All-East Bay Volleyball Teams

The second and third teams didn’t find their way into the print or online version of the All-East Bay volleyball stuff, so I’ve posted all three teams here on our blog.




S- Iris Tolenada, Deer Valley, Senior

H- Juliana Stivanicevic, Miramonte, Junior

H- Charlotte Brown, Las Lomas, Senior

H- Sydney Kordic, California, Senior

M- Grace Vickers, Amador Valley, Junior

L- Rachel Stier, Bishop O’Dowd, Junior




S- Sammi Buono, SRV, Senior

H- Sandra Foster, Deer Valley, Junior

H- Stacie Redmond, Castro Valley, Senior

H- Kelsea Ross, Miramonte, Senior

M- Brianna Vandersloot, SRV, Senior

L- Jamie Douglas, Granada, Senior




S- Katie Uglow, Granada, Senior

H- Nikki Baker, Amador Valley, Junior

H- Alex Shurtz, Campolindo, Junior

H- Krista Miller, California, Senior

M- Alexandra Lynch, Bishop O’Dowd, Sophomore

L- Ellie Cohen, Acalanes, Senior


MVP: Stivanicevic

COACH: Chris Wells, Miramonte

– Matt Smith


  • linda Ghilarducci

    Wow thanks for doing this.

  • Jim Simonson

    What a travesty that Anna Schroeder – a senior at Berean Christian and the DVAL MVP was not selected for one of these teams.

    Granted we are a small school in a weaker league but she was definitely a dominant player when on the court against ANY team.

    Whose input was used to select the teams?

    Jim Simonson, Coach
    Berean Christian

  • Lou Panzella

    Thanks Matt
    I appreciate your continuing attempt at supporting High School volleyball and recognizing the hard work and effort put in by all high school athletes. Not to degrade any other sport, but football has a 4 page spread, recognizing 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams on both offense and defense and no other sport gets more then a 1/6 spread in the paper recognizing only 1st team athletes. I realize football is by far the most popular sport, but devoting some time and space to all the sports would be greatly appreciated.
    Lou Panzella
    Deer Valley

  • Tina Briggs

    Thanks for giving volleyball players at least some recognition! These girls work very hard all year at their sport, just like other athletes! The attitude and unequal sports coverage both geographically and sport to sport that is evident with The Times Sports section is the exact reason I quit taking the paper 4 years ago. Now that I have this link, I know where to go for REAL sports coverage.

    Tina Briggs
    Uncommon Synergy Volleyball Club

  • Just a fan

    Please explain how the MVP of the DVAL not make this list?? Once again this highlights how bogus and political these silly lists are. However, they can be extremly important to the players, coaches and even potential scouts so perhaps a little more intelligence is needed when making selections. I can not fathom why a league MVP can not make your silly little list. Your paper does a piss poor job of covering ANY high school sport if it isn’t football.

  • larry

    Just a Fan,

    No One cares about anything but football get over yourself

  • Gators

    speak for yourself! tell that to the fans who go to support the volleyball games! to the san ramons foothills and Amadors( who pack gyms) who go out to support them. football is big. but volleyball is great as well.

  • EBAL Fan

    They pack the gyms, really? In what universe does that happen.

    First off, SRV plays in their small gym, with Foothill and Amador often opening up only one side of the bleachers. Honestly, I am a fan of volleyball, but outside of the parents of the players, as well as just a handful of others, no one really does care too much about volleyball.

    At least be honest with yourself.


    i totally agree with “just a fan”..if the times is going to publish these teams, then spend some energy and get out and see these kids play. these teams are very important for recruiting purposes! the other travesty is the times goes to all this trouble and they don’t publish “in the newspaper” the second and third teams..one would think a small little corner could be devoted to these kids who have worked there tails off for 4 years!!

  • joyce

    Boy’s NCS vball teams finally got some stunning online coverage in the spring with a new website.

    I think it is the best in the country …. regretable that someone cannot step up and do the same for the girls.