All-East Bay football team

So, today was the day the All-East Bay football teams went out. I’m sure everyone has their own opinion of the teams, so here they are in their entirety.

Player of the Year: Jonathan Brown, Encinal
Offensive POY: Joe Southwick, San Ramon Valley
Defensive POY: Joey Levine, Clayton Valley

First team offense
QB: Southwick
RB: Leroy Green (California), Patrone Wood II (Ygnacio Valley)
WR: Roman Runner (Freedom), Diante Jackson (Las Lomas)
TE: Zach Ertz (Monte Vista)
OL: Jeff Ferrier (California), Nick LaHaye (De La Salle), Hector Orozco (Pittsburg), Zack Purdy (Miramonte), Sosaia Tauaho (Fremont)
K: Matt Lloyd (Miramonte)

Second team offense
QB: Brett Nottingham (Monte Vista)
RB: Kylan Butler (DLS), Mario Brown (Bishop O’Dowd)
WR: Tom Hemmingsen (Monte Vista), Nathan Hinke (Foothill)
TE: Darin Thompson (Las Lomas)
OL: Mike Carbone (Freedom), Magdeleno Meraz (San Leandro), Demetrius Moore (Berkeley), Cody Peterson (DLS), Dan Valenzuela (Clayton Valley)
K: Edgar Villagrana (Pittsburg)

Third team offense
QB: Blake Wayne (DLS)
RB: Jerrell Walker (Kennedy-Fremont)
RB: Forrest Hightower (Concord)
WR: James King (Miramonte)
WR: Nick Zwarg (California)
TE: Deon James (Freedom)
OL: Charles Leno (San Leandro), Tyler Kintz (BOD), Ben McKay (SRV), Dan Wissinger (Monte Vista), Tyler Worthley (Dublin)
K: Grant Vandevanter (SRV)

First team defense
DL: Morgan Breslin (Las Lomas), Nick Pica (Concord), Paul Piukala (Castlemont), Dylan Wynn (DLS)
LB: Garrison Goodman (SRV), Levine, Dave Wilkerson (Monte Vista), Emeka Williams (Pittsburg)
DB: Avery Patterson (Pitt), Noah Perio (DLS), Blair Wishom (DLS), Devin Brown (Piedmont)
UTIL: Nick Cole (Clayton Valley)

Second team defense
DL: Ricky Aliifua (San Leandro), Brandon Essy (Berean Christian), Cody Juarez (Freedom), Dan Whitaker (California)
LB: Derek Goetting (California), Lucas King (Berkeley), Chris Martin (BOD), Kevin O’Connell (DLS)
DB: Erick Dargan (Pittsburg), Cody Peebles (Freedom), Tyler Rittenour (Campolindo), Dominique Sashington (Encinal)
UTIL: Xavier Milton (Encinal)

Third team defense
DL: Azziz Ikharo (Monte Vista), Josse Tejada (Clayton Valley), Siua Taufa (Ygnacio Valley), Sione Tupouata (Fremont)
LB: Matt Enos (Heritage), Tommy Nott (Las Lomas), Kenny Shrader (College Park), Soma Tialavea (Pittsburg)
DB: Aaron Horne (Castlemont), Khyri Knowles (DLS), Dwaine Simpson (San Leandro), Kristoff Williams (Deer Valley)
UTIL: Byron Gruendl (SRV), Ryan Rodriguez (Freedom)


  • vertical leap

    It’s interesting to note that Foothill has only one player on the All-East Bay Football Team, yet Foothill managed to defeat some very talented opponents. Foothill has been largely forgotten since its first loss to DLS. Halfway through that game, Foothill’s QB endured a pretty serious concussion, though nobody realized it at the time, and he continued to play in the game. The 2nd time Foothill faced DLS, the Falcons gained considerably more yards than the first time, but nobody ackonlwedged it. Headline: “No Better Than the First Time.” How about a few kudos for the Falcons, a gritty team representing a fine public school?

  • FB Fan

    It’s nice to see you guys recognized Deon James and Cody Peebles as the great players they are. Everyone always heard of Freedom’s Big 3 of Rodriugez, Runner, and Gupton, but without these 2 making plays teams would have been able to key on the other 3. Great reward for these 2 players who had great senior seasons

  • Mats4Life

    james king considerably outplayed diante jackson this year, and jackson gets first team and king gets third? makes no sense

  • BigFro

    Yeah FB fan, but where is cameron gupton?

  • nfl

    jackson is better than king but king is a good player. at oregon jackson won’t see white corners he’s gonna see some brothers who play bump & run. will see if he’s as good as advetised.

  • FB Fan

    Can’t say anything about Gupton because I don’t understand the process the paper goes through to make their picks.Some of the picks here kind of baffle me.
    As far as King, the only thing I would say is Jackson was hurt towards the end of the year so they gave him the benefit of the doubt that he would have put up better numbers. Also he is headed to Colorado and was 1st team last year, so people think he had a better year regardless of what others did.

  • Sport Med

    Should the Kennedy of Fremont Football coach retire or be asked to retire?

    I have seen a couple articles about Coach Mike from Fremont how he has been there for almost 50 or 60 years, but I was amazed to see that this year, 08, was their first NCS playoff win. C’mon 50-60 years before a win and they have only gone 4 times. I hear about talent that comes out of this school but I never see it. They had two backers with speed this year, with good speed and never once showed a spread. Throw the ball. Almost everyone in California does it why don’t they?
    The people that have met him say he is a really nice guy. But they do not comment on his football prowess. He was quoted as saying he will be here for the 50th homecoming, isn’t that up to the administration (principle, athletic director) or is that school so used to losing that it doesn’t care about the program. Kennedy doesn’t do well in sports period, maybe because they don’t know how to move on and get good coaching. Maybe Coach Mike is a good guy, probably the best man I will have the honor of meeting, I am not saying he is a bad person. What I am asking, is it time to move forward the school has not had another football coach, ever. They’ve run the same plays well… forever and the only thing they can really hang their hat on is that their football coach knows everyone. I hear they bring back former players to come in and help out and coach, but if those former players can only coach what he has been coaching for years isn’t it time to change things. I have heard new coaches do want to come in but the administration and the AD won’t allow it. I heard they are good friends of Coach Mike’s. I am sorry but I do not who the AD is but whoever they are really needs to set precedence and stop putting you and your friends first. I have never gone to Kennedy nor do my kids, but I have friends who have kids in junior high that will be going there and they do not want to play sports at Kennedy. Not a lot of their sports teams have winning seasons, and no its not only about winning, but it seems when they do win the school doesn’t care because its not football or they get rid of the coaches. Sports aren’t the only thing in high school but it does help in the development of the young. If Coach Mike is there for 6 more years and continues with his losing tradition the kids will learn one thing for sure, how to lose with dignity and grace. Although I heard they couldn’t even do that against Encinal (former players rise up). The school needs new blood, but I guess if they are considered the worst school in Fremont to go to, they won’t try. Well, if Kennedy continues with its own ways at least my kids will beat them in sports just like I did. The Administration needs to change this, if they do not make a change at least let my friends’ kids transfer somewhere else. You know, where the athletic director doesn’t put friendship before the kids.

  • DaGuy

    I think Williams from Pittsburg should have been D-player of the year. Levine is a good player and all and also played on both sides of the ball but defensively Williams was much better. He has the most tackles on the whole list and his defense gave up an average of 10 pts in alot harder league and schedule than levine. Just my thoughts.

  • CalBear

    I think Levine was very deserving of Player of the year, Williams was a great player and might have had better stats but Levine played LB/DE shutting down half of the field taking on 2 and 3 blockers while holding & containing the Edge allowing the middle LB to flow to ball without taking on blockers, he is a big, strong, fast kid with long arms making it very hard to block him, Chronicle All Metro also had Levine 1st team & Williams 2nd team

    Both very good players

  • Mark

    Sport Med,Before you used Encinal as a example just remember that Marin Catholic and Novato lost to them too. You don’t ask a Coach who’s been there that long to just step down or force him Out that’s like asking Joe Pa to leave. The players have to play,The coaches can only teach,The players have to take it to the next level.