Jon Becker

  • EBAL Fan

    Now can we please put to rest this frigging whining about DLS not being in the Open game. I carried the NorCal torch throughout the game, but there is no doubt who the better team was in the D-I game. It would have been embarrassing against Poly.

  • UC Fan

    I couldn’t agree with you more EBAL Fan. It was amazing though even as time was winding down that there was still people trying to compare DLS and Grant via their schedules. DLS has no right to talk whatsoever. Remember: The game tonight, this was a public school team beating a private school!!!

  • guru-black

    too many brothers for de la last night! there speed killed there offense. blake wayne was he injured cause his arm strength didnt look to be there last la better recruit better talent cause i don’t see any d.j williams or maurice drew’s out there last night! how come de la salle doesnt have any black kids playin on the o or d-line? plus they’ve never had a black q.b just somethings i observed last night. watch out richmond, oakland, antioch, & pittsburg de la comin 4 your best athletes!

  • EBAL Fan


    They’ve always had brothers from Pitt, Antioch and Richmond, that is nothing new…..DJ Williams, Terrence Kelly ring a bell??

    But I agree with your assesment. There was too much speed out there for DLS. You could see passes getting knocked down which were open all year against the turtles (in a relative way) of the EBAL.

    And WOW — how good is Burfict?? What a man-child. Figures he would be going to USC.

  • Sam

    Hey football fans…

    If you’re looking for a blog detailing Day 2 of state football, you can find one at:

    Action will start around noon today with the Division III game featuring Cardinal Newman, Santa Rosa vs. St. Bonaventure, Ventura!

    Check it out!

  • EBAL Fan

    In case you computer geeks didn’t know, all the state games are on TV and you can actually follow them there, as opposed to staring at your computer with a glazed look on your face.

  • WOW! The CIF got it right based on Centennial’s victory. I saw both Centennial and Long Beach Poly play this season and they are monster programs. Based on Grant’s start tonight against Poly, they are better than DLS. Another thing, DLS would not go undefeated if they were located in So. Cal.. They would do well but they would not dominate like they do in the East Bay. Reason? So. Cal. has many more great private school programs (Mater Dei, Servite, Orange Lutheran, Loyola, Bosco, Oaks Christian, and more). The private schools in No. Cal. have not been able to keep up in football (moreau, BOD, Salesian). The only private schools that play tough are outside of the East Bay (Newman, Bellarmine, Valley Christian, Serra). DLS is in a well-to-do area surrounded by significant talent. They draw from everywhere and encourage public school kids to apply. They are at the center of a perfect high school football storm. If the private schools in the area were better, they would water down the athletes drawn to DLS and the Spartan program would come back down to East Bay earth. That would also give the public schools more of an opportunity to catch up. How do we fix it? Place DLS in the south bay private school league. I know the travel is drastic, but drastic situations call for drastic changes. If you are one of those who think it’s not fair to DLS kids . . . think again. No one has to attend DLS . . . they apply. Thus, every kid who enters the program knows they are signing up for significant sports travel. That would keep some more talent in the public schools. BTW, DLS does not recruit . . . the alumni does but the school and the football program does not.

  • Prep Fan

    The WCAL would be a perfect fit for DLS, but you don’t see anyone from that league trying to get them them admitted. It would mean long drives, but they already have long drives for teams like Bellarmine to play St. Ignatius, or Riordon to Mitty. The EBAL is the best fit for them in the NCS.