Live blog: Foothill vs. Freedom (plus other NCS updates)

  • Darrell

    Foothill Wins 48 to 41

  • isawthewholething!

    campolindo-should return the favor to the referee this christmas. BAD P.I. Call on an excellent pass defended (4th down)in the red zone, set up Campo’s tying score. Campo played well, but it was neck and neck even with that T.D. basically given to them. this is why i prefer to stand by the sidelines, instead of sitting in bleachers. The other refs should be able to overrule such erroneous calls, it seemed like they were definetly questioning his decision.
    p.s. I was standing directly across from the spot of the “alleged” P.I. and although i am a yv fan, it is definetly not a biased opinion, it will be up at ygnacio’s football site and i encourage you to decide wether these decisions should be allowed to be overruled by the rest of the officiating crew. the call wasn’t even in the gray area of “questionable”.
    GOOD LUCK COUG-NUTS!!! Y.V. is on your side next week!

  • #11 FAN

    UNBELIEVABLE FINISH… This game was so exciting that by half time most of us fans were exhausted from cheering. All those young men on both teams deserve to be congratulated for there no QUIT effort and execution of some very entertaining trick plays. It looked a little lopsided at half w/Foothill leading by 20 pts. Hats off to the coaches n players at Freedom for there half time adjustments that put constant pressure on Foothills QB in the third n most of the fourth quarter and did not allow him to sit in the pocket n pick Freedom apart like he did in the first half. Foothills only score of the second half sealed the deal. Freedoms big 3 RODRIGUEZ-GUMPTON and RUNNER all brought there A game. I wish the best of luck to all Freedoms player that are going to the next level of their football careers and look forward to reading n watching you guys on saturdays!! THANKS FALCONS for 4 years of some GREAT football. Roman I’m so glad to see your success on n off the field. You have far exceeded all of our expectations, I’m so very proud to call you my godson. I love you man.

  • That was a great post #11 Fan. I am a Foothill fan and agree with your assessment. Freedom has been a great team all season with some great players. I watched them play against Amador and was very impressed. Roman, Ryan, and Gumpton certainly played well. Maybe Freedom and Foothill will match-up in future years during the preseason for some more memorable contests.

  • Hawaii

    #11fan. Roman Runner is arguably (Southwick is pretty special too) the best player Foothill has seen this year. I said before, the key to the game was Foothill’s ability too stop Rodriguez from sustaining drives with his legs not his arm. They didn’t and Freedom almost pulled off the win. Freedom was a very good team. If you have watched Foothill before, you would not have been surprised by their ability to go down field in their two minute offense. In fact, Foothill had one timeout left after Sweeney smartly called timeouts while on defense to preserve the clock. They didnt even have to use their last timeout on that game winning drive. They also scored just before half in their two minute offense. They never spike the ball and waste plays. Very impressive game by both sides, too bad their had to be a winner and a loser becasue both teams played with heart and class. Congrat’s Freedom on a great year!

  • #11 FAN

    Monarch76 n Hawaii…I thank you for your comments and if by Some way I had left out that FOOTHILLS Offense was good then I apologize. I’ve watched a lot of football games this year, I agree with you both that they are one of the best 2 minute offense I’ve seen this year, their composure under pressure is outstanding and I want FOOTHILL players to know that with the FREEDOM FALCONS out of the race, The team I will now root for is FOOTHILL!! I really liked the way the team plays and only hope the best of luck the rest of the way!! I hoping you guys pull of one of the biggest upset in recent history. I do believe you guys will play better than your first time around and with the NO QUIT attitude you guys display on saturday…DE LA SALLE better not look past FOOTHILL!! GO FALCONS!!

  • Hawaii

    Amen to you, I hope your Godson is getting offers becuase what impressed me so much is how tough he was going to get the ball and how touch he was after he got it. If he keeps that never give up mentality then somebody is getting a ton of heart. You can’t measure that and you only hope all kids play with that focus and drive, hats off to him and his role models as i understand Roman has been through a lot is his short life. Here is one Football fan who hopes his lessons learned through the gridiron carry him forward. He his a heck of a ball player. I am just glad they didnt go his way more often on Friday. Thanks for the support, one day one of us Public’s will get them!

  • sowasI

    I was at the campo yv game too I saw lots of missed holding calls as well as bad spots.The PI was on cal high sports sunday you can see the defender made contact early and never looked back for the ball. we also ran out the clock instead of trying to score as the game ended. it was an old fashion physical game and campo had the stamina to end as strong as they started.

  • ManO’War

    Hey Hawaii and #11 Fan, that Freedom-Foothill WAS a Classic – players and coaches alike. Can see rough clips on youtube (along with others, and SRV-MV game also) – suggest “watch in high quality”, do the “More From jrlang3″ to see all. Maybe start with: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITae-hAbVhY or see Walsworth heads-up play: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgyWbAAVsSY. {Also, the other ibabuzz blog has clips/story too.} Bowen was great too…. I will try to put up another Roman Runner clip also later tonight….

  • Hawaii

    Man O War,

    Great stuff, enjoyed the clips, It was a great game by two very good public school teams.

  • ManO’War

    Hey Rainbo Colt Brennan guy, thanks. Well-played game seemed to have small number of errors, compared to others. Errors against the private school will not be forgiving ones, I don’t believe.