Live blog: Clayton Valley vs. Cardinal Newman here tonight!

Keep track of tonight’s NCS Division II championship between Clayton Valley and Cardinal Newman as Chace Bryson does the live blogging here. Game time is 7 p.m.


  • QBGuru

    As an original UGLY to the current crop, I couldn’t be prouder of how you’ve all stepped up and made us all a little closer to the community. My only regret is that Herc’s brother Johnny and their dad Herc Sr. couldn’t be here to share in the glory. I know they’re watching from above though.

    Great season!

  • onemoretd4usc

    What happened to the Pass Inference call against CV at the end of the half.
    No mention at all.
    The play was actually a Touchdown as the referee blew the call(1 of 4 )
    CN receiver had one foot down and the ball one both arms in the end zone.
    When CV#9 punched the ball out before the 2nd step was placed down. All you need is one foot.
    I check out Jose Carlos shots and he NAILED IT!
    Why no mention of this play?

  • nfl

    wow encinal beat novato without xavier milton. the jets gotta lot of heart! there been alota doubters all i can say is these boys work hard nothing was given to them they did it on the field. JET PRIDE!