Monday Morning Punter: Playoff week three

Saw some good football and some not so good last week. Let’s get to it.

  • Let’s start with the more lopsided of the two games I saw. De La Salle looked as good as usual against Deer Valley. The defensive front seven played well, and it looks like the Spartans are getting healthy. Not much else to say, really.
  • My second game, Pitt vs. Cal, was much closer. I’ve been reading the comments and I actually came away with a very simple reaction to the game once I sat down and thought about it. Pittsburg’s defense did what no other defense could do this year, slow the Cal running game. That’s all that mattered. The Pirates kept Cal in the game, but I think the game shouldn’t have been that close. Pittsburg dominated physically and that slowed Cal’s offense to a crawl.
  • How bout that Foothill-Freedom game? Sounds like it was an epic. Ryan Rodriguez, Roman Runner and Cameron Gupton have been solid all year long and they showed it again on Saturday. They just came up a little short. Foothill, on the other hand, continues to amaze me with its ability to just keep on winning. Both teams have a lot to be proud of.
  • A little Division IV love for Salesian is in order after the Pride went to Middletown and got a win. Now, Salesian plays Justin-Siena-Napa in the title game and it’s at Alhambra High. Home-field advantage goes to Salesian.
  • In Division III, I’m excited for this week’s Novato-Miramonte game. Talk about two programs that have been consistently good. The Mats will have to bring their A game, but I definitely think a win is possible.
  • I’ll close with Division II. News flash for me – Diante Jackson is healthy. Well, he might not be 100 percent but he must be awfully close to put up over 130 yards receiving at Rancho Cotate. If he’s right, this week’s game against Clayton Valley is going to be insanely good. In the other game, Campo will play Cardinal Newman. Can the Cougars shock the world? We shall seem but Cardinal Newman is certainly the favorite.

Alright, well, I’m not entirely sure what the blogging plans are for this week but I know that I’ll be at the Las Lomas-Clayton Valley game and the Miramonte-Novato game. It looks like I’ll also be at the Pittsburg-SRV game on Saturday night so we can please the blog masses. So, it’s going to be a fun weekend to be sure.


  • CJ

    Was at LL-Rancho game. LL’s D looked good against Rancho’s power-run oriented O, which had 2 monster linemen – 6″7/300 & 6’4/290. Reason score was close due to 10 Rancho points off 2 LL turnovers. Should be a great game Friday!

  • caltdonemore

    can we start the mira novato breakdown?

  • BB

    Salesian has a home-field advantage at Alhambra?
    And after Justin-Siena beat No. 1 and undefeated Ferndale at Ferndale, why would they be at a disadvantage playing Salesian on a neutral field?


    stop fly sweep, deep over the middle, short out patterns to beat nhs

  • How about a LITTLE love for the St Liz Mustangs? Ya know what? Save it ,we will collect Saturday morning!!!Much love TY,Keith,Day,Everisto,Vandy<Hollywood,Jason,Fanny,LB,Denzel,Terell,Xavier,Marco,Deondre,Demario,Big Dave,Fish,Carlos,JCon,Chris…..



  • Hawaii


    Well said, Pitt Sr should be a good one. Foothill’s lack of size will be tough to overcome against DLS. Football is about match ups and Foothill though scrappy and certainly over achieving will be in for tough night against the Spartans. You guys have done a great job with these blogs, Thank you

  • The freakin’ Raiders would have a tough time against the Spartans, especially Russell.