NCS Live video update

Alright, we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that live video won’t be happening during the pre-game. BUT!!! We’re going to do it for post-game and we’ll have (hopefully) some live interviews for you guys. We’re at Dublin, Chace is hammering out a little pre-game copy, and yes the Jumbotrons are here. I’ll fire the live blog up in about 45 minutes. Ya’ll shoulda seen the line at the gate tonight. If you’re not here yet, get here soon.


De La Salle vs. Pittsburg live blog here!

Keep track of tonight’s NCS Div. I title game between De La Salle and Pitt as staff writer Ben Enos authors a live blog from Dublin High.

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Live blog + Pregame show from Dublin tonight

As I’m sure you already know, we’ll have the live blog up and running from tonight’s NCS Division I football title game between Pittsburg and De La Salle at Dublin High. The forecast is calling for rain though, so if I start getting dumped on, we may have to improvise a little. Carrier pigeons may be in order for those who need updates.

Also, we’ll be trying something new before the game. We’ll have a live webcam with us and the plan is to set up at Dublin High around 6 to bring you some pre-game thoughts. We’re also working on some special guests, but we’ll see if that materializes. So, check out the blog tonight for complete coverage of the Division I title game.


Live blog of CIF state bowl game announcement

Hey folks, on 3:30 p.m. Sunday┬áI will be dialing in to a conference call from the Home Depot Center in Carson where the participants for the CIF State Football Championship Bowl Games will be announced at a press conference that is being made available via conference call for out-of-area media (AND MEDIA ONLY, so don’t ask me how you can listen into the conference call because you can’t.) I’ll have the phone on speaker phone and the laptop in hand and provide updates as soon as I hear them on who is selected so be sure to come here to learn who is going to the state bowl games.


Encinal has message: Defense also high-flying

We hit an amazing 346 comments on my posting of the article from Encinal’s win over Marin Catholic. Since that thread is getting long, here’s a new post for people to comment on. This is a feature on the Encinal defense. You can keep the discussion going here and then Saturday morning I’ll post another article I just finished writing that will run in Saturday’s paper.

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