EBAL All-League

The much anticipated All EBAL team ….

Traditionally, the EBAL champ (or co-champ) has its best player as the league MVP.
Remember, everyone on this list was nominated by their coach. Every player nominated gets at least honorable mention.

MVP — Blake Wayne, DLS


QB — Joe Southwick, SRV
RB — Leroy Green, Cal
RB — Kylan Butler, DLS
TE — Zach Ertz, MV
WR — Nathan Hinke, Foot
WR — Tom Hemmingsen, MV
OL — Ben McKay, SRV
OL — Dan Wissinger, MV
OL — Cody Peterson, DLS
OL — Nick LaHaye, DLS
OL — Jeff Ferrier, Cal
Spec — Ryan Walsworth, Foot
K — Grant Vandevanter, SRV

DL — Chris Cruz, Foot
DL — Azziz Ikharo, MV
DL — Dylan Wynn, DLS
DL — Daniel Whitaker, Cal
LB — Garrison Goodman, SRV
LB — Dave Wilkerson, MV
LB — Kevin O’Connell, DLS
LB — Derek Goetting, Cal
DB — Patrick Lynch, Foot
DB — Noah Perio, DLS
DB — Trevor Morrison, Cal

QB — Brett Nottingham, MV
RB — Freddie Schoennagel, Gran
RB — Brett Trimble, SRV
RB — Dalton Turay, AV
WR — Jackson Bouza, DLS
WR — Nick Zwarg, Cal
OL — Joe Eiras, Gra
OL — Ryan Schanen, Foot
OL — Sam Mosle, MV
OL — Manuel Marques, DLS
OL — Daniel Whitaker, Cal
Spec — Kean Stancil, AV
K/P — Bo Stompro

DL — Dylan Austin, Gra
DL — Scott Miller, SRV
DL — Ongley Ocon, MV
DL — Zach Pruess, Cal
DL — Justin Avriett, AV
DL — Cole Huntley, SRV
LB — Kingston Vi, Gra
LB — Johnny Millard, Foot
LB — Blake Renaud, DLS
LB — Nacho Montz, AV
DB — Ryan Gordon, SRV
DB — Nick Russo, SRV
DB — Blair Wishom, DLS
DB — Mitch Glaser, AV

QB — Sean Mannion, Foot
QB — Justin McPherson, Liv.
RB — Tyler Roark, Liv
RB — Greg Johnson, MV
RB — Brian Babb, Foot
RB — Terron Ward, DLS
WR — Byron Gruendl, SRV
WR — Bryce Peterson, SRV
WR — Matt Tuckness, MV
OL — Ryan Marples, Gra
OL — Chris Cousens, Foot
OL — Andrew Bailey, AV
OL — Tom Jaeigel, Liv
OL — Thomas Hickel, DLS
OL — Michael Lady, AV
K/P — James Langford, Foot
K/P — Dilon Mullaney, AV
K/P — Brendan Garcia, MV

DL — Shawn Hoene, Liv.
DL — Craig Cofer, Liv.
DL — Nick Garitano, MV
DL — Marco Torres, Liv.
DL — Brent Rasted, SRV
DL — Arturo Hernandez, Cal
LB — Ian Marriott, Gra
LB — David Kluj, Foot
LB — Michael Young, Foot
LB — Joe La Barbera, MV
LB — Anthony Eisen, Cal
LB — Danny Petros, AV
LB — Dalton Turay, AV
DB — Kenny Kiser, Gra
DB — ANdrew White, DLS
DB — Jackson Lacombe, Liv.
DB — Brandon Jones, Cal

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • period

    any listing of grades? Will it be in the paper tomorrow?

  • Kyle Bonagura

    It will be in the paper tomorrow with the grades.

  • don pride

    where is casey popick from amador? he deserves at least an honorable mention

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Coach has to nominate him.

  • don pride

    disappointing he was a standout corner for us this year

  • Congrats to you all. I was pleased with the selections because these young men were truly the best and many of them, the brightest. Their teams benefited from their play, sportsmanship, and leadership. These are the qualities that make the EBAL the premier league in Norcal.

  • Carrie Whitaker

    Is it too late to fix the a misspelling?
    Daniel Whitaker 1st team DL and 2nd team OL is not spelled with two “T’s”
    His mom.

  • Got2go

    No Reggie Davis from Cal and two other DB’s from Cal made it? Did he get nominated?

  • tdnummi2000

    How in the world does two DB’s from Cal make the list and #26 dosen’t? It is good to know how much the head coach really thinks about his players. This decision is almost as bad as the one the NCS made by not putting DeLasalle in the open division game. Way to go coach. This is how hard work and dedication is rewarded? Ridiculus.

  • tdnummi2000

    Oh and by the way did I mention that #26 led the league in interceptions, and shut down every #1 receiver that he faced? This truly makes me sick to see this type of injustice on the high school level.

  • EBAL Fan

    Good call with Wayne as the MVP, because he would have been left off the list as a pure QB behind Southwick, Nottingham and Mannion.

    As for second team running back, hgre’s hoping the Amador staff gives the ball to Turay 20 times a game next year. That kid should transfer to another school where his talent would be utilized. If not, he’ll be another great Amador back with five carries for 75 yards each game.

  • larry

    gruendl off the first team list… wow!

  • football fan

    How does the quarterback for Livermore make honorable mention? They never scored a touchdown on a first string defense all year. What a joke!

  • No SRV receivers in first or second team despite 40 pass per game and gaudy stats; interesting…

  • EBAL Fan

    you’re kidding right? gruendl is right where he belongs. I thought the best receiver in the league might be Bouza. Would have loved to seen his stats at Foothill, MV or SRV. Based on what they did in league, you can’t even make any intelligent argument against Hinke or Hemmingsen for first team and Bouza and Zwarg for second team.

  • larry

    to ebal fan:

    if you have seen any games, you wuld have seen that as good as southwick is, Gruendl makes plays out on the field one will never think of. I agree that Bouza and Hemmingsen are two of the top recievers in the league but you saying Hinke and Zwarg are above Gruendl is madness. Im sorry your naive enough to not know talent when you see it.

  • FB Player

    Southwick should have been MVP. Wayne plays with the most talent in the area and best coaching and he wins, but when it comes to league MVP it should go to the best player. Ask yourself this if Wayne wasn’t at De La Salle how good would they be? If Southwick wasn’t at SRV how good would they be? To me there isn’t even an argument and this is coming from a player who has played against both.

  • junior

    I think i’m going with who the coaches say is MVP- Blake Wayne

  • renegades10

    Blake Wayne was the correct call for MVP. Southwick is the best pure quarterback in the league that is without a doubt and I would not argue otherwise. But Blake Wayne was the best player. He meant more to this year’s DLS team than a quarterback has in awhile. He kept them together when they struggled at the beginning of the year. He has all the intangibles you want in a player on the field. He is a true competitor and directed the DLS offense to be as good as it was. Trust me without Wayne this year DLS would not have won NCS and I truly believe that. There is nobody else in NCS I would want leading my team out there than Blake Wayne. And if the coaches agree with this which their vote shows than you really can’t argue. His team is 13-0 with a section title. And as to say he plays with the most talent in the area well, this year that is not true. The other night if the game was decided by talent, Pittsburg should have won that game.

  • a&f#1fa

    what about the accal all leaugers?

  • larry

    Agree, Southwick has more talent with his specialty players than Blake Wayne. Gruendl, Peterson, Madonick, Huntley, Trimble,are all legit players on offense. Blake Wayne might not be the best pure quarterback but I will take him on my squad to win OVER Southwick.

  • The MVP of the league does not necessarily need to go to a player on the team that wins the league. The MVP needs to go to the player that does more for his team than any other player and allows that team to have success that it may not otherwise enjoy. The bottom line is Southwick fits that definition for SRV while De La Salle is still where they are, with or without Blake Wayne. Also, if Gruendl did not break his thumb early in the season, he would be hands down one of the top receivers in the league statistically. He is more athletic than any of the other receivers mentioned and he is worthy of at least 2nd team all-league or better. A case could be made for Peterson as well but there are only so many all-league positions to go around.

  • Got2go

    To the IBA staff – was Davis nominated at cornerback?

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Everyone who is nominated gets at least honorable mention.

    I have to chime in on Davis. He is no doubt a very talented kid and has the potential to be one of the best players in the area next year, (he already has an offer from the University of Utah) but he really didn’t have that good a season.

    As for shutting down every teams best receivers: Tom Hemmingsen caught 7 passes for 105 yards and 2 TD vs Cal. Bryce Peterson caught 10 passes for 108 yards and a TD vs Cal.

  • FB Player

    Look there is no way that SRV ever comes close to having the season they had without Southwick. NO Playoffs, no wins over Monte Vista, just another middle of the pack high school football team. To say that DLS would not have been where they are now without Wayne is hard to say because they consistently win NCS by simply reloading year after year. In my eyes Southwick was the best player in the league bar none. Kyle, when do the all-area teams come out?

  • Kyle Bonagura

    The football All East Bay team will come out on Dec 26.

  • football truth

    Jon brown from encinal is my winner

  • football truth

    Jon brown from encinal should be on it, and is my vote for player of the year

  • tdnummi2000

    Kyle you mention two players’ stats, one of them a 1st team all league and you say he did not have a good year? Ask Pitts leading receiver, ask Los Lomas top reciever, ask Washington’s top receiver, ask Delasalle leading receiver, ask anyone who attended all the games. And I ask you this Kyle; did the players on the 1st and second teams have better years? Did the players that got honorable mention have better years?

  • HSFootballFAN

    Truth…did you read the article? Is Encinal in the EAST BAY ATHLETIC LEAGUE? lol, give me a break!!


    John Brown QB, Xavier Milton WR/KR/PR, Dominique Sashington DB, Abraham Amiri MLB, each from Encinal should definitley be all ANG. These players would excel in any league.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    TD- The problem the coaches run into is that they can only nominate a certain amount of players.

    So you can’t really compare the HM guys from the other schools to Davis. He is much better than the three non-Cal guys on the HM team. But Jones was a senior, so I have no problem with Sanchez giving him the nod. Maybe, like you said, he was rewarding “hard work and dedication.”

    Davis will get a ton of accolades next year, he’s going to play D-I football, he’ll be fine.

  • tdnummi2000

    The problem that I have with decision is, it is not recognizing the kids that earned it. I don’t care if you are a senior or a freshman; if you are one of the best players then you should get the votes. Next year should have been his second year on the all league team.
    Next year is not guaranteed to anyone, injuries happen all the time in the game of football.

  • ManO’War

    Oou, good points from Tdnummi2K – but nice for seniors to get a nod. However, IF the point is reward the best, since injuries can occur, et cetera, better to reward the deserving junior? Tough call, but you got to go with the principles of the program, don’t you think? Otherwise the program loses meaning? … What are the numbers the coaches can nominate?

  • renegades10

    Look Southwick threw 5 int’s in that Pitt game. More than Wayne might have thrown all year. I know they pass more but 5 interceptions isn’t exactly MVP status. And what about the DLS-SRV game? I would say Wayne had a better game than Southwick did and DLS was missing three starters on defense including a starting cornerback. What a lot of people don’t understand is that this year’s DLS team is one of the biggest overachieving teams in DLS history. Butler is their only DI guy. That Pitt game is one of the first in awhile where just about everyone was healthy. Ask anyone on that team and the coaches in the EBAL and they will say Wayne held that team together and got them to the state game. Southwick has the tools to go much farther in the game than Wayne does and no one doubts that. But Wayne is the guy I would want on my team any day of the week.

    Out of curiosity did Southwick lead any comebacks this year? I know Wayne had two and they were the first two games of the season.

  • dnrapp

    Southwick did led a comback win against SL in the regular season. SRV scored the game winner with 48 secs left.

  • EBAL Fan


    It’s pretty straightforward — Wayne deserves the MVP, Southwick is the better QB. Don’t even try and play the card that SRV had more talent than DLS…De La Salle would have been every bit successful if not more with Southwick at QB. He can get out and run when needed and there’s no comparison between their arms. Honestly, Wayne was no better than the fourth best QB in the league, but he was the MVP for what he did for the Spartans.

    Unless you’re Mr. Gruendl, you know how average the receivers at SRV were this year. And we have to excuse him for his blind faith in his son. Any of us would do the same.

    I tried to find things to nitpick on Southwick this year, but I couldn’t. They had no running game, receivers that dropped as many passes as they caught and a very average line, yet they went to the NCS semifinals. That came from the play of Joe Southwick.

  • EBAL Fan

    Kyle — the linebacker from DLS on the first team, is that the sophomore? That sophomore is a frigging stud.

  • renegades10

    EBAL Fan

    I don’t really feel like arguing about it since you and I pretty much agree on the fact that Wayne should be MVP. And that Southwick is the best qb. I’m not saying that SRV had more talent than DLS this year but the one poster seemed to hint that De La Salle had all these top flight players this year to help Wayne out and that just isn’t true. Watch some of the highlights from the Pitt game and see the plays that he makes. I just don’t see many other players doing that. Wayne kept them going through the rough patches of the season including the tight win over Cal. I’m not sure the backup would have been able to do it. My two cents.

    I also think that Terron Ward is a much better RB than honorable mention. Too bad he was hurt most of the EBAL schedule.

  • EBAL Fan


    Agreed, agreed…. i always think the one thing which makes de la salle so good is their consistent and solid play on both lines. yes butler and ward are stud backs, bouza is a very talented receiver, but the lines are always good and always do what they need to do to pass protect or open holes….

  • Prep Fan

    I thought Southwick looked better against Cal than Wayne did. DLS beat Cal because of a couple of huge runs by their backs, not by passing. SRV lost to Cal, but Southwick played a heck of a game.

    As far as the 5 INTs against Pitt, the all league teams are selected prior to the NCS playoffs, so that game had no bearing on the voting. I also seem to have read that Pitt had something like 18 players make all BVAL this season, but the EBAL limits the selections to a reasonable number of spots. It may be that Sanchez wanted to push a certain number of players and not lose credibility by trying to push to many, but I don’t think pushing Davis would have been a stretch. I also agree that he will get his accolades next year, and should just set his sights on getting even better.

  • larry


    You are an idiot. I am far from his dad, more like a former teammate. I am telling you he is better than HM status and if you were smart enough to see that, your ignorance wouldnt have chimed in.