Mater Dei moves to Div. I for state this year

This isn’t exactly breaking news, but it’s something I had hear some rumblings about and finally got around to looking into and confirming from this LA Times story. You may remember Mater Dei as last year’s Div. II state champions who beat a good Archbishop Mitty team 65-53. Well, now the Monarchs — who are ranked No. 1 in the nation by the USA Today — will be playing in Div. I for the state playoffs this year, meaning a McClymonds potential repeat would go through them. Mater Dei has twin 6-foot-10 post players David and Travis Wear, who are committed to North Carolina, 6-5 guard Tyler Lamb (UCLA commit), 6-2 guard Gary Franklin Jr (USC commit) and 6-8 small forward Andy Brown (Stanford commit). That could be a force to be reckoned with.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • 1-15-09
    Talk about height…If Mater Dei big guns can run and handle the ball as well as rebound and have a hot hand then look out….But McClymonds and a few surprise teams could make life miserable for Mater Dei…Too soon to tell….

  • Daniel Green

    Well it really would not matter if they had to play McClymonds. If you have ever seen MACK play you would know that they do not care about the hype of any other players on any other team. They play in your face defense and they force a ton of turnovers. I would still Pick MACK to beat Mater Dei because they would still have to deal with the physical play of Damon Powell. Plus they play very smart basketball! I think the twins would not be a great factor personally. They aren;t that tough to me! But they are still good basketball players!

  • Prep Fan

    Both teams have a long way to go before that matchup comes to pass. Mack has another great team this year, but there are no gaurantees once the postseason rolls around. I saw the MD – Mitty game last year and the Wear twins are good, but the kid Brown who is heading to Stanford outplayed everyone that night.

  • John

    What happened to the days of O’Dowd, St. Joes and St. Mary’s all competing at the D1 level? Now you rarely see the former rivals O’Dowd and St. Joes play at all.

    Mater Dei has always had great individual talent, it’s about team, team defense, response when you’re down, when everything is against you. Should get a nice preview of what Mack’s chances are on MLK.

  • They actually did away with allowing teams to petition up in basketball a few years back, so teams like O’Dowd, St. Joe’s, St. Mary’s, etc. have to compete in their enrollment divisions. That’s why now St. Joe’s has dropped down all the way to Div. V this season in the new alignment (their are now six divisions). Of course, the past few years St. Joe’s wouldn’t have been competing in Div. I anyway, but St. Mary’s and O’Dowd have had some teams capable of competing at that level. The OAL has a special exception that has all teams compete in Div. I regardless of size, so that’s why Mack still competes in Div. I.

  • EBAL Fan

    I will be rooting like crazy for NorCal, but that Mater Dei team is one of their best ever.

  • Kenny Edwards OAL FANATIC

    Mater Dei had the same collection of talent when they lost to a Fremont in the 1999-2000 State Championship game. Fremont did not have a single player play D1 college basketball from that team. The OAL is all about heart and in your face defense… That’s what wins championships! Go MACK HOUSE!!!!