O’Dowd-Marin Catholic Preview


 Most football teams with a 10-1 record and in the North Coast Section Division III quarterfinals would have the respect of the East Bay. But that’s not the case for Bishop O’Dowd this season.

 Many feel the Dragons are a product of a soft schedule, which included opponents that went a combined 46-67.

O’Dowd’s only loss was a blowout, 40-13, to Hayward Area Athletic League champion San Leandro.

The Pirates finished the season 7-4 — the best record out of any opponent the Dragons have played thus far.

So, many believe the No. 4 seeded Dragons are pretenders and not contenders to win the NCS crown.

But Bishop O’Dowd will have a chance to open the eyes of all the doubters with a victory on Saturday.

The Dragons, coming off their first playoff victory since winning the NCS 2-A title in 2004, will host No. 5 Marin Catholic (8-3) at 1 p.m. in the NCS Division III quarterfinals.

The Wildcats finished in second place in the Marin County Athletic League. It’s only loss in league play came to the No. 3 seed in the NCS Division III field, Novato (9-2). Marin lost to St. Ignatius-San Francisco (5-5) and Notre Dame Prep-Arizona (12-0) outside of league play.

“They are very solid and well coached,” Dragons coach Paul Perenon said of the Wildcats. “The scariest team we played all year was Hayward in terms of talent and speed. The team we are playing (Saturday) is like Hayward minus the speed. But I think (Marin Catholic’s) line plays better and is a little more disciplined and they probably play harder on offense than Hayward does.”

Stopping the Wildcats offense starts by slowing down their 6-foot, 210-pound brusing tailback, Nico Dumont.

The senior has rushed for 963 yards and 14 TDs in 11 games this season.

The Wildcats don’t run an exact Wing-T offense, but do run plenty of misdirection plays that cause problems for defenders that overpursue.

“We have to be patient defensively,” Perenon said. “We have to stay home and let their misdirection stuff come back to us.”

The formula for the Dragons’ offensive success has been simple this season — get the ball into the hands of tailbacks Mario Brown and Che’rod Simpson.

Brown, a gamebreaker, led the HAAL in rushing this season, finishing with 1,462 yards and 20 TDs in 10 games. He ran for 210 yards and a TD on 15 carries in last week’s 35-14 victory over Tamalpais.

Simpson, a brusing back, was fourth in the HAAL with 969 yards and 10 TDs.

“It’s not going to be anything different than what we have done all year long,” Perenon said. “We are going to play to the strength of our football team.”

And the Dragons are anxious to show the doubters just how strong they are.


  • O’Dad


  • Kyle Bonagura

    Where to?

  • Well said O’Dad. I know many of us on here appreciate the reasoned and thoughtful comments you often provide.

  • Pete Carroll

    Who is Chris Martin? I don’t believe I’ve ever said any of that nonsense…

  • PHS04

    haha we have an imposter.

  • EBAL Fan

    At the end of the day, if you want to argue with parents/supporters about the quality of their teams, but taking a high school kid to task is over the top. We all ought to be rooting for the local kids from all leagues to be successful — it makes NorCal look that much better. None of us know whether a kid is going to be a college star or not when they are in high school. Will Chris Martin will be a big time college player? Who knows, but he should have all of our support. There have been cases where some kids appeared to be a can’t miss, while others like Dave Moretti of Foothill was deemed to be too small to play linebacker, went to a JC for one year, then started for two years at Oregon. If someone can get their college paid for and get some sort of college football experiance, then more power to them.

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    Preach on.

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  • billjohnson

    o’dad please correct me if i’m wrong. all i said was your boy never made a tackle 4 a loss or came up and made a big play to help he’s team get off the field. these r facts! damn o’dowd has the best linebacker in northern cali and can’t stop the run it’s ashame. give me nico dumont i like players who help there team win. u play 2 win the game!


    Well, well, well you want to talk linebackers, I like this Nico Dumont fella (MC)who is good enough to line up at safety at times. But nobody hits harder than Kimani Washington(Encinal). He is what you call an angry linebacker. O’Dad relax dude Martin is on the list too but definitley not on the top.

  • billjohnson

    o’dad u never answered me about playin the same offense for 3 years in ncs & still u guys have no answer.

  • O’Dad

    EBAL Fan, you are right on in some players are overlooked or under-valued because of prototype size. A perfect example is Joe Southwick. I just shake my head in amazement when his 6-1/6-2 height is brought up as a negative. He is going to a great school that will utilize his talents to the utmost. But, as well known as he is, I think he is greatly under rated nationally. IMO, he will have a great college career, probably NFL career, and the commentators will wonder where he came from!

  • billjohnson

    o’dad i know facts r tough 2 dispute so i’m not surprised u havent responded.

  • billjohnson

    o’dad since pete carroll considers your son the best lb in norcal he must really want him. so we can expect your son to sign early with usc just like mcCalister did.

  • PirateFan

    I agree Southwick is an outstanding high school quarterback but alot of that is the SRV system he plays in.Boise is a good fit as long as Peterson stays there but with his success you’ve got to think some big time school is eventually going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.

  • billjohnson

    southwick is the real deal. saw him play in the colisuem last year he took over the 2nd half. he’s team was losin but he willed his team he made play after play.

  • O’Dad

    billjohnson, yes facts are hard to dispute. Yes, our team has faced the same power double wing offense the past 3 years. I am not the person to answer your question, cause I had the same question. And no, Chris truly does not know at this time where he is going.

  • billjohnson

    o’dad sounds to me like u got some questions for the great paul peronon.


    like wont he play ehs

  • O’Dad

    Ok, are schedule has been weak the past couple of years. But, I dont get the logic behind you guys saying we should be scheduling Encinal, Miramonte, etc. They are D3 teams that are potential playoff opponents. I wouldn’t schedule specific playoff opponents in the regular season either. I do know this for a fact- BOD called Serra to schedule a game and was turned down. I think they are trying to get a better opponent for that week(Cal High). They were also turned down by VC or Mitty due to date not open. We were able to schedule St. Ignacius , who is a very good program with a lot of returning players next year. I believe they beat Marin Cath this year. Skyline is on the schedule and hopefully they will come back up with a new coach next year. I think the other game is Newark or Alameda.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    If O’Dowd schedules St. Ignacius, Skyline and Newark, that will definitely be tougher than what Encinal has played this year — and probably next year.

  • O’Dad

    I don’t want to get into a pissing match over who’s schedule was weaker this year, but, the preview article at the top of this page can be used again this week. Just put Encinal in place of BOD.

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    Very True…

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    I thought you disappeared, or, on vacation Michael!

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    haha, nope still here. Just didn’t feel the need to jump into all that prior conversation…


    they should play skyline every year i think

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    Suggestion for poll of the day, why Billjohnson dislikes BOD:

    1. Fertilizer business failed after losing BOD contract when field turf was installed (excess product being distributed on blog)

    2. Tired of explaining the impression of coach P’s shoeprint on posterior is not a tattoo