Grant answers all critics

Well, anybody who questioned Grant as the Open Division selection for the CIF state championship bowl game doesn’t have anything to say now. Grant proved it deserved that spot ahead of De La Salle and congrats to the Pacers on their victory. And thank goodness that NorCal didn’t get swept. That would’ve been embarassing.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Grant is the best team in No. Cal. 2008, but I believe Centennial is the best team in the state.

  • eastbayscout

    centennial beats both poly and grant by at least 2 TD’s…i guess CIF has its own version of the BCS. Grant and Poly had very average offenses for state winners…no doubt a ton of talent and solid on defense, but neither team looked very crisp. i still believe dls beats both, but congrats to Grant they did shut up the critics. at least we have one the BIGGEST game in norcal in two straight years. so i guess our best are still better than their best, but our quality of lower divisions are not the same. good showing by st mary’s though. very very impressed with their QB, only southwick was even close to this guy. both will be solid college qb’s.

  • Mrbig

    To say DLS “still beats Grant” just shows the BLIND FAITH in that squad. I agree Centennial may be better than Grant, but you are kidding yourself to think at the VERY LEAST a Grant v DLS would be a good one. But if you are being honest and laying TRUE ODDS…Grant would be the favorite.

    For the record, Grants 2006 team was better than the team you saw play last night, and dare I say the 06 DLS team looked eerily similar to the team DLS put on the field Friday night.

    DLS is still the Gold Standard for Nor Cal football, but show some class and allow Grant their moment without your “DLS still beats them” jab.

  • Bill

    After watching all four teams this weekend, I believe the CIF got it right. I’ve watched DLS for over 10 years but this Grant team would have put it on them. We may never know about Centennial vs. Grant, but I would give the edge to Grant. They had the size and speed of a D-1 College team. The defense was highly underrated. Except for 1 break out run, they shutdown Poly and would have shutdown mostly any team.

  • Hawaii

    Ok,i am not a DLS fan. Grant winning is great for Nor Cal. Absolutlet great. Football is about Match-ups. I think Centennial is the best team in the state because they are athletic and more crisp than Poly or Grant. I think Grant’s athleticism gives Centennial a better game than DLS’s execution did. But i believe after wathing these 4 teams play, that DLS would be beat both Poly and Grant. Poly and Grant are both obviously as athletic as Centinnial. But they are nuch looser in their execution than Centennial. In Centennial, DLS ran into a more athletice version of themselves. Again, this is not intended to a disrespectful piece to anyone, just an opinion. A good example as a point of reference on a local scale, is CAL, Foothill and DLS. Foothill beat Cal and got hammered by DLS. Yet Cal matched up much better than FHS did againts DLS.
    Anyway, it was a great high school season, thanks for the memories to all the boys who suited up, I won’t long forget, Freedoms, Roman Runner, DLS outstanding back’s balance, Encinal’s Josh Brown, Grants perseverance and Southwick’s gun slinger highlights! Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks to the staff at the Times for creating an opportunity for us to particpate our thoughts and covering another great year of Nor Cal football!

  • Jason

    Some of you guys are delusional. Did you guys noticed that Poly had no trouble beating Miami-Northwestern
    29-7 earlier this year? MIAMI-NORTHWESTERN! They were the number 1 ranked team in the country last year and this year went all the way to their state championship in Florida before losing. And Poly completely shut them out. No disrespect to DLS or Centennial but I doubt it is a foregone conclusion they would have beaten Poly. Give Grant alot of credit. They were highly underrated and proved they are one of the best teams in the state and in the country.

  • DLS does not beat any of the top three teams; Centennial, Grant, or Poly. Centennial gets my edge because of it’s crisp play at every aspect of the game. Centennial had the best quarterback in D1 (Martinez) and the best defensive player (middle linebacker). They are well coached and I agree with those who said they could have beat DLS last year but they ran out of time.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Big difference between this year’s Miami Northwestern team and last year’s. They had to replace 11 guys who went D-I and several others who could have, but went JC.

  • Pacer

    Grant is the best in Nor Cal and DLS needs to start playing Nor cal teams outside the Bay area. A few teams in Sac area would give them fits.Grant would beat them!

  • Jason

    The best way for DLS to prove that they are indeed better then Grant is simple: PLAY THEM. Grant has tried to schedule DLS for years and DLS are the ones avoiding the matchup.

    All these speculations that start with: “Well I watched both of them play and I think DLS is better” is MEANINGLESS. Alot of people watched Grant and Poly played too and thought Poly was head and shoulders better then Grant. Well guess again.

  • Jason


    I am well aware that Marcus Forston, Aldarius Johnson and all the other blue chippers from last year’s Miami Northwestern have graduated. But this year’s team still went to one of the State Championship finals in Florida. That is no small feat in a state that is as talent rich in football prospects as Florida. And Poly went to Florida to play them at their home and completely thumped them. There is a reason some press had Poly ranked as the second best team in the country before this last game.

  • Hawaii

    Grant is very deserving of what they accomplished, not saying otherwise, but watching them, they played an imgae of themselves last night, heck DLS beats Centennial if you have a different quarterback at Centennial. DLS had no answer for Centenial’s more sophisticated passing attack. Martinez was the difference even in light of the talent level difference. I beleive DLS would beat Grant because until you play them, you don’t understand how good their execution is. I said before, i could care less about DLS or Grant personally. Grant deserves all the props in the world, they created their chance and they took it to a very good Poly team. I just believe DLS’s execution the first time they play will be the difference. Grant’s passing game and kicking game would be their achilles heel against DLS. Please Grant supporters, this is not meant to be disrespectful in any way. You guys walked off the field as State Champs and really opinions to the contrary are just that. You have scoreboard!

  • UC Fan

    Amazing how people still say DLS is the best team in Nor Cal. Why don’t you just say that DLS is the best team in the state still. Grant showed that their program is legit.. I’ve heard the same thing about DLS avoiding a meeting with them in the regular season. They would rather lose to a team from out of state so they can tell people that they are the best team in Nor Cal… Grant showed this weekend that they are the class of Nor Cal for 2008!!! It’s also senseless to try to say that Centennial is better than Poly.

  • EBAL Fan

    Great game with Grant and Poly, but I thought the best game of the five was the D-II game with the incredible performances from Vaz for St. Mary’s and the the frigging machine running back from Cathedral Catholic…What a game and what a performance.

  • Congrats to Grant for beating Poly in what could only be termed a “slugfest!” I wasn’t able to watch it but would love to do so on a rebroadcast. Any suggestions on where it would play? My reflections on this weekend’s games would be summarized in this manner: the better teams on those nights won. How could you not be impressed by the speedy and accurate game played by Taylor Martinez of Centennial? The beast they call Vontaze was just that. DLS is good but didn’t bring their best game that night, too many penalties on offense and no really big offensive plays like they’d pulled off all year. LBP and Grant had their share of mistakes as well and frankly surprised me how many they made as well. It seemed like any momment the other team could have pushed way ahead but simply stopped themselves with errors. It was a very evenly matched contest with similar teams just wailing on each other. I do agree with the previous blogger that Centennial looked the sharpest with the best execution in total for the weekend. Again, congrats to Grant and their program. They will move way up on the list now and are a team to be respected. I’d love to see a match between them and DLS or Centennial.

  • transrand

    I’ve watched several DLS games over the last several years. I don’t believe that this year’s DLS team could beat either Grant, Poly or Centennial. Those three teams have to much team speed for DLS on both sides of the ball. DLS was only able to put together one drive for a TD in the Centennial game because the speed and power of Centennial defense was to much for DLS. It would be the same case with Poly or Grant.

    Other teams have now figured out DLS interms of weigth lifting and conditioning. Other team are doing the same things as DLS but with bigger, stronger and much faster players.

    DLS also need to include a passing system into their game plan. Their was no space for the running backs to roam against the Centennial defense. They were just tom fast.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Jason- Totally agree with you. Just pointing out the Northwestern team from last year was a once-in-a-decade type team from a talent perspective. But as you said, 2nd in the state of Florida shows they have reloaded and such a one-sided game was impressive for Poly.

  • renegades10

    Look I am a DLS alum and supporter and I said that Grant matched up very well with Poly. I thought they had a shot and they took it. What we saw this weekend in the Open and DI games were four very high quality teams who left it all on the field. At this point to say that one would beat the other because of this is a matter of speculation. DLS has an execution that Grant probably hasn’t seen and Grant has an athleticism that this year’s DLS team didn’t see until CC. I didn’t see the Poly-Grant game, but DLS definitely did not play their best offensive football of the season. Part of that was the athleticism of CC but in that first half there were a lot of non-DLS type mistakes. Yet they were very close in that game. Not too mention a lot of people felt this year’s CC team was better than last years and this years DLS team was definitely not as good as last years. But they didn’t come off the field with the W. Grant did. They deserve all the props in the world. And yes this is a game that needs to happen. But to say that DLS is ducking Grant is false and it pisses me off to continue to hear this. They have never ducked anyone and will never duck anyone. I have all the respect in world for Grant and have never dissed them or their program but I don’t understand why you keep talking about 2006. Maybe that was your best team ever. But when you guys keep talking about how DLS fans shouldn’t talk about if they would beat this years Grant team then why do you guys keep talking about Grant beating DLS 06 team. They never played so we will never know. Grant is an outstanding program and I’m glad So-Cal will believe that their is more to NorCal football than DLS. But please enjoy your victory and stop with the rumors. Let things play out on the field and leave it at that. Congrats Coach A and the Pacers an excellent season and hopefully a matchup of these two outstanding programs will happen in the not too distant future.

  • Freebase

    Great game Grant!!! The pacers are the Kings of Cali in Football, Nuff said.

  • Jason

    DLS and Grant should play. There’s no reason why two teams that are 1 hour bus rides from each other somehow can’t schedule a home and home series. DLS has no problems travelling to New Jersey and Ohio for games so I can’t understand what the issue is.

  • SalesianChieftan50

    Plain and simple: DLS doesn’t want to lose to an in-state team like Grant. Unless I hear a better reason that’s the only legit one there is..

  • NapaSurfdog

    EBAL Fan–St Mary’s has a great offence, but only average defense. Last year Napa High beat them by 2 for SJS champ. Same team basicly only missing a couple players from last year on offence. Defense didn’t shore up from 07. SM can outscore alot of people, but when they come up against a stong OLine like SB or Bellarmine they are gonna get beat. Napa is also the last D1 team to beat Grant(9-1) in playoffs 2004. Grant has been D2 since. ANY Top 10 SJS section team could compete with any Top 10 Bay Area Team and win 50 percent of the time now..

  • KJ

    I know everyone wants to praise DLS however there is no way they beat Grant. DLS has to few athletes on this years team. Grant is more physical than Don Bosco and has more team speed. For those of you who think Centennial beats Grant think again. Grant has hitters in the secondary as well as cover men. While DLS may execute as we have seen the past few years their execution is not what is was in the past. They are not crisp which is why teams like Serra (Pat Walsh) challenged them. I think you could make the DLS/Grant game an ESPN game and it would sell out any venue. However let’s be realistic DLS would not play Grant in Sac because the environment would be to hostile for them. Hey if you don’t play Grant play Granite Bay it’s a nice school with a nice stadium in the suburbs.

  • renegades10

    DLS doesn’t want to lose to an in-state team? I think you might want to look at the where the two teams they played at the beginning of the season are located. Maybe you should look at the fact that they only play one out of state team a year. I know the Pacers had a great season this year but why did they choose to play more out of state teams then DLS did? Please stop thinking that DLS ducks people. Doesn’t happen. It’s too bad that some people decide to bring down a program that so many strive to be like.

  • Jason


    I’m still waiting for your explanation for why DLS and Grant can’t schedule a home and home despite being only 1 hour away from each other. But its not hard at all for DLS to fly all the way to New Jersery to play Don Bosco. Unless you want to insinuate that it was Grant who was avoiding DLS (a claim no one outside of Concord would believe), there’s no reason that this hasn’t happen other then DLS has avoided it.

  • HAAL Fan

    Got a better plain and simple for you chieftan; People hate De La Salle’s success. People want to see DLS fail. People can’t wait to hear that they too are capable of losing. What is Grant? A football team that matches up amongst the elite teams in the state. But more importantly, not De La Salle. Not the same team that beats up on programs year after year after year after year after year etc for 30 years. I’m not taking away anything from this stellar program, but I think people are just happy to have a new king of the mountain.

  • Bay Fan who knows

    Renegades10 can you handle the truth? The Sacramento Bee did an article detailing the attempt to put Grant and DLS together. According to the Sac Bee. DLS wanted something different from the standard gate split and only wanted to play Grant during it’s rebuilding years. This blog and response came after the article. If you want the actual article that came before this blog, and response, go to the Sac Bee website and do some work/research. Truth isn’t easy to get.

    Go to: http://www.sacbee.com/static/weblogs/preps/archives/2007_09.html

    Read the reporters response to the question and then engage the reporters (Bill Patterson, Davidson etc…)

    They love talking Grant football. After they destroy your world, come back to this blog, and admit how DLS picks and choses who, when and where they play. There’s nothing wrong with this. It takes some serious thinking and planning to build a Rep. It doesn’t happen by accident. But, they do dictate terms!

  • eastbayscout

    congrats to grant, they played a great game and represented norcal well, but….

    i am not a dls fan by no means, but there execution would have beaten grant. other than stop and go after stop and go, grant’s offense is very average. they had one great WR. there QB was very average and there best run game was QB sneaks. Centennial was loaded across the board. hands down the best QB in d1 and open games, best RB IMO, and 2 legit WR’s. Not to mention a DL that controlled the greatest run offense of this decade and a LB that is 2nd to none (maybe only DLS DJ was better in california over past 20 ys.) DLS to be honest got lucky to even stay in the game i believe. centennial executed very very well for an athletic team(typically a lot of me first attitudes on teams this talented) and I was extremely impressed.

    grant is a great team again and would love to see them play DLS, but i just dont see them beating DLS. DLS has lost to ONE TYPE of team over past decade. A team that is more superiour in talent and just as good at execution. Which is why all the talented teams at Poly could never beat DLS, because they don’t execute the same way. Centennial was far superior in talent and matched there execution all game long.

  • Jason


    Your post reeks of pompous and arrogance. An undefeated team cannot possibly beat a TWO LOSS team? A team that just beat another undefeated team?? Give me a break.

    Its funny that you talk about execution. Grant is the team that is 14-0 and undefeated while DLS has two losses and you say Grant can’t execute. I’ve got news for you. Teams that don’t execute well don’t have perfect seasons and beat the likes of Poly. Unless you’re gonna say Grant’s talent was head and shoulders above everybody else they played, which is blatantly not true. If you look at Grant’s roster, most of their players are barely being recruited by Div 1 schools. Grant certainly had talented players in the past but this year’s team isn’t one of them.

    Look DLS has a great HISTORY. But you know what, history is well history. Too many people are judging DLS based on what they have accomplished in the past and not what they actually are at the present. If you really take a hard unbiased look at what DLS is this season, they are a good team but hardly the invincible teams of the past. There are no DJ Williams, Maurice Drew, or Cam Colvin but observers still think in the back of their minds that DLS still have those type of players.

  • brian

    dear east bay scout: Firts of all D J williams the “best LB in the past 20 years” is a grant high school product. his father went to grant. Just so happens his mom worked in the bay so he was “recruited” to DLS. his brother worrell williams a stand out LB at Cal is from grant. Now for yout dls execusion claims. Teams generaly don’t execute as well when they are physically getting beat. if your guy can’t block their guy then you will not execute. if your receiver can’t get open cause he is being covered then you can’t execute. if you cant run the ball because you are aren’t in control of the line of scrimage then you can’t execute. A team can only execute when they are able to control the things they do on their terms. dls didnt execute on 4th downs when they needed to specially at the end. Part of that reason was because their players were constantly false starting when it counted. I was at the dls vs. pittsburg game. None of those false starts were happening then cause they were exucuting cause they could. Exucuting means only one thing sir: do what you set out to do. if you do that then you executed your game plan.
    So now lets talk about that other game. Poly had what was described as the best def in the state. Thats how they beat people. other teams can’t execute against them. news flash!! Grant executed when they had to. dls didn’t. to say that Grant’s best run play was a qb sneak is jus wrong. Their rb had well over 100 yards on like 22 carries. averaged about 5 yards per carry and a td against a poly defence that has deveral D1 recruits. oh and their average qb had well over 200 yards and 2 td’s throwing and one rushing. poly hasn’t given up 4 touchdowns in a game in years until sat night. grant didnt rretend to be a dazzling passing team. they did what they were good at. the physically controlled poly specially on the last scoring drive. And grants def executed what they wanted to do. They were bigger and faster that Poly’s offense accross the board. when poly ran wide there were multiple defenders in on the tackle not just one. from what I heard leading up to the game was poly had a pretty good running back. well he was held to just 0ver 70 yards in 20 something carries and 55 of those yards game on one play. a solid individual effort on his part for breaking a few tackles that had that play stopped for a loss. He had only 8 yards at the half. bottom line is Grant executed what they needed to do against the task at hand. that cent qb was great but would he be the same while he was running for his life from a hard hitting, huge and scary fast front 7 from grant and a very fast, hard hitting secondary for grant that made some very athletic int’s?? who knows. but grant executed for what they thought they were going to see from poly and won. dls knew what cent wanted to do with the spread offense and prob had a game plan for it but didn’t “or couldn’t” execute that plan to stop it or simply didnt have the atheletes for it. Grant executed a long scoring drive against a defense that was great from poly and won!!! period.

    and did you really just say dls had the greatest running game of this decade this year???

  • St Paul Mn

    All I heard from most of the content is De Lasalle is a better team then Grant.Well if thats the case tell tell De LaSalle coach to take off those yellow stripes and play Grant in a home/away series over the next two years.Settle the score or is Del Paso Heights a little to scary for your fans.

  • St Paul Mn

    A Grant/De LaSalle match up would be good for Norcal football.A match made for espn.These two teams over the years have proven to be two class teams.Congrads to the Pacers and to De LaSalle its time for this match.

  • renegades10

    Jason, Bay Fan Who Knows, and KJ

    1. DLS is not flying to New Jersey. There is no rematch happening next year and this year Don Bosco Prep came to California.

    2. So those guys like talking Grant football. Well notice the words DLS “reportedly” wanted to split the gate. He says Coach A turned it down but nowhere is there a direct quote from Coach A saying that this was the case. If you have the link for the detailed article I would like to see it. I have yet to see an article with a direct quote from anyone affiliated with either program stating this as such. If an article did come out with solid facts then I would be shocked but admit that I was wrong. DLS has never requested this before against both out of state teams and in-state teams alike.

    In terms of the games skipping a year, I will also answer this for you. In 2007, DLS was still independent when it came to football. This means they had five non-league games before having to play select schools from their former league. This year in 2008 they were put into the EBAL and everybody knew this was going to happen after the 2006 season. This meant that they went from five non-league games to three. Before the talks started DLS had already finalized contracts with Serra of San Mateo and Loyola of Los Angeles for both 2007 and 2008. This left them with one more spot for 2008 and at the time that talks occurred during the off-season DLS was also talking about the matchup with Don Bosco which had been in the works since 2003 when there were talks the two would meet after their playoffs had ended. I believe DLS had left a spot open for Grant in 2007 but when the talks broke down DLS filled them with Castlemont a school in Oakland who then backed out after the passing of their head coach which left DLS with one less game in 2007.

    Now DLS does and has given preference to Catholic schools I will not deny that. But the amount of games they could play was reduced because they now had seven league games to play and they already had contracts to fulfill. Now just as Grant does, DLS schedules teams a couple of years in advance or at least agree to play them. Now for DLS at the time a matchup with Don Bosco was a much more high profile game as opposed to Grant plain and simple. I think we will see DLS-Grant happen much sooner now based on this year.

    Now you haven’t answered my question as to why Grant played more out-of-state teams then DLS did. I know Alta was a home-and-home series but shoot Grant traveled farther than DLS did this year. And to Idaho. Where the team they played was compared by a former coach from the Bay Area to Las Lomas, a team that lost in the semi’s of DII NCS playoffs. A team that is not even top 25 in the Bay Area including the South Bay, East Bay, North Bay etc. There were not enough teams for them to play closer to home?

    3. DLS scared to travel KJ? Scared to play in hostile environments? Now what makes Grant more hostile then other places? I’m intrigued by this thought. Please explain.

  • renegades10


    I really hope you put the word “recruited” in quotations to mean that you are not implying that DLS recruits. A matchup between the two schools would be highly entertaining. It is very easy to say that Grant is so much better than DLS right now based on the last games. Well what a lot of people will say about DLS is they sometimes don’t look impressive, but then you play against them and it is a different story. Speaking of athletic defenses if these two were to play next year DLS defense especially their front seven is going to be outstanding. They return their entire D-Line and they have a very special player by the name of Blake Renaud who will only be a junior next year leading the linebacker corps. I will say that for the teams to beat DLS, their qb has to have an outstanding game. Martinez and Longshore back in 2006 both played their best games of the season without a doubt. As someone said to beat DLS you have to execute very well. On occasion some of the teams do against DLS and they are the ones to win. But no one executes as consistently as DLS does and Grant cannot afford any miscues. DLS has had the best running game of this decade overall but yes this year was not one of them. The scary thing is DLS played a very talented CC team and played them close with just one DI recruit. Last year they only had two Amack who was a senior and Butler who was a junior. Imagine what they would do with just one more.

  • LBGC

    There are a lot of sections in Socal… and the top teams from different sections always play eachother. They also play the top teams in the LA City section which is not part of the CIF… they do that knowing what type of impact it has when it comes to the playoffs, and now the state championships. This also takes care of the “what-ifs” and any other quetions or ill-stated opinions. So, the top teams in all the CIF Norcal sections should do the same and consistantly play eachother… there is more at stake now than just local bragging rights… there is the great opportunity to be a part of the best high school football experiences in all of the country. No matter what anybody says, California high school football is among the best in the country.

    As for the Grant – Poly game… I wasn’t able to see any of it but I tought for sure that my Jack Rabbits were gonna get it done… a big congratulations to the Grant team for a great season and the same for the young men in the green and gold! All the teams in the state games deserve to hold their heads up high. Its been a long season and congratulations the players, coaches, families, and the communities that support these fine young men.

    Until next year, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

  • SalesianChieftan50

    HAAL: I totally agree. I myself sort of feel like DLS is like the NE patriots of last year, only they accomplish this much almost every year. They win so much it’s just sort of funny to see them lose every once in a while. My coaches always tell us stories about how they would beat DLS when they played in hs and the DLS program was still up and coming.

  • HAAL Fan

    Renegades is right on some counts guys. It wasn’t too long ago that DLS went to Aloha Stadium for a game against Hawaiian powerhouse, St. Louis. It’s not a matter of “ducking” so much as it is probably a “falling out” over arrangements. Let’s give both of these teams more credit than that.

  • 12-22-08
    There was a lesson to be learned in the NCS playoff’s for all the NorCal High School teams….And that is improve your skills….You saw what the So. calif teams did to Hamilton and Cardinal Newman….These teams lost to well prepared, ready to play teams…Even DLS had a rough time with the Huskies and they are the top team in the bay area….DLS is going to be hard to beat in 2009, so the Foothill League teams had better get ready or be ready for another whipping. And Mr. big was right about Grant….They had the best team in 2006 and were over looked…The 2006 Pacer team was far better then the 2008 team…BUT Grant is big, fast and aggressive and no body to mess with…Next year they will loose some of their skill players, but they will still be hard to beat…..If Grant and DLS should meet, the fur will fly and i would hate be in the middle…..

  • Jason

    Renegades you crack me up.

    Grant has travelled to play in the bay area in the past. They had a home and home with Valley Christian in 05 and 06. They won both games. Ok VC was sh** in 06 so I’ll be generous and won’t count that year’s 40-7 thumping they gave to them. Lets look at 05 where VC was pretty good and ended the year at 12-1. You know where that one loss came from? You guessed it, GRANT. So don’t imply any crap that Grant goes out of state cause they are afraid to play bay area teams. They are not intimidated by bay area powers and have gone to San Jose and beaten one of their best teams during one of their peak years.

    And don’t even try to bring up Highland. I can equally claim that Serra and Loyola are pretty unremarkable teams this year and you beat those teams by an average of like 3 points. Highland ended the year 10-2 and state champions. Alta ended 13-1 and state champions whose only loss was to Grant. Serra is 8-4 and Loyola is 6-5. Those teams were not juggernauts and don’t pretend just because they are in CA, that makes them automatically more legit opponents then Alta and Highland. And no I don’t care about what you hear from a friend of a friend of a friend from Boston Market who’s sister was married to a former coaches opinion. I’m sure its also a 100% unbiased and truly objective opinion of course.

    As for 2006. People bring it up because you were chosen over Grant and then went and choked against a not particularly great Canyon Country team that most felt wasn’t even the best team out of Southern CA. Maybe it isn’t fair but people can’t help but wonder if you guys were a tad bit overrated in 06? If you had taken care of business then, no one would bring it up now.

    And this year, talk about sour grapes. Alot of you guys (including your head coach) and the bay area media made a lot of noise after Grant was chosen over you for the open championship game. The Coach L comment about how “Div 1 game is the true CA championship game” is totally classless and disrespectful to Grant, Poly, and the Section selection committee. After the game and Grant wins and DLS loses, proving everybody wrong, there are STILL people like eastbayscout and hawaii who claim that even with their TWO LOSSES, DLS is still better then Grant. Oh, but its no disrespect to Grant of course! Ooo..kk, LOL who are you guys trying to kid with the smug double talk.

    Look Grant has taken care of business ON THE FIELD. They won every single game this season. DLS HAS NOT. They losted NOT ONCE BUT TWICE. Grant did everything they were supposed to do. If they can’t get respect despite this then I don’t know what else to say.

    For record I’m a bay area guy. Grew up here and only recently moved to Davis for work. I bleed 49er and Cal football and have followed prep football since I was in high school. I have mad respect for DLS but I also have seen how good the football teams in Sacramento area is and it irks me to see all the bias and arrogance from bay area folks. They have no clue about the quality of prep football in Sacramento. Hopefully this will change with this victory by Grant.

  • guru-black

    the ebal teams dont want to play grant too much speed. too many brothas & samoans. speed kills!

  • brian

    and another thing east bay scout and the rest of the doubters here in the bay area. the qb for that (in your words) not so good of a team highland the state champs from idaho. there qb will be going to stanford. huh either the people at stanford are idiots or the guy can pass. just not against Grant. Dls is a great program but the attitude of alot of people in the east bay being better than others “all” the time gets embarrassing after a while.

  • eastbayscout

    i have no ties to DLS so get over it, i didn’t play there, i am not a fan, i dont live close to them, my kids dont play there, etc.etc. but i do respect what they do. and you will also hear me say it isn’t fair at same time, because they are able to pull from out of area unlike the other public schools and offer scholarships and firmly believe private schools should either be playing in division up above enrollment or should have a total separate playoff system like new jersey, because they are at an advantage.

    i was just stating my observations from the game…I will totally agree that the 06 grant team did get screwed over. that was one of the best teams in the bay area over the past few years and would have beating DLS that year.

    and no i did not mean DLS had the best run game this year. i mean as a program and as a system, their run game is model to all programs on how efficiently they execute with sometimes lesser players. not saying they don’t have talent, but no where near poly, centennial or even grant. the past dls teams did, but really since mjd and landry left dls has not been as good as they used to be.

    i am not doubting grants ability and even said i was glad they won, relax. you want me to tell you how good you are will that make you feel better? i did not say they suck or are terrible or don’t deserve to win state title. i merely said this year DLS i believe would have beaten them, and centennial would have beat up on both poly and grant. that was a great team.

    and brian i said nothing about the qb from idaho, i know absolutely nothing about him nor the team or really care for that matter. so get your facts straight before you start throwing things out there.

    my last post i will say is…grant fans you need to sustain a program of the length of dls before you bash it. win a few more state titles, go undefeated for the next decade then ask to be mentioned above dls. this year you are considered best team in norcal congratulations, but you guys seem to want to believe you have dethroned DLS. that does not happen with one state title, especially when you have yet to beat them…now i know nothing about who dodged who or why you two havent played, soon or later it will happen then you will have your chance. until then enjoy your state title and top dog for 2008. but to bash the most recognizable program in the united states when you haven’t even beaten them is kind of dumb.

  • brian

    east bay i simply brought up the idaho thing cause you claim that a passing team like cent would have beaten grant. that is completely speculation. grant played two good passing teams in the idaho game and utah game. heck the grant qb threw for just as many yards as the cent qb and had one more td. and lbp def was better than dls. so dont sit here and say that grant couldn’t beat them or dls. the stats and facts don’t back that up. now that grant did the inprobable in many people’s out side of the valley, every one want’s to try and give them the respect for it then say “ya but…….” grant took on the best team in the state and num 2 in the nation and beat them soundly. poly didnt look good in the gane because they werent allowed to by a big fast strong team. you can’t teach those intangables or prepare for them.

  • EBAL Fan

    I really find the whole excuse that DLS is ducking Grant to be insane. There’s obviously more to it than what appears or what the Grant people tell the Sac Bee guys. The Bee reporters are in Grant’s pocket, much the way the CC Times writers bleed DLS.

    DLS has never ducked anyone and has played the best teams from year to year. I, like everyone else, would love to see that game. I don’t have ties to either school, but am tired of hearing that blah, blah about DLS ducking Grant. It would be nice to see one of the local DLS beat writers do their job and talk with Eidson about that game.

  • dez #72

    De La Salle became a National Power by whoppin up on great white schools thy did play The Miami Northwestern’s,the Canton Mckinley’s,the Cleveland St.Ignatius’s,the Valdosta,Georgia’s or any of the Texas teams. and if u De La Salle people don’t know who Canton McKinley is they are the 1997 USA Today National Champs they won’t it by playing a very tough schedule. Flat out Grant is the only school in California tht I’ve see tht could beat one of those powerhouse schools Poly and Cenntenial prolly could this year too but De La Salle NO too small.

  • junior

    if anyone can interpret what Dez#72 said- please let me know.

  • dez #72

    I’m sayin DLS is weak and always has been buddy and has been ducking all the real national powers

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Poly smashed Northwestern this year.

    McKinley went 6-5 this year and Valdosta went 5-5.

    DLS has won 5 USA today titles since 1998, plus the MaxPreps.com national title last year.

    DLS just didn’t have one of its better teams this year, which doesn’t come as a shock, people have been saying that the whole year. It was still good enough to give Centennial (ranked No. 2 in the nation by USA Today) a run for its money…

  • descamp72

    Thts all good

    Mckinley 6-5 would win Open Division out and blow DLS Out because of their tough schedule

    Valdosta would give DLS a game

    ST.Ignatuis well you be the judge Ohio State Champs

    DLS couldn’t Play in the Federal League Or the GCL in Ohio too strong. and Im waiting for it go ahead say it yea DLS beat a weak Cin. Elder team a few years back.

  • HAAL Fan

    And why exactly is this a true statement? Other than the mere “They just too weak sauce blood.” What could you possibly say to back up your argument? DLS has played teams from the top ranks of the country year in and year out. You think because you can grab a couple of state champs and throw them together then you’d have the perfect formula for dethroning DLS? Wake up knucklehead! If they were in the league then we’d be able to better gauge the situation. But seeing as how they aren’t and they’ve absolutely dominated the section they’re in I guess we’re gonna have to go based on that. And based on that, I’d say you owe this program a bit more respect. Or maybe they’re not strong enough or talented enough because they don’t have god’s gift to football on their team.