ll be calling in updates, so be sure to check that out. Click the “read this post” link below to see the transcript of the De La Salle-Deer Valley game. See you tomorrow.


Grod, Chace Bryson did the interviews tonight. They’ll be in the paper tomorrow morning. I listened in on a couple, not anything earth-shattering really.

9:50 – SRV fans rejoice. The Wolves won 43-36. Sounds like a great game in Danville.

 9:45 – Final at Clayton Valley. The Eagles are moving on. They beat Casa Grande 24-14. Gritty effort by the Ugly Eagles tonight.

9:40 – According to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat’s blog, Salesian has defeated Middletown 22-21.

9:39 – Joe Southwick finds Bryce Peterson for a 26-yard touchdown pass. 43-36 SRV with 2:38 left.

9:38 – Casa Grande missed a field goal on a bad snap. CV  remains up by 10.

OK, new updates:

Monte Vista has tied the score against SRV. 36-36 with 4:30 remaining.
Miramonte has defeated Healdsburg 27-20.
Clayton Valley 24, Casa Grande 14 in the fourth quarter
Encinal 56, JFK-Fremont 8 final

And hopefully, my grandkids won’t want to talk prep football from 2008. If they have any questions, I’ll send ’em your way.

Alright, I gotta get outta here. I’ll get back on to give you updates when I’m back at the office. Final from here looks like it will be 52-7 DLS.

DLS drive: DV punted to the 27. New QB in the game, though no one seems to know who it is! Alright, we have him ID’d! Scott Purdy is the new QB. He keeps it for a loss of 2. Dunne gets it and gets nowhere. Ball ono the 35. Purdy on the keeper down to the 31. DLS punts.

MV/SRV update: Zach Ertz catches a 17-yard TD pass from Nottingham. Monte Vista misses the PAT and with 53 seconds left in the third, it’s 36-27 SRV.

DV drive: Aliano kicks off and the DV returner is nailed inside the 5. Sweep right by Alexander and he’s almost taken down for a safety. Ball on the 4. Collins goes left and he’s down on the 9. Carry up the middle by Alexander and he’s got a DV first down. Down to the 17. It’s Jackson up the middle and he’s down to the 25. 2nd and 2. Short run by DV and then Alexander goes left and is taken down in the backfield. Ball back to the 23. 2nd down upcoming. Castillo keeps to the right and he’s down on the 32. DV completes a pass down to the 38. First down. Castillo brought down in the backfield. Ball on the 36. Castillo’s pass incomplete. 3rd down and 12. Timeout DV. 3:56 left in the game. Alexander sweeps right and is tackled on the 40. 4th down.

Clayton update: Clayton trails Casa Grande 14-10 after three quarters. In Santa Rosa, Cardinal Newman is up 35-6 on Heritage in the third.

DLS drive cont: Lucas Dunne into the game and he gets the carry. Ball to the DV 49. Pacos keeps and he’s to the 48. Option pitch left to Egu and he gets a good gain. Ball on the DV 38. Pacos on the keeper. Dunne gets the carry to the 31. 3rd and a few. I looked up and DLS was in the end zone again! It was a 31-yard TD pass by Pacos to Eric Telles. Biel’s PAT is good. 52-7.

DLS drive: Alexander’s kickoff goes out of bounds, so DLS gets it on the 35. 1st and 10. Dive by Ken Egu and he gets to the 43. 2nd and 2. Dive again by Egu to the DLS 48. That’s the end of the 3rd. 45-7 DLS.

MV-SRV update: 68-yard TD pass from Nottingham to Hemmingsen. 36-21 SRV with 7:38 left in the third.

DV drive cont: Ball on the 45 and it’s fourth and 1. Castillo keeps and gets the first. Castillo airs it out and gets a big completion to Alexander down the field. Tack on a personal foul for roughing the passer and the ball is placed on the DLS 8. 1st and goal. Castillo throws left to Williams but he’s brought down immediately. 2nd and goal from the 7. Illegal motion on DV backs it up to the 12. Castillo rolls right and throws right but it’s incomplete. 3rd and goal from the 12. Castillo rolls right again and this time throws for Tim Jefferies in the left corner but it’s incomplete. 4th and goal from the 12. Fade to the right corner for Kristoff Williams and DV is on the board. Nice play there. Julio Villegas adds the PAT and with 1:04 left in the third, it’s 45-7 DLS.

MV Update: SRV 36, Monte Vista 14 with 9:56 left in the third quarter.

DV drive: Aliano’s kick is a touchback. 1st and 10 from the 20. Alexander gets the carry for a good gain. 1st and 10 on the 35. Alexander gets it again for 3 yards. 2nd and 7 from the 38. DV carries down to the 40. 3rd and 5. Alexander sweeps right and he’s out on the 45.

Dibs, if that result holds, it would also have HUGE implications on Division II, as Valley Christian was one of the front-runners to go to the D II game. Interesting stuff.

DLS Drive: DLS takes over on the 35. Give is to Knowles and he’s down to the 32. 2nd and 8. Terron Williams-Ward takes the handoff and takes a defender a couple yards before going down on the 26. 3rd and 1. Williams-Ward gets it again and he’s got a first down. 7:25 left in the quarter. Ball on the 24. Blake Wayne jogs off, replaced by Travis Pacos. Pacos hands off to Tyler Anderson and he gets to the 23. 2nd and 9. Pacos goes option right and pitches to Anderson. Good gain for Anderson and he’s down to the 12. Handoff to Williams-Ward and he goes nowhere. Ball back to the 15. Williams-Ward on the inside handoff to the 14. Pacos goes option left, pitches to Williams-Ward, and he gets leveled near the sideline. Ball placed on the 5 and it’s fourth down. Biel is on to attempt a 22-yard field goal from the left hashmark. The kick is good, and DLS is up 45-0. 4:48 left in the third quarter.

DV drive: Aliano’s kick is a touchback. 1st and 10 on the 20. Give is to Alexander and he gets a minimal gain. Ball on the 22. 2nd and 8. Castillo rolls right, breaks contain, goes out of bounds, and gets pushed by a DLS player. That draws a flag, and you can tack 15 yards on to the end of the run. Ball placed on the 40. 1st and 10 DV. Castillo throws for Jacori Dewberry but it’s incomplete. 2nd and 10 on the 40. Inside handoff to Jackson for a couple. Ball on the 43. 3rd and 7. Fly sweep right by Alexander and he’s got a Deer Valley first down. Ball on the 50. Castillo with a quick screen to the right to Alexander. He gets down to the DLS 47, a gain of three. 2nd and 7. Castillo goes shotgun and he fires left for Kristoff Williams. Ball hits Williams in the hands and falls to the ground. 3rd and 7. Alexander sweeps right and he’s forced out on the 45. 4th and 5. DV will go for it. De La Salle gets a huge push up the middle from its interior linemen and, after Castillo manages to elude the tacklers, he falls to the ground on the DV 35. That’s where DLS will take over.

DV drive: Dominic Aliano will kick it deep for DLS. It bounces out of the end zone for a touchback. 1st and 10 from the 20. Alexander gets it on the dive on first down. Ball on the 25. 2nd and 5. Alexander sweeps right and the Spartans pursue well for a tackle. That moves the ball back to the 22. 3rd and 8. Castillo rolls left, throws left, the ball is tipped, and Noah Perio intercepts it and takes off up the sideline. We’ll call it a 30-yard run back and the Spartans score again. Biel’s PAT is good. 42-0 DLS.

CV update: The Clayton touchdown to make it 14-10 was a touchdown pass from Joey Levine to Logan Dongallo. Matt O’Brien (also the QB) had the long kickoff return for Casa Grande.

Second half starts here!

Pitt01, I’m with you guys tomorrow night. No blog, but I’ll be roaming the sidelines. Update from Casa-Clayton. Clayton has outgained Casa 219-74. Super-freelancer Bill Kolb reports that penalties, turnovers, and a 90-yard kickoff return for a TD have made the difference. Love football, no, nobody turned it on for me at the office. I’m not happy about it.

Monte Vista/SRV update: SRV scores right before the half. 29-14 SRV with 30 sec. before half. Healdsburg leads Miramonte 13-10 at half. Cardinal Newman leads Heritage 28-6 at half. Casa Grande 14, Clayton Valley 10 near half.

Stat update from DLS: DLS – Kylan Butler 12-96, 3 TD; Blake Wayne 5-7-0 161; 285 total yards. Deer Valley – Traysean Alexander 5-41; Taylor Cook 3 sacks; 16 total yards.

Encinal update: Encinal 35, JFK-Fremont 0 at halftime. Jonathan Brown has 154 yards passing for the Jets.

MV/SRV update: Nottingham finds Tom Hemmingsen for a 9-yard touchdown. 22-14 SRV with 1:29 left in the first half.

Alright, now, I’ll take the heat for being at the wrong game, but that Custer comment was damn funny. Sorry, nothing new on MV/SRV yet. Kyle Bonagura is there and he’s been updating me as things go.

DV drive: Ball placed on the 20. Handoff to Damon Collins and he’s taken down in the backfield. Ball on the 19. Sweep left by Alexander and he’s taken down in the backfield as well. That’s the half everyone. 35-0 DLS.

DLS drive: Spartans take over on the 24. Williams-Ward on the carry for a nada. He gets it again on second down, and the ball is on the 25. Wayne playaction and he underthrows Noah Perio in the corner of the end zone. That will bring up a field goal attempt by Garrett Biel. It’s a 42-yarder and it’s just short. But wait, there’s  a flag on the play. It’s a hold on DLS and it’s declined by DV.

DV drive: Butler has 12 carries for 96 yards. Biel’s kick fielded on the 7 and it’s fumbled. De La Salle recovers.

MV/SRV update: Byron Gruendl catches a 66-yard TD pass from Joe Southwick, and SRV is up 22-7 with 6:04 left in the first half.

DLS drive: Spartans take over on their own 40. Butler goes left and he’s taken down on the 37. 2nd and 7. Williams-Ward up the middle and he pinballs off a few defenders for a couple yards. Ball on the 33. Williams-Ward goes right and he’s a yard short. 4th and 1. It’s Butler off the left side and he’s got more than enough, down to the 13. 1st and 10. Give is to the dive back, Knowles, and he’s down to the 10.  Wayne goes option right, pitches to Butler, and he’s in for the score. Biel’s PAT is good and it’s DLS 35, Deer Valley 0.

Monte Vista/SRV update: Matt Tuckness catches a TD pass from Brett Nottingham. SRV 16, MV 7.

DV drive: Biel’s kickoff is a touchback. DLS has outgained DV 246-21 in total yardage so far tonight (thanks Chace). DV gets the ball on the 20. DV goes option right and it’s Alexander on the carry. Nothing doing. 2nd and 10 from the 20. Castillo drops back and Dylan Wynn is all over him, sacking the DV QB on the 7. Damon Collins on the carry for a small gain. 4th down and DV will punt. Williams’ punt picked up by Perio and returned a few  yards.

Clayton Valley update: Casa Grande 6, Clayton Valley 0 in the middle of the second quarter. Kahlil Keys with a TD run for Casa Grande.

DLS drive: Spartans take over on the DV 18. Wayne goes option left and cuts inside for a small gain. Ball on the 14. And hey, welcome back Terron Williams-Ward! He goes left, breaks a tackle, and scores a touchdown. Biel’s PAT makes it 28-0 De La Salle.

DV drive: Biel’s kick is a touchback, so DV takes over on the 20. Castillo goes long for Alexander and he gets tangled up with Blair Wishom. No call, and it’s 2nd and 10. Probably a good call I think. Castillo fumbles the snap on second down and DLS has the ball.

Heritage update: Heritage is down 14-0 to Cardinal Newman after one quarter.

DLS drive: 1st and 10 from the 28. Option right and Butler takes the pitch from Blake Wayne and is taken down ono the 33. 2nd and 5. Wayne goes playaction and finds Walter ALL ALONE up the seam. He rumbles all the way down the field and it’s a 67-yard touchdown for the Spartans. Biel’s PAT makes it 21-0 with 8:52 left in the half.

DV drive cont.: Castillo tries to roll out on the first play of the quarter and he’s sacked by Dylan Wynn. Ball back to the 42. Jackson on the carry and Dino Waldren wraps him up on the 39. So, Deer Valley is moving backwards. Traysean Alexander sweeps right and gets a large chunk of that yardage back. He’s brought down on the DLS 44. 4th down and DV will punt. Williams shanks the punt and DLS takes over on its own 28.

Monte Vista/SRV update: The Mustangs have fumbled a THIRD time and SRV scores. 16-0 SRV in the first quarter.

DV Drive: Good return gets the ball out to the DV 42. First down sees Castillo throw incomplete. 2nd down and it’s a draw to Derryle Jackson. He gets good yardage out to the DLS 49. We’ll call it 3rd and 1. Inside handoff to Jackson and he goes airborn to get close to the first down. This time we will have a measurement. The measurement shows DV to be short by a couple links of the chain. Brings up 4th and inches for Deer Valley. Castillo ono the sneak and a nice spot for the Wolverines should be good enough for the first down. 1st and 10 from the DLS 48. That’s the end of the first quarter. DLS 14, Deer Valley 0.

Encinal update: Encinal leads JFK-Fremont 14-0 after one quarter.

Clayton Valley update: Clayton is tied 0-0 with Casa Grande after one quarter.

Monte Vista/SRV update: Grant Vandevanter has added a field goal, and SRV now leads 10-0 with just over 2 minutes left in the first quarter at Monte Vista.

DLS Drive: Spartans start on their own 37 and Wayne is sacked on first down. Ball back to the 34. It’s a draw by Kylan Butler and he makes one tackler miss in the hole and busts out to the DLS 49. First down DLS. Khyri Knowles busts through the line but there’s a hold on the play. Ball moved back to the DLS 40. Wayne keeps it himself and goes through the middle of the line down to the DLS 46. 2nd down and 13. Wayne to Dosen on a skinny post and it’s a first down DLS. Ball on the DV 39. That causes Rich Woods to call timeout. Just over 3 minutes remaining in the quarter. Wayne under center for first down and he goes option pitch right to Butler. Butler fights his way around the right corner and he’s down to the 38. 2nd and 9. Wayne goes left and doesn’t look like he knows what to do, whether to pitch or to throw downfield. Ultimately, the DV defense corrals him for a loss back to the 41. 3rd down and 12. Wayne rolls left, whirls around, and finds Carlton Walter in the right flat ALL ALONE. I mean there wasn’t a defender within 10 yards of him. He’s down to the 13 before he’s taken down. Inside handoff to Butler and he’s down to the 5. We’ll call it 2nd and 2. The give is to Butler and he’s around the left side and into the end zone. Touchdown DLS. Biel’s PAT makes it 14-0 De La Salle with 1:32 left in the quarter.

Update from Monte Vista. THe Mustangs have fumbled twice already, and SRV is up 7-0 in the first.

DV drive: Biel’s kick is a touchback, so DV starts on its own 20. The give on first down is to Traysean Alexander and he gets maybe a yard. 2nd and 9 from the 21. Fly sweep right by Alexander and he gets a couple more. 3rd and 6 from the 24. Castillo busts free up the middle and then gets busted up by Blake Renaud. What a hit. Kristoff Williams will punt to Khyri Knowles. No one takes it and it’s down in DLS territory.

Touchdown comments and brief note: Guys, I wish I could handle more comments but it’s gonna be tough with this format. I have to switch windows to approve them. Anyway, on the TD drive, it was vintage DLS. They tried a deep ball, but it’s apparent that they may not need them tonight. 8:16 left in the quarter.

7:07 pm: De La Salle has won the toss and has elected to receive. Khyri Knowles and Noah Perio are back deep to receive. Knowles returns to the 32. Kylan Butler on the first carry and he gets down to the 34. 2nd and 8. Spartans go option right on the next play and the give is to the dive back, Khyri Knowles. He gets down to the 43 and picks up a DLS first down. Wayne drops back to pass and is taken down by several DV defenders. Ball back to the 37. 2nd down. Wayne drops again and this time finds Noah Perio on a deep out. He gets down to the DV 37. 1st and 10. Handoff straight up the middle to Kylan Butler and he’s taken down on  the 30. 2nd and 3. Wayne goes deep to the end zone but Jackson Bouza can’t come up with it. Looked like Bouza had a step. 3rd and 3 from the 30. Handoff left to Kylan Butler and he’s out of bounds with a first down. Ball on the 18. 1st and 10. Give is to Knowles for a small gain. Wayne fires left to Michael Dosen and he gets to the 9 yard line. Measurement upcoming. No measurement, just a DV player coming off the field. Butler heads left on the next carry and he’s in for the score.  Biel’s kick is good and DLS leads 7-0.

7:05 pm: Captains are meeting at midfield. One note to report from pre-game. With this being a holiday weekend, there are several of last year’s players in the house. Chace and I talked with Jordan Bouey, Brady Amack, and Mike MacGillivray, who are all doing well at their respective colleges.

Alright, we’re going to start like this tonight, since I apparently don’t have anyone to turn my blog on. Yes, I know. Anyway, they’re announcing lineups and we’re almost ready to go here at Owen Owens Field.


  • Rancho Fan

    Salesian 21 Middletown 20 (F) Per the Press Democrat Live Blog

  • Wayne


    Cardinal Newman 42
    Heritage 6 FINAL

  • Rancho Fan

    Excuse me Salesian 22 Middletown 21 (F)

  • sportsfan

    Miramonte 27, Healdsburg 20. Miramonte scored with 11 seconds left.

  • pitthighfan

    SFChronicle blogs VC 23 OG 20 75 sec left; sorry earlier scoring inadvertently reversed

  • AJ

    SRV Update!!!

  • Angels22

    We are SR! Update?

  • pitthighfan

    2:38 at the 4th, SFChronicle blogs SRV 43 MV

  • rankinscubs

    43-36 SRV. One minute left. MV has the ball. Alost as exciting as the DLS game.

  • bigbulldoza

    Srv monte vista update?

  • pitthighfan

    VC 23 OG20 Final per sFChronicle blog

  • pitthighfan

    SRV43 MV 36 Final per SFChronicle blog

  • Any postgame interviews from DLS-DV game?

  • sportsfan

    San Ramon Valley 43, Monte Vista 36, Final

  • fannnnn

    Srv wins! Means Cal gets a home game against srv next week! Nice!

  • John

    Yeah Wolves!!!

  • rankinscubs

    Wow! Another SRV-MV classic. 43-36. Well done Wolves! To beat MV twice in three weeks at MV!

  • pitthighfan

    Fannnnn. in your dreams!!! Pitt will knockoff Cal tomorrow night…SRV, congrats but Pitt will see ya next….

  • Fannnnnn, Doesn’t Cal still have to play tomorrow, or did Pittsburg forfeit? A lot of good the home field did MV. The travel time to Cal High is at least 14 minutes. (unless SRV stops at In-N-Out on the way)

  • Angels22

    WE ARE SR!!! Go Wolves, only De la can stop us now

  • fannnnn

    Ummmm Cal can beat pitt like last year then san Ramon like this year. Its going to be a great game but believe me, cal can do it!

  • fannnnn

    Oh and its not about home field advantage, CAL beat both PITT and SRV on the road. It will just be fun to do it at home.

  • larue1694

    Really, Angels22? Cuz’ I do believe Foothill beat SRV Oct.31…maybe we will c u again…btw, De la is beatable, even by SRV

  • Fannnnn… what’s with the extra consonants? Cal may beat Pitt at FB, but at a spelling bee? No Way, if you are any indication. There are only three consonants you need to remember: S R V (vvvvvvvvv)

  • Good luck to Foothill beating DLS. If the US beat Russia in hockey, then anything is possible, but seriously? A 60 point reversal in a few weeks. I’m betting on the Russians(DLS) this time, and praying for the underdogs(FHS).

  • larue1694

    Thx, GRod! I was really commenting that SRV has been beaten, and it wasn’t only by DLS…I always pray for the team against DLS…they will be beaten by someone in this league someday

  • fannnnn

    Really GRod? That’s all you can do? Insult my spelling or a simple blog name I chose at random. Stick with talking football (you won’t look so ignoranttttt).

  • Who wants De La? You guys must be high! We’ll see De La vs. Long Beach at state. Look out Jackrabbits- remember the last two showdowns? The South wants De La. They need the best. Ask Poly, Mater Dei and Centinenal.

  • fannnnn

    CAL wants De la!!!

  • As for who can beat DLS; I think Fannnn has it right. Only CAL has shown they can match up with DLS. The question remains, can they make it to the re-match?

  • JimE

    I have to admit, the “custer” comment about the DLS blog is one of the “funniest” lines I’ve seen in years!! Go Wolves!

  • Brewer 36

    Cal has a good chance…
    L to #4 Foothill in week 6 by 7
    W vs #2 MV in week 7 by 3
    W vs #7 SRV in week 8 by 3
    L vs #1 DLS in week 10….by 7 on a late fourth quarter ~50 yd TD run.
    Who wants DLS?….SRV L 44-7 in week 9 ?,
    …Only Bosco 08, Centennial 07 CIF final, and Canyon Country 06 final, (I think that’s it) faired better…there’s good reason Lad was scouting at the week 9 Cal-Granada…

  • Vee Tee

    How about those Jets from Encinal? I left 3 minutes into the 2nd half and the score was 42-0. They scored every possession, stopped Kennedy from crossing the 50 yard line all but one possession. A roster of 22 players, and I believe all the hate that they get from the non believers is fueling the fire.

  • FYI – – your colleagues at the Santa Rosa Press Democrat will have a live blog running from the Rancho Cotate Las Lomas game in Rohnert Park.


  • MacksDaddy

    Cal is a good team, I mean look at how they manhandled that powerhouse Washington last week. But, Pitt’s D is gonna be too much for them to move the ball consistently, and the Pirate offense is probably the most well balanced in the area. Pitt QB Joe Lewis is playing like a varsity QB now, week 2 vs. MV was his 2nd Varsity start at QB and it showed (he dnp his Jr. season).
    8 of the 10 teams Pittsburg played made the playoffs.
    Pitt has averaged 37 points a game while giving up only 12. Cal 29ppg for and 17ppg vs. SRV 33ppg for and 27ppg vs. Pitt is just too balanced for either team. So all you Cal fans come out to Pitt tonight and watch the best team in the Pirates roll 27-14.

  • Norcalfb

    Clayton Valley “UGLY” Eagles now 11 & 0 – Congrats

  • Prep Fan

    The Pirates should win. They are undefeated in their league, and playing at home against a 4th place team that has 4 losses. A loss to Cal would be a huge statement that the EBAL is a better league than the BVAL, and Pitt would not want to face that happening on their home turf 2 years in a row. Especially after losing to Monte Vista at home earlier this season. No, Pitt really needs this in order to validate their season. They need to show they can beat a mid level EBAL team at home before even trying to think they could take on DLS.

  • Dave

    actually SRV and DLS have been the only two teams to beat Monte Vista. just wanted to clear that up since cal lost to Monte Vista on a FG

  • JT

    Pitt v. SRV will be a good one. Pitt lost to MV, SRV beats MV twice (the second ranked/state ranked, etc, etc. overrrated MV). Pitt was tough tonight in the 1st half (quick to the ball and very good defense) but very undisciplined (5 personal fouls, false start and in 1st half a bonehead play on an INT that gave Cal 2 points) and a lot slower in the second 1/2. I think Pitt can run on SRV but I don’t think they can defend the SRV passing attack. The overaggressive nature of the Pitt defense will cost them against the SRV offensive threats of Southwick, Peterson and Grundle. Close one to call but I think 28-21 SRV wins. Saw both teams play and SRV is a hot team right now at the right team. Cal was horrible tonight and their play calling and game management was pathetic.

  • Prep Fan

    If SRV can get 7 TOs like they did last night, they should have no problems with Pitt. But that is not going to happen. Pitt protected the ball well with I believe just one turnover tonight. Pitt will have to revamp their pass defense this week, but SRV has absolutely no running game. Trimble was running the ball early in the season, but since they have played better teams, he has all but disappeared. It should be a good game. But I think Pitt will run the ball on SRV like MV was doing very well until they turned the ball over. MV scored 36 points on SRV’s defense while giving the ball up 7 times?

  • PHS04

    SRV beat a team Pittsburg Lost too and Pittsburg beat a team SRV lost to, both did each other favors kinda.. This wasn’t a matchup many people though coming..

  • junior

    Hey JT- can you be more specific on Cals poor game management- i was not at the game am interested in that comment. thanks

  • JT

    PrepFan…getting in the endzone is what matters…forced fumbles are part of the game, When Wilkerson of MV fumbled it was because he got hit hard and his shoulder went limp. He didn’t return at RB. Forced fumbles and picks are also part of the defensive plan. The only other team that beat MV was DelaSalle. MV didn’t turn the ball over all season until they played SRV.

    SRV doesn’t need to run when it scores quickly with passing. They do what they need to do to win, run or pass. With a QB like Southwick and one of the areas top receivers in Peterson they play to their strength. Clearly Pitt is a running team and a good one. The passing game is very weak though. The QB isn’t quite up to par yet.

    The Pitt pass defense isn’t that great though…it took double teaming Zwarg to shut him down. If you double team Peterson, he’ll still beat you. Conversely, the SRV run defense isn’t great either.

    We’ll see what happens, it will be good.

  • junior

    JT-EVERY team needs to run IF they want to win a championship.

    SRV’s defense is pretty soft- and it is partly the SRV offensive philosophy that is to blame. When your offense has a pass first mentality- it carries over to the defense as well. MV is guilty of this team design as well. DLS , Cal, Pitt are all run first offense’s and their defenses are tougher because of it.

    Pitt can win this game IF… they limit the penalties and turnovers. Southwick is a star, no doubt, but it is tough to win when you are one dimensional.

  • Alviso


    You’re completely right. Cal played horrible the other night. I’m almost sad to see my old team look that soft on defense, and that afraid to hit the Pitt guys. Also, the D-Line played the worst in my opinion. I realize that they took a big hit losing Meeks and Ona-Enagbare, but they shouldn’t be getting pushed around and hooked that bad by the Pitt line.

    But I was correct in my posts in other threads about how Pitt (like a lot of other teams) rely a lot on pure athleticism and have little discipline.

    At the same time though, Cal’s biggest flaw the other night was the fact that they were not able to capitalize on Pitt’s many many mistakes.