• PHS04

    Flowers kept getting hurt
    And Swarg scored on Clark not Patterson.
    Pittsburg will have trouble with SRV’s spread but then again isn’t SRV’s run defense a bit suspect.. I think its easier to defend 1 dimension of an offense than to have to worry about a balanced attack.. At least you expect whats coming

  • Got2go

    Why is it that so many Cal followers (and some reporters) comment on how close their losses to good teams are? A good team wins those games and doesn’t “barely” lose. And a 7-5 record is still 5 losses, no matter how close they were and who they were playing.

  • EBAL Follower

    Zwarg’s TD was not on Patterson…correct. The other 6 catches were.

    Pitt will run on SRV, without a doubt ! But MV tried and both starting backs didn’t return after Q1. Great running backs at Pitt…I mentioned that in an earlier blog. Flowers is soft though…Dargan is a player. But that’s your one dimension…the Pitt QB is very weak and can’t go downfield with any accuracy (beyond 15 yards the ball is up for grabs). IF your QB was more solid and players more disciplined, you guys would be unstoppable. Pitt will quick pass to Wideouts with some success. SRV will pass on Pitt…no doubt here either. We’ll see how the DB’s handle it…SL tried press coverage…didn’t work. MV tried zone and went to press…neither worked. If you guys man up, you are in trouble. If you go zone, Southwick runs. You will see the best HS QB play hands down from Southwick. He has only been stopped once…but in the DeLa game the receivers dropped a ton of balls. SR is peaking. This will be a great matchup.

  • john

    EBAL Follower,

    You must be watching some other game. Zwarg maybe caught one or two balls on Patterson. Patterson only manned up on Zwarg a few times throughout the game. Pitt played more zone than man and tried hard to mix up their coverages.

  • PHS04

    I wouldn’t go that far to say Flowers is soft.. not like he had to be carted off or refused to go back in the game. The Pittsburg pass game isn’t all that bad Lewis hasn’t thrown many picks(6) and has 21 td passes to show for it. SRV is good nothing is being taken away from them, but i seriously doubt Southwick will want to run often and risk taking the hit that Stompro did..

  • Dboy925

    Lol…EBAL Follower, meaning you have seen maybe 2 Pitt games(MV and Cal). You sound riculous, if you think Bryce Flowers is soft, your blind. If you think this team is out of shape, your stupid. And if you think SRV is unstoppalbe, we’ll prove you wrong. I have no doubt that this is the best QB in the area, but Pitt will find a way. And i hope he doesent plan on pulling the ball down and running, because there some guys on that “D” that will punish him for his stupidity. Sounds like alot of the same crap i was hearing leading up to the Cal game. U go ahead and stay on the EBAL’s nuts, sit back and enjoy what Pitt will do. 1 down and 2 to go in this EBAL gauntlet. Lets see what happens.

  • Hawaii

    SR deserves a ton of credit for beating MV twice regardless of how MV helped them do it but if Foothill can beat SR and get up by 21 points, then Pitt surely can. Foothill is not big physically at all and they had success running against SR. They will be in a world of hurt against DLS again as a result of their lack of size up front. Thats why CAl was the only team that could give DLS a game this year in EBAL play, their size. Southwick is legit and he is fast Pitt Fans, Stompero is not even close. SR will scheme and get guys open, so man this or zone that, they will have guys open. You have to get pressure on Southwick and keep him in the pocket, if you don’t, he keeps plays alive and he will run and hurt you. You try laying the woood on him and he will make guys miss. Breakdown and tackle him. Should be a great game, I hope SR wins and their shot may be to do what you guys did to Cal, load up for the run and dare Pitt to pass.

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