DLS lands in Division I title game

So, we now know the fate of the De La Salle football team. The Spartans will play Friday night at 8 p.m. against Centennial-Corona in the Division I title game. Grant-Sacramento will play Saturday night against Long Beach Poly in the open division game.

Well, I know I have my opinions and I’m certainly of the opinion that the CIF got it absolutely wrong. I think it’s interesting that the commissioners saw it different than the CalHiSports guys that gave the presentation. I’m listening to the conference call and I think this may be the first time in my career I’ve ever heard someone say strength of schedule worked against De La Salle. I guess there’s a first time for everything.

What does everyone else think?


  • junior

    Please explain that SOS comment… how did DLS SOS hurt them?

  • Jake the Snake

    Grant will be a fine representative. Why not give them some love?

  • Well, I’m shocked to hear the news today. I agree with you Ben, this is all wrong. It would have been a much better game if DLS played LBP. What do they want, both CalHiSports and Maxpreps had DLS ranked higher than Grant and Grant only scraped by vs. Granite Bay earlier. DLS won each playoff contest convincingly. What major competition did Grant have this year? How did CIF justify their position?

  • Mark


  • Homer

    Well De La Salle needs to request to go back to independent as the EBAL may have hurt them by not being able to schedule other stronger teams.

  • bikerider

    The reasoning that I read from someone on a different message board seems to make sense to me. The Open division winner will be regarded as the state champion. Since DLS has an out of state loss, if DLS were to be in the Open division and win the game, then the California state champion would not look as strong due to having a loss to an out of state school.

  • Spartans!

    DLS definetly improved as the season went along. There defense against Serra versus their defense against Pitt was like night and day. I have a feeling that this was a case of the CIF saying “let’s give Grant a shot this year because we have an excuse and we probably won’t get that chance again in the near future.” DLS is a young team who is going get better next year. Playing in the EBAL has really helped them stay sharp and in the case of this year, get sharper as the season rolled along. There is no doubt that DLS would beat Grant,Bellarmine, and Bosco at this point in the year. I would’ve loved to see them have a chance to go 3-0 against Poly.

  • Football Fan

    OK.. facts

    Centennial #2 (USA Today) #18 (MaxPrep) in the Nation vs. DLS #16 (USA Today) #10 (MaxPrep) in the Nation in the D1 Game
    LBP #3 (USA Today) #4 (MaxPrep) in the Nation vs. Grant (not ranked National nor in the Top 10 West HS – #8 in the state in MaxPrep). Even Bellarmine would be a better selection, but you can’t have two private schools, can you! 🙁

    So the really State Championship game is the D1 game friday.. I hope Grants gets leveled…

    PS: Don Boscoe ran the table after DLS game and won the NJ State Championship.. yeah.. almost like playing a former Idaho and Nev. Champions (last years Champions with all their seniors graduated).. come on.. even Calfornia HS played Bellevue..

  • Sarpar

    Theory about why DLS is D1, not Open, Norcal Rep:

    No one would argue between DLS making it; so, put DLS as D1 rep, in otherwords second team chosen, and whomever the third team was can’t argue/complain. If Bell’s were in open, well they avenged their loss and have a strong SOS. Since Grant’s in Open, they defeated 2 out-of-state powers and finished the season undefeated. DLS get’s in as only D-1 because they lost a game, slow start to season didn’t help either.

  • I love it! Finally, someone else in N. Cal will get an opportunity at the top prize. DLS just missed two more losses earlier this season and Grant has been getting the raw deal the last couple of years. It will be nice to see some other team than the Silver & Green in the big title game. Boo-Hoo Spartans. Time to man-up and play with some dignity. Quit your whining and let’s see if you can beat Centennial. Go Grant! Prove someone other than a private school in a wealthy area of No. Cal can win a title. BTW . . . message to NCS, move DLS to the private school league in the south bay with Serra, Valley Christian, and Bellarmine. To bad about the travel . . . “You shall reap what you sow.” If O’Dowd, Moreau, and Salesian had met their responsibility by keeping their programs equal to DLS’, DLS would still be playing them. Evidence, Mater Dei, Servite, and Orange Lutheran in Orange County. I guarantee you DLS would not be going undefeated every year in that league. Evidence, they would be competing with other strong private school programs unlike they have to do in No. Cal.

  • Prep Fan

    DLS played a tougher schedule and it cost them as they lost a game. Grant did not play as tough of a schedule and did not lose. Thus, they were eventually selected over mighty DLS because they had no losses. It’s not rocket science Junior.

  • John

    Come on people it is all about the money and publicity. The committee thinks there will be more excitement and turnout for the weekend in total if DLS plays on Friday and LB Poly vs. Grant is on Saturday. If DLS plays LB Poly on Saturday then Friday would be a lot less turnout. The committee is desperate, they continue to pick the same teams and way too many Private Schools( although Private schools are good they have such an advantage over public schools they should even things out) We will see how it works out, seems to me it is a lot like the BCS-which is Broken and needs to be fixed. Be interesting to see how the turnout is.

  • Kim

    De La Salle lead Don Boscoe through an error prone game on their part losing to Boscoe on a last second field goal. Don Boscoe is ranked in the top twenty. Who has Grant played of any quality. I serious doubt that Grant would finish higher than fifth in the EBAL. Frankly, after watching Long Beach Poly I would have say that they would have a tough time beating Pittsburg. The best game in the Cal bowls is probably De La Salle vs Centennial. Good luck to Grant.

  • Did you guys ever get the webcam up for the post game show? I really enjoyed reading the blogs when I got home after the game on Friday but am still looking for the game replay video or TV show, any info?

  • Desert turtle

    Hold on their cowboys. Centennial is better than Long Beach Poly. DLS will have their hands full. That is the game.
    Grant will get killed.
    Any questions?

  • Jack

    I have read on several web sites including in this string of postings, “that Grant has been getting a raw deal the last couple of years”. Maybe in 2006, Grant can claim they were passed over by the CIF since they were 13-0, and not picked. The CIF chose DLS in 2006 because they too were 13-0 and their SOS was far superior to Grant’s. In 2007, Grant was 7-4 with a first round playoff loss in the SJS D2 playoffs to a 9-3 Ponderosa team. Clearly, Grant was not overlooked in 2007, they didn’t win their section. How about some consistency Grant. Seeing all the lobbying by Grant this year made me want to check out their recent history. Taken from Cal Preps

    2007 7-4 first round playoff loss
    2006 13-0 SJS D2 champs
    2005 11-2 lost 30-0 in section final
    2004 9-2 first round plyoff loss
    2003 12-2 SJS section champs
    2002 9-2 first round playoff loss
    2001 9-2-1 lost in second round of playoffs

    How Grant can be chosen over DLS is beyond me. DLS has won the highest division of the NCS each of those years and won the outright state championship last season. No comparison between Grant and DLS.

  • EBAL FAN #2

    Well that was a surprise! It looks like the BCS is not the only bunch of incompetents. Maybe John is right. For both the BCS and now CIF, it is all about the attendence and almighty dollar. Maybe not such a bad thing. Poly 42 Grant 14; Championship game DLS 35 Cent 24

  • AJ

    If there were a REAL playoff system in place in California, the top playoff team in the north would play the top playoff team in the south for the championship and there wouldn’t be any of this H**se SH** complaining. They do it well in other states, why not here? No need for an open division that way.

  • junior

    hey Prep Fan- the CIF stated Grant played a stronger schedule than DLS even tho Grants SOS was 19.3 and DLS’ was 38.8- therefore, I am puzzled as to why Grant would be chosen for the open.

    apparently the CIF committee failed rocket science heh?

  • Mike C

    DLS being passed over in favor of Grant is not a complete surprise, especially in light of the fact that Grant is 13-0 vs. DLS’s 12-1 record, and certainly like the BCS, “style points” came into play.

    Most of us know that Coach Lad could care less about that sort of thing, and would never resort to going for a two-point conversion up 3 TD’s and then go for an onside kick on the ensuing kickoff. But that is precisely what Grant’s head coach decided to do in their game vs. Burbank (a team that Pitt blew off the field earlier this year, btw…), and it is partially understandable, classless though it was.

    As others have mentioned, the real game will likely be Friday night; Saturday’s game will be a showcase for LBP, though everyone is certainly giving Grant lots of locker room reading material with all the dumping on them going on…!

  • JimGP20

    Does anyone know if any of the State Championship games will be televised, and if so, when and where? Thanks in advance

  • EBAL FAN #2

    DLS should be on the phone right now to Grant to play them in pre-season next year. See if Grant takes the call.

  • Grant didn’t deserve to go in 2006 , their SOS was terrible vs. De La. De La beat Elder, Mission Viejo, Serra and a host of other play-off teams. This year Grant’s strength of schedule is rated 1/2 of De La Salle. No matter, the Div I game is the real treat-Last year’s state champ vs. the runner-up. Grant would lose to Bosco, Serra, Monte Vista and Pittsburg. Lot’s of talk recently. Let’s see what happens with Long Beach. Poly really didn’t want DeLa after losing twice in the past. However, if they beat Grant, Poly is going to wonder if they could have taken DeLa. They’ll not be complete. DeLa smokes Poly just like Pittsburg. With Grant, they would be starting up the bus at halftime heading back to Sacto with a real country behind the woodshead whippin’.

  • dnrapp


    The Friday games will be on Concast Sportsnet Bay Area. The small school at 4:30 on Plus and the D1(DLS) will be on the main channel at 8:00

    All the Sat games will be on Comcast Sportsnet California. game times are 12, 4 and 8.

  • i think that grant should have gotten the D1 bid, De la is the returning state champs and im pretty sure that everyone, except the sac natives, were looking forward to watching them play poly. De la needs to put Grant on the schedual for next year.to estatblish that they are the best rep for nor cal.Grant will play tough no doubt, but i think poly is a little bit better than the idaho and the utah state champs that they beat earlier. De la played better teams than grant in the EBAL, SRV, CAl MV Foothill. RIP Nor-nor cal reps (Grant)

  • and tell me that the only reason that grant is in this game isn’t because de la has been in every big game since it came back,(2006). tell grant to play better teams, ie. serra, don bosco, pitt. sac needs to step up the strength of schedule (SOS), then they’ll get the consideration, but DE La got ripped. sorry spartans.

  • #1GrantFan

    you de la salle people just kill me. first of all Grant has played a very tough out of league shedule. Grant beat(on the road-taking a bus) Highland from Pocatello Idaho which just won their 13th state title on the last 16yrs and their QB is on his way to your beloved Stanford! Alta form Utah just won their second straight state title. Let’s not forget they brought 105 varsity players had the non starting underclassmen play grant jv and they only beat the grant jv 23-20!Alberghini has won 191 games in only 18yrs with only 32 losses way to go GO MIGHTY PACERS!!!!

  • #1GrantFan

    Oh and de la salle lost at home to don bosco, even POLY went TO Florida and beat their premier team. Ok DLS just keep gathering the best players from a 50 mile radius and keep runnung from grant( WE want half the gat crap..like you need the money )give me a brake GO CENTENNIAL!!!!!

  • carolinablue

    All you say is true about the representatives in the D1 and open but, what’s done is done. I’m a DLS fan but I want all Nor Cal teams to win. They do not get any respect down south.

  • please, the idaho state champs, the whole state of idaho doesnt even have as many teams as the NCS. I hope for the sake of all sac town and northern cali they put on a good show, because if they get smoked, like everyone thinks they will, it will make nor cal look as bad as it did back in 06′ when we got swept. just keep de la in mind when you think that their biggest loss came by 14 pts back against bellvue in 04′, and Poly is favored by 3 td’s.

  • ie. de la lost to clovis by 19 back in 04′. point is that Grant needs to play flawless to have a chance and even at that, its a long shot. please play well grant, please.

  • Prep Fan

    Had DLS beaten Bosco, then there would be no question who was going to represent NorCal in the Open game. But they did not. Grant was undefeated and played a tough preseason schedule and beat a couple of state champs along the way. They may not be as strong or as heralded as DLS, but they are qualified and deserving to keep playing. It is not like DLS is staying home like Bellarmine. It is too bad we don’t have a true playoff system like basketball. I’d love to see DLS play teams like Grant, Oak Grove and Bellarmine. It would also be fun to see how teams like Pitt or MV would do. Good luck to all the NorCal teams.

  • junior

    PrepFan- im not so sure if DLS beat Bosco they would have received the Open bid.-

    Look what the CIF did in its selection of Div II St Mary’s. St Mary’s had 2 losses and got in over an undefeated team-the CIF said this was because St Mary’s had a stronger SOS. So an undefeated DLS might not have gone to the Open game because the CIF is on record stating Grant played a stronger schedule.


    It’s rather simply…CIF made the political choice…Inner City versus Inner City.

    The D1 game is actually the match up of the 2 best teams, so in spite of themselves, the CIF got it right.

    Regardless, best wishes to Grant and I hope they beat Poly as Poly could have been eliminated in any of their playoff games. And as we all know, Poly could not be DLS anyway.

  • Bayfan who knows

    To all of you Grant Haters, here’s their resume:
    Since 1991

    Made playoffs 18 years in a row
    15 league title teams
    191-32-1 record
    four City Championships
    Six Section titles
    two 13-0 Teams in the last three years

    This tidbit:

    The Valley Christian of San Jose coaches were so impressed with the Pacers after Grant throttled that team in 2005 and 2006 they told Alberghini and the media that “Grant was the best prep team they had ever encountered.” They dropped Grant from the schedule because the Pacers were too big, too fast, too skilled, too well coached. And this is the same Valley program that is state ranked and always in the argument for a bowl game. (source Sac Bee)


    Dr. Ishida obviously didn’t play football. Horrible job. How could you bomb this?


    Im talking 2 loss St. Mary’s over an undefeated Casa Robles and an undefeated Encinal. By the way Encinal had the biggest win of anybody’s schedule regular season and playoffs. Explain.

  • NapaSurfdog

    Grant beat Valley Christian twice in 2 years 05 and 06. They beat them AT Valley 44-0 in 06. Valley Christian then canceled other scheduled games with Grant and now nobody wants to play them from the Bay Area. In 05 Napa (8-1-1) beat Grant (9-1) 40 to 34 the year after Grant had won D1 SJS section. Grant had returned 1/2 the team along with QB and RB. Nev Union beats Napa and ST Mary’s beats Nev Union for section that year. In 07 Napa beats 3 1 loss teams in playoffs including nationally ranked ST Mary’s in Section Title Game. Napa has STATE PREP PLAYER OF THE YEAR IN John Boyett. This year ST Mary’s Wins D1 section of SJS as a D2 state team. The San Joaquin Section is VERY COMPETITIVE, NOT WEAKER. More good teams making it harder to win consecutive championships..Grant had to go out of state to play quality teams because Bay Area teams won’t play them after Valley Christian. They would go to NJ, or Texas or wherever if they could afford it. So a Bus Trip to Idaho was what they could afford to get the best team to play. They beat a 56.7 rated Alta Team from Utah at HOME. DLS lost to a 60 rated team at HOME. It’s time for Bay Area Teams to start doing one intra section game per year with SJS. Not too much to ask. Then the arguments would be settled on the field..The out of state teams that used to call DLS are now calling Grant…Poly and Grant are a good match because they are both public, high crime low income areas and play alot the same intimidating style. Poly being #5 in the Nation and 14-0 couldn’t be in the D1 game and CIF wanted to give another undefeated team a chance..Don’t lose next year and hope for the best…


    Grant deserves a shot, (although De La Salle is better team), but St. Mary’s does not.

  • Since the inception of the bowl games, I have enjoyed the back and forth between Nocal high school football fans. With work in both Socal and Nocal, I have been an interested observer of both. Two points I would like to make: FYI, I am from Socal and 30 plus years removed from high school, but have follwed high school football as a fan for the last 15 years.

    1. If DLS doesn’t win 151 games, beat Mater dei and LP Poly over four games. No one would be in a bowl game because they would not exist. Socal would not recognize any team above Bakersfield unless a team came down and beat their best. If DLS would have lost those games, there would be no push for state games because the reality is that Nocal football was/is not respected in Socal. Which leads me to point number two….

    2. Was anyone surprised that in the inagural state game, the overall sentiment I read at the time was that both Nocal and Socal fans wanted DLS to lose. I noticed the opposite in Socal where slighted teams such as Poly last year were rooting for the Socal representatives. I see here and on other threads where someone hopes Grant loses or DLS loses. When you might want both to win.

    In seeing all four teams play, I think Socal teams benefit from the match-ups. My opinion is that Centennial is the best of the four. They are also the most talented. LB poly is the most tested team of the four and although their league is not the strongest, the trip to FLA, preseason win vs. St. Boneventure and the playoffs for the Pac 5 were formidable wins.
    Centennial vs. DLS offers a more talented squad with revenge on their mind and an opportunity to atone for last year’s loss with a team just as talented as last year’s, maybe even better. DLS is the least talented of the four, as #21 to Arizona, may be the only kid playing D-1 from this team next year. I read some banter on the Sac Bee site about DLS’s recruiting, but looking at the last 4-5 teams, they sure have been bad at it from a talent level.

    LB Poly vs Grant will have two teams that are very similar athletically with strong rushing games and physical defenses. The edge I think will be experience and “home field” advantage to a degree. What Grant may feel is a sense of what DLS may have felt in 2001 and that is a need to represent for their region, for a bad showing may create a perception that contradicts thier stellar history.

    I personally think the match-ups are great, but the best hypothetical game of the four would be Centennial and LB Poly. What would probably be a more plausible scenario would be for Nocal to root for Nocal and Socal for Socal. Rest assured Grant and to a lesser degree DLS, if you get smoked, the clamor will be to pit the best teams no matter if its two Socal teams.

    Any thoughts?

  • Bayfan who knows

    Mike Easton,

    You make very sound arguments. I like yourself am 30+ years removed from high school as a player. I have been following high school football for over 30 years. Starting with watching my brothers compete in Columbus, Ohio and then continuing on after my move to the Bay Area in 1980. Because of job moves, I’ve seen the Fremont/Newark/Union City, North San Jose, Menlo Park, Sacramento (Citrus Heights), Portland Oregon, Chandler Arizona, Westlake Village and currently San Diego area footall scenes. I’ve seen many great program and some great games. High School football to me, is the greatest game going.

    The rancor you hear from the north is mostly due to the political/media might of the Bay Area. I get the sense that in SoCal. Mighty programs like Poly and Mater Dei and others actually give locals a shot at the title belt. Thereby squashing all talk about who is the best.

    In Norcal, all you hear is DLS, DLS, when DLS doesn’t put belt on the line, with the locals. Yes, they play programs like Serra, Skyline and other supposedly good programs, and then have lapdog sites like CalPreps and the local papers shout their names from the highest mountains. But do they give Schools like Grant, Napa, Granite Bay, Elk Grove, Del Oro, Atwatter, Merced, Fresno, Oak Grove? The answer is no! And that is why the rancor comes. 100+ game win streak? Mike could something like that happen up south? It shouldn’t happen down north, it you play the talented programs.

    The Grant haters, are just the threatened status quo.

    Read NapasurFdog’s post, he knows the deal on DLS and Grant.

  • JA

    I’m just glad DLS clobbered pittsburg. The silence is golden.