Monday Morning Punter: Final edition

Well, the season has come to its conclusion and yes, I’m very sad. Let’s get into our last Monday Morning Punter of the season.

  • First things first. Congrats to the Grant Pacers on beating Long Beach Poly for the Open Division championship. I’m the first to admit I was wrong about Grant, so don’t worry about me trying to rationalize things here. The Pacers outplayed the Jackrabbits, plain and simple. Kipeli Koniseti was impressive at QB, Darvin McCauley was a standout, and the defense was very, very good. No question in my mind who the top team in Northern California was this season after seeing that game.
  • As impressed as I was with Grant, I’m still of the opinion that the top team in the state is Centennial. Having heard the hype around Poly’s defense, I was more impressed with the speed and athleticism of Centennial’s defense. Also, WR Ricky Marvray might be going to UCLA but his partner in crime, Geshun Harris, caught EVERYTHING against the Spartans. Both of those guys were super-impressive.
  • I’ll give player of the weekend honors to Cathedral Catholic RB Tyler Gaffney. 329 yards and five touchdowns are enough to impress anyone. Honorable mention goes to St. Mary’s QB Cody Vaz, who was super efficient and throws a really, really nice ball. He’s going to Oregon State next year.
  • My only complaint for the entire weekend was the timing on Friday. Why on earth did the CIF set itself up to have the Division I game go off at 8:30? I know there were TV constraints but come on, did they really need a full hour-long warmup when you knew the game was going to start late? And, couldn’t the small-school game have been started a bit earlier? A lot of people had to wait until Sunday to read about the game, which certainly wasn’t good.

Well, another season is in the books. It’s been fun throwing opinions out all year long and seeing as many teams as I did. I saw a ton of teams, a ton of great football, and a ton of good athletes that I hope will play on Saturdays. Now, guess what? It’s wrestling season! Stay tuned for wrestling news and notes throughout the season.