Mack snowed out of Gorman Classic

Snow in Las Vegas prevented the McClymonds boys basketball team from being able to travel to the Bishop Gorman Holiday Classic and Warriors were forced to drop out of the tournament. The highlight of the tournament — and of Mack’s preseason schedule — was a likely semifinal matchup against Dominguez-Compton, the team the Warriors beat for last year’s CIF Division I state championship. Unfortunately, that matchup won’t happen as Mack is stuck in Oakland.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Joey

    Aww it wont “happy” and happen… that sucks =(

  • Jim

    It looks like all the other teams made it there. Why weren’t they able to get there on time? I see Marin Catholic, Buchanan, Clovis from Northern Calif., St. John’s Washington D.C. and teams from Colorado were there. If they missed their first game, wouldn’t that be a forfeit and then they would play the remainder of the tournament. They can’t just leave the other teams hanging.

  • The cost for a rescheduled flight was going to be sky high, more than McClymonds could have afforded.

  • UC Fan

    Budgets for some schools (i.e. private schoole) are a lot different than most public schools, especially in the East Bay. For most private schools like DLS, money is no object for their athletic program.

  • Vegas Bill

    Hey just so you know man there is no Clovis in the tournament here. But, like UC fan said the other schools are affluent private schools. Those guys just dip into their trust funds and pay for flight changes or are making a week of it and were already in Vegas.

    But enough of that…

    Here are is an update of the Final day of the Classic.

    Host Bishop Gorman will play tonight at 6pm against Denver East for the championship. Gorman has this sick pg Kylel Coleman who sames some serious hops. He is only 6 ft tall and in a few minute span he put on a show. He met a 6’2 guard at the top and STUFED his dunk attempt and ignited a fast break. A minute or so later on a fast break they threw him an alley oop and he soared in from the baseline and threw it down with AUTHORITY. Denver East is led by DaVaughn Thornton how will Gorman handle this guy? We will see tonight.

    The other storyline out here is that Dominguez had to play without Jordan Hamilton. He had his hardship denied and he is done for the year. He is still going to Texas, but will not suit up again for the Dons. I don’t know how much this brought the whole team down, but the Dons were upset in the quarterfinals by a decent Reno team. So, that dream re-match of Mack and Dominguez would not have happened after all.

    So long from Vegas. Time to go watch Arizona lose its second game in Vegas in the last 4 hours. GO RUNNING REBELS!!!!!

  • Thanks for the update Bill. That would’ve been quite a downer to see Mack end up facing Reno in the semis instead of Dominguez because I have to say, I think Reno is a bit overrated. They already have a loss against Fremont (which just lost to St. Joe’) and Mack blew them out by more than 20 points. Looks like Mack would’ve had pretty much a free ride to the finals.

  • Jim

    Buchanan of Clovis lost to Foothill Wednesday and beat Spring Valley on Friday.

  • Vegas Bill

    Yes Buchanan is from Clovis. I thought you were talking about Clovis or Clovis West.

    Gorman won the whole thing just for a final wrap up Jimmy.