Grant answers all critics

Well, anybody who questioned Grant as the Open Division selection for the CIF state championship bowl game doesn’t have anything to say now. Grant proved it deserved that spot ahead of De La Salle and congrats to the Pacers on their victory. And thank goodness that NorCal didn’t get swept. That would’ve been embarassing.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • 12-23-08
    Guys….What we need is a shootout, where teams earn the right to play the Southern Calif. teams instead of a group making selections….That way there is no way to complain when the dust clears…..If a team comes in and has a bad night, then its their tough luck…League champs and best record…But league champs should loose only one or two games to qualify for the playoffs…Five or six rounds should do the job.

  • renegades10


    While I am still waiting on the detailed article from Bay Fan, here is an article in response to your friend of a friend of a friend comment.


    If you read down you will see where Darin Owens, the coach of the 4A Idaho State Champs, Hillcrest and former coach of Northgate High School who was in the same league as Las Lomas at the time, talks about the comparison.

    In regards to the Serra and Loyola games you are right DLS struggled. If they were playing like that at the end of the seaspn CC would have killed them and to be honest I’m not sure they would have won NCS playing like they were. You are talking about two very different DLS squads though. Very different in terms of th level they were playing at. Alta is a great win, I have never said different. But Serra and Loyola would beat Highland plain and simple. The coaches comment confirms this.

    Now to call Coach Lad classless might be a first. I don’t think I have ever heard that before. I guess it’s classless for a coach to state their reaction to a decision and their opinion on the matter.

    I’m not saying Grant is ducking people, I asked a question as to why they traveled to Idaho to play a team. I do think there were better teams here that they could have played. And to tell me to stop implying Grant is ducking people, when you have been stating DLS does?

    I have all the respect in the world for Grant. I have not dissed their football program as they are now in the top echelon of teams in NorCal. I stated when the games were made that while I disagreed with the choice of sending Grant to the Open Game, that Grant deserved a bowl bid and had a very real chance to beat Poly. And I don’t think the east bay is the be all and end all of great high school football. Great teams come from all over. So don’t go on a little rant about how Grant gets no respect. I was happy they beat Poly to begin with, that now people would see more to NorCal football than just DLS!

    Now you are making all these claims about how a two loss team would not beat an undefeated team when it happened in the game you still talk about when a two loss Canyon team beat an undefeated DLS squad. So to say it couldn’t happen would be wrong. If you were to read my earlier posts I described how I thought the game would go. Nowhere did I say DLS dominates or even beats Grant only that there is something about DLS and how they play the game that you only get a real appreciation of by playing them. I will guarantee you Grant has never played a team like it. I have a very good appreciation of how good football is in Sacramento, those top teams are very, very good. But you also have to realize that the level of football in this area is also very high and DLS has consistently dominated no matter the level of talent they have on the field. I will say it again that I congratulate Grant on a fantastic season.

    Now Descamp I don’t think LB Poly is a great white school and last time I checked DLS beat them twice including once down South. Neither is Centennial Corona. And the very good Pitt and San Leandro teams don’t fall into that category either. I’m sure there would be good games from those national schools you listed and I don’t think that some of the DLS teams of the past few years would win every game. But to say they are weak is just plain ignorant.

  • EBAL Fan

    Come on Descamp, playing the race card??? Really?? Sounds like a Monte Poole column.

  • junior

    EBAL Fan-
    “Come on Descamp, playing the race card??? Really?? Sounds like a Monte Poole column.”

    that is the most right on comment i have read here in a long time.

  • dez #72

    hey I wasn’t tryin to pull the race card but if u look at who dls plays its true DLS deserves some credit because they have won NCS every year they deserve that but I don’t this is how I knew they are weak because they lost to Don Bosco Prep a team tht go whooped by Cin. St.Xavier but for DLS to prove to me and the rest of the country tht thy are a real power thy need to get in the Herbstriet Ohio Vs. USA Classic and play a true national power like a St.Ignatius St.X McKinley Massillon Glenville or even Div.III Cardinal Mooney

  • O’Dad

    Dez, and if they played in the Ohio vs. USA classic, someone from Texas or Florida would say they are dodging them. I think most people are aware that Ohio HS football is very, very good. So is Cali football. DLS is a victim of their extreme success, in which, people are laying in wait for them to slip up ever so slightly, so as to pile on. This was not one of DLS better teams, but, they lost in the state title game by 5 points. They compete very well nationally, and always have. The piling on is similar to a player making 17 tackles in a playoff game, amd people asking why he did’nt make 20 and win the game by himself. Something tells me DLS won’t slip up next year…

  • Kyle Bonagura

    DLS already went to the Herbstreit Classic and won big. It’s not their fault they got matched up with Elder in a down year. Dez, you can’t say Elder was weak (at 6-4) and then come back and say McKinley would win the California Open after it finished 6-5.

    What if DLS beat McKinley last year? What would that have proved, McKinley was 3-7. Doesn’t exactly sound like a national power.

    It’s the same stuff every year. Everyone wants a shot at DLS because its the standard every program in the nation wishes it could live up to.

    But don’t take my word for it, Ohio’s own Kirk Herbstreit had this to say “(DLS vs Elder) is an intriguing matchup because all the GCL teams aspire to be De La Salle,” Herbstreit says of the Greater Catholic League of Cincinnati-area schools, “one of the great parochial programs in the nation. Elder is one program that could sell out a stadium (for a big game).”

    Also, Poly beat Glenville last year.

  • guru-black

    like i said before de la salle can play, just not there year dont have the athletes. but monte vista, srv, cal they don’t wanna play teams like grant, poly, & cenntenial they have too much speed & power! besides de la salle the ebal can’t compete with the big boys!

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Well, Cal gave Bellevue its best game of the year and Bellevue won the Washington 3A title and finished ranked No. 7 in the West Region by ESPN Rise.

    They definitely competed.

    And that’s the team that ended ranked 5th in the league by the end of the year.

    The EBAL can definitely compete on a regional level.

  • dez #72

    I was at the Poly Glenville game last year in Canton tht was a matchup of speed on speed it went to the wire. Glenville matches up with Grant very nicely . and again the Herbstriet Classic is held At Canton Fawcett Stadium,Massillon Paul Brown Tiger Stadium,Cincinnati Nippert Stadium and played at U Of Texas so the Name is really meaningless some of you guys if you ever get the chance so got to the Pro Football Hall Of Fame Should Go it is a beautiful place

  • renegades10


    The EBAL can compete with the big boys. Example Cal this year finished I believe tied for third or fourth in the EBAL and before playoffs was 6-4. They went to Washington to play Bellevue, the team that beat De La to end the streak and this years Bellevue team went on to go undefeated and went on to win the 3A state title with Cal giving them their toughest test all year and only losing by seven points. Bellevue has been consistently good both statewide and nationally.

    This is where I don’t understand the comments about Sac football getting no respect. You guys come on here and say things about the Bay Area teams and how they are bad and overrated. I’m sure the three schools you listed would love to play Poly, CC, or Grant. Unfortunately, it’s hard for teams to schedule these games until they get some recognition and that comes from a big win. When you are in the East Bay that big win would be De La Salle. I have believed for awhile now that the best teams in the East Bay can compete on a national level. Some of the past Pittsburg teams and San Leandro teams. Last year’s SRV team and some of the past MV teams. They are very good football teams who have the misfortune of being under DLS’ shadow. Hopefully, these teams will eventually be able to showcase their talents at some point.

  • junior

    Dez#72- why would predominately black schools play better football than predominately white schools?

  • dez #72

    Who’s the predominately black school’s buddy the only school i kno tht i listed is predominately black is miami northwestern. Most of the schools i listed are mixed in. I am a person of mixed races anyway.ans Black school’s are clearly faster

  • Andre

    from a bay area article. “The logic and the facts really don’t support (Grant) being selected over De La Salle,” Tennis said. “When the games happen, De La Salle will still be ranked ahead of Grant in every poll. Just because the commissioners picked it one way, everyone will leave it as is because nothing has changed.”
    LOOK AT EVERY POLL. GRANT IS OVER DLS. i didnt go to grant but i live close to it and my class the class of 06-07 would have beat dls hands down. GRANT BEST CALI TEAM 08-09. noone can question it. GRANT BEST TEAM IN NORCAL since 05

  • renegades10

    The comment made by Tennis was in regard to the fact that even though Grant had been selected to the Open game over DLS, that the rankings would not change to reflect this before the games and move Grant up over DLS. He was not talking about what the rankings would be after the games.

  • renegades10

    And just cuz a team is faster doesn’t make them better by the way Dez.

  • descamp72

    Clearly its not you see what happened to san leandro i dont think i ever said tht if a team is faster tht it is better

  • renegades10


    Then what was the whole point of saying that DLS ducks predominantly black schools and that they are weak because of it?


    In regards to Grant being the best team in NorCal since 05 well here are the stats for you.

    Grant since 2005

    Record: 44-6
    Two Section Titles
    One State Title

    DLS since 2005

    Record: 49-5
    Four Section Titles
    One State Title

    So while Grant is a top program in NorCal to say they are the top program in NorCal is not quite true. This debate will go on until it’s settled on the field, just a thought though.

  • HAAL Fan

    Calm down Renegades. All he meant to say was “They just to weak sauce blood.”

  • HAAL Fan

    Andre. “Since 05” totally different from “in 05”.

  • dez #72


  • HAAL Fan

    I’m talking about the fact that not once have you brought up a valid argument to back what you said! “De La Salle became a National Power by whoppin up on great white schools thy did play” also “I’m sayin DLS is weak and always has been buddy and has been ducking all the real national powers” Not once have you brought forth an example. I just want to know why you believe these things to be true.

  • dez #72

    I believe these things to be true because thy have not played anybody from a big time football state in their whole run in winning national championships. The people at DLS will not put a Trinity from Texas and Miami Northwestern a Cincinnati St.Xavier on their schedule because they understand they will be routed so they go out and schedule the Bellvues washingtons and The Don Bosco Preps. Until De La Salle plays and beats any of the big time programs back East or in the South they are weak in my eyes that’s how I see it

  • dez #72

    I jus came out here last july but it seems to me all u DLS people tht the folks at Grant want De La Salle and have wanted DLS for a while. So if you guys believe you can beat Grant you reporters call the DLS AD and ask y it hasn’t happened?

  • Jimmy how can you forget about Oakland High’s Damonte Horton? Five pick’s three for touchdowns…

  • dez #72

    yea damonte is nice he was servin at san jose state passing tournaments along with the wide reciever

  • Horton wasn’t forgotten about. He was brought up in the meeting but when it comes to utility-type players such as him, there’s a lot of talented players and not enough spots for everybody. Plus, I wasn’t able to track down his defensive stats to bring to the meeting. He’s only a junior and I’d expect to see him on the Players to Watch list next year and my guess is he’ll be a strong candidate to make the All-East Bay team next season.

  • O’Dad

    Speaking of stats, I know you guys are at the mercy of the coaches to aquire accurate stats, but it would help if they actually included playoff games in the stats and other things during the regular season. I’m just glad I don’t have to worry about it anymore now.

  • For the offensive stats we keep, we do include the playoffs when considering All-East Bay teams. And yes, we are at the mercy of coaches for most other stats, such as defense. This year, we put the team out so quickly (which is a good thing) that we had only a couple of days to contact coaches. If a coach’s phone wasn’t working (which was the case at least once for me), we were out of luck.

  • Old Meddling Former Coach

    How do you guys pick the Offensive linemen?

  • renegades10

    DBP is a big time program back east. And I am pretty sure most would consider California a big time football state.

    Dez, what is your opinion on Grant then? Do you consider them weak as well? They haven’t played any of the big time schools from back east, florida, texas, or Ohio. So by your reasoning about DLS that would make Grant weak as well. I don’t think that’s the case for either team. And DLS would love to put those schools on the schedule, but everyone seems to forget this is high school football and most schools including DLS can’t pay for a team to become a traveling road show all season. DLS will travel out of state or down South for one game a year. That’s the budget. And this usually comes with support from a marketing company putting on the event. When DLS played in the first-ever nationally televised game on ESPN against Evangel Christian from Louisiana, who is a big time program from the South, the guys who marketed the event paid for the expenses of ECA’s travel. When they traveled to Ohio, they were given assistance. So really the final thing is DLS doesn’t duck people. It’s just an excuse usually used by the same people who claim that DLS recruits athletes to come play for them.

  • HAAL Fan

    Exactly. If we play that kind of game on here where everyone finds a school they admire that De La Salle hasn’t played then we’d be on here for years on end. We’re forced to look at what they’ve done and what they are logistically capable of doing. And when we’ve finally looked at all that we could, they deserve more respect than to be accused of ducking stronger opponents in an attempt to build to their fame.

  • descamp72

    Grant is the only team in California tht from my experiences can play with the big boys. And there u go again bringing up weak Privte schools.DLS hasnt played a strong public school. And I kno for a fact if De La Salle wanted a Ohio Power to come out it would happen especially at a Massillon Or Canton Mckinley. Those schools are public schools but they have the biggest Football Budgets in the Nation. And they get tht by bringing 15 or 16 thousand people to a game every friday night or 25,000 to a Massillon Mckinley Game. He is a suggestion for you guys go find the Movie
    “Go Tigers” and that will explain real High School Football.

  • Old Meddling,
    We pick the O-lineman by gathering opinions from coaches on who the top guys are that they see. Obviously teams that have good offenses are given good consideration because we all know it all starts up front.

  • renegades10

    Ok but McKinley and Massillon aren’t powers anymore. Colerain is the one public school in Ohio I know of that has been consistently good over this last decade. And why is it that you think private schools are weak? They have some of the best football programs in the country. The team that won the Ohio state title this year, St. Ignatius, is a private school. The team they beat in the final is a private school, Elder. Do you consider them weak? To say that Don Bosco Prep and Evangel Christian are weak shows a little bit of ignorance. Ask any of the guys who cover high school football and have for a long time and they will tell you these programs are very, very good and compete at a high level year in and year out. I know that there are some public schools in Florida and Texas that are very good. But there are teams of the same caliber here in California.

    Why do you think that Grant is the only team able to compete with the big boys? What are your reasons?

  • dez #72

    mck and massillon both have been to the state championship this decade and have won very tough regions out here they call them sections and DLS just became a nationally known team in the 90’s Mckinley and Massillon started high school football. St.Ignatius Mckinley played every year until 2005 when Canton City Schools joined the federal league(The winningest Public League in Ohio)Massillon is independent so they continue to play ignatius also both mass and mckinleys strength of schedule are at least ten poins stronger then dls and u got it right go ask the old reporters and thy will tell Mck Massillon any year will beat DLS and mck n mass are always national powers and are ranked in the top ten in USA TODAY WHN UNDEFEATED Grant has the size and speed to play along with Cal Poly and there is really no point in goin on with this because DLS will Continue to play popcorns of the National Rankings Don Bosco Prep was slaughtered by an average Cin. St.Xavier team this year and DLS lost to them.

  • renegades10

    DBP was slaughtered? 17-10? Don’t read you on that one. St. X also beat Prattville in Alabama who has been ranked in the top 10 and is now I believe the 3 time defending 5A state champ. But they are probably weak too. And the team that had D.J. Williams, Kevin Simon, Demetrius Williams, and Matt Guttieriez would lose? How about the 2003 team that was arguably the overall most talented team in the history of DLS. In regards to Grant, your whole argument about DLS being weak was based on them not playing top public schools across the country. It had nothing to do with size or speed. If you put Grant into your original argument they are also weak. I have seen two DLS teams beat LB Poly who was absolutely loaded with players. Ask Kyle or Jimmy about that 2001 Poly team. They were levels more talented and skilled than this years team. Everyone talks about the difference between the 06 and 08 Grant teams. They don’t hold a candle to the difference between the 01 and 08 Poly teams. And what did DLS do? They walked into Poly’s own backyard in 2001 and beat them. And in the rematch the following year, DLS dominated them.

    In regards to strength of schedule, well that argument can’t be used any more after this year. Otherwise look at the difference between Grant and DLS’ SOS. Just because a team has a stronger SOS if they don’t get the W is doesn’t matter. It’s all good to say a team is a national power when they are undefeated and ranked in the top 10. But when is the last time those two teams were inside the top ten? DLS is also always ranked in the top 10 when undefeated.

    You seem to have a fixation on those two teams. Almost as if Ohio football is the center of the universe. There is much more out there. Dez, you have chosen a year when DLS lost two games by a combined 7 points to two teams who are top 25 nationally one being top five to go out and say that DLS has always been weak. Show me another team who year after year is consistently as good. You are right that this convo shouldn’t really keep going because you still haven’t provided any legit argument to back up your theory that DLS has always been weak.

  • dez #72

    This is what I think of DLS because of the caliber of high school football I’ve played and grew up around and what I think won’t change until they play a midwest or texas power. In my eyes DLS is weak to me that’s what I think. and the CIF commissioners seem to have liked Grant this year they picked them to play in the open division and they won so all you big de la salle crybabies shut up and live with it. Maybe Grant will pop up on the DLS schedule.

  • renegades10

    I’m happy for Grant and have always said that. I thought you played for a school in HAAL by the way.

  • renegades10

    now i get it you went to mckinley your first two years explains the fixation on that team.

  • dez #72

    yea my pops grandpa was an all american defensive linemen there in the 50’s,my dad was a all state wide receiver and my cousin Percy Snow was a all state linebacker and all american he went on to be a all american at Michigan State my cousin Raymar Morgan was a all section wide reciever his sophmore year but decided to play basketball and now he is a all american at Michigan State same story with my cousin Eric Snow. the Snows are my cousins by marriage and my little cousin jus made All-Ohio as starting linebacker for the Bulldogs he is only a junior. So ima Bulldog in blood but because of Canton being in the rustbelt my dad was laidoff two years ago and I had to move with my mom out here to cali and if I had better knowledge of cali high school football I prolly would have played for an EBAL school like Cal or SRV.

  • HAAL Fan

    Like Cal or SRV … or you know … De La Salle.

  • dez #72

    I wouldn’t have been able to pay for the schooling at DLS

  • To all the Grant haters…please stop and just finally give us some damn respect. Always excuses of who, what, where, when, why, how, coulda, shoulda, woulda, if only!

    POLY, YOU WERE RANKED 2nd IN THE NATION! “yeah, but you caught us between games”…BULLSHHHHTT…YOU WERE RANKED 2ND IN THE NATION!

    “yeah, but our number one kicker was out”…BULLSHHHHTTT…YOU WERE RANKED 2ND IN THE NATION! Grant didn’t even have a kicking game…you should’ve slaughtered them!

    “yeah, but..this wasn’t our best team”…BULLSHHHHTTT…YOU WERE RANKED 2ND IN THE NATION!

    Rewatch the game Poly…listen to the commentator. To run a 3-5 defense….you have to have pure athletes! That’s right! Not just big men…Athletes! Nobody else in the state runs a 3-5…..ONLY THE PRO’S BABY!!!

    You people kill me! As for Centennial, DLS and any other Bay area team. Let’s put things into perspective here. Where we come from…it don’t matter what the paper says. You can be number 1 in your paper everyday if you want! There’s a 100 yard field of turf in Del Paso Heights. Quit jack’n jaw on here and go support your school, your coach and your team by calling Grant and putting your money where your mouth is.