All East Bay football team

Our All-East Bay football team, as selected by the writers of the Bay Area News Group-East Bay (Oakland Tribune, Daily Review, Argus, Tri-Valley Herald, Contra Costa Times) was released in today’s paper. Here are the selections.

Player of the Year: QB/LB Jonathan Brown, Encinal

Offensive Player of the Year: QB Joe Southwick, San Ramon Valley

Defensive Player of the Year: LB Joey Levine, Clayton Valley

QB — Joe Southwick, San Ramon Valley
RB — Leroy Green, California
RB — Patrone Wood II, Ygnacio Valley
WR — Diante Jackson, Las Lomas
WR — Roman Runner, Freedom
TE — Zach Ertz, Monte Vista
OL — Jeff Ferrier, California
OL — Nick LaHaye, De La Salle
OL — Hector Orozco, Pittsburg
OL — Zack Purdy, Miramonte
OL — Sosaia Tauaho, Fremont
K — Matt Lloyd, Miramonte

QB — Brett Nottingham Monte Vista Jr. 6-4/210
RB — Kylan Butler De La Salle Sr. 5-8/185
RB — Mario Brown Bishop O’Dowd Jr. 5-9/165
WR — Tom Hemmingsen Monte Vista Sr. 5-9/170
WR — Nathan Hinke Foothill Sr. 6-1/165
TE — Darin Thompson Las Lomas Sr. 6-0/210
OL — Mike Carbone Freedom Sr. 6-1/213
OL — Magdeleno Meraz San Leandro Sr. 6-2/245
OL — Demetrius Moore Berkeley Sr. 6-4/286
OL — Cody Peterson De La Salle Sr. 6-1/211
OL — Danny Valenzuela Clayton Valley Sr. 6-3/305
PK — Edgar Villagrana Pittsburg Sr. 5-7/145


Pos. Name School Year Height/Weight
QB Blake Wayne De La Salle Sr. 5-9/180
RB Jerrell Walker Kennedy-Fremont Sr. 6-0/185
RB Forrest Hightower Concord Jr. 5-10/165
WR James King Miramonte Jr. 6-3/195
WR Nick Zwarg California Sr. 5-8/155
TE Deon James Freedom Sr. 6-2/210
OL Charles Leno San Leandro Sr. 6-5/265
OL Tyler Kintz Bishop O’Dowd Sr. 6-1/240
OL Ben McKay San Ramon Valley Sr. 5-9/205
OL Dan Wissinger Monte Vista Sr. 6-1/250
OL Tyler Worthley Dublin Sr. 6-4/300
PK Grant Vandevanter San Ramon Valley Sr. 6-2/200

DL — Morgan Breslin, Las Lomas
DL — Nick Pica, Concord
DL — Paul Piukala, Castlemont
DL — Dylan Wynn, De La Salle
LB — Garrison Goodman, San Ramon Valley
LB — Joey Levine, Clayton Valley
LB — Dave Wilkerson, Monte Vista
LB — Emeka Williams, Pittsburg
DB — Avery Patterson, Pittsburg
DB — Noah Perio, De La Salle
DB — Blair Wishom, De La Salle
DB — Devin Brown, Piedmont
UTIL — Nick Cole, Clayton Valley

Pos. Name School Year Height/Weight
DL Ricky Aliifua San Leandro Sr. 6-2/250
DL Brandon Essy Berean Christian Sr. 6-2/220
DL Cody Juarez Freedom Sr. 6-2/262
DL Dan Whitaker California Sr. 6-3/235
LB Derek Goetting California Sr. 6-1/208
LB Lucas King Berkeley Sr. 6-3,/200
LB Chris Martin Bishop O’Dowd Jr. 6-4/230
LB Kevin O’Connell De La Salle Sr. 6-1/207
DB Erick Dargan Pittsburg Jr. 6-0/190
DB Cody Peebles Freedom Sr. 5-9/158
DB Tyler Rittenour Campolindo Sr. 6-0/170
DB Dominique Sashington Encinal Sr. 6-0/185
UT Xavier Milton Encinal Sr. 6-1/170

Pos. Name School Year Height/Weight
DL Azzie Ikarho Monte Vista Sr. 5-11/235
DL Josse Tejada Clayton Valley Sr. 6-1/225
DL Siua Taufa Ygnacio Valley Sr. 6-0/280
DL Sione Tupouata Fremont Jr. 6-4/250
LB Matt Enos Heritage Sr. 6-0/196
LB Tommy Nott Las Lomas Sr. 6-1/215
LB Kenny Shrader College Park Sr. 6-0/200
LB Soma Tialavea Pittsburg Sr. 5-8/180
DB Aaron Horne Castlemont Sr. 5-9, 170
DB Khyri Knowles De La Salle Sr. 5-10/180
DB Dwaine Simpson San Leandro Sr. 5-10/170
DB Kristoff Williams Deer Valley Jr. 6-3/190
UT Byron Gruendl San Ramon Valley Sr. 6-1/200
UT Ryan Rodriguez Freedom Sr. 5-7/164

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • Famfirst1

    that was I

  • Famfirst1

    why? wha happened to him anyway?

  • Old Meddling Former Coach

    A lot of bay area guys at oregon.

  • descamp72

    hahaha he was out like 3 weeks

  • descamp72

    Oh yea the quarterback played at CCSF

  • Old Meddling Former Coach

    Yeah couple of CCSF guys,DLS,Mcclymonds and Accalones.

  • Famfirst1

    swear??? damn i did damage when we played ya’ll and i played exactly a week after seperating my shoudler against SL too i sat out the first quarter tho cuz i only practiced one day

  • Old Meddling Former Coach

    I saw this guy at the 1st transbay Bowl in 2006. he’s gonna be a beast. http://gohuskies.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/carroll_allen00.html Both you guys can do just as well if you work hard.

  • Famfirst1

    i heard of allen carroll from mack i saw him playing wen i went to the cal/waahington game

  • Old Meddling Former Coach

    Great kid,Can Only get better.

  • Old Meddling Former Coach

    I guess i’m saying Guys,It’s all out there for you if you just do all the things you need to do and work hard. I’m out guys.

  • Famfirst1

    aiight thanks

  • dez #72

    alright thanks for all the info greatly appreciated I’m out too!!!!

  • Freedom Parent

    How come Cameron Gupton was not mentioned? He won BVAL 1st team RB & DB. He also has a high gpa and has had offers made. WTF?

  • HAAL Fan

    Okay. Woods, good player. Camper, good player. But, for the love of god, nobody will ever respect the both of you when you go on blogs like this and talk yourselves up. Now, I love myself just as much as the next guy, but if you really want to know why everybody “hates on you” it’s because of your complete lack of humility. People dont help boost a person’s self esteem when it should be knocked down a peg or two. You are going against what is considered honorable and noble to us old school football guys, keeping your mouth shut and talking with the pads. Not trying to taunt you or demoralize you but, just some advice you don’t have to take but would be foolish not to.


    ok, for real now. How is ryan rodriguez only a 3rd teamer, and how is cameron gupton not on this list?

  • Cover2

    I read these posts & they make me laugh, never seen a kid get a scholarship writing blogs – College Coaches know watching 5 / 10 plays from your highlight film if your a fit form them then they will ask for a full game to see if you can do that EVERY play, Remember projectability is as important to a College scout as ability, a 6-3 215 pound kid can become a 6-3 255 monster as his frame can carry the added muscle but a 5-10 215 kid frame cannot add that muscle and still be as athletic
    The kids listed as POY and on 1st team have ALL dominated at there positions EVERY game thru out the year to earn there awards, Brown, Southwick & Levine EARNED there POY awards & Colleges like there projectibility

  • PirateFan

    Great, FamFirst1 Woods is only a junior. I guess we can all look forward to more of his blatant self promotion next season. Can’t wait for the weekly Woods stats update. At least Camper will be gone. I agree with Haal Fan let your play speak for itself stop tootin your own horn guys. And Woods 14 tackles against SL? I don’t know about that but I do remember Gardner,Simpson,Jones,and Owens carving up your super secondary for 200+ yards and 4 TDS. Maybe you were playing linebacker or DE that game.

  • eastbayfbfan

    makes no sense king should be higher. he beat diante in EVERY stat. cmon show miramonte some love once in awhile. this is the same staff that had las lomas ranked higher than miramonte after miramonte BEAT las lomas. cmon man!

  • Famfirst1

    yea they did and all the players you named at SL are close friends of mine especially travis gardner. and i was playing roverthat game and i was in the box most of the game. but yea they did their thang

  • dog

    who picks these teams? i saw some kids who werent even the best at their position on their own team

  • Sports med

    Should the Kennedy of Fremont Football coach retire or be asked to retire?

    I have seen a couple articles about Coach Mike from Fremont how he has been there for almost 50 or 60 years, but I was amazed to see that this year, 08, was their first NCS playoff win. C’mon 50-60 years before a win and they have only gone 4 times. I hear about talent that comes out of this school but I never see it. They had two backers with speed this year, with good speed and never once showed a spread. Throw the ball. Almost everyone in California does it why don’t they?
    The people that have met him say he is a really nice guy. But they do not comment on his football prowess. He was quoted as saying he will be here for the 50th homecoming, isn’t that up to the administration (principle, athletic director) or is that school so used to losing that it doesn’t care about the program. Kennedy doesn’t do well in sports period, maybe because they don’t know how to move on and get good coaching. Maybe Coach Mike is a good guy, probably the best man I will have the honor of meeting, I am not saying he is a bad person. What I am asking, is it time to move forward the school has not had another football coach, ever. They’ve run the same plays well… forever and the only thing they can really hang their hat on is that their football coach knows everyone. I hear they bring back former players to come in and help out and coach, but if those former players can only coach what he has been coaching for years isn’t it time to change things. I have heard new coaches do want to come in but the administration and the AD won’t allow it. I heard they are good friends of Coach Mike’s. I am sorry but I do not who the AD is but whoever they are really needs to set precedence and stop putting you and your friends first. I have never gone to Kennedy nor do my kids, but I have friends who have kids in junior high that will be going there and they do not want to play sports at Kennedy. Not a lot of their sports teams have winning seasons, and no its not only about winning, but it seems when they do win the school doesn’t care because its not football or they get rid of the coaches. Sports aren’t the only thing in high school but it does help in the development of the young. If Coach Mike is there for 6 more years and continues with his losing tradition the kids will learn one thing for sure, how to lose with dignity and grace. Although I heard they couldn’t even do that against Encinal (former players rise up). The school needs new blood, but I guess if they are considered the worst school in Fremont to go to, they won’t try. Well, if Kennedy continues with its own ways at least my kids will beat them in sports just like I did. The Administration needs to change this, if they do not make a change at least let my friends’ kids transfer somewhere else. You know, where the athletic director doesn’t put friendship before the kids.

  • HAAL Fan

    The argument you raise is a reasonable one. It’s an argument that many are passionate about. I was actually discussing this with a former teammate and current fellow coach. At what point does loyalty take a backseat to actual results? The answer is simply; Never. However, loyalty will always take a backseat to performance. If there is someone out there who can get more from the kids, not necessarily in the form of wins or losses, but effort; then he should get the job. So, should Coach Michelatos be fired? Only if there’s someone else out there who won’t particularly win, but can teach these kids better life lessons and get more pure effort out of them; well then give him the reins. We’ve all seen our fair share of athletes or coaches who hang on a bit past their prime, but in high school sports it’s always been my firm belief that it’s not about winning or losing, but how you play the game and what you take away from each game. And if that’s the case then maybe you should dig a little deeper. What’s your opinion on the matter? Do you think there’s someone out there who can do better at teaching life to these kids?

  • guru-black

    wat happen 2 all the novato fans!

  • HS fb frenzy

    I agree with the wins and losses versus life lessons, as stated above about “it’s not only about winning”, but the loyalty issue you bring up brings to mind whose loyalty: the loyalty to the students, to the administration, to the school or to oneself?

    If it is to the students, which it should be: the life lessons being taught in a positive fashion should be number one and that is agreeable, but is it not up to the loyalty of the coach to learn and adjust to current times and ways of a sport, allowing students to learn different facets of a game in order to better themselves with the understanding and development of an ever-growing competitive arena which is also part of the experience of high school?

    This is what I think is the question: Having an experience which allows for a coach to control if you will, the culture of an athletic program, which usually is controlled by the athletic director allows for a skewed view or concept leading to an inept conclusion preceded by an undesirable transition; therefore the results which have culminated from years of unattractive outcomes combined with the unchanged administration, lead one to ask why has the fiber of which the program started not grown or changed to mold itself with the advancements of generations that attend the institution?

    I believe the answer to be in the culture of the school.

    If the administration believes that the athletics at the school are better administered towards life learning and to aid the academic aspect of the institution, then to hold on to a coach that is teaching these lessons is absolutely in line with their direction and to find a coach with the same mind set is a blessing.

    If the Institution is based on the identity of the athletic programs a school must adhere to public scrutiny and want, finding themselves involved with a revolving door for coaches maybe taking considerable time away from current student-athletes; however it will build a tradition that may pour into the students in the future of being successful but that is 50-50 at best and only time can show the results good or bad that an administration does not have the time to try to solidify.

    Last but not least, if the institution believes in itself to be an evolutionary school wanting to show that it can open itself to advancements and make adjustments and promising to use athletics as a tool for the development for a student-athlete both in and out of the classroom by showing how instrumental any extra curricular activity is absolutely beneficial to the growth to young adults, then and only then will the school find a way to keep athletics and academics to growing, meaning finding coaches who believe it is possible to be successful in any situation and have the ability and desire to do so. This result is only dependent on the fact that the administration is not afraid to change, this process can be difficult; nevertheless it is well worth it.

  • football truth

    I was at the encinal . And kennedy game and please their is no bit of talent on the kenndy team. Jarrel walker from kennedy wouldn’t play rb at encinal but makes all east bay that makes me laugh me was getting smack around like a pin ball and was scared to run up the middle just ask number 34 kimmani washington.

  • Sports Med

    So fb frnzy what you are saying is if the school wants to be academic let it be academic and it will pour into the athletic field. If the school wants to be athletic let it be athletic and it will pour into the academic field. Finally, if a school wants to succeed at both it should find a common ground and make changes when it is necessary in order to provide the best possible high school experience.

    If this is so, Kennedy should have changed a long time ago.

  • coach v

    Owen Krebs, Berkeley Aaorn Norton- Buford, Berkeley Keenon Coogler, Berkeley RICKY GALVIN Berkeley should have made something, you guys are, all believing the hype, too much, a bunch Mel Kipers.

  • DaGuy

    I think Williams from Pittsburg should have been D-player of the year. Levine is a good player and all and also played on both sides of the ball but defensively Williams was much better. He has the most tackles on the whole list and his defense gave up an average of 10 pts in alot harder league and schedule than levine. Just my thoughts.