Congrats to the Nail House!

Just wanted to send out my congratulations to Encinal on a terrific win tonight, 35-28 over Novato. It’s easily the best high school football game I can remember seeing in a looooooong time. Hopefully it will be enough to sneak the Jets into the state title game. Remember to tune in here at 3:30 p.m. tomorrow (actually at this point, it’s later today) and I’ll be live blogging the press teleconference where the selections are announced. See you tomorrow and again, congrats to the Jets (btw…where can I score one of those Nail House t-shirts?)

I’ve noticed that my game story isn’t online on our web site (I’m working on getting that fixed) but it is online on the Mercury News’ site, so here’s the link.


Also, check this story out from the Marin Independent Journal, our sister paper that covers Novato. The Hornets players and coach spoke very respectfully about Encinal. It’s a good read.


Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Jetflash

    Jimmy thanks for you and ANG making this a special season for us with great articles snd pictures. Hopefully we can get our scrapbook done real soon. And CIF if this isn’t the team to send to state then your really missing out on” The Best Little Damn Show In Town”

  • Huge win GREAT GAME !!!!!!! I agree with Jimmy best game I have seen this year. Congrats to the Jets.





  • Jetflash

    Jimmy you can get T shirts at the school. JET PRIDE RULES

  • Vee Tee

    My buddy and I were talking on our way to the game about the best game we seen, Encinal vs El Cerrito 96-97, when we were sophomores. I still hate Lamont Thompson for ruining our undefeated regular season, haha. By the start of the 4th, this game turned into the best game I have ever seen. Even though it was cold and they ran out of hot chocolate, it was well worth it. The game could have turned into a blowout early if Sashington holds on and takes it to the house, but I have to give credit to Navato for keeping its composure. This game should cement John Brown as ANG player of the year. No one is as important on both sides of the ball.


    I just want to congratulate my boys. Every one of them had a great game last night. I have never been so proud in my life!!! JET PRIDE! Way to go JETS!

  • DR Nailhouse

    Nailhouse u rule!! Its been my pleasure watching u from the El Cerrito game to Piedmont to Marin Cath. to 2 time defending state champs Novato and just seeing u young men improve every week. You’re hard work and dedication to not only each other but you’re great coaches just goes to prove the old saying” If it is to be it is up to me.” I know for a fact yhat if wewent state we would definitely win. Sometimes u just have something special and u cant deny it. But somethings u just cant control even if u know u belong! Anyway, be PROUD JETS for u surely deserve the title CHAMPIONS!!!

  • HSFootballFAN

    Once again, Great game Jets, you deserve it. Now to the parents, be ready, start the fund raising now. Those rings that your boys deserve are not cheap and they will cherish them for the rest of their lives. Hopefully the whole team will be a part of the creation and design. They will never forget December 13, 2008 and they will have the one hell of a ring to show their grandkids! Enjoy!!

  • guru-black

    where do we start? well lets go defense! pretty much held novatos run game in check they did make some big plays n da passin game but wat u gonna do #18 davis is a player! #28 amiri was all over the field playin with speed & power needs to be reconized when it comes to linebacker 4 all-ang.sashington showed y he maybe the best db in the bay playin safety hittin & makin plays in the passin game 1 int,plus a drop pick.

  • guru-black

    kyle know one believed the jets would beat novato. kyle they beat them without milton the best reciever/ returner in the bay! plus they had guys goin not just both ways but guys that didnt come off the field! my hats off to them for a great season. JET PRIDE!


    Congrats JETS, THIS IS WHAT WE DO….. I’m so proud of my boys, they had the best gave i’ve even seen, it was cold but well worthed. I’m a very proud mom, take it home #1 baby, now put us on the map…

  • O’Dad

    Congratulations to the Encinal team…way to keep it in the bay!

  • Old Meddling Former Coach

    Thanks to all the Encinal parents who made it out to every game they could and esp. the Mom’s who made it out. The guys know what dad expects of them but they’ll bring back a head on a plater for mom. Go Jet Pride!

  • Jetflash

    Old Meddling Former Coach. Thanks for being there for the boys all year. You always had something encouraging to say to them whether they did something good or stupid! JET PRIDE RULES

  • Old Meddling Former Coach

    Thanks Jet Flash,I felt like i had 25 sons(JV’s Too) and i’m just happy to be a part of the Nailhouse posse And thanks to the Coaches and all Encinal Staff who have always been nice and made me feel like Part of the Family. Jet Pride.

  • guru-black

    novato fan jet alumni, hornet fan where have u guys gone? can u imagine if milton played? novato has a good defense but the jets bring it! theY fly to the ball & lay big hits! reposa you know who the best team is in ncs d-3. DA NAILHOUSE!

  • Jetflash

    I know come on hornet fan no love for our JETS??? you sure were throwing the smackdown earlier…WHATS UP????