Why CIF’s Grant over DLS reasoning makes no sense

The reasoning that Grant’s two wins over state champions from the highest level of football from Idaho and Utah are absolutely ridiculous. It doesn’t give value to the quality of football being played here in California. So I started thinking, how many of the teams DLS played could win a state title at THE HIGHEST LEVEL of football in states not named California. Of course, I had to rely on the CalPreps project a matchup tool to make this work. The results are probably shocking to the CIF, but to those of us who actually follow high school football, well, not so much.

In the order of the DLS schedule:

Serra-San Mateo vs Capital (Montana Class 2A champs): Serra 34, Bismark 24

Loyola-Los Angeles vs Junction City (Kansas 6A champs): Loyola 24, Junction City 21

Don Bosco: DLS lost on a last second field goal to NJ state champs.

Granada-Livermore vs Nashua South (New Hampshire Div 1 champs): Granada 28, Nashua South 22

Livermore: no.

Foothill-Pleasanton vs Hartford (Vermont Division I champs): Foothill 27, Hartford 21

Amador Valley-Pleasanton vs Lincoln (South Dakota 2A champs): Amador Valley 28, Lincoln 24

Monte Vista-Danville vs Hazelwood Central (Missouri 6A champs): Monte Vista 35, Hazelwood Central 21

San Ramon Valley-Danville vs Bismark (North Dakota 3A champs): San Ramon Valley 34, Bismark 24

California-San Ramon vs Service (Alaska Large school champs): Cal 22, Service 19

Deer Valley-Antioch vs Milford (Delaware Divsion II champs): Deer Valley 22, Milford 12

Foothill-Pleasanton — Toss in another win against the Vermont state champs

Pittsburg vs Orchard Park (New York Class AA state champs): Pittsburg 26, Orchard Park 20

LINK to CalPreps project a matchup tool

List of 2008 state champions

If that doesn’t show how ridiculous CIF’s reasoning that Grant beat two state champs from the largest classification, so it deserves to go to the Open, I don’t know what does.
Using my logic, DLS has 11 wins against teams good enough to win a state title at the biggest classifications outside of California. But guess what? We’re IN California, where some of the best HS football is played. Highland (Idaho), one of the teams Grant beat, would come in sixth place in the EBAL.

Here is my theory as why DLS got passed over. If DLS would have beaten Poly in the state Open game, it would have been the No. 1 team in the state. It would have also had a loss to the New Jersey state champs, so then it would look like New Jersey has an edge over California at the top. Now, regardless of who wins, California will have an undefeated state champion.

One way to solve this. REAL PLAYOFFS, like every other state does.

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.